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Kanji 嵐遁: 嵐の障壁
Rōmaji Ranton: Arashi no Shōheki
Literal English Storm Style: Storm Barrier
Appears in Anime, Manga
Classification Ninjutsu
Rank B-rank
Class Offensive, Defensive
Hand seals Monkey → Rat

Unlike other Storm Release jutsu, this technique conjures a literal thunder storm over the user, slowly spreading out to a short area. Although the clouds created by this jutsu are capable of being penetrated - just like normal clouds - they are, however, a smoky-black that can obscure vision and are alive with electricity.

While this technique is arguably defensive, the notion in mind is not stopping an opponents attack through a physical barrier. Instead, this technique serves as a deterrent, forcing the opponent to reconsider their approach or risk getting damaged by the electricity produced as a by-product of the miniature storm front.

This technique suffers from a lack of range and mobility; once placed, the technique must be cancelled or otherwise blown away or destroyed. Additionally, the hovering black cloud and discharges of electricity make this technique very noticeable on the battlefield. Very skilled users of Storm Release: Storm Barrier can generate a wider barrier than average, or even project the field over a differing area entirely, smothering foe and shielding allies alike.

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