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editAbsolute Atmospheric Dominion Camera font awesome.svg
Kanji 大気の変化:
Rōmaji Zettai taiki shihai
Appears in Anime, Manga, Novel, Game, Movie
Classification Ninjutsu
  • Hidden
Class Offensive, Defensive, Supplementary

Taiki no Henka (大気の変化, "Atmospheric Alteration and Deconstruction"): Tenwa's mastery of the wind nature release is nearly unmatched in every aspect. He is so refined and proficient with his craft that he is capable of changing the actual chemical components which make up the very air that we breathe down to its molecular structure, capable of removing and adding components at will. This gives him not only the mastery of controlling his wind release and other's, but also any other nature release or techniques that require the utilization of any specific components, such as oxygen, in order to form and function, along with other forms of breathing. The utilization of the fire release and water release are nearly futile in every sense of the word when being used against Tenwa. He is capable of removing the oxygen component in itself, from any location he so desires, impacting the components which make up the chemical composition of water, and gives life to the flames of the fire release, eliminating its continuous heat and combustibility properties. Because of this, Tenwa is capable of rendering even the highest ranking of jutsu to merely nothing in only a matter of moments with minimal chakra usage and no strain on his behalf. Anywhere that air exist, rather it be a location or organism, is under Tenwa's domain and mercy. Capable of even altering the components of air within the human body, causing it to rapidly expand, increase in density, change the chemical component and structures to those which are lethal to the human body, or simply removing the components altogether.

Taiki no Shihai (大気の支配, "Atmospheric Dominion"): Due to his extreme mastery over the wind release, Tenwa is capable of altering the actual environment of a location, controlling the temperature, increasing the weight and density of the air, making it feel as if the gravity of the area has intensified and even creating more difficulty in breathing by thinning the available amounts of oxygen, along with a plethora of other attributes. Tenwa is capable of using his techniques with extreme flexibility and adaptability, capable of plummeting temperatures down to below freezing, and changing the chemical building of his winds leading into a hybrid form of attacks in which his wind combines with or takes on the attributes of ice. Along with the aspect of raising temperatures, creating a hybrid form of wind which combines or takes on the attributes of fire, creating winds capable of providing third degree burns and much more.

Taiki Hōkai (大気崩壊, "Atmospheric Collapse"): Derived from the concept of black holes and their attraction and absorption of any material or organism within its vicinity, Tenwa created a technique which involves the rapid augmenting of the amount of components within the air in a certain vicinity, causing it to initially expand rapidly, but before any visible sign of this is noted, he immediately erases every component at once within a concentrated vicinity, causing the area to forcibly close or collapse on itself, initiating a similar reaction as a black hole would, in regards to pulling items within their vicinity towards them with a great amount of force. The size of this technique is completely dependent upon Tenwa, the greater the size, the greater the amount of pull the area possesses. However, even the smallest collapse has a massive pull force, easily capable of snatching a man of 200 pounds with relative ease backwards like a rag doll. Tenwa primarily uses this technique as an immediate evasive move if he finds himself unable to effectively dodge oncoming jutsu, projectiles, or other forms of physical impact.

Taiki Genshi Kakubunretsu (大気原子核分裂, "Atmospheric Atomic Fission"): Tenwa is in a league of is own when it comes to the molecular manipulation of gas based chemical compounds and components. With his absolute dominion and three centuries of practice and refinement, Tenwa is the only individual thus far capable of splitting gas based atoms in half at an atomic level, forcing a fission of a multitude of elements, each with a different form of reaction. Fission occurs when a neutron strikes the nucleus of either isotope, splitting the nucleus into fragments and releasing a tremendous amount of energy. The fission process becomes self-sustaining as neutrons, produced by the splitting of atom, strike nearby nuclei and produce more fission. So long as there exist some form of gas, such as oxygen or hydrogen (the simplest of all atoms, and the most abundant), Tenwa is capable of performing fission on an atomic level, creating a multitude of incomprehensible and deadly explosions wherever he so desires, with enough force to eradicate an individual to close within the vicinity of the explosions. These explosions cause the atmosphere to expand rapidly, and create winds and shock waves so strong and immense that they are visible to the human eye; as such, Tenwa is capable of utilizing them as a catalyst or foundation to perform other techniques without expending unnecessary chakra. This technique is difficult for even the greatest of sensor shinobi to initially detect, due to its extremely small size on an atomic level, and the small yet extremely precise level of chakra and control it takes to effectively split the atom itself.