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editAdamantine Absorbing Chains Camera font awesome.svg
Appears in Anime, Manga
Rank S-rank
Class Defensive, Supplementary
Range All ranges
Other jutsu
Parent jutsu
Derived jutsu
  • Zei Uzumaki
  • Kintaro Uchiha
  • Nozomi Uchiha
  • Sakiko Uchiha
  • Yui Uchiha

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This technique utilizes Adamantine Sealing Chains as a medium for chakra absorbtion. The placement of the chakra depends on the user. In the case of Nisashi Uzumaki the chakra is actually stored within the chains themselves, adding to their durability. These chains absorb quickly enough to drain an average chunin in moments. This technique also converts chakra into the same type as the chains before absorbing it, which allows for the absorbed chakra to be used to strengthen the chains, this however, makes the chains far less effective against elemental chakra natures (unless the chains are made of that same nature) as it is more difficult to convert. This technique can also assist in chakra control be absorbing back the user's own excess released chakra. The biggest drawback to this technique is that the chains must make contact with chakra in order to drain it, and does not have a very large area of effect.

When used by those who have trained to utilize natural energy, the chains can be used to absorb that as well. Since this energy can be stored in the chains themselves, they can then be used to return natural energy to the body at whatever rate the user chooses.