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editAbsolute Zero: World-Destroying Conflagration Camera font awesome.svg
Kanji 零度劫火
Rōmaji Reidogouka
Literal English Absolute Zero: World-Destroying Conflagration.
English anime Frozen Hellfire
Appears in Anime, Manga
Classification Ninjutsu
Rank S-rank
Class Offensive
Range All ranges
Hand seals Tiger → Dragon → Horse → Monkey → Dog → Tiger → Bird → Dragon → Ox → Rat
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Absolute Zero: World-Destroying Conflagration is the ultimate demonstration of Jitoku's cold fire. By building up an immense amount of fire chakra, Jitoku compresses it until its relative energy is nearly stopped. As the energy is compressed, it cools down to zero degrees Kelvin, absolute zero. When released, the massive burst of flames freezes anything it touches, rendering it immobile but looking like a blue flame stuck in time, no energy left to keep the object moving. Anything caught in the blast is frozen solid and the air that comes off of it can deliver severe frostburn to anyone near the vicinity of the area of impact. The technique requires a lot of time to allow the chakra to compress enough for energy to decay at the rate necessary to create absolute zero temperatures and as such, it is recommended that the user be defended while building up the technique. Due to its properties, it is considered the polar opposite of Amaterasu. Despite this, Jigoku's technique can completely freeze the flames of Amaterasu by siphoning off their energy, removing the flame's heat and oxygen, rendering the flames useless.