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Kanji 荒ぶる神
Rōmaji Araburukami
Literal English Malevolent God
Other Rough God
Appears in Anime, Manga
Known Wielders

Araburukami (荒ぶる神, Araburukami) is a Kekkei Genkai of the Goma Clan. It is a second form achieved at the age of ten for a Goma clan member. It transforms the Goma into a monstrous and violent being who acts upon rage. This ability, paired with their Shingusoku kekkei genkai, inspired fear among the other clans of celestial beings.


At the young age of ten years old, a full transformation into the "Araburukami" occurs. While hints of it do show earlier than that, it is not considered "perfect" until the age of ten. This form is initially subdued at birth through the Makuhiki seal. When gaining the form, the Goma adopts a more grotesque monster-like appearance than before. Their amatsuyoroi (heavenly armor) begins to shift and transform as well to become more dangerous, forming spikes and sharper ends. Their strength also increases tenfold, as well as their reflexes becoming more refined. The cons of this ability is the fact that it eliminates the barrier between friend or foe in the user's eye, causing the Goma to also try and kill their comrades. Because of the consequences of this form, the Goma began searching for a cure.

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