editAmbrosia Kazama
Aiko Iba
"Even those who have passed away remain in this world, unable to leave it. That is the way their hearts work, bound to those who live on without them."

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"The village isn't all they left us. We're still here."

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editAmbrosia Kazama
(Kazama Ambrosia)
Appears in Anime, Manga
Voice Actors
English Cherami Leigh Icon - Search
Japanese Aya Hirano Icon - Search
Birthdate Astrological Sign Aries April 6
Gender Gender Female Female
  • Part I: 13
  • Part II: 16
  • Part I: 152.5 cm
    1.525 m
    5.003 ft
    60.039 in
  • Part II: 162.5 cm
    1.625 m
    5.331 ft
    63.976 in
  • Part I: 45.2 kg
    99.649 lb
  • Part II: 48.2 kg
    106.263 lb
Blood type A
Classification Missing-nin
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Clan Kazama Clan
Ninja Rank
Ninja Registration 016794
Academy Grad. Age 12
Chūnin Prom. Age 14
Nature Type

Ambrosia Kazama was a genin, later chūnin-level shinobi of Konohagakure, but later defected shortly after the Sasuke and Sai Arc, aligning herself with the team, Taka — later renamed Hebi, and thus becoming a missing-nin.


Sasuke slapmark

Sasuke after Ambrosia slapped him

Ambrosia was born as the destined prodigy of her clan, the Kazama Clan, whom had been unable to produce any prominent ninja for some time. As such, she was placed with considerably high expectations from the adult members of her clan.

Ambrosia began to hear about Sasuke when she first entered in the Academy and grew to despise him because of how the other female students talked about how attractive he was. This caused problems when she actually met him, in which she slapped him because of how rude he was being towards her. However, this caused Sasuke to become interested in Ambrosia, possibly because she was the only girl who wasn't attracted to him.

Ambrosia experiences clan destruct

Ambrosia witnessing the explosion that kills her comrades

Approximately three years later, she witnessed the deaths of the other members of her clan who were her age, caused by an explosion set by an unknown perpetrator. This trauma caused her to become more determined to become strong so she can protect her family and comrades.


Ambrosia Sasuke

Ambrosia crying for Sasuke

Ambrosia is typically a bold, outspoken, and confident individual. She tends to speak her mind without regard for how it will affect other's feelings, especially when speaking to or about Sasuke or Karin. She strongly dislikes Sasuke, even though she appears to have aligned herself with him out of love. She can be incredibly rude when speaking to a form of authority as well, having a strong discern for the rules and dislike towards authority figures.

Ambrosia Sasuke banter

Sasuke and Ambrosia during one of their usual comical repartee's

Much like Sakura Haruno, Ambrosia was devastated when Sasuke defected from Konoha, feeling as though it was her fault. She began to isolate herself from other Konoha-nin, her family, and even her team. She reduced the amount of time she was in public and outside, choosing to remain in her room as much as possible. This changed when she gathered her determination to bring him home, and instead of "wallowing" in her feelings, chose to start making advances in finding Sasuke's location.

Since joining Sasuke, she appears to have reverted to her former personality, lacking any sadness over leaving her village behind. She and Sasuke are usually seen engaging in comical banter, something that Karin notes with annoyance. She appears to have become quite capable of making Sasuke open up to her, which is a source of envy and utter jealousy from both Sakura and Karin, much to her own delight.

Sasuke saves Ambrosia

Sasuke saving Ambrosia after she falls from a tree branch

Aside from taking delight in Karin's jealousy, she does appear to care for her new team-mates and was shocked, possibly disgusted, at Sasuke's choice to stab her in order to harm Danzō. She also seems to have developed a bond with Jūgo, presenting herself as an older sister to him. In addition, she engages in comical banter with Suigetsu Hōzuki as well, something Sasuke appears to be jealous of himself.

Sasuke appears to have become quite close with her, despite his claims otherwise. This demonstrated when he expresses care for her safety, telling her not to die, which he usually states is because of her abilities being valuable for him. She seems to see right through this though, feeling as though he does truly care.


Ambrosia is an attractive girl with a unique appearance. Though her hair appears black often, it is indeed a dark green, while her eyes are a dark onyx-black color. She styles her hair in a style resembling a bouffant, with the front area of her hair separated by a white hairband. One side of her bangs is straight, while the other side has some curling and the rest twirled. As a member of the Kazama Clan, she has the clan's distinctive green eyelid and cheek markings, the latter of which resemble two waves crashing towards each other.

Ambrosia is typically seen in a pink, sleeve-less tunic that extends to her thighs, typical black pants eliminating a little past her knees, white Shinobi sandals, and red arm-warmers (purple in the manga). After defecting from Konoha, she began to wear fishnet underneath this outfit and also began to wear earrings with her clan's symbol on them. At several points, she was seen with gloves extending from just above her elbow to her fingers, with metal protectors attached to them, though she hasn't come to make these a part of her usual style.

At one point, she was seen briefly in a flak jacket.



Part 1

Part II




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