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"You may hold the title of shinobi, but you're no different from samurai."
— Akari talking to another shinobi about their lack of stealth. It is also the only time Akari has shown confidence in her abilities.

editAkari Murakami
Akari Murakami
(Murakami Akari)
Appears in Anime, Manga, Movie
Birthdate Astrological Sign Aries April 1
Gender Gender Female Female
Age 22
Height 177.8 cm
1.778 m
5.833 ft
70 in
Weight 70.76 kg
155.999 lb
Blood type O
Kekkei Genkai
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    Medical Nin
Occupation Shinobi
Clan Murakami Symbol Murakami Clan
Ninja Rank Chūnin
Nature Type
Unique Traits
  • Undetectable Chakra

Akari Murakami is a former resident Kagegakure who was forced to leave when her clan was massacred. Soon afterwards a guild of shinobi called the Koga Guild found her, took her in, and taught her the ways of a shinobi. Now she is revered within the guild for her complete mastery over a shinobi's skills and possesses strength far greater than what her rank may suggest.


Akari Murakami's shinobi training has changed her down to her presence and demeanor. She has been noted to have a deathly silent demeanor and presence. This silence of hers allows her to easily blend into her surroundings. She could be the only other person in a room and the other person would still not notice her. In fact, the only time anyone notices her is when she speaks to you and even that is like whisper. Only attracting the attention of whoever she is talking to.


As a very experienced shinobi, Akari has been on a lot of jobs such as espionage, sabotage, and assassination. This has caused her personality to develop an "adaptive" quality. This means that her personality, likes, dislikes, and tics fluidly changes depending on her environment and the people she is with. This trait allows Akari to gain anyone's trust or friendship and effortlessly infiltrate any community, no matter how tight the security of that community is. In addition, with her vast wisdom she can easily pick on body language of those around her to gain knowledge about the community she is in.

When Akari is around her close friends or the Koga Guild, Akari is often portrayed as a very lenient and easygoing person who is very modest with her abilities. She seems to hate showing off because it will always attract unnecessary and will always come back in the most troublesome or embarrassing ways. She has learned very quickly because of this dislike that it is better to keep people guessing.

She has also shown to be very introverted and independent. This isn't to say she hates teamwork she can tolerate it at times. The more she knows someone the easier it is for her to tolerate teamwork. Her independence has led her to have a very, "Learn from mistakes attitude." She isn't afraid to try new things and isn't afraid to mess up. When she does mess up she never hides it and isn't afraid to openly admit that she isn't good at the activity. This is shows that she does have is very mature for her age. It is very easy to see this in the advice she gives when someone asks for it and the wisdom that is often in her words.

True to her introversion, Akari spends most of her time with her mental state. She is often deep in her thoughts and enjoys anything that gets her thinking especially books. If left to her own devices she can spend the day or week away with books and not even realize how much time has passed or care for that matter. Her love of being with her own thoughts has made her develop a bad habit of daydreaming. All it takes for her to start daydreaming is a short few seconds of inactivity and silence. When she is like this few dare to get her attention because it is during these moments that her temper is the shortest. She hates when her thoughts are interrupted and can become a bit violent at times.

Her introversion and independence makes others interpret her as a shy, always serious, and reserved person. She is certainly things, but can be social at times. This side of her is almost always brought to the surface by the insistence of her the squad she was in as a genin. They do this by coming over to visit and spend time with her when they sense that Akari has been alone for too long. In the beginning Akari is usually sour and wishing that they would just leave her alone, but she eventually warms up and can act somewhat charismatic.

The only time she is very talkative and extremely charismatic is to the select few that has had the chance to fully know Akari. When she is around those people she is the person who never shuts up possibly because she has so much in her head that hasn't been voiced and she is only comfortable with voicing those thoughts around such people.


Akari was born several years before the Murakami Massacre. Both her mother and father were revered far and wide for their natural talent as a shinobi so the people in her clan and village had high expectation for her. These expectations were met when Akari became a genin at the very young age of eight. This caused her to gain the respect of her fellow genin. Not only was she respected, but liked by all but a few who were jealous of her talent.

Shortly after becoming a genin she witnessed the death of her parents, which caused her to awaken her clan's Kekkei Genkai: the Ketsugan. Fearing for her life, Akari fled her home village. A couple of weeks later a member of the Koga Guild found Akari fending for herself. It didn't take long for the woman to see how talented Akari. Partially out of kindness and partially out of not wanting the talent to go to waste, the woman adopted Akari on the spot. In the beginning Akari's life in the Koga Guild was hard because many of the kids in the guild had skills that far surpassed her own even though Akari was supposed to be gifted.

Every kid beat her in every training exercise they had as if Akari was nothing but a naive child. Akari's constant losses improved her in every way at unbelievable rates.

Physical and combative training wasn't the only type of training the Koga Guild had Akari undergo. They taught her a lot of different shinobi tactics, about different explosives and poisons, stealth methods of walking and swimming, how to run across long distances, and many more. They required that Akari had a high degree of knowledge and wisdom. Forcing her to learn about stuff that has nothing to do with being a shinobi. To improve her wisdom they would often force her into situations where they knew she would screw up so that she could learn from her mistakes.

It wasn't until a couple of years into her retraining that they discovered that Akari had the potential to become a medical-nin. When they discovered this, they wasted no time with teaching her traditional and unorthodox methods of healing people. It wasn't until she was twelve that the Koga Guild finally acknowledged her as a genin by their standards. This is a huge feat because a genin by their standards would be considered a jōnin by the standards of villages. When she reached this rank she was placed in a squad of three other genin and one jōnin who, was their leader. In the beginning her group was assigned espionage and sabotage missions. When time passed, her group was assigned harder and harder missions such as assassination. It was during this period of time that her personality took on an adaptive quality and her Saishū Ketsugan awakened during her first assassination mission.

For the most part, Akari's relationship with her squad grew at an exponential rate. They were practically family in only two years. The only person on her squad she had problems with was a Hyūga whose parents were missing-nin from Konoha. Akari and this boy always seemed to be at each other's throats because of the Kagegakure and Konohagakure's relationship.

It took Akari and the other genin on her squad six years to become a chūnin.


Kekkei Genkai


The Ketsugan is a dōjutsu kekkei genkai that appears in some of the members in her clan. Unlike most of her clan, her constant training and natural talent has allowed her Ketsugan to fully mature. The first ability that comes from this is her ability to use it to see the flow of chakra like the Sharingan or Byakugan. This makes it very easy for her to judge an opponent's strength by how much chakra they have and how potent it is and it gives her the ability to differentiate people by their chakra signature. This combined with her Eye Archive Technique allows her to know almost everything about the opponent with just a single glance. Her ability to see the flow of chakra allows her to see what chakra natures and Kekkei Genkai are in the opponent's arsenal before they even have a chance to use it. When an opponent is about to use a jutsu this same trait gives Akari foreknowledge of what technique is. Lastly, seeing chakra allows her to see through transformation and clone techniques.

When this dōjutsu is activated the genjutsu she uses is drastically augmented in power even though the Ketsugan itself cannot be used to cast genjutsu. The power of her genjutsu techniques is increased so much that the most elementary genjutsu techniques can become very traumatizing.

The third ability that the Ketsugan grants Akari is highly acute night vision. It does so by constantly emitting a faint red light. This is very useful to Akari because most of her jobs occur at night. Her daily reliance on this trait has given her the unique ability to adjust the light that her Ketsugan admits. It can become so bright that it blinds all those in front of her or she can make it very dim.

The fourth ability that the Ketsugan gives Akari is the ability to telekinetically control her clan's unique swords. There are almost limitless ways that she can control them including breaking them apart and repairing them. She is also able to channel chi chakra into the blade to perform a wide variety of tasks.

When the Ketsugan is active she is able to see the outlines of an opponent's vital organs. The sixth ability is the ability to control the opponent's brain waves. This requires an enormous amount of skill, so much in fact that she is one of the very few in her clan's history to have this ability. As expected this ability can be used in a lot of dangerous ways.

Shown by her ability to use the Eye Paralysis Technique and Eye Archive Technique the Ketsugan obviously grants Akari limited control over electrical impulses. Whether these are the only techniques that allow her to control electrical impulses is unknown, but somewhat likely.

Akari has full mastery over her Ketsugan and its abilities. Activating it and keeping it active requires very little chakra for Akari. Despite her mastery, Akari doesn't use her Ketsugan that often. She often activates it for a brief second to use one or two abilities before deactivating it to catch opponents off guard to change the tide of battle. The only time she does use it continuously is against especially powerful shinobi who she knows she will have trouble with or when facing a fellow Dōjutsu user. Her lack of using her Ketsugan is why Akari is nonexistent as far as every living being is concerned even though she is one of the few surviving members of the Murakami Clan. This makes her uses of the Ketsugan all the more effective because no one is expecting it and some don't even know how to fight against it.

Memory Erasing Technique

Akari is able to use the Memory Erasing Technique through her Ketsugan instead of through physical contact. This technique allows her to erase all or portions of a targets memory just by looking them in the eye with her Ketsugan. To restore their memory all she has to do is tap their forehead.

Saishū Ketsugan

No Remorse Doujutsu

Akari revealing her Saishū Ketsugan for the first time

Akari is one of the very few members of the Murakami Clan who has managed to awaken the Ketsugan's advanced form: the Saishū Ketsugan. Just like with the other Murakamis who have awakened this Kekkei Genkai no one knows how Akari awakened it. It just awakened without warning when she was on a mission.

Akari's Saishū Ketsugan does share some abilities with that of its other users. First, it has all the abilities of the normal Ketsugan, but on an advanced level. One example being how she gains absolute control over electrical impulses and brainwaves instead of just limited control. Another similarity Akari's Saishū Ketsugan has is the ability to nullify any and all Genjutsu cast on the wielder to make Akari immune to Genjutsu. Akari can also use it to reflect some Genjutsu back at the target in a more potent form. One ability that is unique to her Saishū Ketsugan is how it has expanded on this to form a "psychic shield" around Akari's mind whenever it is activated. This psychic shield protects Akari's mind from any and all forms of mental intrusion. Whether it be mind reading, hypnosis, lies, Yamanaka Clan's Hiden techniques, or something of a similar nature. Attempting to do so will result in extreme pain for the potential intruder.

This is where the similarities end. Akari's left Saishū Ketsugan holds the power to create and manipulate the dark "air currents of the spirit world" that can influence a person's fatigue while her right eye has the power to use the physical energy the dark air currents absorb to grant herself or an ally overwhelming regenerative powers. The level of fatigue the air currents can induce have the potential to be overwhelming shown by how she caused a shinobi of the Uzumaki Clan to feel very tired and slow down his regeneration powers to a near halt after coming into contact with the dark air currents once, despite how strong his life force is. In another fight, she made a person feel so tired that they had trouble staying on their feet let alone moving or fighting.

The regenerative powers granted by her right eye is nothing of amazing. As long as she has physical energy left over from what she has drained from her opponent it seems that she can heal from almost any wounds and in mere moments. Since she can only use the physical energy that she drained from her opponent and not her own the only option most opponents have is to force her to use it all because with it appears as though she has a form of "immortality" from how far her regeneration has ascended.

Chi Chakra

As with most members of the Murakami Clan, Akari possess the ability to produce and control a unique type of chakra called Chi Chakra. This type of chakra takes on the appearance of red translucent flame-like energy. It can be manipulated in many different ways, but generally for offense and defense. Like its appearance suggests, chi chakra can burn opponents, despite the fact that it has nothing to do with fire. In addition, chi chakra is incredibly powerful because of how its density is comparable to the chakra of tailed beasts. Her chakra is especially dangerous to those who absorb her chakra because of how it protects Akari from such techniques. Her chakra is closely connected her chi chakra, making it impossibly to not absorb her chakra without absorbing her chi chakra as well. When the chi chakra enters the shinobi's body it will burn anyone who absorbs her chakra from the inside out.

Akari's talent with using this type of chakra is exceptionally high. Using chi chakra seems to be second nature to her, shown by how easily she can incorporate it into a fight or use it for daily tasks. Her talent combined with her very large chi chakra reserves allows her to use it quite frequently without fear of exhaustion.

  • Scarlet Saber Technique: The Scarlet Saber Technique is an inferior form of Ken'nan and a Chi Chakra variant of the Samurai Sabre Technique in which Akari channels chi chakra to her blade and cloaks the blade in it in order to increase its sharpness, range, and piercing power by a margin.


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Akari demonstrating her taijutsu prowess when she was a child by overwhelming and older shinobi

Akari has always been a very skilled taijutsu user because of the training she has had. When she was an academy student in her village her taijutsu skills her great enough to match the taijutsu skills of slightly older and more experienced shinobi. Her already incredible skill with taijutsu was increased even further during her training within the Koga Guild. Now, Akari knows a wide array of fighting styles ranging from the power-based fighting style such Strong Fist to the skill focused ones such as Active Yin Style. When Akari is fighting she can change between fighting styles at at a drop of a hat. This will force her opponents to be very good at adapting and those who can't are often overwhelmed.



Akari using a spear

The teachings of the Koga Guild have made her a master Bukijutsu. Her understanding of weapons is deep enough that she not only has an encyclopedic amount of knowledge about weapons, but understands what she knows, can apply what she knows in new and unusual situations out of just using weapons, can break down what she knows to its most fundamental level for critical thinking and problem solving, put pieces of what she knows in creative ways to gain new pieces if knowledge, and judge what she knows and know when to use her knowledge and when not to use it. Having all the levels of Bloom's Taxonomy's Six levels of Learning gives her the ability to make using weapons against her a very bad idea as she can apply what she knows to learn the most effective way of taking down any weapon user instantly just by looking at what weapon they are using, she can use any weapon with incredible skill no matter how unorthodox it is, and many more advanced feats.

Although she is a master with all weapons from short range, mid range, long range, assassination weapons, and more she prefers short range. When using such weapons she can easily take down a large group of samurai by swinging the weapon so quickly that she can make a hundred swings look like just one, using the Body Flicker Technique or Teleportation Technique to move around the battlefield with remarkable speed, and strike her opponents with battlefield ungodly force. However, her true deadliness with weapons doesn't show itself until she combines Ninjutsu directly to Bukijutsu in ways outside of just moving. One example is how her attacks with weapons have been given the title of "Absolute Attack." This is because very few have ever blocked her weapon because of how she will use the Sabotage Technique alongside any weapon she uses to greatly weaken any non-chakra-based defense to allow her to easily break through it with her weapon or use the Chakra Disruption Technique to negate any chakra-based defense.

  • Great Rend: Great Rend is Akari's trademark Kenjutsu technique. It is a technique in which Akari will sheath her Murakami Sword, bends her knees, and concentrates intently on the target. After a second, she moves toward her opponent to unsheathe her sword and perform a single high speed precise slash. The slash is accurate enough that it can supposedly cut on the molecular level meaning that it can theoretically cut through anything granted that it is physical and not spiritual.
  • Rend Heaven: Rend Heaven is Akari's a Kenjutsu technique where Akari dashes toward the foe with her guard open to provoke the opponent into attacking. If they should take the bait she falls forward to evade the attack and get inside the opponent's guard. When Akari's body is horizontal with the ground she takes a giant step forward to combine the momentum with the jumping upward slash to augment its strength and speed. The power, speed, proximity to the opponent, and her positioning of inside the target's guard makes the slash extremely difficult to block or evade. Some shinobi who are known for their speed find it difficult or impossible to react. When a shinobi has managed to get their weapon in the way the power of the slash makes it easy for Akari's sword to cut clean through their weapon especially if she is using her Murakami Swords.
  • Assassination Technique: The one skill she has mastered as a shinobi is her skill with assassination which has is often called "supernatural" by the standards of the Koga Guild. So far, Akari has had a success rate for assassination missions of 100% and for a majority of the missions she was so stealthy and careful that not she remained undetected during the mission and nothing was left behind to show that she was ever there. Not even a visible scar on the corpse. Her secret is her mastery of her particular form of the Assassination Technique. Her style integrating the Chakra Scalpel with the Assassination Technique. The act of using Chakra Scalpel through the sword gives Chakra Scalpel killing potential. This in turn allows the strikes of the Assassination Technique the potential to kill provides Akari aims at a vital area no matter how shallow the strike was. A stab to the chest that was only a pin prick deep can be deep enough for the chakra blades to reach the heart and end the victim's life or a slash at the neck that was only as deep and wide as a paper cut can be deep enough for the chakra blades to reach an area that can end the opponent's life if they reach. Even if the strike wasn't made to a vital area, like a limb, the chakra blades can still enter the body and damage the limb in ways that can handicap the opponent and leave them vulnerable to a follow up. In short, Akari's particular style of Assassination Technique makes any strike she deals lethal if not dangerous including the most insignificant strikes.
    • Sword Flicker Technique: The Sword Flicker Technique is a Kenjutsu technique that integrates the principles behind the Body Flicker Technique into Kenjutsu to allow Akari to perform high-speed strikes that are untraceable to most shinobi.
    • Takemikazuchi: Takemikazuchi is one of Akari's fastest Kenjutsu technique derived from the Assassination Style that so far only a handful of individuals have managed to evade or live to tell about it. It is a technique similar to techniques like Instant and Converging Horizon, but has taken the concept to the highest level. When using the technique Akari molds a lot of the chakra in her body and uses it to charge her nerves. The quantity of the chakra used allows Akari to heighten to speed and reflexes to supernatural levels. She uses her new found speed to dash and strike the opponent at twice the speed of lightning hence the name. This level of speeds makes her difficult to track even among Dojutsu users so to onlookers it will appear as if Akari teleported behind the foe.
  • Futsunushi: Akari channels the desired quantity of chakra to her blade and molds it into wind. The wind is then focused around the blade until it takes on an edge and launched at the target by swinging the blade. The addition of Wind Release makes Futsunushi vastly superior to the more common Chakra Shockwave Slash in terms of cutting power and traveling speed. The cutting power of the technique can be increased or decreased by altering how focused the wind is before the sword is swung.
  • Solar Flare Blade: Solar Flare Blade is a Ninkenjutsu technique where Akari will focus fire chakra to her blade and use it to superheat the air around her blade. She then swings her blade at the target and even if her blade should miss the heat of the air around the blade inflict third degree burns provided they dodge it by a small margin.
  • Ninja Art: Shuriken Storm: Ninja Art: Shuriken Storm is a Bukijutsu technique in which Akari unleashes a storm of shuriken or other weapons infused with chakra by either throwing one weapon and replicating with a technique similar to the Shuriken Shadow Clone Technique or simply by having that many on hand in which she can throw. The hundreds of thrown weapons serve merely as a distraction to obscure the opponent's vision to prevent them from locating her allowing Akari to be free to strike her opponent in complete concealment. Akari usually uses the technique as a more effective form of the Scattering Thousand Crows Technique because of how unlike the crows of the Scattering Thousand Crows Technique the Shuriken Storm technique will force opponents to react to the weapons in someways because of how they are a large threat themselves because of their number unlike the crows which are mostly harmless. In essence, Shuriken Storm is a technique in which a small threat is concealed by an even larger one instead of vice versa.


Crimson Cutter


Nadeshiko-Style Hardliner Gale Fist

Akari using Wind Release-Warping God Technique

Akari using Nadeshiko-Style Hardliner Gale Fist

Akari learned Nadeshiko-Style Hardliner Gale Fist from a senior kunoichi of the Koga Guild who used to be a member of the Nadeshiko Village. The exceptional of her wind allows her to use the technique with a lot more power than usual. If that isn't enough she isn't opposed to used typhoon-natured chakra to increase the power even further. Her skill with Wind Release allows her to use the technique with not just one hand, but two hands. She can also use her skill to apply the principles of the technique to mid to long range jutsus in much the same way Sasuke did with Chidori. She can fire hundreds of senbons of wind, extend the wind-natured chakra to form a wind equivalent of Lightning Strike or longer, or release gusts of winds from all over her body to protect herself.

Fire Release

Fire Release (火遁, Katon, English TV: Fire Style) is one of the five basic elemental nature transformations. This nature transformation allows Akari to use chakra to create and manipulate fire. In the beginning she could only use the nature transformation just like other users. That is by moulding superheated chakra inside the stomach before releasing it via the lungs and mouth as fire. This allows her to perform techniques like Fire Release: Great Fireball Technique or Fire Release Stream. This limitation soon disappeared upon mastering Fire Release: Basic Manipulation. The mastery of this technique allowed her to gain the ability to release fire from her body instead of just her mouth. Akari's affinity may not lie in Fire Release, but the power of her flames are still impressive. She was once able to melt stone with Fire Release: Great Fireball Technique. Since stone doesn't melt until 2192 Fahrenheit it means that Akari's flames has to be able to reach that temperature if not a lot hotter.

Wind Release

Akari using Air Current Wild Dance on an advanced level to perform Anemokinesis-like feats

Akari using Wind Release: Air Current Wild Dance

Wind Release (風遁, Fūton, English TV: Wind Style) is the rarest elemental nature transformation. It is very strong against Lightning Release because it is air is a natural electrical insulator and weak to Fire Release because the flames are fuelled by air. Just like most in the Murakami Clan Akari has shown a very high aptitude for Wind Release and it is her affinity. Her remarkable skill the nature transformation eventually allowed her to awaken Wind Release's stronger form called Typhoon Release when she was fifteen. Another feat that is proof of her mastery is her skill with Wind Release: Air Current Wild Dance that has been noted to be superior to most users. She can use this technique with so much skill that it appears that she has as the psychic ability of anemokinesis. Creating wind with basic application of Wind Release then using the technique to control the wind in any way she chooses or to control pre-existing wind whether it is natural or chakra-based like from another shinobi. Another thing that makes her skill with Wind Release stand out is her skill with Wind Release: Rapid Wind and the Wind Redirection Method, which makes it impossible for her to be harmed by wind in any shape or form.

When she is using Wind Release Akari must make her chakra as thin as possible to turn the chakra into wind-natured chakra also known as wind chakra. Once it is created the wind chakra is released from her body as wind. The wind can be used to create a variety of feats. She can make it thin to turn it into a blade like in the case of Blade of Wind or hit opponents with it with tremendous brute force like creating hurricanes, tornadoes, vertical drafts, or simple devastating blasts of gale-force winds. It is rumored that her wind is so powerful that she can slice through space itself or level a forest with a mere swipe of her hand. This isn't it for Akari's Wind Release. Her mastery has allowed her to change the attributes of her wind or give her wind new attributes. She can heat or cool it down or give it other supernatural properties like Chakra Absorption or Negation, the ability to teleport things, turn herself into wind for high-speed movement, etc. Akari is a step above most members of the Murakami Clan when it comes to wind and Wind Release especially since she has a level of understanding of wind and Wind Release that far surpasses her understanding of Bukijutsu.

  • Sylph Flicker: Sylph Flicker is a technique that adds Wind Release to the Body Flicker Technique to allow Akari to move at high speeds without creating vibrations in the air or disturbing the air in order to move with a greater level of stealth. The technique is very simple to perform. All that is required is Akari siphons wind chakra into the air around her to order to allow her to keep the air still with Wind Release as she uses the Body Flicker Technique to move at untraceable speeds.
Typhoon Release
Akari using Typhoon Release

Akari using Typhoon Release to create four very powerful tornadoes

This still isn't it for Akari's Wind Release. When using Typhoon Release she is capable of so much more. Air is a major component of weather and because of this she can use Typhoon Release in conjunction with Lightning Release to make the climate and weather bend to her whim. She can manifest many different weather conditions including thunderstorms, winter storms, droughts, harsh sunlight, etc. Her ability to control pre-existing air also means she has a small level of control over sound. She can absorb or nullify it by keeping air still or amplify sounds by increasing vibration of airwaves. She can use her Wind Release to generate explosions by causing the air pressure inside of a target to expand. She can also create an explosion through the manipulation of the gaseous molecules in the atmosphere by igniting volatile elements with friction. In addition to making explosions, she can make implosions as well by increasing the external air pressure around a target to cause a cave-in. Her Wind Release has unusual offensive applications as well. Her ability to manipulate the gaseous molecules in the atmosphere or air in general means she can remove oxygen from the air or someone to suffocation a target or negate fire. Doing this can also be used as a unique way of activating Genjutsu because lack of oxygen can cause hallucinations. This means while Uchihas can trap people in a Genjutsu with eye contact alone Akari can trap someone in a Genjutsu just by being close to them.

Although there are ways to flow oxygen back into the atmosphere like absorbing the wind chakra causing the effect, negating the wind chakra, pushing the chakra away from oneself to create an air bubble through a technique like Chakra Exertion Technique, or some other way or removing the wind chakra plus the fact that it has only a seven meter area of effect and getting seven meters away from Akari or more is all that it takes to get away, she has still managed kill by suffocation even high caliber shinobis since most don't know what to do and the panic that this technique does nothing to make thinking easier. Another deadly use of Wind Release is Akari's ability to cause organs to shatter by increasing someone's internal air pressure like in the case of the Wind Burst Technique. Akari often uses this in conjunction with her Ketsugan's ability to see the outlines of organs to turn the Wind Burst Technique into a very fearsome technique. Killing opponents with nothing more than touching their chest lightly, finding a vital organ with the Ketsugan, and directing the wind chakra there to use the internal air pressure to crush the vital organ. All in all there seems to be nothing Akari can't do with wind when using Typhoon Release. In addition to things, when using Typhoon Release Akari is able to create winds that completely outclass her already impressive winds that she creates with ordinary Wind Release.

Lightning Release

Akari using Lightning Release

Akari using Lightning Release

Lightning Release (雷遁, Raiton, English TV: Lightning Style) is a basic elemental nature transformation that revolves around lightning. It allows Akari to generate lightning by increasing the high frequency vibrations of her chakra to turn into lightning-natured chakra, which is turned into lightning to manipulated through chakra control for offense, defense, or possibly supplementary uses. Lightning Release is most effective when used at close range. By creating lightning around a body part she can use the lightning to make her melee or weapon attacks far more deadlier or using lightning to propel herself at high speeds in order to gain extra momentum. When used with melee combat Lightning Release techniques can have the added effect of paralyzing, which makes it easier to follow up with another possibly deadlier attack. When used for long range Akari is able to fire lightning of various shapes, sizes, and intensities at her opponent. Lightning Release has a lot of potential when it comes to supplementary uses the most common of course being creating clones. Akari preferred usage of Lightning Release is using it alongside another elemental nature transformation. The most common nature transformations Akari combines Lightning Release with is Water Release and Wind Release. When combined with Water Release she conjure water that carries an electric current to make both the lightning more powerful and the water deadlier like in the case of Lightning Release: Wave of Inspiration. When combined with Wind Release it makes it a lot easier to use Lightning Release on a large scale or to create wind with a powerful electric current.

Earth Release

Earth Release (土遁, Doton, English TV: Earth Style) is a basic elemental nature transformation that allows Akari to use her chakra to manipulate or create earthen elements for offensive and defensive purposes. This can include mud, dirt, rock, boulder, sand, dust, some minerals, etc. She add more chakra to earthen elements to change the strength and composition of the earth from being as hard as metal to as soft as clay and manipulating its density, making them heavier or lighter. When she flows earth chakra over her body she is able to travel through ground and rock in various ways. She can use for basic transportation or to set up for an attack or to defend. Out of all of the basic elemental nature transformations Earth Release is possibly the easiest to use on a large scale. This is because of how easy it is to create stuff like fissures, earthquakes, avalanches, or mudslides. It is also an excellent for supplementary uses. This is proven by how much force it takes to destroy a clone created by Earth Release. In addition to creating clones, it is very easy to mold earth into various constructs and objects or to mold earth into an animated construct to create allies and servants.

Water Release

Yin Release

Yang Release


Chakra Reserves and Control

Akari's chakra has a unique property that is simply called "Ghost." It makes her chakra virtually impossible to detect by any means whether it be through something similar to the Sensing Technique, a Dōjutsu, or any other method. When a sensor tries to sense her chakra they come up with nothing as if they don't have the ability to sense chakra in the first place. When a dōjutsu user tries to see her chakra it can make them think their dōjutsu is not functioning properly because of how they won't be able to see Akari's chakra and this can make them doubt and not trust their dōjutsu. Along with being impossible to be detected it means no one can determine how strong Akari is, what technique she is going to use next, and how healthy she is, and things of a similar nature.

This isn't all the "Ghost" property does to her chakra. It also allows Akari to harm her target and only her target when precise chakra control it is used. This makes her impossible to track or find out where she has been fighting since there are never ever clues. With these two abilities she can truly make herself like ghost or someone who doesn't exist. Coming in without being detected and leaving without anything to show that she was there in the first place.

The Ghost property also allows her to turn her chakra or a technique invisible when very precise chakra control is used. Akari rarely does this, however, because it is very taxing on her mind. In general, she prefers to save it for assassination missions. Regardless of how often she does this, the fact that she can is very terrifying in and of itself. This is because it means that Akari is not only impossible to detect, but there is a possibility that she can make it impossible to know when she is using a technique in the first place or know what the technique is.

When Akari does choose to make her chakra visible when using a technique it appears as a pale silver instead of the traditional blue color. This may be due to the "Ghost" property, but it hasn't been proven yet. The color of her chakra makes her chakra very bland, underwhelming, and overall very boring to look like. When opponents look at her chakra their thoughts are usually something along the lines of, "That's it?"

Akari's chakra reserves are only slightly larger then normal, but she makes it up with her remarkable chakra control. She never wastes any chakra and always makes the most out of her chakra whenever she uses it. Her chakra control allows her to the amount of chakra needed to perform a technique a lot less then it normally is for example using an A-Ranked technique with an amount of chakra that is commonly seen in C or B-ranked techniques. Another thing that makes up for her not that impressive chakra reserves is how quickly her reserves are restored. If she uses all her chakra in a fight her reserves will be completely refilled in less than an hour after a fight or possibly as low as 25 minutes if she is eating. Of course, when she is in a fight and actively using chakra her reserves don't refill just like any shinobi's would. As for the potency of her chakra it is just above average just like how much chakra she has, but its potency does seem to increase greatly when used for Wind or Typhoon Release techniques.

Having this amount of chakra makes remaining calm in a fight especially important for Akari. This is because if she lets her emotions get the better of her it will get harder to properly control her chakra. It is for this reason that Akari is currently learning how to use powerful emotions to control her chakra.

Basic Techniques

Akari has complete mastery over every General Skill and knows how to use them to their fullest and needing to only use the tiniest drop of her chakra to perform. She also has a multitude of basic and low-ranking techniques in her arsenal because of how many chakra natures. This includes techniques like Wind Release: Great Breakthrough, basic clone technique of each chakra nature like Water Release's Water Clone Technique, each chakra nature's respective stream technique, and other similarly leveled techniques.

Other Info

Physical Abilities

Akari's strength

Akari stopping a summons with her raw physical strength

The training Akari received from the Koga Guild has pushed her physical abilities including senses above and beyond what is normal for shinobi. This means she is a lot stronger, faster, more durable, and so on than most shinobi. She is able to use her physical abilities to fight for hours on end without stopping or feeling exhausted in the slightest because of her stamina, take numerous blows with very little damage with her durability, continue fighting until she passes out no matter what shape her body is in because of her endurance, catch several fast moving kunai out of the air with ease or swing melee weapons with enough speed to be barely visible because of her reflexes, or perform feats of supernatural athleticism. She can also precisely control her movements and muscles with her dexterity, take on opponents many times her size with her supernatural strength, and feats of a similar level with her other physical ability. Out of all her physical abilities it is her agility which is the greatest often being called peerless.

Mental Abilities

Shinobi Arts

Akari's training has transformed her into a master of the ways of the shinobi. She knows a wide array of shinobi and stealth tactics and is able to implement them on the battlefield with awe inspiring skill. Her skill with being stealthy is especially high. High enough that there are rumors within her guild that that Akari can walk on grass without disturbing it in any way. Almost as if she is able to fade in and out of existence.

Her skills with espionage, sabotage, infiltration, assassination, guerrilla warfare, and other shinobi jobs are far above normal. To the point where most of her peers call her skills supernatural, even by the Koga Guild standards.


  • Akari's abilities were inspired by the traditional abilities and skills of real shinobi and the mythical abilities that are often associated with them.
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