Kanji 天の禍津日神尊
Rōmaji Amenomagatsuhinomikoto
Literal English Heavenly Lord Mishap Bringer


Appears in Anime, Manga, Novel


Classification Space-Time Ninjutsu, Hijutsu, Jujutsu
Nature Nature Icon Yin-Yang Yin-Yang Release
Class Offensive, Defensive, Supplementary
Range Short range (0-5m)
Hand seals Clap hands

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Jinpachi Budō

Amenomagatsuhinomikoto (天の禍津日神尊, あめのおおまがつひのかみみこと, Literally meaning: Heavenly Lord Mishap Bringer) is a technique that grants insidious abilities by offering one's flesh to the Wicked Idea whose own actions and deeds are self-serving. With this technique, Jinpachi displays horrific and loathsome achievements. It is said that in this form, Jinpachi is able to whisper half-heard incantations to the ears of all those that had served him, those that currently are in the Jashin Cult and those that soon will. Within the Jashin Inner Sanctum, the user of this technique artlessly envisions the world filled the very will of the Evil God, a realm where only his will and thoughts can think freely and without challenge. Though hearsay, some elders state that the technique grants an incalculable power that willfully incurs the wrath of the gods and yet it is mighty enough to lay them low.


The time allotted is contingent on the initial amount dark chakra and natural energy poured into the kotodama (言霊, ことだま, Literally meaning: Word Soul) to manifest the technique. As one of the three one of three Fujujutsu (符呪術, ふじゅじゅつ, Literally meaning: Cursed Incantation Jutsu) of the Budō Clan, this technique is deemed to be in a hierarchy above modern jutsu. The manifestation of the nefarious and the wicked, this transformation amplifies Jinpachi's own dark Absorption Chakra (吸引チャクラ, Kyūin Chakura) to astronomical levels as he was able to, albeit with extraordinary effort, convert physical matter into chakra in order to bolster his own reserves and was even able to breakdown and integrate various genjutsu as soon as the foreign chakra entered his body.

Amenomagatsuhinomikoto is an exceedingly horrifying, invocational curse technique utilized by Jinpachi that allows him to temporarily harness the gifts of his ancestor, Jashin and grants him a drastic increase in his physical and spiritual abilities for a short period of time. When utilized by Jinpachi, this technique is often used in various stages before the curse becomes fully invoked. The first state is indicated by Jinpachi radiating his signature chakra which is a dark shade of blue-magenta and using shape transformation to manifest clawed hands that attempts to grasp at the opponent. In this state, Jinpachi becomes remarkably faster and his chakra appears to be more heinous than normal. His chakra negatively affects his immediate environment. The chakra appendages are similar in appearance to the Tailed Beast Chakra Arms used by Jinchūriki but are nowhere near as powerful as his Yomotsuchimorihito technique. He also gains an extraordinary healing power.

In the second stage, Jinpachi is granted portions of a highly dense, biological armor that provides a complete defense that can withstand an immense dose of damage without giving. The armor is compressed with dark chakra and a corrupted form of natural energy which heightens his defense against both physical and metaphysical attacks. Another purpose of the armor is to act as a natural diffusor to most forms of chakra and senjutsu. This reduces their effects that they would have on Jinpachi, if any and allows him to convert the energy into dark chakra in order to sustain his armor. With the final stage, Jinpachi becomes completely adorned in this otherworldly armor and becomes unable to speak properly as his voice becomes horribly distorted and garbled. His physical abilities are enhanced to a point to where he can effortlessly punch through some of the densest barricades and defenses. Any charka or senjutsu based attacks that were able to pierce his armor are utterly nullified upon interacting with his absorption chakra.


Once the technique is activated, an immediate surge of fear races across the face of the battlefield in an unrestrained pulse. This surge of fear, embellished with killing intent strikes terror into the heart of those whom witness the transformation. The very ebb and of flow of chakra are under his subjugation and can completely disperse all of forms of chakra within a certain radius. He is able to forcibly extract the chakra of any object within this radius regardless of magnitude or density. This unbalance with chakra is done by altering the passive flows of physical and spiritual energies of organic objects to a near standstill. Since the entire universe is an oscillation of the forces Yin and Yang, being able to passively disrupt this flow becomes a very powerful trait. However, his own technique are not negatively impacted by this transformation. With the Budō clan's deep understanding of life and death, Jinpachi is able to temporarily detach the opponent's own soul from their physical form with a seemingly powerful strike to the sternum. This is done separating the physical and spiritual essence of the opponent through a secret kotodama only spoken in this form.


Due to the immense power this curse grants, Jinpachi is unable to use it for more than a few minutes at a time in it's complete state. He must also sacrifice a significant amount of his physical energy along with his ability to communicate with other entities. Since he must sacrifice his physical energy to maintain the technique, his strikes and his agility and only slightly bolstered in comparison to what it could truly be. Upon deactivation of the complete transformation, Jinpachi becomes temporarily immobile and is unable to utilize other techniques for a certain time. In short, this technique grants Jinpachi a power boost that is nearly equivalent to both Six Paths Senjutsu and Six Paths Sage Mode coalesced. However, with this drastic boost of dark chakra, Jinpachi begins to loose himself over time. He begins to gradually lose the capacity for speech and will start behaving in strange and inexplicable ways.


  • According to the sacred parchments within the Jashin Inner Sanctum, Jashin's true name is Amenomagatsuhinomikoto and that this technique is further tribute to their entity of worship.
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