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editAbsolute Darkness Technique Camera font awesome.svg
Absolute Darkness.jpg
Kanji 絶対陰冥
Rōmaji Zettai Inmei no Jutsu
Appears in Anime, Manga, Game, Movie
Classification Genjutsu
Rank A-rank
Range All ranges
Hand seals Snake → Ram → Tiger → Horse → Snake → Rabbit → Horse → Snake → Serpant
Other jutsu
Parent jutsu

It is a Genjutsu developed by Junsui after learning Bringer of Darkness technique combined with his Senses manipulation genjutsu. This technique is basically an enhanced form of the parent jutsu. The user performs the required hand seals and he gets his opponent under a genjutsu of them having none of the five senses, which are sight, hearing, smelling, tasting or even feeling. This technique is very strong, but there is a catch to it. The opponent needs to be already under the user's genjutsu, unlike the original technique where it can be applied out of no where. This technique can be broken if the opponent manages to directly hit the user, so experienced sensory-type shinobi should make perfect counters for this technique. While the target's senses are completely nullified, the user can manipulate these sense with Genjutsu. He can make the target hear a certain sound that wasn't even there or see certain things that do not exist or even feel pain that is irrational, giving the users options to manipulate and trick his opponent. The user can drop his opponent under Other genjutsu during this technique. In fact, if the user is skilled enough, he can each and every sense of his opponent's instead of deactivating them. For instance, he can create an imagery of the environment that they were present in when the jutsu was cast and they can mimic everything in the environment to the point where the opponent might not even know that they have fallen into a genjutsu. The user can then literally manipulate the world around them along with their senses. They can create objects that were not there, perform illusionary attacks and inflict pain on their opponent, basically anything that they wish. That is the danger of this genjutsu, yet it can be detected by a skilled sensor.