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PKH Amenooshikorowake Main
Kanji 天之忍許呂別
Literal English Grand-Shaped Lords of Heaven
Classification Goshintai Symbol Kekkei Genkai, Ninjutsu, Chakra Flow, Bukijutsu, Chakra Absorption Technique
Rank X-Rank, Rubedo
Class Offensive, Defensive, Supplementary
Range All Ranges
Related Jutsu Tool Creation Technique
Truth-Seeking Ball
Related Tools Yata Mirror
Sword of Totsuka

Tamotsu Yoshiyuki

Amenooshikorowake (天之忍許呂別, Grand-Shaped Lords of Heaven) is a powerful ninjutsu created by Ryuunosuke Tennōji. Composed of unique chakra, it allows the user to forge weapons and tools with effects tailored to their needs.


PKH Amenooshikorowake Chains

Chains being manifested through the technique.

Using his unique chakra, Ryuunosuke can freely produce a wide variety of weapons and tools for offensive, defensive, and supplementary purposes, whether they be ancient, modern, or futuristic in nature. When making use of its true ability, Ryuunosuke can freely customize the items produced, altering their shape, color, attributes and effects to adapt to any situation, opponent, or technique. Multiple weapons can be produced simultaneously at a moments notice and can be controlled remotely at will. Alternatively, Ryuunosuke can turn anything into a weapon by imbuing it with his chakra, including the air, rain, and even his opponent's techniques. While classified as a ninjutsu, it can assume the attributes of nearly any type of jutsu.

Conditions and Circumstances



In order to modify the attributes of a weapon he has already created, Ryuunosuke must vanquish the weapon in question and recreate it.

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  • Amenooshikorowake is the name of a collective group of Spirits who dwell upon Okigashima according to the Kojiki in Japanese Mythology.
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