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"The village isn't all they left us. We're still here."

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editMomoko Kotone
(桃子琴音, Kotone Momoko)

  • Iron Lion (鉄 獅子座)
Birthdate Astrological Sign Scorpio November 19
Gender Gender Female Female
Blood type AB
Affiliation Land of Iron Symbol Land of Iron

Momoko Kotone (桃子琴音, Kotone Momoko, "Peach Child Harp Sound") is a samurai from the Land of Iron.





Behind the Scenes

Momoko is influenced by the character Mifune and heavily influenced by the real-world samurai Tomoe Gozen, who serves as the chief example of female samurai, which were incredibly rare due to feudal culture. She is also partly inspired by the character Himura Kenshin, of Ruroni Kenshin fame. Momoko incorporates many Taoist and Buddhist principles into her character.

If according to the Naruto Databook:

Traditional symbolism of lions fashion them into symbols of strength and nobility (not just in the sense of being a noble, prince or king), which fits well in Momoko's adoption of the lion as a personal motif or insignia. Lions are also commonly depicted as war deities for their strength and ferocity, which matches up with Momoko's being a samurai. Common in Asian culture as well, lions have been made into symbols of guardianship or protection.

Momoko's theme song is Song of the Samurai by Elijah Nang.

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