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Acid Blood Acid Blood
Kanji 酸血
Rōmaji Acid Blood
Literal English Acid Blood
Other Acid Blood
Viz manga Acid Blood
Manga Chapter #001
Anime Naruto Episode #001
Movie Lynx and Ahiru
Game Ninja
OVA Sanchi Brothers Reborn!
Appears in Anime, Manga, Game, Movie
Known Wielders

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Acid Blood release is a Kekkei Genkai exclusive to the Sanchi clan, their specialty is acid and poison and the is in the bloodstream, sweat and saliva along with poisons when infused with the users chakra flow.They can breathe poisonous gasses and spit poisonous and acid liquid onto the opponent. They are immune to all toxins and acidic properties this in cases them as strong shinobi because poison is deemed ineffective. [Note:The acid blood has been known to destroy various metals] Their supplies are small vials of poisons and acids for science and development. The Sanchi sweat is good for extracting poisons of anything else and then enter the Sanchi poisons which they carry 7 mini vials of the antidote for their poisons.