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editAbunai Soeki
Appears in Manga
Gender Gender Male.svg Male
Age 43
Height 16916,900 cm <br />169 m <br />554.462 ft <br />6,653.543 in <br />
Weight 6767 kg <br />147.71 lb <br />
Kekkei Genkai Mutation
Occupation Mutants
Affiliation Kusagakure Symbol.svg Kusagakure
Clan Soeki Symbol.svg Soeki Clan
Nature Type

Abunai Soeki is the final villain of Poji Keisatsu and the main villain that's been sending bad people after him.


Abunai is the crude, evil, selfish man that desire nothing more then to kill Poji and Kajin. He uses disgusting methods and ideas to take on his prey. He will stop at nothing to kill his opponent and take them as his slaves.

Soeki Genocide

Abunai is the last member of the Soeki Clan after its Genocide. His clan was killed by his mother and many Kusagakure ninja, he manage to live by killing his mother and running into a nearby river. Where he is nearly killed by starvation but he is found by Orochimaru and is nursed back to half after he refused to take part in Orochimaru's plans he left and wander off to a nearby land where he plotted into killing the Abunai's rivals the Uchiha whom he thought have been rivals and behind the attack since two of them where in their village at the time.

Fight with Poji

Abunai assembles a number of deceased and alive shinobi for his Mutation those people are Karuto, Mai, Rasuto, Sage of the Sixth Paths and Fudo Maruku.