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PKH Achirakochira
Kanji 彼方此方
Rōmanji Achirakochira
Literal English Here and There
Other Achikochi, Acchikocchi
Classification Hiden, Ninjutsu, Fuinjutsu, Juinjutsu, Fighting Style
Class Supplementary, Defensive, Offensive
Range All Ranges

Achirakochira (彼方此方, Here and There) is a secret technique and Fighting Style of the Rasen Clan's Kōrimachi Branch.


Achirakochira takes the form of two powerful, snowflake-like juinjutsu which are branded onto the shoulder blades of the user. Functioning in a similar fashion to the unsealing and enclosing techniques, it enables the user to store and project weapons and tools from any area of the body at will. This grants the user an exceptional form of offense and defense in the midst of battle. Stored weapons appear transparent to the user and don't interfere with one another, nor the user's sight or movement. Any weapon the user wields can be expelled from their body at immense speeds capable of inflicting extreme damage to targets and foes. Any weapon expelled will be imbued with a form of the juinjutsu, enable the user to not only instantaneously retrieve the weapons, but manipulate their movements and trajectory at will. Even unique weapons can be utilized effectively, as the user can vastly multiply them at will, greatly increasing their effectiveness. By making contact with a surface or area, the user can brand it with the juinjutsu to project weapons from that location, whether it be land, water or even air.

Various users have been shown using this technique to project Ninjutsu from their body by simply preforming hand seals in advanced. This allows the user to prepare beforehand before unleash surprise attacks on a target when they least expect it. As with the weapons, the user can unleash the technique from any part of the body. All released weapons are branded with juinjutsu, enabling the user to mark a struck area with a form of the juinjutsu, furthering its range and the user's available options.

PKH Achirakochira Juinjutsu

The juinjutsu, branded on the back.

There is seemingly no limit to the amount of weapons the user can project or the amount of force that can be applied to them, allowing them to bombard a single target or overwhelm entire battalions and armies. Using such methods, even a swarm of kunai or ball bearings can be turned into projectiles capable of producing large kinetic explosions on impact. As time went on, the fighting style was further improved upon by incorporating the mechanics of the Summoning Technique and the Reverse Summoning Technique into it, essentially allowing the user to transfer themselves and weapons to another location at will. This function of Achirakochira mimics the mechanics of the Flying Thunder God Technique, allowing the user to move unhindered to a given location or area while simultaneously catching targets off guard and taking advantage of their blind spots.

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