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The Council of Elders is a group formed of the: Chaos Daimyō, the heads of each clan, one notable samurai, and one notable civilian. Is the governing group of Densetsugakure they hold the same powers as the Executive Branch does (the one the president is ahead of, the other members of the group is like his Cabinet (a hand picked group of people that hold important positions of their own, and acts as advisories to the president of the United States)). Important information in brought to them for deciding the fate of the village, they commune on the information and give their decision on the matter to the Chaos Daimyō. Regardless of their input the Daimyō makes the final judgment. Their “Oval Office” is an undisclosed secret location within the Heart of Chaos that only they and the Hidden Blade knows the location of. The meetings which are mandatory are held at least once a month, and in times of war they could be held every day.

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