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editAbsolute Emptiness Camera font awesome.svg
Kanji ガラガラ
Rōmaji Gara Gara
Literal English Rattle
Appears in Anime, Manga
Class Offensive, Defensive
Range All ranges

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A technique that allows a member of the nakajima clan to part weighs with their body temporarily. This in turn relinquishes control to one of their ancestors functioning much like a handshake between the living and the dead. In the midst of this transference it allows the user to act outside of their bodily confines much like a Yamanaka's mind transfer jutsu. Once the ancestor of choice has taken hold the user may conduct combat as usual without completely worrying about bodily harm. As such when performing this technique any harm dealt to their spiritual form may be mirrored onto their actual body resulting in extensive bodily harm.


  • This technique takes inspiration from the Yamanaka clan
  • The Nakajima clan members who use this technique are often content with potential outcome of exchanging places with an ancestor and assuming a spiritual form.