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Kanji 絶対零度
Rōmaji Zettai Reido
Appears in Manga
Classification Ninjutsu
Rank S-rank
Class Offensive, Defensive
Range Short to Mid range
  • Yuki Akiko

Absolute Zero is an S-rank, both offensive and defensive Ninjutsu consists of creating a huge and long lasting ice for the purpose of immobilize numerous enemy within or fend off a chunk of attacks. The temperature of the ice is accurately -273ºC, which is the lowest temperature of any objects can achieve, also known as Absolute Zero. Anything which has physical contact with it, even a gentle tap on the surface, will be frozen until the core of the iceberg is destroyed.


The user will take a few seconds to load a batch of chakra into both palms before slapping both hands on the ground. When the unstable chakra stored within the palms receive a strong bump, a sphere-shaped ice will be created. The ice ball will create a huge iceberg and the size is depending on how much chakra the user planted into it. Anything that has physical contact with the ice will be congeal for eternity or until the core, also known as the ice ball is destroyed. The ice will never melt nor the temperature will drop until the core is destroyed. The hidden mechanism behind it is any heat around the ice will be absorbed into the core instead. This means there is no attack that can melt the ice.

Nevertheless, the ice is not permanently invulnerable. The one and only way to put an end to the ice is to pulverize the core of the iceberg which usually located in the center of the ice. The core will lose its function when it received enough heat energy. This can be done in various of ways, one of the easiest way is keep on hurling Earth or Fire-based techniques to the iceberg directly. It is notable that the ice has resistance over Water and Wind-based techniques.


  • The ice will destroy once the core has absorb enough heat energy which capable to tear the core apart.