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Arc Sparrow
Arc Sparrow 2
Kanji 弧雀
Rōmanji Kojaku
Literal English Arc Sparrow
Technique Data
Classification Bukijutsu, Kyūjutsu, Chakra Flow,
Rank B
Class Offensive
Range Mid, Long
Technique History
Derived Technique
Fire Release Secret Technique: Holy Fire Arrow
Related Techniques Flying Swallow
Sacred Bow
Technique Users

The Arc Sparrow Technique (弧雀の術, Kojaku no Jutsu) is the "sister-technique" of Flying Swallow, taught mainly to archers and other who specialize in the use of projectile weaponry. This technique works in a similar vein to the Flying Swallow — augmenting the killing power of a weapon by flowing Chakra into it — but with arrows, shuriken, and even senbon.

Whereas the Flying Swallow works by pouring a steady stream of Chakra into a blade and augmenting their attack range and overall strength, the Arc Sparrow works by funneling into an arrow and releasing it from the bow. As it flies through the air, it will quickly become enveloped within a layer of Chakra that is so dense, it becomes visible and is capable of doing harm to multiple targets.

While the steps to use this technique seem simple enough, the entire process requires an exceptional amount of Chakra Control, as charging the arrow and releasing it from the bow is meant to happen in the span of only a few seconds, with the user making sure to pour enough in Chakra that the arrow will be able to carry the charge of said Chakra over a distance to it's target and away from the user, without loosing even a drop of its strength, speed, or power, but also making sure that they don't put in too much Chakra and cause the arrow to disperse while still in the air.

While usually not all that accurate when used by novice users, Arc Sparrow is noted as being extremely powerful and deadly when coming from the hands of a master user of projectile weapons.

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