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Ōtakeshiki Ōtsutsuki

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大筒木オオタケシキ Ōtsutsuki Ōtakeshiki
Demon God (鬼神, Kijin)


Appears in Anime, Manga, Novel


Sex Gender Male.svg Male
Species Celestial Being
Status Deceased
Kekkei Genkai Byakugan.svg Byakugan
Rinnegan Momoshiki.svg Rinnegan (sealed)
Nature Icon Storm.svg Storm Release
Kekkei Mōra Jūgo's Clan's Kekkei Genkai.svg Kenmyōren
Classification Sage
Occupation Vanguard
Partner Hachiman Ōtsutsuki (leader)
Hiruko Ōtsutsuki
Akari Ōtsutsuki
Clan Ōtsutsuki Symbol.svg Ōtsutsuki Clan


Ninja Rank Vassal


Nature Type

Nature Icon Fire.svg Fire Release
Nature Icon Lightning.svg Lightning Release
Nature Icon Water.svg Water Release
Nature Icon Wind.svg Wind Release
Nature Icon Storm.svg Storm Release

Unique Traits

Passively absorbs natural energy
Can detect negative emotions


Black Receiver
Blocking Technique Absorption Seal
Cellular Regeneration Absorption
Divine Summoning: Impregnable Demon Castle
Drop Kick
Early Sacrifice
Evil Intent
Gentle Fist
Ōtakeshiki Ōtsutsuki's Space-Time Dōjutsu
Negative Emotions Sensing
Palm Bottom
Preta Path
Sage Art: Gate of the Great God
Sage Art: Inorganic Reincarnation
Sage Mode
Sage Transformation

Ōtakeshiki Ōtsutsuki (大筒木大嶽シキ, Ōtsutsuki Ōtakeshiki) was a member of the Ōtsutsuki Clan's main family sent to Earth along with Momoshiki, Kinshiki, and Urashiki to investigate the whereabouts of Isshiki while the others searched for Kaguya. Along the way, he was tasked with testing a being housing a Kaguya fragment, who Urashiki called a "jinchūriki": Megumi. In the process of being killed by Megumi, he placed a Kāma on her, branding her as his vessel and a medium for his spirit to remain in the living realm.

It's later revealed, he was a vassal of Hachiman Ōtsutsuki, sent to ensure the others would not violate the terms of the mission and personally desired to see what became of his lover, Suzuka Gozen. However, he was attacked by the Shinigami while on his separate assignment. The encounter left his Rinnegan sealed, preventing him from ever leaving Earth on his own accord with his Space-Time ninjutsu and restricting his chakra usage.


Ōtakeshiki was a rather tall celestial being who had white, close-cut, messy hair. Like other members of his clan, he had a pair of long, spiral horns that grew from each brow and pale skin. His left eye was a red Rinnegan, while his right eye was a Byakugan. On his face was a cross-shaped cursed seal that traveled down across his left eye and across his forehead.

Ōtakeshiki wore a black shirt and black pants with a brown belt tucked into brown combat boots. He also donned a navy blue coat with a darkly colored fur mantle. He wore a pair of gloves on each hand.


Ōtakeshiki was fearless, strategic, and quite merciless. He looked down upon all mortals as he deemed them weaker his clan and thought their lives to be pitiful and meaningless as they strived to match a mere fraction of the Ōtsutsuki's power. Ōtakeshiki was very confident in his strength and thought himself to be unbeatable, however, he had no qualms commending mortal opponents when they fought better fight than he imagined and even admit he was being pushed further than he expected in the climax of his battle with Megumi and Arikurin. Despite this, Ōtakeshiki was initially very courteous and polite when conversing with his opponents.


As an Ōtsutsuki, Ōtakeshiki was immensely powerful; so much so, he was sent alone to confront Isshiki as a testament of his strength. His very presence on Earth terrified Toneri stating he could destroy the planet with utmost ease if he desired. This feat was claimed to be true by Sesshōmaru Ōtsutsuki; after witnessing the injuries inflicted on Ōtakeshiki's lover, Suzuka Gozen, by humans staging a coup, he massacred hundreds on both sides and created a titanic storm that bombarded the planet with lightning and fire for years until nearly all life was extinguished.

Physical and Chakra Prowess

Ōtakeshiki, even with the cursed seal, wielded overwhelmingly powerful chakra, easily dwarfing any of the tailed beasts and possibly Naruto and Kurama's combined might as stated by Son Gokū. He displayed vast speed and combat prowess as well as the ability to fly. Even while holding back, his sheer strength was great enough to shatter and carve wide crevices in the ground with the numerous weapons he could grow from his body, all of which he was greatly proficient with. Aside from bukijutsu, he usually employed a simplistic yet brutal Gentle Fist fighting style to impede his opponent's usage of chakra and inflict severe damage.


As an Ōtsutsuki, Ōtakeshiki is capable of casting various jutsu for which he needs not weave signs. He is capable of using all five elemental nature transformations in conjunction with an advanced nature transformation. However, it's worth noting Ōtakeshiki never demonstrated the ability to use the elemental nature transformations outside of his two unique techniques. He could also summon a full-scale castle to function as a new battlefield and a sealing technique, as no one could escape it without a Space-Time ninjutsu.


Ōtakeshiki was able to use a distinctive variation of Storm Release, through use of his technique, Daitōren. With it, he was able to create thunderclouds capable to raining down fire, lightning, and all other forms of precipitation with chakra-draining properties down onto his enemies as well as generate viscous winds and blizzards.


Kenmyōren is a kekkei mōra (血継網羅, Literally meaning: Bloodline Encompassing) unique to Ōtakeshiki, and is the predecessor of the Jūgo Clan's Kekkei Genkai. Thanks to it, he had the innate ability to passively take in natural energy to combine with his unique bodily fluids, allowing him to mold senjutsu chakra and undergo various stages of Sage Transformation. With this power, he was able to transform parts of his body into weapon-like appendages, as well as enhance the power of his techniques. Additionally, Ōtakeshiki was able to use ambient natural energy to infuse into his surroundings, allowing him to animate the inorganic and bend it to his will.

Ōtakeshiki's full Sage Transformation

When fully Sage transformed, Ōtakeshiki's usually pale skin turns dark and the cursed seal temporarily disappears, although his Rinnegan is still restricted. His sclera blacken and his hair lengthens into a shaggy, black mane. He grows significantly in terms of physique and stature as he reaches nearly seven feet in height and becomes quite muscle-bound. In this state, his physical attributes swell even higher and he becomes increasingly monstrous; a trait that earned him the epithet, "Demon God".


As an Ōtsutsuki, Ōtakeshiki could impart a Kāma onto others. This seal is a compressed backup file of Ōtakeshiki biological data, which grants the host his powers and techniques, including a considerable boost in physical abilities and chakra levels, as well as the ability to absorb chakra. The true purpose of the seal is to overcome the throes of death and be reborn through the vessel, robbing them of their body and personality.

He also exhibited rather advanced knowledge on the seal, as he had the ability to bestow a white Kāma as a spirit, somewhat similar to the Sage of the Six Path gracing Naruto Uzumaki and Sasuke Uchiha with a Yang and Yin seal respectively. This form of Kāma blessed its recipient with the donor's pure power and the potential to become a completely new Ōtsutsuki.



Ōtakeshiki possessed a Byakugan in his right eye, giving him a near-360° field of x-ray vision and the power to see the chakra pathway system. With it, he could make use of the expert use of the Gentle Fist and claimed it could see the flow of natural energy that permeated throughout the world.


As for his red Rinnegan in his left eye, it was first obtained from a fallen teammate: Hotei Ōtsutsuki. As time passed and thanks to the assimilation ability of his kekkei mōra, the eye became a natural part of his being. With it, Ōtakeshiki was granted the ability to absorb chakra, create black receivers, and use a unique Space-Time technique to traverse across dimensions. However, due to his Rinnegan being sealed, he was henceforth unable to use his abilities stemming from the eye.


  • He draws inspiration from Ōtakemaru, one of the Great Three Evil Yōkai of Japan. His three unique abilities: Daitōren, Shōtōren, and Kenmyōren stem from his three holy swords and grant him powers congruent with how he is portrayed in myth.