editAmakaze Tsuyayaka
(あまかぜ艶やか, Tsuyayaka Amakaze)
Appears in Anime
Voice Actors
English Katy Perry
Japanese Hana Takeda Icon - Search
Birthdate Astrological Sign Cancer June 29
Gender Gender Female Female
Species Human-Arctic Fox Hybrid
  • Part I: 12
  • Part II: 16
  • Part I: 148.3 cm
    1.483 m
    4.865 ft
    58.386 in
  • Part II: 152.6 cm
    1.526 m
    5.007 ft
    60.079 in
  • Part I: 132 kg
    291.01 lb
  • Part II: 119.8 kg
    264.114 lb
Blood type AB
Kekkei Genkai
Occupation Tracker
Team Seven Ninja Swordsmen of the Mist
Ninja Rank
Nature Type
Unique Traits

Amakaze Tsuyayaka (あまかぜ艶やか, Tsuyayaka Amakaze) is a Kunoichi of Kirigakure's Arctic Foxes she is a dedicated shinobi of her village that she one day want to become just as strong like her Partner in order to protect those she love.


Amakaze Tsuyayaka, born of her mother, was born by a intercourse by a member of a ancient clan from a faraway land negotiated a term of alliance in Hope of aiding the Arctic Foxes against the enemies that wanted them dead but her mother fell in love with a concubine that hailed from the same clan so the two secretly gotten married and settled in the hidden mist village together with anjerika family and kaguya clan there to congratulate them but a spy from the Kinmotsu Clan reported the women's taboo relationship and clan head cuncubins defection so during the night while keifuku was still awake with her lover was ambushed by clans men and dragged them through the night till they reached a cave where keifuku watched her lover being tortured and beaten by the men, this would go on for hours leaving her to be chained up and raped by the clan head himself for hours end. This event started the existence of a child with both kinmotsu and arctic blood coexisting within keifuku who had to watch her lover have her throat slit which sent the fox sage into a fitful rage turning into her fox form she slaughtered all the members within the cave but the clan head escaped.

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