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editAkane Hitomu
Akane Hitomu
(ひとあかね, Hitomu Akane)

  • Sora (そら)
Appears in Anime, Manga
Gender Gender Female Female
Age 32 (Deceased)
Height 145.8 cm
1.458 m
4.783 ft
57.402 in
Weight 59.4 kg
130.955 lb
Blood type O
Classification Medical-nin
Team Team Samui (formerly)
Clan Hitomu Clan

Akane Hitomu is a former shinobi of Kumogakure and Konohagakure, the mother of Akira Hitomu, the daughter in-law of Retsu Hitomu, and the wife of Rei Hitomu. She was a student of Samui during her time in Kumogakure.


Akane was originally a shinobi of Kumogakure, a student of Samui and a member of the team, Team Samui, because of being a student of both Killer B and Samui. However, after an unknown incident, she left Kumogakure and eventually became a shinobi of Konohagakure.

Shortly after, she met and married Rei Hitomu, and after some time of trying, finally had a daughter, Akira Hitomu, whom quickly became her and her husband's pride and joy, and Akane taught her dughter to be gentle, but strong as well.

Akane dies

Akane dies

Around the time Akira was nine, Akane and Rei were sent on a mission that they never come back from and died on. It was later revealed that they were killed by Tobi, for still unknown reasons.


Akane composure

Akane reassures her husband that she can give birth

Akane is known for being a kind, sweet, yet tough woman. She cared deeply for her husband, daughter, and comrades. In tough situations, in or out of battle, Akane was capable of keeping a calm composure, even if her life is threatened, as seen when she was forced to reassure her husband that she could indeed give birth as shown in a flashback, although she can quickly become angry if her comrades or family are threatened, especially Samui and Killer B.

She shared the belief that women were stronger than men with Biwako Sarutobi and strongly believed in it, although she knew men could be strong as well. She passed on this belief to her daughter, Akira, and taught her to be strong both emotionally and in terms of ninja abilities.


Akane was a youthful woman with short, bright blonde hair and dark brown eyes. She had two strands of hair across her forehead, one of which occassionally covered her iris. Akane typically wore bright blue lipstick and eye-shadow, using them as a means of bringing out her eyes.

Akane typically wore a short-sleeved rust red blouse over a darker tank-top, with pants matching the tank-top and okobo. She had shurikan holsters strapped onto both of her legs.


Akane never appeared as a present character, due to her and her husband's death, but she was mentioned by Kabuto Yakushi as a candidate for reincarnation.


  • Akane bears a resemblance to Samui
  • Akane's name can mean 'madder' depending on the kanji used, a possible reference to her occasionally angry demeanor


(To Tobi before she dies) "You may kill me and my husband, but you will never touch Akira!"

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