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Accustomization Pill
Kanji 慣らす丸
Rōmaji Narasugan
Literal English Accustomization Pill
English anime Adaptability Pill
Appears in Anime, Manga, Game, Movie

The Accustomization Pills (慣らす丸, Narasugan) are pills developed by Nagaharu Shigūra that allows the recipients to become accustomed to foreign implants (i.e. organs, cells). Usually when unmatched organs and the like are implanted to a recipient, the body's natural defence detects it as foreign and can reject it in a violent manner. By taking these pills, the body becomes more accustomed to the implanted material overtime as long as the pills are taken regularly. The pills also seem to have a degree of control on the implanted material. These pills are usually used by Medical-nin during and after transplants.