editAkui Clan Ancestor
Akui Ancestor
Appears in Anime, Manga
Gender Gender Male Male
Age Deceased
Height 157.48
15,748 cm
157.48 m
516.667 ft
6,200 in
Weight 55
55 kg
121.254 lb
Blood type AB
Kekkei Genkai Sage Transformation
Classification Sage
Occupation Hermit
Affiliation Ryūchi Cave Symbol Ryūchi Cave
Team Shinryū
Clan Script error Akui
Nature Type

He was the elder son of Chakravartin and the ancestor of the Akui clan.


Shortly after the death of Chakravartin, the Akui Clan Ancestor departed from the home and relocated himself deep within the Ryūchi Cave and trained with the Shinryū. Also, he and the Shingetsu Clan Ancestor fought a lot; simply for training purposes. At some point, he started a family and created the Akui Clan to continue his bloodline; though other than that, nothing else is known about him.


He likes to go to sleep and, like the Shingetsu Clan Ancestor, he loves to fight strong opponents and train himself to strengthen his techniques. He also dislikes weaklings and hates being bored


He is an ancient hermit who has thin black hair, golden skin, crimson eyes that glow light blue during battle and is barefoot. He binds one of his arms and normally fights one-handed, but can easily pull out the other arm at any time.


The Akui Clan Ancestor inherited most of his techniques from his Father; such as Lost Silver and Tarnished Gold. However, because his mother was one who had Chakra, he gained the ability to use Chakra as well; which lead to him creating Modern Senjutsu, though in the same fashion that Chakravartin used his own, without an Animal. He also created sever techniques for himself: Sun Palm, Night Traveling Soul, and Night Traveling Great Soul; all of which are Wind Release techniques.

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