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Kanji 縁覚道
Rōmaji Engakudō
Alternative names Realization Path, Realization Realm, Absorption Realm
Appears in Anime, Manga
Classification File:Way Of Samsara Transmogrification Symbol.svg Kekkei Mōra, Ninjutsu, Fuinjutsu, Shinshinshu, Uchujutsu, Shujoshu
Class Offensive, Defensive, Supplementary
Range All ranges
Other jutsu
Parent jutsu
Derived jutsu
Related jutsu
Preta Path

縁覚道 Absorption Path 縁覚道

The Absorption Path (縁覚道, Engakudō) grants the user the ability to absorb objects, techniques, and matter of any variety using the Incessant World Consumption, expel absorbed objects and block techniques using the Incessant World Dispersion, project singularities through use of the Insatiable Primordial Singularity and modify the gravitational radius of objects through the Static World Contraction. Ace used the Absorption Path to devastating effect with the Happi Benzaiten technique.

Primarily defensive in nature, the Absorption Path's Incessant World Consumption enables the user to absorb objects of any size, composition or nature by projecting a field that contorts the surrounding space around a target. Its absorption speed and power is extreme enough to disrupt and even overcome other Space-Time Ninjutsu. Absorbed objects can readily be destroyed, temporarily confined, or sealed away. Using the Incessant World Disposition, the user is able to construct a field or defined area which can be used to expel anything previously absorbed by the user, with varying degrees of force. When used in an defensive manner, the user can project the technique as a barrier that possesses space-time curvatures so extreme that the barrier can never be entered, penetrated or touched, allowing it to block any technique or attack. The Insatiable Primordial Singularity allows the user to project the core of the technique itself into their surroundings and use it as a weapon. By manipulating the singularity, the user is able to shape it into any form, while the weapon itself simply absorbs away anything it touches. The Static World Contraction allows the user to manipulate the gravitational radius of any object, by expanding its gravitational radius around the area they wish to affect. This systematically converts the object or area it into a short-lived black hole that then evaporates away almost instantaneously.


Realization is a state in which one discovers a partial truth through one's own observations, efforts and concentration. Usually to access this realm the experiencer must first have decided external sources are inferior to internal sources, e.g. his/her own mind. This realm is characterized by the seeking of truth and wisdom through direct internal perception. Realization (or absorption) is one of the four higher and noble realms in Buddhism. The techniques abilities also has roots in Black holes and topics related to them, due to their nature.


The Absorption Path is similar to the Preta Path in that it is capable of absorption as well.

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