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  • Nohkan
  • The Nohkan Shinobi
  • Nohkan Shinobi
  • The Young Man with Powerful Ears
Appears in Anime, Manga, Game, Movie
Birthdate Unknown
Gender Gender Male.svg Male
  • Part I: 29-30
  • Part II: 32-33
  • Part I: 16816,800 cm <br />168 m <br />551.181 ft <br />6,614.173 in <br />
  • Part II: 180.318,030 cm <br />180.3 m <br />591.535 ft <br />7,098.425 in <br />
  • Part I: 5454 kg <br />119.05 lb <br />
  • Part II: 81.681.6 kg <br />179.897 lb <br />
Blood type O
Kekkei Genkai
Ninja Rank
  • Part I: Root"Root" is not in the list (Academy Student, Genin, Chūnin, Tokubetsu Jōnin, Jōnin, Taichō, Butaichō, Rentaichō, Kage, Head Ninja, ...) of allowed values for the "Ninja Rank" property.
  • Part II: Jonin"Jonin" is not in the list (Academy Student, Genin, Chūnin, Tokubetsu Jōnin, Jōnin, Taichō, Butaichō, Rentaichō, Kage, Head Ninja, ...) of allowed values for the "Ninja Rank" property.
Academy Grad. Age 6
Chūnin Prom. Age 11
Jōnin Prom. Age 17-18
Nature Type
Unique Traits
  • Ability to Whistle Hand Signs
  • Keen awareness and understanding of sound-waves and vibrations
  • Chakra-Enhanced Super Hearing
Cquote1.png You can cage a bird, but you can never cage its song. Cquote2.png

(Currently being proofed & edited. This character closely follows the Naruto/Boruto series. Spoilers ahead.)

Arikurin Shiin (アーリカーリン), renowned as "Nohkan" (能管, Nōkan), is a sensor-type Jōnin, a former high-ranking member of Konohagakure's disbanded ANBU Root faction, and a former member of the Peacekeepers. Currently, he serves as Otogakure’s Ambassador to Konohagakure, and the head of Otogakure's ANBU.

Unlike other shinobi, Arikurin has the unique ability to whistle hand seals. By using different tones in the same way that an ordinary shinobi uses hand seals to perform their techniques, Arikurin can cast Genjutsu and Ninjutsu. By utilizing his chakra, he can shape and manipulate sound waves to create periodic disturbances projecting outwards in the air surrounding him. He does so with an array of spectral-colored pressure waves released from his body's tenketsu points . Additionally, he can also amplify and influence others' sound waves; this is known as the Sound Release Kekkei Genkai.



Early Life

Arikurin was born in the Land of the Rice Fields to Aoide Shiin and his unknown father, who was a member of the Fuma Clan. Orochimaru would later claim the Land of Rice Fields as his own and establish the Land of Sound. A few years after his birth, Arikurin was found as toddler without his memory; little much else is known about his early childhood.

Arikurin at Konoha Orphanage

Raised in Konoha's Orphanage, Arikurin learned the basics of medical ninjutsu and was often visited by Danzō Shimura, because of the Shiin's clan hiden technique that allows them to erase another individual's memories. During wartime, the orphanage also helped out Konoha shinobi, acting as a medical center where they would come for treatment. Once old enough, the children of this orphanage could train as Konoha shinobi. When Arikurin reached age 5, he was permitted to join the academy.

While at the Academy, Arikurin easily scored high grades and showed an advanced-level of chakra control—something that he used to amplify his sense of hearing. During this time, he discovered that by whistling through a leaf infused with chakra, he could affect his target's tenketsu, boosting their chakra flow, and allowing the target to heal faster. It could also be used to temporarily enhanced an individual's strength and speed. Furthermore, at the mere age of 6, Arikurin was able to summon shadow clones and perform the Memory Blocking Technique, as well as Curse Mandala, by whistling the tones needed for the correct hand signs. After being seen whistling his hand signs during a training lesson at the academy, Arikurin was recruited to join Konoha's ANBU Root division.

ANBU Career

Arikurin joins ANBU

With no close family members, Arikurin joined Root under the code name "Nohkan". Due to his natural affinity for wind release, he trained directly under Danzō's supervision and worked in tandem with the Konoha Torture and Interrogation Force.

Prolouge: Team Orochimaru

Konohagakure held one of its own Chūnin Exams before the Third Shinobi World War. Genin had to enter as part of a three-man team. The three stages were not held consecutively, allowing participants to recuperate between stages. As a genin, Arikurin was placed on a team led by the one of the Sannin: Orochimaru. This was done in order to strengthen the ties between Orochimaru and Danzō Shimura, while also simultaneously completing the 3-person requirement needed for Team Orochimaru to enter the Chūnin Exams. Its members were Anko Mitarashi, Arikurin, and an unnamed shinobi who would eventually become the leader of a team of spies for Orochimaru.

Arikurin uses his hearing to pass the written exam

During the first round of the Exams, Arikurin used his advanced hearing and listened to the strokes of other ninja's pencils to determine what they were writing for the written test. Held in the Forest of Death, the second stage consisted of tournament battles between each of the three-man teams. The Third Hokage and all the sensei monitored the fights remotely. Loss of a match did not necessarily prevent a genin from continuing to the finals. Team Orochimaru confronted Team Minato, Team Chōza, and a team consisting of Hayate Gekkō, Ibiki Morino, and Tokara during the second round.

Arikurin and Might Guy clash

The finals consisted of one-on-one tournament battles. During the third stage, Arikurin's first match required him to face off against Ebisu. Ebisu used Shadow Clones and the Fire Release: Fire Dragon Bullet technique, attacking Arikurin head on. However, Arikurin blocked the attack with his Mud Wall technique and quickly disappeared. Using the Hiding in the Surface Technique, he appeared behind Ebisu and quickly struck the young genin multiple times in the chest, knocking him out and winning the match. After defeating Ebisu, Arikurin's next match was with Might Guy, who proved to be a much tougher opponent. After their first taijutsu exchange, Arikurin would concede the match, citing internal injury. Kakashi would go on to defeat Guy in a subsequent match, promoting the son of the White Fang to chūnin.

Arikurin and Meldi capture Konan

During the Third Shinobi World War, Danzō agreed to provide aid to Hanzō of Amegakure in order to receive help in claiming the title of Hokage, sending some of his forces to deal with Akatsuki. Konan was abducted by Arikurin and his first teamate Meldi in order to strengthen the ties between Danzo and Hanzo. Meldi was later killed when Kona-ANBU were all wiped out when Nagato summoned the Demonic Statue of the Outer Path.

Arikurin's Early Years with Root

As a member of Root, Arikurin received the assignment of escorting the Land of Fire's Daimyō on one of his annual visits to Konoha. Halfway between the Land of Fire's Capital and Konoha, a masked man performed a genjutsu on those protecting the Daimyo. However, Arikurin was able to free himself, but not a before a genin was tragically killed. The masked man vanished just before Arikurin, Kakashi, and three other ANBU arrived to provide assistance.

Sekki Inuzuka and Arikurin on mission

A few years after the incident with the masked man, Arikurin was on a team lead by Mukai Kohinata. Arikurin and his new teammate, Sekkei Inuzuka, were to infiltrate Sunagakure and monitor a meeting between the Fourth Kazekage and a representative from Kirigakure; their villages were secretly developing an alliance. Such an alliance would break the delicate peace that had been formed after the conclusion of the Third Shinobi World War, and inevitably initiate another war. Mukai's team was to gather information, so that Konoha could take the necessary steps to prevent this from happening. Although they went unnoticed during the reconnaissance itself, the Puppy-Masked ANBU set off a booby trap as they were leaving, alerting Suna's ninja to their presence.

Arikurin helps Mukai defeat the Suna ANBU

Mukai and his team rushed from the village, trying to cross the border back into the Land of Fire before the Suna-nin could catch up to them. However, as they traveled, Arikurin became convinced that the Suna-nin would catch them as he heard them getting closer and closer. It wasn't long until the Suna-nin had completely surrounded them. Arikurin helped Mukai defeat more than twenty Suna-nin in close combat. With their pursuers dealt with, Mukai and his team resumed their course back to Konoha. In the end, because Suna and Kiri's planned alliance had been discovered by Konoha before it could be formalized, the two villages were forced to abandon it.

Mukai's Byakugan

Not long after, in Itachi Shinden: Book of Dark Night, Arikurin was assigned to overseeing the assassination of Mukai Kohinata, a Konoha-nin who had been selling secrets to Kirigakure. It was a top priority to destroy or return his left Byakugan to Lord Danzō. After being caught in Shisui Uchiha's Mangekyō Sharingan, Mukai was defeated. As a result of his defeat, he cut open his own stomach, activating a jutsu meant to prevent him from being interrogated if and when his spying activities were ever discovered. He attempted to get a final cigarette for himself, but his motor skills had already deteriorated too much. Itachi placed a cigarette in his mouth for him, which Shisui lit. It was at this moment that Arikurin began to play a melody on his Shindo Tanto-catching Itachi and Shisui in a Genjutsu. With Mukai also trapped in the genjutsu, Arikurin delved into the dying man's mind, searching for any usable intel and taking the byakugan, as Lord Danzō had instructed.

Arikurin receives his Byakugan

After erasing the memories of Itachi and Shisui, Arikurin transported Mukai's byakugan back to Danzō, who, with the help of Orochimaru, transplanted the byukugan into Arikurin himself. Because the Byakugan can see the chakra pathway system, it allowed Arikurin to see sound waves, frequencies, and vibrations through different spectrums of color. This enabled Arikurin to sense targets on a wide radius by transmitting waves through the air. He later improved this ability, creating the Swiftlet Sensing Technique.

Arikurin begins training in the Gentle Fist

Arikurin soon recovers and begins training to use his newly acquired Byakugan. He is ordered by Danzō Shimura not reveal his Byakugan and keep a bandage over his eye when not wearing a mask. This is for fear of Hyuga Clan retaliation. Because he wasn't a born Hyuga, Arikurin was technically forbidden to learn any of the clan's advanced techniques. However, even without formal instruction, he learned how to perform many of these techniques from observation alone. With scrolls given to him by Danzō Shimura, Arikurin soon began to train in the Hyuga clan's secret signature Gentle Fist fighting style, which takes advantage of the Byakugan's piercing vision to strike at the opponent's chakra system directly, constricting or cutting off their chakra flow from only minimal contact.

Arikurin and Kinoe

Some time later, as Hiruzen Sarutobi began to resume his post as Hokage after Minato Namikaze's untimely passing, Danzō sent several Root members, including Arikurin, to assassinate the Third. However, Kakashi, a recent recruit to Root, warned the Hokage and went in his place. Kakashi quickly defeated the disguised root members, but chose to spare Kinoe in the belief that he would become a valuable ally in the future. Later, Danzō, who feared that his transplanted Sharingan would eventually go blind from its over-usage, assigned Kinoe and Arikurin to steal Kakashi's Sharingan for himself. Kinoe found Kakashi while on a mission to investigate one of Orochimaru's abandoned labs. However, their mission to retrieve Kakashi's Sharingan became a failure due to Kinoe using a decoy wooden eyeball of the Sharingan, effectively betraying Danzō.

Team Fue

Team Fue

Some time after the events surrounding Kakashi, Arikurin became the official leader of Team Fue. He and his team were tasked with infiltrating the land of grass to track the remaining members of the Prajna Group and eliminate them. The team infiltrated Kusagakure by posing as hired workers to rebuild Kannabi Bridge.

Shisui activates his Imperfect Susanoo forcing Arikurin to flee

When word reached Konoha's leadership of a planned coup d'état by the Uchiha clan, Shisui Uchiha, acknowledged for his unquestionable loyalty to Konohagakure, presented his plan of ceasing the Uchiha's coup by casting Kotoamatsukami on his clansmen to the Council, Hiruzen agreed. Danzō, however, determined to protect the village in his own way and, believing that Shisui may try to manipulate him as well. Arikurinand other ANBU helped Danzo steal the Shisuis right eye, implanting it into his socket. Shuisui would quickly escape into the forest. When cornered by Arikurin and his team, Shuisui activates his Susanoo. He immediately unleash a barrage of chakra needles, forcing Arikurin to Body Trill himself and teammates to safety.

Shisui would later escape, give his left eye to Itachi, and commit suicide. Danzō told everyone that Itachi had done this out of his own will, having grown to despise his clan and even sought greater power by stealing Shisui's eyes. Shortly afterwards, Team Fue was sent to the Uchiha Clan's compound with orders to pacify a brewing rebellion, only to find the entire clan was already dead. When news emerged that Itachi was responsible, Itachi was added to Arikurin's bingo book.


During the Blank Period, Arikurin joined a group called the Peacekeepers, which consisted of S-rank shinobi. Their goal was to prevent wars in the shinobi world. To do this, they were forced to attack their own villages to keep the peace. Kumo and Arikurin were responsible for minor villages. Arikurin, who was from the Hidden Sound, was able to infiltrate these villages; Kumo, who had been a missing-nin for years, had traveled through most villages, and knew their layouts. Due to Arikurin's sound-based abilities, the two shinobi could communicate across long distances, making it easier to be in multiple minor villages at once.

Arikurin undercover in Hoshigakure, gaining intel.

Arikurin and Kumo were later dispatched to Hoshigakure where a man named Akahoshi had escaped from prison with the intentions of attempting a second coup d'etat, as well as restarting star training in an ability known as the Mysterious Peacock Method. Thus, the two Peacekeepers went undercover, posing as Hoshigakure shinobi in order to gather intel. When they were eventually discovered, Akahoshi attacked them. After a short battle, they succeeded stop him. Additionally, the Hoshikage agreed to end the star training if the Peacekeepers were to help guard it. After forming an agreement, Kumo and Arikurin sealed away the meteorite in a secure hiding place. It was sealed by Arikurin's sound tags in a cave, rested on an eagle claw pedestal.

Otogakure ANBU Career

A (Fourth Raikage) is caught in Arikurin's Genjutsu

Otogakure's ANBU are covert operatives who consist of capable ninja that are dispatched by Orochimaru, who ultimately reestablished Otogakure as a legitimate shinobi village after the Fourth Shinobi World War. The group's earliest missions consisted of espionage and intelligence-gathering activities under the orders of Orochimaru in the hope to gain leverage on the Five Great Shinobi Nations. Many of their successes helped Otogakure accumulate a great deal of wealth and political influence—something that would eventually help to re-establish it as a legitimate shinobi village in the eyes of the Shinobi Union.


Like all other members of the ANBU faction, Root, Arikurin rarely speaks unless spoken to due to the gruesome training regime Danzō had his subordinates undergo. During his early time with Root, Arikurin learned to seal away any emotional memories with his clans secret jutsu. He calls upon these when needed and use their "Emotional Energy".

Despite the teachings of Root, Arikurin is typically a laid-back individual with a blunt personality; he doesn't get himself involved in things unless absolutely necessary, or unless he's been asked specifically for assistance. Composed and highly observant, he thinks very quickly and remains calm in a fight, enabling him to respond to situations with maximum efficiency and with the smallest likelihood of making unfortunate miscalculations.


Part I-II: ANBU Uniform Variances

Arikurin is a tall, dark-skinned man with a muscular and well-defined build. His black, buzz-cut hair is brushed and flattened out, creating a ripple-like pattern on the top of his head. He wears black-rimmed, round glasses and an ANBU mask that conceals his identity. This porcelain mask is decorated with the symbol, "Oto" (音), for sound. Being of Shiin decent, Arikurin has a special tattoo of a purple band circling three times around his upper-right arm. This tattoo was originally only visible when he was perspiring, but he had it permanently colored over. It glows brightly when Arikurin is in full Sage Mode.

Arikurin's Part I-II clothing consisted of a purple forehead protector and the standard ANBU attire, consisting of dark or black clothing, a standard ANBU grey flak jacket, and a Melody Arm on his right hand.

Arikurin's Infinite Tsukuyomi clothing consisted of

Arikurin's Blank Period clothing consisted of a black forehead protector and the standard Otogakure ANBU attire: Black clothing, a black flak jacket with purple accents, purple arm guards of various sizes, black gloves, ninja sandals with spikes for traveling into mountainous regions, three ninja pouches behind his waist, and a purple headband with the symbol for Otogakure.

Arikurin's New Era clothing consists of a purple forehead protector, and a grey version of the standard New-Era flak jacket, which he wears when not in ANBU attire.


Since his time at the academy, Arikurin has mastered the use of his whistling. By using different tones in the same way a shinobi would regularly use hand seals to perform their techniques, he can easily cast genjutsu, or ninjutsu. The strength and range can be widened through the use of a musical instrument. Apart from his jutsu, Arikurin's greatest strength is his hearing, which is so precise that he can detect a person's heartbeat and breathing-patterns to determine their emotional state. He can also anticipate the nature of how an opponent will attack by listening to their shifting posture.


Because the user can trap victims from long distances, audible genjutsu is deemed very dangerous. Thus, when an opponent hears the sounds waves released from Arikurin's Vacuum shell, they can be caught in multiple genjutsu without evening knowing. Through his opponent's ear, he can control the chakra flow of their cerebral nervous system, thereby affecting their five senses; this is frequently used to create false images and/or trick the body into believing it has experienced physical pain. According to Hagoromo, the Byakugan can also be used to extend the range of genjutsu. In battle, Arikurin can make himself appear to be somewhere else and attack the victim from behind or change the environment to make the victim see a flat plain where there is actually a steep cliff.

Alternatively, Arikurin can create relatively small differences in the environment, though this is more effective for intelligence gathering. For example, he is known to cast genjutsu upon first meeting someone, watching them at a distance with his Byakugan, while keeping himself safe. Due to his skill and intelligence, genjutsu now has little to no effect on him, and he is even able to break out of some of the strongest ones with ease.

Body Modifications


During his early time with Root, Arikurin had Mukai Kohinata's left Byakugan transplanted into him by Orochimaru under orders from Danzō. With the Byakugan, he can distinguish between the chakra colors of certain individuals and determine if an individual is under the influence of genjutsu. It also allows him to see sound waves, sound frequencies, and sound vibrations as different spectrums of color. It even allows him to see the chakra pathway system, as well as the 361 tenketsu that run along it. Through training, he has been able to increase his Byakugan's range over time: whereas he could only see things 50 metres away in Part I, by Part II, he could see things from at least 800 metres.


Arikurin's Shinobi ware in his left leg

Arikurin's body has been slightly augmented with Shinobi-Ware as a result of the injuries he received during his fight with Jigen and Boro during the New Era. These modifications include Reflux-Type, Pressure-Enhanced Muscles in his left leg below the knee. The modification is a type of Shinobi Gauntlet, which in addition to being able to discharge burst of sound waves, can launch a pair of scroll cartridges that have had jutsu sealed into the Gauntlet's chamber. It is also outfitted with a chakra shield; chakra is drawn from his body to power and control the Shinobi-Ware and Scientific Ninja Tools.

Chakra and Physical Prowess

Chakra being visibly molded.

Having undergone years of intensive training, Arikurin has genius-level proficiency in chakra control. Such precise usage of his chakra allows him to perform a jutsu with maximum efficiency without wasting much chakra. He is able to expel chakra from any of his tenketsu, allowing him to reduce, if not completely neutralize, the damage from an enemy attack. He also has considerable chakra reserves, as he's even able to endure having most of it being absorbed, and then still being able to fight on. His chakra glows as an array of spectral colors, much like a rainbow. It distorts, flickers, and makes a distinct "wind chime" like sound.

Arikurin's is a very agile shinobi. His time in the ANBU taught him how to suddenly approach enemies from behind unnoticed. He's able to evade his foes and restrain them with holds, demonstrating the strength required to hold up a much larger and heavier foe. Likewise, he as a high tolerance for pain, and was once able to take a sword wound to the chest and still able to move about effectively, despite the loss of blood. Additionally, his reflexes are sharp enough to block attacks he is unable to see; instead, he uses his acute hearing.

Nature Transformation and Ninjutsu

Arikurin using the Vacuum Blade Technique

Arikurin is capable of performing several changes in chakra nature, those of which were once limited to Wind and Earth Release, as well as Yin-Yang Release. During the New Era, he is now able to use Fire Release and Water Release thanks to Shinobi ware. His natural affinity is Wind Release, which he can channel into weaponry to increase its cutting power. Being particularly proficient in Wind Release, and having trained directly under Danzō, he can exhale powerful vacuum-based attacks that can either slash like blades, or pierce like bullets. He can also use his wind chakra to maneuver himself in mid-air.

Arikurin using Earth Release: Mud wall

With Earth Release, Arikurin can move underground for sneak attacks, or produce multiple intricate walls to defend himself, or large areas, from attack. Years after the Fourth Shinobi World War, he learned to convert his Earth Release techniques into quartz, improving their defensive capabilities by negating their weakness to lightning-based attacks. If needed, he can also use enhanced or localized variations, some of which are strong enough to block damage from a humanoid Susanoo's attack.

Sound Release and Taijutsu

Vibrations are sent directly to the bone

Despite not being a member of the Hyuga Clan, Arikurin possesses extensive knowledge of the Gentle Fist fighting style, which takes advantage of the Byakugan's piercing vision to strike an opponent's chakra system directly, requiring only minimal contact in order to constrict or cut off their chakra flow. Because the chakra pathway system is closely intertwined with many of the body's major organs, debilitating and even fatal damage can be levied just as easily. While Gentle Fist strikes are, by default, difficult to defend against, Arikurin's ability to send vibrations directly to the bones of his victims makes his style especially effective. By manipulating his Yin-Yang and Wind chakra-nature together and combining it with Gentle Fist's powerful techniques, he is incredibly versatile in battle. He can attack multiple targets at once, striking several opponents' tenketsu in order to restrain them; he can also deflect incoming projectiles. Defensively, he can expel chakra from his body and repel incoming attacks from all directions at once. If restrained, and thus, unable to use Revolving Heaven, he can release chakra from his tenketsu to free himself.

Sound Release: Vacuum Palm

Sound Release: Vacuum Palm

Arikurin can create soundwaves from all 361 Tenketsu points. By utilizing his chakra, he can shape and manipulate these soundwaves to create periodic disturbances in the air, projecting outwards in the form of pressure waves. Not only can can project soundwaves of his own making, but he can even amplify and influence the soundwaves of others. Additionally, he can alter the frequency of soundwaves to the point where different wavelengths can induce different effects, including genjutsu. For instance, by whistling specific melodies, he can perform various jutsu and techniques such as releasing genjutsu, erasing another person's memory, or enhancing his own or another person's chakra, causing them to gain an increase in speed and strength.

Medical Ninjutsu

Arikurin's Mystical Palm Technique

Arikurin was taught the basics of medical ninjutsu at the Konoha Orphange by Nono, but didn't become proficient in the skill until his early time with Root; there, he was further instructed in medical ninjutsu by Magire. Now, Arikurin can heal most injuries without difficulty, and can even perform the Mystical Palm Technique from a distance using his Sound Release. When dealing with an enemy with an extremely resistant body, he can combine his chakra-enhanced fists with his medical ninjutsu to heal the resulting damage, eventually killing the affected cells from over-replication. Later because of better knowledge of medical ninjutsu, he is able to sever the chakra pathway system, using his Melody Arm and sending mass levels of vibrations through the opponent's entire body.


Arikurin is able to wield and employ a variety of different weapons and tools in combat. His main weapons include his custom, Shindo Tanto, a custom Fuma Shuriken, and a Melody Arm.

Melody Arm

Arikurin's Melody Arm and Chakra Blade

Similar to Dosu, Arikurin wears a Resonating Echo Speaker on his right forearm called a Melody Arm, which he uses to generate sound for his attacks when his chakra reserves are low. His Melody Arm also contains a hidden kunai mechanism. This allows Arikurin to instantly extend and retract a trench knife from the forearm of the device using a spring-loaded wire. He equips the knife like brass knuckles; they have a zigzag-shaped blade

With the energy stored in his Melody Arm, Arikurin can attack the inner ear, directing his sound deep into it, which causes great pain, disorientation, vertigo and nausea—allowing him a chance to escape, or gain the upper hand. It can also be used to amplify or absorb sound waves caused by his arm's movements. The sound waves caused by the melody arm can then be manipulated, and directed with chakra causing more damage.


Arikurin's Fuma Shuriken

Arikurin frequently uses shuriken, kunai, senbon, or any other number of bladed, hand-held weapons in combat—including his large fūma shuriken. His expertise in shurikenjutsu allows him to throw shuriken and kunai with precision; for complicated or moving targets, Arikurin can guide shuriken to their mark using either wire strings. or by deflecting them off each other. By using the Shuriken Shadow Clone Technique, he can create copies of these shuriken, allowing him to bombard a target with thousands of projectiles without needing to carry that many on himself. By infusing his chakra into his shuriken, Arikurin can cast audible genjutsu on those that hear the sound the the shuriken hitting their target.


Arikurin using Dance of the Crescent Moon

As a fully-trained Konoha ANBU, Arikurin is an expertly trained swordsman. He is able to defend himself with just the scabbard of his katana. With his actual blade, he excels at quickdraw techniques, able to take down opponents with a single strike. For group enemies, he can channel chakra into his blade, enabling him to produce a powerful, Wind Nature-enhanced tornado to repel all around him. His sword style is characterized by smooth, controlled movements when drawing the sword from its scabbard, striking, or cutting the opponent, and then replacing the sword in the scabbard. This kenjutsu art is known as laido, and is seen commonly amongst Samurai.


Mount Myoboku

Gamashiki trains Arikurin. His tattoo glows brightly when in Sage Mode.

Using his bykaugan, Arikurin tracks a small toad to a special portal called the Distant Body Water that links Mount Myōboku and Konohagakure. This portal enables the smaller toads to quickly travel between the two without the use of the summoning technique. After arriving in Mount Myoboku, Gamashiki, a small purple toad, greeted him and stated that the Great Toad Sage was expecting him. The Toad Sage had Arikurin brought before him so that he could let him know that "The Mother of Musical Ninjutsu" can still be heard." The elderly Toad Sage made a prophecy concerning him: "Your ears will reconnect with the musical source." Confused, Arikurin remains silent. Some time after this, Arikurin spends time learning and practicing the Genjutsu melodies only to return to Konoha and tell Danzo the mission was a failure until he can fully understand what the Great Sage meant.

Arikurin spent some time training in senjutsu at Mount Myōboku, which was only possible due to his Sound Release and Chakra Control. He is now able to perfectly balance natural energy with his chakra, and enter Sage Mode to perform Powerful Genjutsu Techniques. Through his senjutsu skills, Arikurin is capable of enhancing his physical abilities and sensory perception skills to the point of being able to catch a strike from Madara, and temporarily keep the legenary Uchiha at bay, before quickly countering and escaping.

Summoning Technique

Arikurin can use the Summoning Technique in order to summon a toad known as Gamashiki. Together, they can use Demonic Illusion: Toad Confrontation Chant. This is a sound-based genjutsu sung by toads, their most powerful genjutsu.

Silent Humming Bird Technique

Arikurin renders his movements completely silent by cloaking himself in chakra.

Arkurin has complete mastery of the Silent Fist Technique , Chakra disguise, and Chakra Suppression technique; with them, he is able render his movements completely silent by cloaking himself in chakra and eliminating any risk of detection via by sensory type ninjas or sound. The chakra cloak makes his movements virtually unpredictable. Its usage is similar to the Silent Killing method.


Arikurin's Enclosing Technique

Arikurin is very skilled in the use of fūinjutsu, showing considerable proficiency in storage-style scroll sealing. His usual method is to store a numerous amount of weapons and medical supplies into his scrolls, which he can later unseal to bombard his opponents with or help his comrades.

Sealing Technique: Resonating Chains

During his time with Root, Arikurin learned Bunpuku's fūinjutsu technique, including the Dharma Power Sealing Technique: Sen no Rikyū. Arikurin also created the Sealing Technique: Resonating Chains technique, which allows him to suppress and forcibly extract multiple tailed beasts at once using his Shindo Tanto (other than playing a biwa) and sealing them into a score of musical notations written beforehand. They can only be unsealed by when the melody is played again. This was in hopes that Arikurin would one day help take control of the Nine-Tails, though this plan never came to fruition before Danzō Shimura's death.


Arikurin's greatest trait is his intelligence. He has a genius-level IQ that allows him to learn and copy the techniques of his opponents, often mid-fight. He is adept at perceiving everything around him and formulating well-thought-out plans several steps ahead of his opponent, some of which can involve misdirection, as well as quickly altering his plans should the situation change. He has a very keen awareness and understanding of sound-waves and vibrations. He's also an excellent marksman, hitting 100/100 marks each time. By adulthood, Arikurin was considered to be one of ANBU's top weapon users, because of how effectively he could wield a weapon that he had no prior knowledge on.


Stage Ninjutsu Taijutsu Genjutsu Intelligence Strength Speed Stamina Hand seals Total
Childhood 3 1 2 3 1 2 2.5 3 17.5
Part I 3.5 4 4 4 3 3.5 3 4 29
Part II 4 4.5 4.5 4.5 4 4 3.5 4.5 33.5
Final 4 4.5 5 4.5 4 4 3.5 4.5 34

New Era Stat Wheel Chart

Part I

Nohkan Gaiden (Manga-Style): Hyuga Affair

(Work In Progress)

During the Hyūga Affair, most of the village's shinobi are mobilised to be ready for an outbreak in hostilities. When, as this is going on, an Iwagakure spy is discovered in the village, the task of dealing with the spy is given to Arikurin by Danzō Shimura. The spy is captured.

Nohkan Gaiden (Manga-Style): Prologue

Nohkan Shiden.png

Land of Waves

Arikurin plays a melody on his Shindo Tanto

(work in progress)

Infiltrate Takigakure

Main Article: Mission: Protect the Waterfall Village!
When Kakashi Hatake and Team 7 were assigned a C-rank mission escorting a ninja named Shibuki, to his home Takigakure. Arikurin was tasked with finding the entrance to Takigakure, and report back the intel. At the same time, Suien, a jōnin missing-nin from Takigakure and Shibuki's former teacher, recruited ninja from Amegakure attacked the village. Upon finding the entrance to Taki, Arkiruin finds Teams Kirisame, Murasame, and Hisame have successfully infiltrated Takigakure. Shibuki had no other choice but to drink the Hero Water. Using his Byakugan, Arikurin noticed the intense increase of chakra he now possessed. After drinking the Hero Water Shibuki easily defeated Kirisame, Murasame, and Hisame leaving only Suien to defeat.

Arikurin steals some of the Hero Water

Suien and Shibiki fought. Suien impaled Shibuki with a water sword technique and discovered the Hero Water falling out of his shirt. After Suien drank it, Naruto engaged him in battle long enough for Shibuki to free Sasuke. Suien soon after took the bottle of Hero Water and drank it. Unable to defeat him, Naruto transformed into his Nine-Tails' cloak, and Sasuke's Sharingan appeared. They then defeated Suien saving the villagers. During the battle, Arikruin used his Silent HummingBird Technique to steal some of the remaining Hero Water, escape Takigakure, and return it to Danzō Shimura.

Chunin Exam

Arikurin saves an injured Anko

Shortly after the second stage gets underway, Anko Mitarashi is alerted to the discovery of three dead Kusa-nin, among them Shiore. From examining the bodies it becomes clear to her that they've been dead for some time and, because they're all missing their faces, she concludes that Orochimaru has infiltrated the Chūnin Exams. She orders that the Third Hokage be informed of what's happened. Then, two teams of ANBU, including Team Fue sent by Danzō Shimura, are deployed into the forest to find Orochimaru. Ankois the first to find Orochimaru but she is easily defeated. Orochimaru reactivated her dormant Cursed Seal of Heaven, and warned her not to cancel the Chūnin Exams before departing. Later, Arikurin arrives to find Anko cornered by 3 tigers and plays a paralyzing melody on his Shinto Tanto in order to save her.

Arikurin monitoring the Chunin exam with Anko

Arikurin arrives at the centre of the Forest of Death with Anko. The Third Hokage treats her cursed seal and, after hearing what's happened, speculates that Orochimaru is after Sasuke Uchiha, who Orochimaru has branded with another Cursed Seal of Heaven. They suggest that Sasuke be removed from the exams and placed under guard, but the Third insists the exams continue per Orochimaru's instructions. During the preliminary matches, Arikurin returns to Danzō Shimura with a mission report.

Arikurin finds his subordinate defeated

A month after the preliminaries, as the final round matches near and it becomes increasingly clear that Orochimaru means ill to Konoha. Arikurin and several other ANBU members were stationed in the Chūnin Exams arena during the final rounds. Kakashi takes Sasuke to the hospital to rest, places him under the guard of Arikurin's subordinates and other ANBU, and returns to watch the remaining preliminary matches. After the preliminaries end, Arikurin returns to Sasuke to find all the ANBU dead, killed by Kabuto Yakushi. He tries to capture Kabuto in order to learn more about Orochimaru's plans for Sasuke, but Kabuto escapes.

Konoha Crush

Arikurin watches Gaara transform during the Chunin Exam

Arikurin is one of the ANBU helping to guard the stadium during the final round of the Chunin Exam. He watched Gaara surrounds himself with sand so that Sasuke's punches and kicks can't disturb him as he prepares to transform into Shukaku. However, Sasuke pierces through the sand with his Chidori, injuring Gaara's arm. Gaara is frightened to see his own blood for the first time and cancels the transformation. Orochimaru's subordinate, Kabuto Yakushi, instead cast the Temple of Nirvana Technique on the stadium where the finals were being held, putting most present to sleep and signalling the invasion.

Arikurin quickly appears using his Body Trill Technique.

The match is interrupted by an invasion of Konoha and most of those watching the finals are rendered unconscious by the genjutsu. Arikurin is among those who dispel it and he starts fending off invading Otogakure and Suna forces. Ninja poured into Konoha, using giant snakes to topple the village's protective wall. Surrounded by shinobi, one of whom confidently commented that there was only one opponent and several of them. With his Byakugan activated, Arikurin used his Body Trill Technique. With a burst of speed he quickly struck the chakra points of the shinobi around them before they could even release what had happened. He then told them that members of Root were not to be disrespected; a fact they would do well to remember. He return to the fight, eventually eliminating all invaders in the area.

Arikurin landing a Thunderous Timpani on Milage

A pair of Kumogakure ninja, Sekiei and Mikage, took advantage of the ensuing mayhem to kidnap an unconscious Hinata Hyūga for her Byakugan. Their purpose was to learn the secrets behind the Byakugan. Arikurin was able to track the two ninjas outside the village limits, along with Hiashi Hyūga and Kō Hyūga. The group arrives just as Neji is about to be struck fatally after trying to save Hinata. Hiashi blocks the attack using the Eight Trigrams Palms Revolving Heaven. Upon realising who he was, the ninja attempts to flee. Arikurin defeats them brings Sekiei and Mikage in to be questioned by Danzō Shimura.

Search for Tsunade

Arikurin's clone surprises itachi

Soon after Konoha proved successful in defending the village, Kurenai and Asuma discovered that the Akatsuki members, Itachi and Kisame Hoshigaki, had infiltrated the village. After the two gained attention due to their unusual clothing, they were stopped by Kakashi, Asuma Sarutobi and Kurenai Yūhi. Itachi and Kakashi duel with their Sharingan but Itachi quickly proves to be the superior. Itachi activated his Mangekyō Sharingan, leading Kurenai and Asuma to shut their eyes on Kakashi's directives but the latter is affected by Itachi's Tsukuyomi. When Kakashi is about to be captured by Akatsuki member Kisame Hoshigaki on the instructions of his partner, Guy arrives in time to repel Kisame and Arikurin managed to catch Itachi off-guard with his shadow clone and attempts to interrogate him.

Arikurin clone attempts to interrogate Itachi

As Arikurin was about to whistle a Genjutsu Meldoy ito Itachi's ear, Itachi explodes what was actually his clone. Arikurin instructs Kurenai to take Kakashi to a medic and Asuma to assist him in keeping Itachi and Kisame busy until the ANBU reinforcements he's requested arrive. Itachi, recognising Arikurin as a threat as well as the fact that ANBU reinforcements are on their way, leaves with Kisame, wanting to avoid starting a large-scale battle. Kisame seemed quite annoyed with Itachi's idea, as he desperately wanted to fight the Konoha shinobi. Team Fue is later tasked with tracking Itachi and Kisame when they are soon spotted in Shukuba Town.

Spirit Sisters Mission Arc

Main Articles: Spirit Sisters Mission and Nohkan Gaiden: Kusagakure Sisters Capturing Mission

Arikurin begins to work under Tsuande as a spy for Danzō Shimura during her recent appointment as Fifth Hokage. As he accepts missions for her, Arikurin relays all pertinent intel to Danzō Shimura. This is the prequel to Spirit Sisters Mission Arc. Short on manpower, Tsunade is forced to use Danzō Shimura's root operatives. Arikurin accepts the mission to back-up Sayuki and Team 4 and assembles Team Fue.

Team Fue easily defeats the barrier team

Upon arriving at Kusagakure, they are stopped by what seems to be a barrier. Shimora uses her insects to scout the area and finds members of the Kusagakure Barrier team nearby. She relays their location to Arikurin and Shikari who head towards them immediately. After finally breaking through the barrier, Arikurin could sense two very powerful chakra's in two seperate locations. He orders Team Fue to split up. Shimora heads toward the direction of Yasu and Takeru, while Arikurin and Shikari head to aid Sayuki.

Arikurin attacks Kazuno with an Orchestral Stab

Shikari and Arikurin attack Kazuno. Shikari immediately froze Kazuno's feet to the floor, activating his Iceberg mode and begin to attack Kazuno. While Kazuno dealt with the clones and Shikari, the real Arikuin manages to sneak up on Kazuno and lands an Orchestral Stab. Knocked into the wall, Kazuno falls to the ground, seemingly defeated.

In the end, Biwako came in time to save her and ended the fight. Shikari was badly poisoned in this fight. As the group weas near exhaustion, Yasu mustered enough chakra for Arikurin to make one last attack, trapping the nine-headed pheasant in a Curse Mandala. But Kazuno quickly absorbed the Ninjutsu. Takeru, left standing alone, could only watch as Biwako carried Kazuno away.

Sasuke Recovery Mission

Arikurin attacking Tayuya

At the request of the Lady Tsuande (while spying for Danzō Shimura), Arikurin came to the aid of those sent out to retrieve Sasuke Uchiha. Arikurin arrived in time to help Shikamaru and Temari in their fight against Tayuya. She then tried to use her genjutsu, but Arikurin blew the sound-waves away and damaged her flute by sending the sound waves back at her. Tayuya then went into hiding, hoping to put some distance between them so she stay safe and out of range to cast a genjutsu on them. After hearing information on Tayuya, and explaining her abilities, Shikamaru suggested that they should retreat. Uninterested in Shikamaru's opinion, Arikurin tells them to fall back because he is the only one that can to fight Tayuya one-on-one. Arikurin heals Shikamaru’s broken finger and Temari accompanies Shikamaru back to Konoha. Tayuya summoned her three demons, which she controlled with her flute, while at the same time activated her curse mark. Arikurin is able to paralyize the Doki using his own melody.

Arikurin and Kimimaro clash

Not too long after, Kimimaro began to gainthe upper hand in his fight with Lee. Believing he had killed Lee, he started to go after Naruto, but Lee stood up again in time. He caught Lee's kick with his bones and almost killed him. Arikurin and a clone arrived at that moment, saved Lee, and began fighting Kimimaro instead. Kimimaro then used his two-part dance to restrain and kill Arikurin's clone but when the clone was defeated, sound energy was released in order to give the real Arikurin a chance to strike. Emerging from the earth, the real Arikurin lands an Orchestral Stab on his opponent. Kimmimaro survived by creating a layer of bone under his skin. When Arikurin started to attack him again , Kimimaro tried to use his Ten-Finger Drilling Bullets but was blocked by the arrival of Garra.

After Gaara insulted Kimimaro's loyalty to Orochimaru, Kimimaro begins to lose his focus before being buried two hundred metres below the ground, where the pressure can crush even steel. Kimimaro, however, used the last one of his dances to turn the battlefield into a forest of bones, that Gaara and Lee barely escaped by hanging onto a small cloud of sand, with the former's chakra reserves depleted. Kimimaro emerges behind them and insists that he is not brainwashed. Arikurin is able to immboilize Kimmimaro and he would soon die of a preexisting illness before he can land another attack.

Repel Iwagakure: The Sound of FireWorks

What's left of an ANBU from Hanabi Hoatru's Explosion Release

Main Article: The Sound of Fireworks

After the Konoha Crush, Arikurin was assigned to patrol the border of the Land of Fire and fend off intruders who were attempting to strike at the crippled Konoha. As Naruto was nearly killed by an Iwa-nin, Arikurin used his Vacuum Sword technique to kill the enemy and saved Naruto and Kosuke Maruboshi. Using his Shindo Tanto, he countered her Earth Release: Earth and Stone Dragon and defeated her. Arikurin was able to trap the Iwa Kunoichi that led a group to invade the border of the Land of Fire.

Hanabi Hotaru injures Arikurin

Not long after Iwa attacks Konoha in order to take advantage of its weakened manpower after the Konoha Crush, the sun sets above the cold mountains of the land of earth. At the request of Danzō Shimura, Arikurin and another ANBU have been assigned to infiltrate Iwagakure in the hopes of securing intel that can be used for a retaliation attack. When trying to return to Konoha with the intel, Arikurin is forced to fight Hanabi Hotaru with his one of his subordinates being killed in the process.

Earth Release: Mud Wolves technique.

Arikurin defeats Hanabi after he is able to get in a close range. He landed in front of Hanabi and quickly delivered 3 two-fingered strikes to Hanabi's left leg, targeted at her chakra points, in an attempt to impair her mobility. Followed by a Sound Release: Vacuum Air Palm to the chest, blowing Hanabi off of her feet and sending her tumbling backwards. Hanabi's chakra network had been completely disrupted by Arikurin's gentle fist, knocking her unconscious. He is able to distract reinforcements long enough with his Earth Release: Mud Wolves technique.

Mizuki Tracking Mission

Arikurin returns from a Iwa in time to help round up escapees from the Konoha Strict Correctional Facility.

Kurosuki Family Removal Mission

work in progress

Jomae Village

Arikurin arresting Hanare

Hanare, a spy from Jōmae Village from the Land of Keys, was summoned to infiltrate the Land of Fire and to investigate Konoha affairs. She was captured by ANBU and placed in the Honesty Room to be torture and interrogated with Ibiki. Fruitless with his results, Ibiki went to find Arikurin who was able to get into her mind and find out all that she found out about Konoha and Jōmae Village, but Hanare used her technique against him, to find out all that he knows about Root.

Arikurin faces off against Land of Keys Shinobi

Knowing about Hanare's assumed lack of any information on Konoha, the Third Hokage assigns the ninja team to go rescue Riichi from the Jōmae ninja, in exchange for Hanare. The exchange happened at the centre of the bridge with Arikurin as back up, but when Riichi was on Konoha's side of the bridge, Kakashi blew the bridge up, unwilling to let Hanare go. Hanare ran away, with Kakashi in pursuit. Arikurin easily defeated the Land of Keys ninjas.

Konoha Plans Recapture Mission

With so much new construction and expansion going on in Konoha, workers from outside the village were also being hired to help in the project, including an old man named Gennō. One night, Gennō finally began his plan against Konoha and stole several building blueprints. After being cornered by ANBU agents, Gennō decided to end things by blowing himself up. Later, Arikurin uses reverse hypnosis on Naruto, but quickly realises that he remembers nothing of importance. The other members of Team Fue go to stop a suspected invasion by Takigakure on suspicion that they were attempting to take back stolen Hero Water. They later discover, however, that the Taki-nin are just having a training exercise.

Arikurin removes Genno's tag

Arikurin's search for Gennō soon took them to the Academy, where it was discovered that an enormous chain of explosive tags were planted starting from it, and leading all over the village. Thanks to spying on Homura Mitokado and Koharu Utatane, it was discovered that Gennō had actually planted most of them over thirty years ago. Arikurin then immediately went to work safely removing the explosive tags.

Yakumo Kurama Rescue Mission

Arikurin stops Naruto disguised as Kurenai

After escaping previous ANBU security, Arikurin is assigned to recapture a girl named Yakumo, who, by painting a picture of Konoha, causes lightning to strike the Academy. Later that night, Naruto, disguised as Kurenai, tries to sneak into Yakumo's mansion but Arikurin uses his Byakugan and immediately stops him. Later, Naruto sneaks in but is stopped again by Arikurin. He knocks out Naruto by hitting his chakra points. While knocked out, Naruto had a dream about Yakumo and Kurenai which showed that despite Yakumo badly wanting to be a ninja, Kurenai refused to let her and instead decided to perform a fūinjutsu to seal away her power.

Arikurin knocks out Naruto

It was discovered that Yakumo came from a noble clan of Konoha that was once infamous for its high aptitude and strong usage of genjutsu but lost much of their reputation ever since Yakumo's parents, the head of the Kurama clan, died. Yakumo's Kekkei genkai allows her to cast genjutsu that stimulate the mind so much, that it can cause actual damage, even to the point of death. The problem is, without proper care and training, the Kekkei genkai's power can turn against the user by creating a second, highly dangerous, personality known as Ido. Because of this, the Third Hokage and Kurenai realised there was no choice but to destroy Yakumo's power before the second mind took over. Arikurin was assigned to either seal the power with, Sealing Technique: Resonating Chains or eliminate the girl. A few days later, a group of her clan members, led by her uncle, Unkai Kurama, attacked the manor casuing Ido, the inner-demon to finally break free. While others struggled against it, Arikurin was the only one who could stop it. Arikurin managed to seal the monster and save Yakumo, finally purging herself of the darkness.

Gantetsu Escort Mission

Work in progress

Menma Memory Search Mission

Arikurin is assigned to monitor a visitor to the village under suspicion that the boy may be a spy. When an unknown man attacked Naruto, the boy Menma played a melody on his ocarina, which somehow gave Naruto a tremendous surge of chakra to overwhelm the man. The melody immediately surprises Arikurin. He has somehow heard that melody before. Arikurin begins to play a melody on his Shindo Tanto, trying to catch Shiin in a genjutsu but this forces him to retreat.

Arikurin enter's the mind of Shiin

Arikurin reports the information to Danzō Shimura. Danzō Shimura assigns Arikurin to follow Neji, TenTen, Menma, & Naruto suspecting Menma might be affiliated with Orochimaru as one of his subordinates as Tayuya used a similar techniques style.

Arikurin Capturing Shiin

Eventually, Shiin attacks the village. Having difficulty with getting past the wall and defeating the Konoha ninja, he resorted to using music to paralyse the Konoha ninja, but Menma countered the technique with his own music ninjutsu. This allowed Naruto to break Shiin's flute, plus Tenten and Neji to defeat the raiders. Arikurin defeats and captures Shiin as he attempted to flee.

Arikurin interrogates Shiin. While navigating through the musical genjutsu traps in his mind, Arikurin see's a young version of himself and what seems to be his mother.

Nohkan Gaiden (Manga-Style): The Mother of Musical Ninjutsu

(Work in Progress)


Infiltrate the Land of Lightning vs. Shou Hyoki

(Work in progress)

Team Fue infiltrate the Hidden Cloud

Shou Hyoki and Arikurin fight on the water

Infiltrate The Hidden Rain: vs. Kimagura

Main Article: In Naruto's Footsteps: The Friends' Paths

Arikurin invites Amegakure to participate in the joint Chunin Exam

About two years after Naruto leaves Konoha to train with Jiraiya, another Chūnin Exam is held. Arikurin is sent to Amegakure to invite its ninja to participate, a mere pretext for him to investigate rumours about the Akatsuki surrounding the village. Danzo sends him on a second mission to confirm the death of Hanzo because he stopped receiving letters from Hazno. Upon reaching the village, Arikurin is stopped at the entrance, but is able to arrange a meeting with Hanzō (who is actually Konan in disguise) and delivers the invitation. Although he appears to leave Ame afterwards, Arikurin sneaks back in to see what he can find out. It immediately becomes apparent to him that, although Ame's ninja don't know the identity of the intruder, they are aware that someone has infiltrated the village.

Arikurin Vs Kimagura

Arikurin decides not to go back to Konoha. He sensed the area constantly and took more care in his movements, often halting completely and muting his chakra signature to make himself near-undetectable. Arikurin is able to stealthily gather intel around Amegakure for 4 days. With his Byakugan, he had noticed that the rain itself wasn't normal. He used the large lake that surrounds the village as a means to disguise himself from the rain. Upon finally deciding to leave the city with rumors that the Akatsuki was started there and that Hanzo was actually dead, Arikurin's base of operation is found attacked by Kimagura of the Akatsuki.

Arikurin landing a non-fatal blow

Kimagura attacks Arikurin straight on and destroys the top room of an abandoned building wherre Arikurin set up his bases but it turned out to be a shadow clone. Upon defeat the clone released sound waves-causing Kimagura to have blurred vision and dizziness. Paralyzed, the real Arikurin, emerges from the debris, and flows chakra through his Shindo Tanto. After activating his Byakugan, Arikuin pierces a disoriented Kimagura through the chest-making sure not to land a fatal blow. Another Shadow clone emerges from the debris and begins to interrogate her for any information about the Akatsuki. Once Arikurin had all the intel, he placed Kimagura under a genjutsu and returned to Konoha.

Infiltrate the Land of Water: vs. Arashi Monogatari

(Work in progress)

Arikurin places the guards under a Genjutsu with his Shindo Tanto

Arikurin is sent on a mission in the Land of Water. He puts the guards under a Genjutsu and is easily able to sneak in.

Arikurin is surrounded by shadow clones

Arashi Monogatari of the hidden mist attacks Arikurin.

Infiltrate Heart Shrine Village vs. Taichi Warashi

Omoichidou (おもいちどう), also known as the "Heart Shrine Village". Omoichidou is a rather small village located in a vast and endless forest. It is lead by a leader known as the Mikokage, the current one being Byakko Eimi. Arikurin forms a two man team, with Shimora Aburame, and they are tasked with stealing medicines and healing techniques from The Medo Clan and to gathering intel on the The Murasaki Clan secret vine-based jutsu. They are the clan responsible for all the plants and vegetation in the village. They specialize in medical ninjutsu. Arikurin and Shimora act as traveling musicians in order to infiltrate the village and gather intel on its cilivians.

Arikurin's clone is trapped in Murasaki Clan's purple vine-based jutsu

After stealing a Blossom Pass from a local, the 2 visit the various flower shops in the village in order to allow Shimora to used her Secret Technique: Insect Gathering and Arikurin to use his Byakugan to search for the villages Mikokage's office. A Blossom Pass is given to members outside of the Murasaki clan that have earned the clan’s trust-also allowing them entrance into the Medo Pharmacy. A owner of the shop, however, notices the insects chakra on the various flowers in the shops and paralyses Arikurin and Shimora with their vine based jutsu, but as the he gets close to capture them, the shadow clone and bug clone dissipate. From the ground, Arikurin and Shimora emerge take out the store owner. Arikurin places him under a Genjutsu and they escape to the sewers-knowing that the store owner will soon be discovered.

Arikurin attacks Taichi from above.

As a sensor, Arikurin could feel the different chakra frequents of nearly everyone in the village. He felt a large surge of jonin-level chakra directly above them, the store owner had been found. The two headed down a long tunnel until they found another entrance to the surface. As they climbed out of the hole, Shimora quickly took out a poison senbon out of her pack, loaded them into her sonbon launcher, and stretched the draw string as she waited for her prey to come at them. Taichi Warashi attempted to hit Arikurin with his Lightning chakra enhanced blade, only for Arikurin to dash forward with an Orchestral Stab, blocking the attack. Taichi avoids the attack but the blowback sends his own swords flying. Taichi severely impaled by two of his swords, allowing for Arikurin and Shimora to escape.

Part II

Kazekage Rescue Mission

In Konohagakure, the decoder Yurika, delivers word about the message from Sunagakure. Team Kakashi's mission is to find out anything about Garra's capture and to assist the Suna in any way they can. Years prior, Suna Council had deployed their ANBU members to kill him during their mission. Because of this, Danzo assigns Arikurin beat Team Kakashi to Suna and confirm that this was not another attempt at a coup d'etat.

Arikurin lands a Thunderous Timpani on a Suna-ANBU

After a short time in Suna, Arikurin learns that Sasori and Deidara were easily able to enter Sunagakure after Yūra, Sasori's spy, killed the guards posted at the village's entrance. Kankuro returns as Baki has the Sunagakure shinobi detonate all the Explosive Tags found in the rubble of the trap Sasori made. Kakuro seems to be dying from the poison Sasori injected him with, a toxin unfamiliar to Suna's Medical-nin. Arikurin decides to remain in Suna while an antidote for the new toxin is being formed. Later, Arikurin watches as Sakura manages to use whatever medicinal herbs that Sunagakure has in stock to create three antidotes. Arikurin steals a portion of the antidote and attempts to return to Konoha, only to be stopped by a pair of Suna-ANBU guarding the border. They are easily defeated when Arikurin places one under a Genjutsu and knocks the other one unconscious with a Thunderous Timpani.

Tenchi Bridge Reconnaissance Mission

With the intel gained from Sasori, Team 7 begins planning to meet the spy in the hopes that it will help them reunite with Sasuke. Kakashi is left bedridden from his fight with Deidara. Some of the village elders were worried about the possibility of Naruto being captured by the Akatsuki. Tsunade convinced them to let him go by assigning Yamato, an Anbu captain, as the temporary leader of Team Kakashi. They were to travel to the Tenchi Bridge in Kusagakure to meet Sasori's spy. The Danzo also requires that Arikurin send a swiftlet clone to make sure the Nine Tails isnt captured.

Arikurin surprises Sai in his home.

Later Arikurin infiltrated Sai's home and temporally traps Sai within a genjutsu which startles Sai but he is able to release it. He then pulls his Shindo tantō on him but Sai is able to block the attack with his own Tanto. Arikurin tells Sai to remain focused as he handed Sai a letter containing info on his real mission, reminding Sai that Sasuke Uchiha has the Sharingan and is very skilled in Genjutsu Techniques. At the bridge Naruto fought Orochimaru to a draw. In the end, Orochimaru was only able to throw Naruto back to the bridge.Yamato finally got close enough to use the Hokage-Style Sixty-Year-Old Technique — Kakuan Entering Society with Bliss-Bringing Hands technique to revert Naruto back to human form.

Arikurin finds a fake Sai corspe

With Naruto unconcious, Arikurin's swiftlet clone follows Sai when Orochimaru and Kabuto agree to take him along. Kabuto decides to set a trap that resembles Sai and rigs it with kunai, shuriken and explosive tags. Arikurin's swiftlet clone inadvertently triggers it but survives and eventually tracks them a short distance from Orochimaru's hideout. He finds Sai on the surface outside of the base, restrained by Team 7 and Yamato's Wood Style Jutsu.

While interrogating Sai, the team is then ambushed by Kabuto but he is stopped by the arrival of Arikurin's clone. Yamato uses his Wood Release to keep Kabuto bound while the team prepares to infiltrate the hideout once more. Arikurin's clone reminds Sai of his true mission Sai's true mission not to be the liaison between Orochimaru and Danzō, but to kill Sasuke. Using his Byakugan, Arikurin provides them information on the interior of the lair but he is unable to locate Sasuke's chakra signature. Soonafter, team Kakashi split up to search for Sasuke, with Naruto teaming with Sai and Sakura with Yamato.

Sasuke defeats a Swiftlet Clone

Sai managed to find Sasuke in his room, and woke him up. Sasuke, angry at Sai's mention of "bonds", blew up the room. Due to the noise, Arikurin 's clone finds Sasuke fighting Team 7. Sasuke attempts to stab Naruto in the back, but the attack is blocked by Arikurin's clone. Arikurin explains that Danzō does not want to destroy Konoha, but instead wishes to protect it, and considering Sasuke a threat, since Sasuke is to be Orochimaru's future host body, a necessity to eliminate. Sasuke used Chidori Current, which projected electricity around his body and his new Kusanagi, to repel him. Sasuke's Sharingan eyes predicts his movements, and he channels his Chidori into his sword, preparing to attack. Arikruin attempts to block the attack with his kunai, but the sword goes through the kunai and Sasuke stabs him defeating Arikurin's clone.

Sai later reported to Danzō that he had failed his mission.

Twelve Guardian Ninja

Naruto saving Sora from Arikurin's Shuriken

Arikurin follows Danzō who is brought in for questioning after being caught meeting with Tatsuji. Tsunade asks Danzō to explain himself, asking why he would meet with an Ame-nin when tensions are so high after Amegakure was suspected of being responsible for attacking numerous villages. Danzō states that Tsunade is incompetent as Hokage if she did not even know that Amegakure were not the culprits. Yamato reveals that he recognises Tatsuji as a member of the ANBU that went missing on a mission years ago. Tsunade moves on to Tatsuji, bringing in Ibiki Morino to torture him until he gave up information. However, Homura Mitokado and Koharu Utatane, the village elders and members of the Konoha Council, state that Tatsuji was a spy sent by Danzō into Amegakure and that he was not only reporting information back to him, but to them as well. Sora was discovered eavesdropping.

Arikurin fails to kill Sora

Sora confronts Asuma and he admits to having killed Kazuma. He attempts to attack Asuma, manifesting his chakra and transforming his right hand into a monstrous limb, Sora knocks out the ANBU members holding him and attempts to attack Asuma, who blocks the former's Beast Tearing Gale Palm with his chakra blades. Their bout destroys the wall, and the fight continues outside. Arikurin decides to take the opportunity to kill Sora with shuriken, but Naruto leaps in front of its path and blocks the attack. Sora retreats as Shizune and a few other ninja arrive, but Naruto is critically injured but is healed thanks to his Nine-Tails chakra.

Naruto and Arikurin clash, allowing Sora to escape again.

With Konoha in complete darkness, the village struggles to defend against the four attackers who have sealed the entire village behind a barrier. The entire village is in a state of emergency. Arikurin, commanded by Danzo to follow Sora and Naruto, finally catches up to them. Naruto asks why Sora would try to kill Tsunade and why he is aligned with those who are attacking the village. Sora tells Naruto that he simply wanted to take down Konoha's Hokage due to the fact that he believes it was the Third Hokage who told his son Asuma to kill Kazuma, Sora's father. Arikurin intervenes attempting to kill Sora but Naruto gets in the way agin. The two clash until Fūka arrives and attacks Naruto. As they battle, Arikurin continues his pursuit of Sora.

Arikurin attempts to suppress Sora's nine-tails chakra.

Soon after, Arikurin reaches Furido and Sora. He watches as Furido releases Sora's seal, and tells him the truth: Sora is a pseudo-jinchūriki. The chakra that had leaked from the Nine-Tailed Fox when it attacked Konoha 15 and a half years ago was harvested and implanted into Sora. As Asuma arrives at the scene with Naruto, it is revealed that he is Kazuma. Kazuma then used the Five Elements Unseal to release all of the Nine-Tails' power sealed within Sora. Arikurin takes out his Shindo Tanto and begins to prep for his Resonating Chains Technique. A few moments later, Arikurin rushes toward Sora, trying to suppress the chakra. Enraged, Sora knocks Arikurin back as he turns into the three-tailed form of the demon fox. The chakra of the Nine-Tails rages out of control within Sora, preventing Arikurin from completing his mission.

Akatsuki Suppression Mission

Team Fue is assigned to the Nijū Shōtai — a special platoon created to track and capture Akatsuki members that attacked the Fire Temple. The Akatsuki members are to be captured alive, but if that is not possible they are to be eliminated. Later, Arikurin interrogates Kakuzu's bounty-hunting contact in order to gain information on Akatsuki. After receiving all the information from him, Shikari took the man into custody and then Shimora laid in wait at the hideout in the hopes that someone would show up there. After intercepting a message from Asuma's team that they had made contact with an Akatsuki team, Arikurin rushed to provide backup. when they are informed

Arikurin pierces one of Kakuzu's hearts

Before Hidan and Kakuzu can finish off Shikamaru, Kotetsu and Izumo, they are saved by the arrival of Aoba crows. When they are distracted by Aoba's crows, Arikurin, dressed in black, attempted to sneak attack Kakuzu with his Shindo Tanto in the flurry of crows. This allows a chance for the others to take Asuma to the safety of the roof. Aoba and Raidō hold off Hidan while Arikuin fights Kakauzu one-on one. Because of his ability to harden his skin, Kakuzu proved to be largely invulnerable to Arikurin's Gente fist attacks. Not did Arikurin gain valuable knowledge about Kakuzu, but due to his interference, Kotetsu and Izumo were freed from Kakuzu's grasp. The leader of the Akatsuki soon makes a telepathic call to Hidan and Kakuzu, telling them to retreat as the sealing of the Two-Tails is top priority. Hidan and Kakuzu retreated to a secluded area, and Arikurin returns to Konoha where he reports Asuma's death to Danzo.

Arikurin destroys Kakuzu's final heart

A few days later, Arikurin finds Kakuzu and Hidan, using his Swiftlet Sensing Technique, in battle with Kakashi, Shikamaru, Chōji and Ino. Kakashi was able to analyse Kakuzu's hand seals, and pierced Kakuzu's heart with his Lightning Cutter, exploiting the weakness Kakuzu's earth-based technique had against lightning-based ones. While this would normally be fatal, Kakuzu had five hearts (now four) in his possession, and thus recovered fairly quickly, sending a counter-attack to Kakashi. Removing his cloak, he revealed four masks on his back, one of which was now broken by Kakashi. Each mask contained a heart, the broken one having given its heart up to keep Kakuzu alive. Needing to separate Hidan and Kakuzu if they're to have any chance of victory, Shikamaru takes a vial of Kakuzu's blood that Kakashi secretly collected and leads Hidan away. Shikamaru is able to trick Hidan into using the blood to curse Kakuzu, destroying a second of his hearts in time to stop him from stealing Kakashi's. Arikurin arrives soon arrives after Naruto Yamato Sakura and Sai. After being battered by Naruto's technique, Arikurin Body Trills forward and finishes Kazuku off with a Thunderous Timpani.

Three-Tails' Appearance

Kakashi leads Team 8 on a mission to investigate one of Orochimaru's recently-discovered bases. During their investigation they are attacked by Guren. Kakashi requests additional assistance from Konoha. Back in her office, Tsunade observes the crystal and gives it to Shizune to analyse, as per Kakashi's instructions. After intercepting the message, Danzo suspects this to be Crystal Release: an ability thought to be non-existent.

Arikurin arrives during the night the members of Team 8 are forced to temporarily abandon their search due to the rain washing away the scent. As Arikurin notices the bats on the cave roof where they have sought refuge and realizes that the enemy is most likely using bats to scout out the vicinity with their sound waves and that they should be on alert. Arikurin moves out as the rain is subsiding early morning on his own, to find their enemy. He tracked a bat in order to find the enemy. With bats limited range and with the forest around them providing obstruction, he easily kept away from the bats nor allowed the bats not to track him, as it would alert their enemies. However, he would only find an abandoned hideout. Arikurin continued to track the bats until sensing 2 battles near by.

Arriving as Kakashi and Gozu battle, Arikurin observes Gozu. He show off his tremendous might that keeps Kakashi on his toes. When Kakashi's cunning and skill proves too much for him, he pulled out his trump card to alter his body even further, giving him even greater speed and strength. Kakashi is pushed to his limit and forced to use his Sharingan and manages to evade one of Gozu's attacks. He prepares a Lightning Cutter but finds himself unable to pinpoint an opening. He is saved by Arikurin who slices Gozu's arm. Gozu would quickly retreat. After tending to Kakashi, Arikurin continues to track him until Guren's crystal dome traps Team 8.

Arikurin sends chakra through the lake to search for the Three Tails

On the outside of the perimeter, Arikurin continues to track Gozu eventually to a lake, where Yūkimaru releases his chakra and began summoning the Three-Tails. The strain caused his nose and ears to bleed, and he soon passed out, causing the beast to go on a rampage. Guren uses her Crystal Release: The Gods' Crossings Technique to repress the tailed beast, although to no avail. Eventually, Guren manages to trap the beast with her Crystal Release: Jade Crystal Wall Eighth Formation. In an attempt to help her, Yūkimaru unleashes his chakra once more. As the Three-Tails retreats, it created a large tidal wave and sends a mist that induces genjutsu, towards the land. Arikurin sends chakra through the lake and can sene the Three Tails' chakra. As this complicates matters for them, Arikurin sends a Swiftlet Clone to Konoha in order to receive orders from Danzo.

The clone soon arrives in Konoha and relays information regarding the Three-Tails to Danzo. Realising that the Akatsuki may soon arrive if word gets out, he sells Arikurins clone to seal away the Three Tails. As soon as Arikuin releases his justu, he begins to formulate a seal for the Three Tails. Elsewhere, Ino and Shizune, along with Hinata and Sakura, are tasked with using their medical ninjutsu to seal the Three Tails.

Arikurin reveals himself and offers to help seal the Three Tails

After spying on Yamato and Kakashi, Arikurin reveal himself and notifies them that his plan was also to use fūinjutsu to seal the Three-Tails. They agree to work together. Shizune places Hinata, Ino and Sakura under her command, forming a sub-team, that will focus on sealing the tailed beast and protecting Yūkimaru while the others deal with Guren and her team. Knowing that Shizune's team cannot protect the boy and seal the beast at the same time, Arikurin is tasked with protecting the sealing team and aid in the sealing. Once they located the Three Tails, Arikurin uses Resonating Chains to bind the tailed beast while Team Three tried to use Four-Corner Sealing Barrier to permanently trap the beast in its own dimension. Wanting to interfere with their plans, Rinji runs towards them as they are incapable of defending themselves, only to be repelled by a pair Arikurin's shadow clones.

Arikurin and Guren clash

Rinji flees and soon returns with Guren. Guren defeats Arikurin's clone forcing him to release his jutsu and fight her himself. Using her jade crystal blades on her forearms along with her Crystal Armour, she attacks Arikurin. The ultrasonic sound waves from Arikurin's weapons renders her Crystal Release useless. The ultrasound waves move at a frequency that allowed the crystal to breakdown at a molecular level, allowing dispersion of crystal particles back into the air. Despite this she manages to keep Arikuin busy while Rinji heads towards the sealing team, only to be repelled by Naruto. Guren then uses Crystal Release: Tearing Crystal Falling Dragon causing Ino to lose some of her focus. No longer being suppressed by Airkurin, the Three-Tails manages to break out of its barrier. Guren tells Rinji to retreat, as their job of breaking the barrier has been successful. As they attempt to flee, the Three-Tailed Turtle uses his Water Release: Great Water Mass Bullet to destroy Guren's crystal dragon and send them to shore on an island.

Arikurin restrains the Three-Tails under the barrier

Arikurin spots Guren as the Three-Tails launches another attack. Guren moves Yukimaru out of the way and keeps him safely encased with her Crystal Release: Crimson Fruit while she deals with the tailed beast. Arikurin approaches him trapped in Guren's crystal and breaks him free as both Naruto and Guren are swallowed by the beast. After Yūkimaru was treated by Sakura and Ino, Kakashi decided to use him to conjure up the beast to try sealing once more. After luring out the beast and erecting the Four-Corner Sealing Barrier in an attempt to seal away the tailed beast once more, Arikurin uses Resonating Chains to bind the tailed beast while Sai with brings Yukimaru to a secure place. However, Sai got attacked by Team Guren, with enhanced strength due to their cursed seals. He was defeated and Yūkimaru was captured.

Just when the sealing was almost complete, Yūkimaru, angered by the apparent death of Guren, empowered the beast to break free of its restraints and go on a rampage. Once the beast was driven off, Arikurin regained consciousness and finds Yūkimaru. Arikurin inspects Yukimaru with his Byakugan and sees his Chakra Pathway System has been severely disrupted, causing him to lose the power over the Three-Tails permanently. With another failed sealed attempt and Yūkimaru's importance to Konoha being dissolved after he lost his ability to control the Three-Tails, Arikurin returns to Konoha.

Itachi Pursuit Mission

Arikurin reports the news of Orochimaru’s death to Danzo. He assigned the task of eliminating both of the Uchiha brother’s and to bring back their sharingan, if possible. Danzo gives him a book that detailed everything they had learned about Akatsuki that was received from Kabuto.

Arikurin defeats Itachi's Shadow clone

Arikurin soon encountered Itachi's clone. Arikurin ends up finding Itachi and attacks the clone with his Orchestral Stab, but Itachi substituted himself with a shadow clone as a shield. Arikurin was then caught in the clone's Sharingan genjutsu, but he eventually dispelled it. Itachi then dispelled the clone, having run out of time to talk with the arrival of Sasuke to the Uchiha hideout

Meanwhile in Konoha, Jiraiya sets off, he reminds her to be wary of Root and destroys one of Arikurin's swiftlets clones who was spying on their conversation.

Mission: Eliminate Yuichi Uchiha

Main Article: Mission: Eliminate Yuichi Uchiha

Arikurin assigns Shimora a mission to eliminate Yuichi Uchiha and gain any usable intel on Itahchi.

Tale Of Jiraiya The Gallant

Fated Battle Between Brothers

Kisame destroys Arikurin Swiftlet Clone

Arikurin and Kisame started fighting, It was later revealed that Zetsu had stopped the fight.

Pain's Assault

Arikurin vs Pain's Summon

Arikurin returns to Konoha after completing a mission. As he approaces the village's outskirts, he spots suspicious charatcers wearing black robes with red clouds. Pain tricks the Konoha Barrier Team into expecting only one intruder when he has the Animal Path enter the barrier through the air, only for the Animal Path to summon the other five once inside the village. He sees the ongoing invasion of Pain and the Akatsuki. He rushes back to the village and, upon arrival, Danzō gathered his Root Anbu and instructed them not to aid Konoha in the hopes that Pain's actions would end Tsunade's reign as Hokage.

Having discovered Naruto's location wasn't in Konoha, the second Animal Path summons Konan and five Paths (save the Deva Path) to the forest outside the village. Declaring that Konoha shall know pain for what they did to Yahiko, he notifies Konan that he is going to use that technique, and proceeds to shut down the other five bodies as his Deva Path performs a large-scale Shinra Tensei, reducing the village to a massive crater.

Arikurin finds Gamashiki

When Nagato uses Samsara of Heavenly Life Technique to revive everyone that died during his attack. Arikurin hears the crying song of Gamashiki.

Arikurin and Shikaku

Later following the invasion, leaders of the Land of Fire and Konoha gathered for an emergency meeting. Arikurin tells Shikaku that there is an emergency council meeting being held and that his presence is requested. Arikurin accmpanies Danzo as they are summoned before the Fire Daimyō to discuss the village's response and reconstruction. With Tsunade in a coma, Danzō Shimura suggests himself as the new Hokage.

Five Kage Summit

Danzo meets with his elite members of root Arikurin Fū and Torune

When Danzō returned from the meeting he received a letter from the Fourth Raikage, informing him of the approaching Kage Summit and the actions of Sasuke Uchiha. As his first order as Hokage, Danzō ordered Sasuke's execution for treason marking him as a missing-nin. Sasuke was added to Arikurin's Bingo Book. Later, Danzō selected Torune, Fū, and Arikurin to escort him to the Kage Summit. Danzō instructed Arikurin to remain at a distance and to sense the area for dangers using his Swiftlet Sensing Technique. While on route there, they were ambushed by the Prajñā Group. Revealing the Sharingan in his right eye socket, Danzo quickly defeated them.

Hokage Escort Squad

Upon arrival in the Land of Iron and the meeting's start. Arikurin didnt enter the hall with Danzo, Fū, and Torune. Mifune proposed that the five countries unite to eliminate Akatsuki, and that Danzō lead the alliance. Ao, Terumī's bodyguard, with his Byakugan discovered Danzō's secret use of Shisui Uchiha's Sharingan to manipulate Mifune's decision. He interrupts the summit, asking Danzō to reveal his right eye. When questioned, he explains his suspicions and how he was able to deduce the genjutsu with his Byakugan. Suddenly, White Zetsu appeared before the Kage, announcing that Sasuke Uchiha was near-prompting Arikurin and other members of the Hokage Escort Squad to come to Danzo's defense.

After revealing himself, the Fourth Raikage grabbed the white Zetsu's neck, asked him about the whereabouts of Sasuke, and threatened to use force. Zetsu mockingly replied that he would give a hint, which prompted the Raikage, angered, to tighten his grip on Zetsu's neck. With his neck snapped, the White Zetsu collapsed on the floor and was presumed to be dead by everyone in the vicinity. The Fourth Raikage tasks Ao to keep Danzō under watch, who meekly explains that he cannot use his technique multiple times a day. Mifune berates him for his actions, claiming that he may have actually chosen Danzō to be the leader of the Allied Shinobi Forces, but Danzō explains that there is no time for morality and ethics in their shinobi world if they wish to produce results.

Arikurin attacks Sasuke

Meanwhile, Karin is able to locate Danzō, but her tracking is noticed by Arikurin, who alerts Danzō. Danzō tells him to wait until their enemies reach the stronghold, at which point they would escape amidst the chaos. Their conversation is overheard by Ao, who tells them that he is a Sensor Type as well and that they would not be fleeing if the enemies should attack. Karin soon leads Sasuke to the conference room. When Sasuke appears on the ceiling, Arikurin is the first to notice him and attack. The commotion allows Fū, Torune & Danzō the opportunity to flee.

Arikurin kills White Zetsu's Spore

After Sasuke had been struck by Arikurin's blade, Zetsu's Spore Technique, which had secretly been implanted on everyone in the meeting hall before the Raikage's attack, activated. The spores leached some of the Arikurins's chakra while binding him but he manages to get free from it by channeling a massive amount of sound chakra through his blade, paralzying the clone with vibrations. One of the spores then jumped onto Sasuke and gave him the absorbed chakra, allowing him to use an arm of Susanoo to escape from the Mizukage. After killing the spore attached to him, Arikurin returns to his team.

Arikurin trying to take Ao's Byakugan

Elsewhere Ao is trapped by Fū's Mind Puppet Switch Cursed Seal Technique. Fū, following Danzō's orders, tries to retrieve the Byakugan. However, Ao tells Fū that there is a special seal in his eyes, making it impossible for enemies to try to take his eye. As Fū decided to improvise by making Ao decapitate himself, Ao warned Fū to time it carefully as too soon would allow Ao to dodge and too late would take Fū down as well. Hearing this, Fū used his mind emission technique and contacted Arikurin, telling him their position and the mission the retreive or destroy the stolen Byakugan. Arikurin soon arrives tries to retrieve the Byakugan for himself but cannot break the seal. Arikurin tells Fū to break his justu and he would kill Ao. However, Arikurin is forced to flee and return to Danzo when he senses the Mizukage and Chōjūrō's chakra coming.

Arikurin Torune, Fū, distracting a Masked Tobi.

Nearing Samurai Bridge, Torune, Fū, and Danzō were ambushed by a Masked Tobi. While Danzō prepared for battle and can remove his Sealing Arm Braces, he had Arikurin, Fū and Torune attack Tobi. Arikurin threw a chakra infused kunai at him, As Arikurin attacks Tobi, Fū sneaks behind Tobi and tries to use the Mind Body Switch Technique on him, but fails to do so, as Tobi phases through a pillar. Suddenly, Tobi appears behind Fū, but Arikurin quickly reacts and slashes at him with his tantō, only for the attack to phase through him. Tobi grabs Fū and attempts to hit him, but Torune attacks at him, forcing Tobi to release Fū and go intangible. The 3 continued attacking from different angles, hoping that one of them would be able to attack Tobi while Tobi is attacking one of the others.

Arikurin's swiftlet clones helping to attack a Masked Tobi

Continuing to use his intangibility, Tobi is able to constantly evade all of Roots attacks. Arikurin then summons 2 swiftlet clones to fight so that Torune can take the opportunity to infect him with his rinkaichū. Fū attacks Tobi, but slips pass him, and Tobi pretends to counter-attack. Torune then runs to hit Tobi, but, as part of his plan, Tobi goes intangible, causing Torune to hit Fū instead. Clutching his arm in pain, Torune extracts the bugs, and cures Fū. Before they could battle further, Tobi quickly transports both of them to another dimension. As Torune heals Fū, Tobi uses Kamui to transport Arikurin's clone, Fū and Torune elsewhere but defeat of his clone would cause sound waves to enter Tobi's ear. Distracting by the sound, Arikurin returns to Danzo and lets him know Fū and Torune's chakra signatures have completely disappeared.

Danzo unseals his right arm

A few moments later, Tobi brought out Sasuke and Karin. Reacting quickly, Arikurin rushes forward in a burst of speed to attack Sasuke, but the attack is blocked by the latter's Susanoo forcing Arikurin to retreat. Danzō then revealed his right arm to show that it was embedded with Sharingan all over, and voiced his intent to add Tobi's and Sasuke's to his collection. He orders Arikurin to stand down and keep an eye on Karin and Tobi. Before they start fighting, Sasuke asks for Danzō to confirm that Itachi really was ordered to kill the Uchiha by Konoha's leadership. Danzō, assuming Sasuke heard this from Itachi, criticizes Itachi for revealing the secret and concludes that Itachi, calling him a traitor. Taking this as confirmation, Sasuke uses Susanoo to crush Danzō in anger. Despite his apparent death, Danzō was unharmed by Susanoo, as well as Sasuke's subsequent attacks. All the while Danzō goaded Sasuke by constantly talking about Itachi, prompting him to fully develop his Susanoo. Sasuke used his new Susanoo to fire an arrow at Danzō, who was forced to use his Wood Release to divert the attack. When Danzo was finally reduced to one Sharingan, Danzō and Sasuke each prepared one final attack; breathing wind-natured chakra onto a kunai creating a blade, Danzō prepared to clash with Sasuke's Chidori Sharp Spear.

Danzō believed that he had won and told Sasuke to go and join Itachi, before realising that Sasuke's genjutsu tricked him into thinking he has one more eye left to evade the impalement. His depleted chakra levels, coupled with his new injury, caused him to lose control of his wood abilities and he was forced to sever his arm before he was turned into a giant tree. Refusing to accept defeat, Danzō takes Karin as a hostage and prepared to use Shisui's eye before Sasuke extended his Chidori Sharp Spear through Karin to impale Danzo through the heart.

Mortally wounded and dying, Danzō proceeds to hop across the Samurai Bridge. Tobi arrives to block Danzō's path and notifies him that he would be taking Shisui's eye now. Using his Reverse Four Symbols Sealing technique, Danzō unleashes a black sphere with the objective of drawing and sealing Tobi and Sasuke's soul into his body; however, Sasuke and Tobi manage to get out of the sphere's radius. Observing the damage caused by Danzō's Reverse Four Symbols Sealing technique, Arikurin wastches at Tobi uses Kamui to warp away Danzō's body and proclaiming that Shisui's Sharingan would be his.

Arikurin saving Karin from Sasuke

Karin collapsed and Tobi suggested that Sasuke finish her off since she had some knowledge of their plans. As Sasuke walked towards Karin and prepares a Chidori, he is stopped by the arrival of Sakura. She tells him that she has defected from Konoha and is prepared to help him in his goals, even if that means destroying the village. Suspicious of her true motives, Sasuke tells her to kill Karin to prove her loyalty but, as she nears Karin, Karin warns her that Sasuke is attacking her from behind. His attack is blocked by Kakashi, Arikurin uses this chance and has a swiftlet clone grab Karin and escapes while he is distracted. Arikurin's clone notes to Kakashi that Karin possesses a lot of information on their enemies and that will be vital to Konoha. Sakura leaves with Arikurin's clone to fully heal Karin shortly afterward.

Arikurin attacks Sasuke head on

The real Arikurin attacks Sasuke with Roaring Lions. Arikurin, Kakashi, and Sasuke continue to clash until Sasuke forms his Susanoo. Sasuke has the Susanoo fire an arrow at Arikurin, but Kakashi uses Kamui to warp the arrow away. Sasuke is impressed that Kakashi was able to awaken the Mangekyō Sharingan and attempts to use the Susanoo once more, only for his vision to become blurred; as a result, his Susanoo and his Sharingan deactivate. Sakura, who has finished healing Karin, sneaks up behind Sasuke, and holds a kunai to his back, finding herself unable to kill him. Sasuke turns around and grabs her throat with one hand while prying the kunai out with the other. Sasuke attempts to kill Sakura, only for Naruto to arrive in the nick of time and whisk Sakura out of harm's way. Sasuke and Naruto clash with Chidori and Rasengan respectively. The impact of their attacks sends them flying and Sasuke is saved by Tobi.

After Sasuke retreated with Tobi, Arikurin told her that she was coming with them to Konoha; Karin resigned to her fate as she had no choice, being warned by the ANBU not to try anything.

Fourth Shinobi World War: Countdown

Later having returned to Konoha, with the captive Karin, Arikurin is forced to explain the situation to the Hokage. After Danzō died, the Cursed Tongue Eradication Seals disappeared from all the Root members. Root is officially disbanded. Arikurin continued his work with the Konoha Torture and Interrogation Force under the direction of Ibiki Morino and Tsunade, the current Hokage. Arikurin and Ibiki interrogate her about everything she knew about Sasuke Uchiha and Kabuto Yakushi.

Arikurin is called to a council of Konoha's tacticians to discuss strategies for the coming war and any preparations that will need to be made. Shikamaru notes Arikurin has one of the few jutsus that can help seal or suppress tailed beast chakra.

Power Arc

Arikurin arrives with the Konoha 11, but are cornered by the reincarnated puppets. Kabuto decides to retreat, leaving behind a reincarnated Deidara as a distraction while he tries to figure out a way improve his control of the Impure World Reincarnation. Arikurin looks for details on the whereabouts of Kabuto. Kabuto is drawn into another battle with Team 7. During the fight, a Nine-Tailed Naruto Clone emerges, having been inadvertently created during Kabuto's previous fight with Naruto. With some difficulty, Kabuto is able to capture the clone, the original Naruto, and Dokku. Later, Arikurin spys on the village leader, Disonasu, who he recognizes in his Bingo book as an old partner of Orochimaru.

Arikurin immobilizes Deidara

Arikruin and Kakashi trail Disonasu to a meeting with Kabuto, who is trying to resurrect the Ama no Hoko. A fight breaks out when Kabuto notices them. Kakashi traps Deidara in an earth style dome. Arikurin stabs him through the chest, immobilizing him. But they are interrupted by the Naruto clone's sudden mutation. Kabuto Yakushi manages to take his leave in midst of the ensuing chaos. Later, the village leader is found dead.

Paradise Life on a Boat

While Naruto and his team are on their journey to the Land of Lightning by sea to confine him from Akatsuki during the Fourth Shinobi World War, Arikurin trains at Mount Myoboku.

At a meeting held by the Hyūga clan regarding the impending war, Neji is appointed as the commander of the clan on the frontlines by Hiashi which shocked some of the members. Arikurin receives Bykaugan and Hyuga clan technique training with Neji Hyuga.

Fourth Shinobi World War: Confrontation

During the Fourth Shinobi World War, Arikurin is originally of the Allied Shinobi Forces' Third Division. While seeking out an Akatsuki force, they notice and heads towards one of the Surprise Attack Division's distress flares. The Third Division arrives in time to save them from the reincarnated Gari, Pakura, Haku, and Zabuza Momochi. Soon after, Zabuza uses the Hiding in Mist Technique to hide his and the others' movements, putting the Third Division on the defensive. As the battle gets under-way, Zabuza covers the battlefield in a thick mist under the cover of which the reincarnated shinobi attack. Cautioning his troops before they attack, Kakashi tells them to get into the Manji Formation in order to protect each others' backs.

Arikurin and Jinin clash in the mist

Kakashi developed a plan involving Ensui Nara, Santa Yamanaka and Maki to trap Zabuza and end his Hiding in Mist Technique. Then, Kakashi asks Arikurin to use his Byakugan to see through the mist and to help stop the & Ninja Swordsman. Using his Byakugan, Arikurin notices Jinin Akebino retrieve Kabutowari from within a scroll that was in Mangetsu Hōzuki's possession. Entering the fray whilst concealed by a thick mist, Jinin began a silent massacre, driving his axe into the adversaries' weapons, before hammering through their defences. Arikurin and Jinin begin to fight, Jinin is shocked that his cannot cut thtought Arikurin Shindo Tanto. Despite mounting casualties, the third division is able to push back the swordsman. Later, with Zabuza's defeat, the mist cleared, With the mist gone, the swordsmen seemingly retreat. Arikurin takes this opportunity to rest and recuperate.

Arikurin exposes a White Zetsu disguised as an ally

With no sign of the enemy, a wary Kakashi Hatake tells the Third Division to rest up while they can while maintaining a half-hour guard shift. While on guard, Arikurin is attacked and exposes a White Zetsu clone impersonating an ally. He is shocked how he wasnt able to detect an enemy presence. Arikurin places him under a genjutsu. . Interrogating the White Zetsu clone about how he was able to copy others right down to his chakra, Arikurin learms that the clones can siphon a person's chakra and assume their form with no one able to tell the real ninja from a White Zetsu. He reports the information to Kakashi, who reports it to headquarters. At HQ, Shikaku receives the information and Ao informs him of chakras disappearing all over the divisions. Shikaku then begins to formulate a counter-measure against this imminent threat and find the imposters.

Arikuing fighting off Jinin

As dawn broke the next day, the division is set upon by Gari, Pakura, Jinpachi Munashi, Kushimaru Kuriarare, Ameyuri Ringo, and Jinin Akebino — all of whom take to guerilla tactics to divide the division's forces and take them down individually, and upon realising this, Kakashi sends word to his division to stay together. Arikurin and Jinin once again clash. Jinin attempted to attack Asrikurin from his blindspot, striking with the axe before slamming the hammer downwards onto its blunt backside, trying to use the blade like a wedge to drive straight through Arikurins sword. But it fails again. Eventually with the help of Shikari, Arikurin unleashed his Sealing Technique: Resonating Chains on him in time to seal away. With Jinin sealed, the other reincarnated shinobi retreat.

Arikurin fighting off Gari and Pakura

After Jinin was sealed, Gari retreated. While pursing him, Arkurin would join Omoi, Maki and her team to fight Gari and Pakura. Pakura attempts to attack but she is stopped by Omoi and Zaji. In their successful coordinated attack, they manage to incapacitate Pakura but Gari arrives, freeing her. As the battle continues, Pakura targets Maki but is blocked by Arikurin. He knocks away her flaming orbs with his Shindo Tanto. Both Gari and Pakura are ultimately incapacitated and sealed when Arikurin manages to trap them in a genjutsu with his Shindo Tanto, providing an opportunity for Maki to complete her sealing.

Arikurin vs Hayate

Arikurin senses a nostalgic presence of Shisui Uchiha and the immense power of a Sussnoo. Sensing a nostalgic presence of Shisui Uchiha and the immense power of a Sussnoo. Immedeately after Shikaku lets them know, the Medical Division is attacked by several reincarnated shinobi. Arikurin offers his services when it is revealed that Hayate Gekkō escaped with a scroll of already sealed powerful shinobi. Arikurin soon arrives in time to save Yūgao Uzuki. Kabuto had attempted to take over Hayate's consciousness and kill her, but thanks to him she was unharmed and managed to pierce him. Hayate was later sealed. That feeling that Arikurin previously felt had disappeared. It is revealed that the crow Itachi had planted in Naruto some time ago, has Shisui Uchiha's Mangekyō Sharingan implanted in its eye socket, and the eye is rigged to cast Kotoamatsukami (with the order "protect Konoha") when it sees Itachi's Mangekyō Sharingan. Itachi would later destroy Shisui's eye.

Naruto stops Arikurins surprise attack

With the White Zetsu infiltration Arikurin was alone as he would be considered as a hostile enemy. He senses an unfamilar chakra signature moving at him with an intense speed. Assuming its a white Zetsu, he attacks with Crescent Moon Dance, and the the unknown person is revealed to be one of Naruto's clones who catches all 3 blades. Arikurin explains that his chakra signature sounds different and apologies for the attack.

They continue weeding out the Zetsu that had infiltrated the Alliance's ranks, and defeating any other remaining Zetsu. Naruto is eventually forced out of the Nine-Tails Chakra Mode and the clone disappears. Victory seemed near when the Sensor Division detected a new threat near the Fourth Division: Mu, who split himself before his sealing, and the reincarnated Madara Uchiha. Arikurin and Narutos clone arrive to that location and join the Fourth Division.

Fourth Shinobi World War: Climax

Arikurin attacks Madara

Kabuto decides to use Madara against the Allied Shinobi Forces and uses Mū as a medium to summon him to the battlefield. After Kabuto points out that he has restored Madara to a state beyond his prime, Madara tests his on the Fourth Division. He pushes forward and takes down a large portion of the Fourth Division using only taijutsu and kenjutsu to dominate them, with the aid of his Sharingan to evade their attacks. Arikurin arrives and silently hits Madara with an attack that sends him away, but little to no damage is done. Arikurin tells Naruto to enter "that mode", but he replies that he is out of chakra and cannot do so. He then uses a powerful flame technique on the alliance, who barely manage to counter it with their combined water techniques. He enters the smoke, moving on to general melee attacks, and given free reign by Kabuto. Madara wreaks even more havoc on the Fourth Division. Using this time to gather nature energy, Arikurin body trills close to Madara and strikes with Shindo Tanto at maximum power.

Madara and Arikurin "dance"

Madara, shocked at the strength of this attack, asks Arikurin if he wants to dance while taking a sword from the body of a dead shinobi. Arikurin is able to go toe-to-toe with Madara for a series of mutual strikes. Madara responds by activating his Eternal Mangekyō Sharingan and blocking the attack with his Susano-easily knocking back Arikurin and destroying his blade. Madara goes on to continue decimating the division's forces. The Fourth Division's initial attempts to stop Madara fail as he protects himself with Susanoo. When the Fifth Kazekage, Third Tsuchikage, and one of Naruto Uzumaki's shadow clones combine efforts, Madara is forced to activate his Rinnegan and absorb the attack.

Realising his enemies were too dangerous for him to hold back to basic ninjutsu and taijutsu, Madara pulls down a meteorite from the atmosphere. When the Kazekage and Tsuchikage successfully stop it, Madara adds a second meteorite to his attack, both of which fall upon and devastate the Fourth Division. As the giant meteorite descends, Ōnoki tells the Allied Shinobi not to give up before even trying. He flies towards the meteorite intending to lighten it. Gaara orders everyone to retreat, as Arkurin stays behind to help Ōnoki weaken the boulder with his Melody Arm that he summoned from a scroll. He uses his Body Trill Technique to fly upward toward the meteorite. Believed to be the end.

Arikurin survives Madara's meteorite

As he is flying upward, Arikurin gathers chakra in his hand and sound energy in his Melody Arm. Arikurin releases a massive sound wave from him arm combined with to help shatter the it. This is known as Vacuum Palm Mountain Crusher. In the aftermath is found severely wounded but still alive. While the survivors regroup, Madara tried to summon the Nine-Tails. It failed and Madara was parried by the arrival of Tsunade, the Fourth Raikage, and the Fifth Mizukage. With his ears ringing and zero feeling in his right arm, Arikurin watches the Kage try to stop him and thus fulfil their promise to Naruto, but Madara defeats them all and leaves them near death.

Arikurin receives Nine-Tails Chakra from Naruto

Eventually, Arikurin and 0ther survivors of Madara's assault are sent to support Naruto Uzumaki and Killer B against the Ten-Tails under the command of Madara and Obito Uchiha. Arikurin and rest of the Allied Shinobi Forces arrive at the battlefield, revealed as the Ten-Tails swipes its tail to blow away their cover. During the battle, Naruto is able to give protective version 1-like cloaks to most of the allies in time. The Alliance sequentially blinds the Ten-Tails, sinks it into the ground, and binds it with a quick-drying mixture of water and quicklime. Madara notes the good coordination from shinobi from different countries. Shikaku instructs the Alliance to cooperate with Naruto in exploiting the limits of Obito's intangibility, and taijutsu-capable shinobi to attack Madara. After defending the Alliance from Obito and Madara's various attacks, Naruto begins to tire from micromanaging Kurama's chakra. When Naruto is injured saving everyone from Tenpenchii, Sakura heals him and encourages the other Allies not to give up hope, even in the face of the Ten-Tails' Tailed Beast Ball. They are saved by the arrival of the reincarnated 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Hokage. Entering Sage Mode, Hashirama uses Sage Art: Gate of the Great God to bind the Ten-Tails, then assists the other Hokage in erecting a barrier to confine it.

Arikurin using Sound Release: Twin Roaring Lions against Fission Beings.

Because he must stay with the barrier, Hashirama creates five wood clones to act on his behalf. Four lead an Allied attack against the Ten-Tails' minions while the fifth engages Madara. As the Alliance goes inside the barrier, the Ten-Tails creates an army of monsters to defend itself from attack. These monsters possessed an animal-like shape and operating on all fours with spiked protrusions on their heads and backs. Arikurin is able to defeat many at a time using Sound Release: Twin Roaring Lions, but Ten-Tails constantly creates bigger and more powerful monsters. After, Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura summon Gamakichi, Aoda, and Katsuyu as solutions respectively.

Obito suddenly appears badly injured, on top of the Ten-Tails. Madara senses his return and his weakened state and exerts his control over Obito to try and force him to perform the Samsara of Heavenly Life Technique and bring him back to life. With his Byakugan, Arikurin notes a foreign chakra in Obito. Realising Madara is controlling Obito in order to fully revive himself, Arikruin attempts to attack him in vain, as Minato's shadow clone, who is able to teleport to Obito's location using the same Flying Thunder God seal he branded Obito with years earlier. cuts him down.

Birth of the Ten-Tails' Jinchūriki

As the Shinobi Alliance wonders about the Ten-Tails disappearing from the battlefield, Arikurin explains what happened, that the beast's body and chakra were completely absorbed by the enemy, making Obito Uchiha the Ten-Tails' jinchūriki. With his new power, Obito rips down the barrier, easily shrugs off another Gate of the Great God, and tears through one of the wood clones before it has a chance to respond. Analyzing his power, it seems attacks do not affect him and his Truth-Seeking Balls overcame every defence that is placed against him.

Gamashiki infusing chakra in his throat

When Arikurin realised Obito was vulnerable to senjutsu. Arikurin summons Gamashiki and begins to infuse nature energy. With the moon nearing the optimal position to perform the Infinite Tsukuyomi, Obito begins making final preparations. Obito makes notice of his new vulnerability and creates a giant flowering tree. Each of the four flowers begins charging a Tailed Beast Ball and he traps the Alliance in a barrier. When Obito fires the Tailed Beast Balls the Alliance appears unharmed, having been teleported out of the barrier by Minato by proxy of Naruto's chakra.

As the Ten-Tails' body turns into a massive tree, the Six Red Yang Formation is released, so its branches can go after every member of the Shinobi Alliance, to suck out their chakra, a fate that Arikurin nearly succumbed to until he was saved by Gamashiki Boil Release, who is forced to return to Mount Myoboku from exhaustion. As Hashirama continue battling Madara, the Uchiha notes that the tree will bloom in approximately fifteen minutes, and that he will switch places with Obito via Hashirama's senjutsu abilities. Hashirama then relays the information to everyone via Ino's technique. Naruto enters Tailed Beast Mode and Sage Mode and his thoughts are conveyed to everyone through Ino's technique.

Arikurin regains some strength with the arrival of the Five Kage and activates Sage mode and uses the scabbard of his Shindō Tantō to supress the Tailed Beast chakras inside of Obito. The alliance successfully overwhelms Obito and he begins to lose control of the Ten-Tails' chakra, giving the alliance a chance to pull it from his body. During this time, Naruto enters Obito's consciousness through their linked chakras and begins to reason with him. Though he tries to resist the pull of both Naruto's words and the Shinobi Alliance's grip on his chakra, the chakra of the nine tailed beasts is removed from him and he falls to the ground, his power and transformation gone and his battle lost.

Arikurin and Sai team together and attempt to seal Madara

As the Alliance begins shifting their attention to Madara, who is fighting elsewhere, Obito decides to use the Samsara of Heavenly Life Technique to revive everyone he's killed as atonement for his sins. As he is performing the technique, Black Zetsu emerges from underground and forces him to change targets, reviving Madara instead. Arikurin and Sai quickly make an effort to seal the immobilized Madara before he was fully revived. Sai draws a gigantic tiger, captures its prey with its teeth and claws. at the same time Arikurin produces a stream of chakra that forms into many multi-colored chains with the help of a musical instrument. The chains form braces around feet of Sai's tiger helping to pull the target within the confines of the drawing. However, it is a failed attempt and Madara is fully revived.

Madara is then fully resurrected, but this comes with a price as his eyes begin to crumble; the former having forfeited his eyes during his life. Madara directs his attention to Hashirama and begins to absorb the latter's senjutsu. Giving Madara no time to relent, Sasuke engulfs him in the flames of Amaterasu, but to no avail. Arikurin, Sai, and Naruto try to distract Madara as the two Uchiha continue battling. Midfight, Madara calls for Sasuke to join forces with him but the latter refuses. Overpowering his opponents, Madara eyes his target to the tailed beasts, determined to hunt them down.

As the tailed beasts go into battle against Madara, a White Zetsu Army clone emerges from the ground, giving Madara his original right eye. Now with his Rinnegan restored, Madara brings forth the Demonic Statue of the Outer Path as it emerges from Obito's body. The tailed beasts are then dragged into the Demonic Statue of the Outer Path, forcing Naruto out of his Tailed Beast Mode.

Madara stops Arikurins attack

Tobirama launches a desperate attack but Madara pins him with multiple black receivers. Arikurin rushes forward with a swiftlet clone to distract Madara while Sasuke attacks him from above. Sasuke finds himself suspended in midair before he could land a blow. At the same time Arikurin tries to stab a vital point with a senjutsu enhanced sword using his Byakugan, but is caught Madara. Madara absorbs Arikurin Senjutsu chakra, knocking him away with a vicious kick before fatally stabbing Sasuke with his blade. Madara then summons the once-again-revived Ten-Tails and proceeds to seal it inside of him, becoming the new jinchūriki. He then launches himself in the direction of Obito in order to retrieve his missing Rinnegan.

Karin heals Arikurin

Determined to save Sasuke, Karin soon appeared manifesting chains to destroy parts of the statue. Karin would heal Arikurin after remembering his chakra signature from the Five Kage Summit.and thank him for rescuing her some time back. Sasuke asks Arikurin if he can still enter Sage Mode, which he replies yes and creates 2 shadow clones to gather Nature Eneergy. Sasuke releases Tobirama from Madara's restraints and has him teleport him to Naruto's location.

Arikurin strikes Madara with a Sage energy enhanced Thunderous Timpani.

Arikurin arrives as Naruto and Sasuke take on Madara. After Arikurin releases one of his clones that gathered Nature energy, and he enters Sage Mode. Arikurin is able too sense Madaras shadows because of nature energy. Using sound waves to dodge Madara's Limbo: Border Jail, he attacks Madara with a Sage energy enhanced Thunderous Timpanis. Madara escapes their simultaneous attack by sacrificing his Limbo, flies away and steals Kakashi's Sharingan. Madara then warps away.

Madara returns with Black Zetsu now in control over Obito's body. Sakura charges ahead, intent on creating an opening for Naruto and Sasuke, but is stopped by Madara's shadow. They retrieve her and Madara takes off to the sky, and creates multiple Chibaku Tensei, having them fall from the sky. Naruto and Sasuke move in to destroy them, while Arikurin deals with Madara's new shadows.

They fight until Madara takes off to the sky, and creates multiple Chibaku Tensei, having them fall from the sky. Naruto and Sasuke move in to destroy them, while Arikurin dealt with Madara's new shadows. In the sky, Madara recalls the text from the stone tablet, and removes the plating from his forehead, revealing a third eye. The eye opens, and is reflected on the moon, casting the Infinite Tsukuyomi.

Kaguya Ōtsutsuki Strikes

Arikurin Infinite Tsukuyomi dream

Infinite Tsukuyomi Arikurin

By reflecting his Rinne Sharingan on the moon, Madara activates the Infinite Tsukuyomi. The bright light traps Arikurin alongside most people are immobilised by the genjutsu and restrained by the Ten-Tails' roots. Tobirama unsuccessfully tries to free Arikurin from the roots of the God Tree. While trapped, Arikurin dreams of his life if he remained in the Land of Sound with his parents and family.

Blank Period

Arikurin secretly takes on high paying missions as Nohkan

In the aftermath of the Fourth Shinobi World War, the Fifth and Sixth Hokage stopped the police from exposing the identities of everyone connected to Root, which ultimately lead to backlash even ten years afterwards. During this turbulent time, Arikurin worked as a Ninja for hire for various organizations outside of the Land of Fire. He would eventually gain a group of other ANBU from various villages looking for wages. Many of these shinobi would join him and start the Otogakure ANBU.

Kakashi Hiden: Lightning in the Icy Sky

Orochimaru hires Arikurin to steal the blueprints of the Tobishachimaru when he and Shikari oversees security for the Tobishachimaru's maiden voyage. He is able to find the blueprints to the vessel before the ship crashes in Kusagakure.

Shikamaru Hiden: A Cloud Drifting in Silent Darkness

A group of 5 Oto-ANBU attempt to gain usable intel on Iwa from Ōnoki after he departs Shikamaru Nara's house after a few games of shogi. The 2 body guards are easily defeated. Onoki summons earth golems to assist him in battle. ANBU trade blows with golems until they are defeated. Onoki prepares for a fight to the death in order to stop the ANBU from capturing him. Arikurin finds himself at the receiving end of Onoki's Dust Style attack and appeared to had been atomized. But that Arikurin is revealed to have been Swiftlet Clone. s Onoki manages, however, to kill an ANBU in combat. Onoki gets exhausted, and leaves an opening for the 4 remaining anbu to attack him but that is revealed to be a sand clone, shocking the ANBU.

Onoki trapped in Arikurin's Curse Mandala

Flying above the remaining 4 ANBU, Onoki prepares to let off a massive Dust Style attack but is caught in a pyramid-like chakra cage which will slowly constrict as the user moves his hands closer together called the Curse Mandala. As Onoki struggles to get out of the Curse Mandala, Hayato Orochi uses the Binding Snake Glare Spell technique to summon a snake out of his sleeve towards Onoki. As the snake flies towards the constricted Onoki, Arikurin releases the Curse Mandala technique and Onoki is struck by the snake. The snake coils around Onoki, constricting his movement yet again. The snake bites down onto Onoki's neck and he falls unconscious and falls to the ground, now able to be freely kidnapped without resistance. The ANBU Agents able to skillfully probe the mind of Onoki before Arikurin erases his memory of the battle. Arikurins orders Hayato and others to return to Oto-ANBU HQ and remains in the village to maintain his cover.

Concurrently, Kakashi sent Sai and a team of Anbu to the Land of Silence to investigate, but all go missing; the last communiqué suggests the Land of Silence's leader, Gengo, may be behind it all. In order to protect the Shinobi Union's interests, Gengo must be assassinated. Sai sends a message using his super beast imitating drawing to Kakashi. Kakashi and Shikamaru are concerned by a number of things in Sai's message: the clear haste it was written with, not having Sai's characteristically clear handwriting. He also reports that his entire team has gone missing, including Shikari, and he warns of the threat posed by Gengo, the Land of Silence's strangely charismatic leader.

Arikurin interrogates Minoichi

It takes Arikurin 2 days of nonstop travel to reach the Land of Silence. He infiltrates the capital city that evening so that he can try to find Shikari. Arikurin follows a group of men after over hearing them talk about a Konoha Anbu that spied on them a while back. He spots a former Konoha Anbu, Minoichi, who went missing in the last war, after killing his unit. Arikurin easily defeats him and places a self-curing seal on him. As Arikurin interrogates him, he learns more of Gengo's ideology. He learns that Gengo and his Enlightened Ones overthrew the previous daimyō and now rule the country. The Enlightened Ones all speak reverently of Gengo and criticise the shinobi system. And yet, the Land of Silence offers shinobi services (albeit at significantly cheaper prices), and so they are only reproducing the very system they claim to hate. Gengo will appears for a public speech tomorrow night. This gives time for Arikurin to collect the bounty on Minoichi.

The following night at the speech, Gengo reveals a restrained Sai, and the crowd asks for his death. Gengo's words begin to affect Arikurin but quickly dispells the genjutsu. He deduces that Gengo's voice is laced with genjutsu. Arikurin enhances the chakra in his hearing so Gengo's voice can't affect him. Shikamaru then tries saving Sai, now an Enlightened One. Sai attacks him with numerous ink tigers. Shikamaru and the rest of his squad are quickly captured by Gengo's Enlightened Ones. Wondering if Gengo will bring them to where Shikari is being held, Arikurin follows them to Fushū Castle.

Shikari is revealed to be a guard, having been converted by Gengo. Arikurin enters Shikari's mind to break Gengo's hold on him. He finds him trapped deep in his consciousness, wrapping himself with memories of his mother.

Arikurin cuts out Gengo's tongue, robbing him of his ability to talk. Defeated, Gengo is taken into custody by Shikari. Most of the Konoha and Suna forces return to their villages, with a small force remaining behind to help the Land of Silence return to normalcy after Gengo's arrest.

Sasuke Shinden: Book of Sunrise

In Otogakure, Arikurin receives word that invaders are approaching the village, all of them wearing either Kiri or Kumo uniforms. Loud explosions can be heard near the village's perimeter. With bodies exploding after being injured, Arikurin uses his Byakugan to search the area for someone controlling the attackers, but can find none. He discovers foreign chakra signatures in each of the attackers' bodies. Using this information, they devise a strategy: they separate and distract the attackers so that Shikari can restrain them one-by-one while Arikurin seals their tenketsu. Conventional methods of dispelling genjutsu don't work, confirming their suspicions that the foreign chakra is responsible for their actions. Arikurin tries to read their minds to see if he can learn anything. Immediately upon doing so, he is caught in a genjutsu trap that has been placed on the ninja. Though he succeeds in escaping, the strain causes him to pass out.

Sasuke, Orochimaru, & Arikurin at the Coliseum

Later, Sasuke locates Orochimaru within his hideout and asks if he knows anything about the Lightning Group, believing that the group's former leader is also behind the attack on Konoha. Orochimaru shares the rumour that the Lightning Group's leader once worked for En Oyashiro, an arms dealer. Not long after, Sasuke along with Orochimaru, Arikurin go to Coliseum. When entering the Coliseum, Orochimaru reveals to him that Sasuke is a kekkei genkai owner himself, causing Sasuke to be forced into participating in the tournament to lure out En Oyashiro

Sinister Sounds - Bleak Insurgence and the Sixth's Wrath

Main Article: Sinister Sounds - Bleak Insurgence and the Sixth's Wrath

Keshin Amanōjakū defeats Arikurin

(Work in progress)

Megumi Hiden: A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing

Main Article: Megumi Hidan: A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing

Arikurin and Megumi investigate under Jomae Village

Rumors had reached Otokagure ANBU HQ about unusual activity in the Land of Keys. The Land of Keys are known for their skills espionage, so any information from that area needed to be fact checked. Arikurin had dealt with a spy named Hanare and their leader Kaito years prior. He took it upon himself to attempt to spy on the area and gain useful intel. There, he is easily found by the Land of Keys ANBU. and he teams up with Megumi as they uncover a plan by the Kara Outer. Along the way, Megumi reveals that it all began when her adoptive father, Kaitō, was discharged from a hospital owned by a man named Victor, who unbeknownst to them, is a Kara inner. Since then a foul chakra has drifted about that village, which was discovered to be a God Tree. Following a quickly crafted plan, Megumi and Arikurin managed to destroy the tree and Kaitō.

After a gruesome cross-examination by Hinge ANBU and Jōmae Military, Arikurin was freed but remained close to the village. Later, he and Megumi are attacked by Ōtakshiki Ōtsutsuki, a celestial being who claimed to be observing their crusade against Kaitō and his God Tree. Son Gokū took control of Megumi's body and together with Arikurin along with a deadly kinjutsu, killed Ōtakshiki but at the expense of Son Gokū's own life. In a desperate attempt to escape death, Ōtakshiki branded her with a Kāma.

New Era

Academy Entrance Arc

Arikurin is appointed ambassador

After becoming a legitimate shinobi village in the eyes of the Shinobi Union, Oto-ANBU member works jointly with Konoha. Mitsuki was allowed to transfer into Konoha's Academy as a sign of mutual trust between the villages. Arikurin is appointed Otogakure’s Ambassador to Konohagakure. After Boruto noted the chakra that possessed Magire Kakuremino took the form of a monster, Mitsuki relaid the information back to Otogakure, during which Arikurin questioned why only Boruto could see it.

School Trip Arc

When learning of civil unrest in Kirigakure and rumours of the Sixth Mizukage killing off people against the peaceful expansion of his village, Orochimaru sent Otogakure ANBU to investigate, hoping to find useful new allies. Ultimately, Arikurin reported that the horrific rumours on Chōjūrō were in fact done by Shizuma Hoshigaki, who used the Mizukage as a diversion for his plans at a coup d'état, which were stopped with the aid of Boruto Uzumaki.

Graduation Exams Arc

As Konoha's Academy classes began preparing for graduation exams, Orochimaru stealthily came to the village with Arikurin, to avoid any commotion from villagers still uneasy about his presence. Meeting with Naruto in his office, they discussed Danzō's research he was analyzing and Mitsuki.

Genin Mission Arc

Team 7's first mission, they were assigned a D-rank to aid the Green Banks village who are being attacked by bandits for their crops. On the mission Konohamaru confirmed the involvement of Pale Blue Valley hired shinobi when a ransom note demands the bridge's deed in exchange for Kiri's life. Considering whether or not to continue the mission, the village was attacked by the missing-nin, leading to Konohamaru rushing to save Boruto from Ashimaru before he retreated. As Konohamaru realized that there was more being hidden, Ashimaru and Hidari's actions made Konohamaru request Konohagakure for help. Arikurin was dispatched.

Arikurin draining Ashimaru's chakra

Later, the village was attacked, during which Kiri is abducted. Pursuing the attackers, Konohamaru traded the deed for Kiri. After the exchange occurred with Arikurin as backup, Hidari and Ashimaru decide on killing them all, prompting Konohamaru to task the genin in fleeing with Kiri. Hidari manages to immobilise Konohamaru with a trap, and sends Ashimaru to deal with the genin. Pursuing Ashimaru, Arikurin used Sound Release: Twin Roaring Lions to defeat and interrogate for intel. Completing the mission, he returned to Konoha.

Byakuya Gang Arc

Byakuya Gang flees from Arikurin

After Otogakure dealt with series of thefts in smaller nearby villages thanks to thieves, Otogakure ANBU were dispatched to gain any intel possible. They concluded the press eve of an Ice Kekkei Genkei. Later, Arikurin investigated Konoha Bank being robbed by the Byakuya Gang with Kōtarō Fūma after noting the similarities between the thefts and the robbery.

Later, after the thieves spread lies and orchestrated a protest against the Kaminarimon Company, 2 Oto-ANBU and Arikurin were tasked with deescalating the crowds after it was discovered genjutsu was behind the village protests.

Versus Momoshiki Arc

Arikurin attacks Momoshiki with Sound Release: Twin Roaring Lions

Later, Arikurin observed the final round matches of the Chūnin Exams taking place in Konoha. Momoshiki and Kinshiki Ōtsutsuki attacked the venue in search for Naruto, leading to Arikurin to help defend. He summoned 2 shadow clones to help. Together they used his Sound Release to blast away falling debris. After helping to save spectators, Arikurin summons Gamashiki and they begin to gather nature energy with his 2 shadow clones. In the meantime, he attempted to fight Momoshiki but had his Sound Release: Twin Roaring Lions absorbed by the Rinnegan in his hand. Forced to retreat for a moment, Arikurin composed himself and began to formulate a strategy.

Urashiki Ōtsutsuki steals Arikurins chakra

Arikurin attempted to activate Sage mode but his shadow clones were attacked before doing so by Urashiki Ōtsutsuki, who also stole a portion of Arikurin's chakra which rendered him unconscious for a moment-easily piercing through Arikurin's rotation to strike him and steal some of his chakra. After he awoke, Arikurin pursued him alongside Chōjūrō and Gaara. As Urashiki began revealing copied techniques like Arikurin's Sound Release: Vacuum Palm and Garra's sand manipulation, Arikurin managed to capture him in a Curse Mandala while Garra and Chojuro were about to finish him off only for Urashiki to reveal his Rinnegan and escape. The 3 returned to the stadium to see Kinshiki and Momoshiki kidnap Naruto, so Arikurin joined the other Kage, Sasuke, and Naruto's son, Boruto, in rescuing him.

Mitsuki's Disappearance Arc

Arikurin stalls Moegi

After Mitsuki's apparent betrayal of Konohakagure, the village was put on lockdown. Despite this, Boruto and Sarada decided to sneak out to find Mitsuki. Team 10 was assigned to find and bring back the two genin. The following day, they managed to intercept them. As the two refused to come back peacefully, they created a distraction and then attempted a decoy with Boruto's shadow clones. This succeeded in splitting up Team Moegi between the jōnin and her students. Moegi quickly subdued her targets, which were the decoy shadow clones. On the way back to her team, she was intercepted by a cloaked assailant. Orochimaru sent Arikurin (while concealing his identity as the Nohkan Shinobi) to stall her long enough for them to reach Ryūchi Cave. As she continued battling Arikurin, he suddenly retreated. Moegi quickly realized that he was a diversion.

Arikurin uses his Byakugan to see the weak point in the Akuta's mask

Later, Shikadai managed to sneak into the Tsuchikage's office to contact his father via phone, revealing that Iwagakure was taken over as part of a plan by Ōnoki. The call was then cut short as the enemy forced Shikadai to retreat. At Oto-ANBU HQ. Arikurin monitors the conversation and heads directly to Iwa. Upon arriving in Iwagakure, he found it being over-run by the Akuta. He sends word back to Oto-ANBU HQ for back-up. As Arikurin disguised his chakra and ventured deeper into the village, he found a secret underground laboratory, shocked at the work that was being conducted. He was then approached by Mitsuki and Konohamaru. While Mitsuki and Konohamaru sabotaged the base with explosives, Arikurin found and freed the Fourth Tsuchikage, letting her go to save her village. Ultimately, the Fabrications were defeated by the combined effort of Arikurin and Ōnoki, who passed away from the effort. As the Hokage and an escort arrived to help, Arikurin gave a full report on the events.

Jugo Arc

Arikurin and Karin investigate

When Jūgo abruptly left the base to deal with an outbreak of cursed seals infecting wildlife, Orochimaru tasked Arikurin, Suigetsu and Karin with retrieving him. They ultimately encountered Sumire Kakei, whose Nue attacked them abruptly. After Suigetsu over-exerted himself to knock her and her summoning out, they were approached by Team 7, who revealed that Jūgo was apprehended by the Land of Rivers' researchers. From Sumire Kakei, they learned that two assailants had special collars that let them harness cursed seals of their own. Realising that this duo was working with the Land of Rivers' researchers, they concluded the outbreak must have been stared by them. The group came up with a plan and split up. Arikurin was to keep a perimeter watch over the forest. He sensed that Jūgo had reached his full transformation and broke free. Arikurin headed quickly in that direction.

Arikurin and Jugo clash

Upon arriving to the lake, Jūgo fought to contain his transformation. Tosaka arrived and fully transformed with his cursed seal to defeat and restrain Boruto before he turned to Jūgo. When Jūgo fully transformed, he quickly defeated Tosaka and proceeded to absorb his cursed seal. Still on a rampage, Jūgo turned his attention to Boruto until Arikurin and Nue intervened. Arikurin kept Jūgo occupied long enough for Boruto to devise a plan on how to revert Jūgo's transformation by inflicting significant damage. After Boruto managed to cause Jūgo's transformation to recede, Mitsuki arrived with Konohamaru and Suigetsu, having acquired a serum to remove the infection. Suigetsu consumed it and merged with the lake to rain it over the birds. Arikurin returned to Oto with Karin, Jūgo and Suigetsu, having also taken a powerless Tosaka as a prisoner.

One-Tail Escort Arc

Urashiki Ōtsutsuki steals more of Arikurin's chakra

Arikurin alongside Sasuke, Gaara, Kankurō, members of the Oto-ANBU Sealing Team, and a Suna genin team assembled at the Tailed Beast's location. Arikurin sent a messenger swiftlet to inform Otogakure of the location and that he might be on Urashiki Ōtsutsuki's trail. There, Arikurin, Sasuke and Gaara fought Urashiki and his puppets he stole from Toneri Ōtsutsuki. . As the two sides battled evenly, Boruto suddenly appeared, prompting Sasuke to protect his student, leading him to become distracted and Urashiki taking some of his chakra. As Sasuke lept toward his opponent, Urashiki teleported him to another dimension. As he no longer had to deal with Sasuke, Urashiki found an opening to steal more chakra from Arikurin, The Oto-ANBU sealing team had finally infused enough chakra and were able to help suppress Urashiki in Garra's Desert Layered Imperial Funeral Seal. Also during which, to make sure Urashiki would not sense its chakra, Shukaku willingly sealed itself inside a kettle.

After recovering some of his stolen chakra, Arikurin joins Boruto and Kankurō in escorting Shukaku to Konoha. Soon afterwards, they found themselves engaged by four Urashiki's puppets. Wanting to give the team time to escape and seeing it as a fun challenge as a puppet-user himself, Kankurō decided to face the puppets alone while Arikuin, Boruto and Shinki moved ahead with the tailed beast. Noticing a massive explosion from the battlefield, Arikurin insisted to head on despite because the mission is the priority, but Boruto went back by himself. Arikurin and Shinki initially continued toward Konoha before being attacked by puppets. Once Boruto, Temari, and Shiakdai arrive, Arikurin continues toward Konoha with Shukaku, surpressing his chakra.

Arikurin stalls Urashiki in a Massive Curse Mandala

Arikurin fianlly begins to approach the Land of Fire, but Urashiki intercepts him. Arikurin wonders how he tracked Shukaku when the kettle should suppress their chakra and Arikurin was using his Silent Hummingbird Technique. Urashiki explains he watched them through the puppets, and reveals his Byakugan. Immediately, Arikurin activates sage mode and traps Urashiki in a Massive Curse Mandala with the help of 3 shadow clones-allowing his real self to continue to head toward the border.

Once reaching the border of the Land of Fire, Arikurin is then approached by Sai Yamanaka and high-ranking Oto-ANBU member, who had received Arikurin's earlier swiftlet. Sai delivered Shukaku to Naruto, while Arikurin ordered the Oto-ANBU to alert HQ-requesting back-up to assist in border security.

Mujina Bandits Arc

Arikurn was present when Team 7 was assigned an undercover mission at Hōzuki Castle, to protect the Mujina Bandits's former member Kokuri from Tsukiyo, in exchange for information on their dealings and leadership. Arikurin uses his Swiftlets to covertly send intel back forth with Team 7 including intel from Kokuri's notebook of all the data he had on the Mujina Bandits. After Mojū fell ill and Benga decided to have Kokuri transferred to Hōzoki Castle #2 where he couldn't be protected, it was decided to break Kokuri out of jail before the transfer could happen. Arikurin let them know aboutthe supply ship that regularly comes to the prison but hadnt gotten a response back from Team 7.

During Team 7's escape, Arikurin and a group of Oto-ANBU appeared, having been mobilised by Arikurn after losing contact with Team 7 for so long. With Benga being killed by Tsukiyo and Mujō having recently recovered to resume his duties, Team 7's mission was completed, taking Kokuri with them to the village and verify his intel on the Mujina Bandits before releasing him.

Shojoji tasked a three-man platoon from his missing-nin faction to break into Konohagakure's bank and retrieve an unknown item. During which, the Fire Daimyō Ikkyū Madoka came to the village to discuss matters with the Hokage. He came with his son Tentō. This inspired Shojoji for a new plan. While the Daimyō's son was bonding with Boruto and learning to throw a shuriken, Shojoji consumed Yamaoka, Tentō's butler, and assumed the man's identity. Later captured, Arikurin Sai and Ibiki were tasked with interrogating the leader, Shojoji. While arrogant at first and demanding compensation, Arikurin's Genjutsu made Shojoji talk. While knowing very little, Shojoji explained that mark on Boruto's right palm was identical to one used by an organisation called "Kara". He also said that the marks' nature is vaguely similar to Orochimaru's Juinjutsu.

Kara Actuation Arc

Arikurin, Orochimaru, & Mitsuki protecting Mugino

When word that the cell of the First Hokage was stolen from Konohagakure spread and Mitsuki’s full recovery, Orochimaru and a three-man squad consisting of Mitsuki, Arikurin and 1 unnamed Oto ANBU to reclaim it. Upon arriving, they learned that the previous holder of the target, Sakuya, had been killed and discovered the sprouting of the God Tree created by Victor. He found Mugino attempting to leave the country safely with the unconscious Valleys Daimyō. He was stopped by a Kara Outer, who was instantly defeated by Arikurin and his team. In the distance, Arikurin senses a battle and moves to the location with a masked Mitsuki while Orochimaru and the Oto ANBU dealt with Victor.

Arikurin and Deepa clash

They found Team 7 struggling to defend himself from the vicious assault of Deepa. As Deepa continues to overpower Sarada and Boruto. He almost lands a solid hit on Boruto, who is rescued at the last moment by Mitsuki. At the sametime, Arikurin removes his black cloak, uses his Twelve-Tone Technique and attacks Deepa with a barrage of clones, which Deepa easily pelts the clones away with carbon. The real Arikurin attacks from above, but Deepa Blocks his with a punch enhanced by his carbon and both are sent flying backwards away from each other. Deepa and Arikurin clash as Team 7 prepares a finishing attack. Deepa's armour growing more cracks due to the constant attacks from Arikurin's Shindo Tanto. Using Arikurin as a distraction. Mitsuki supports Boruto, wrapping his arm around Boruto's and adding his senjutsu chakra to the attack. Sarada also adds her chakra to it. Together, they overpower Deepa, breaking his armour and body with a Super Compression Rasengan. During which, Orochimaru destroyed the God Tree and defeated Victor. After succeeding and the enemies defeated, Arikurin decided to leave and reconnect with Orochimaru.

Upon returning to the Oto-ANBU HQ, Arikurin reported to Orochimaru. They revealed what they learned about Victor and his involvement with Kara. He also noted the existence of "Outers" who apparently worked as spies for Kara. In light of this news and what was discovered after investigating Victor's company, Arikurin tasks his subordinates in Otogakure ANBU to investigate “Kara”.

Ao Arc

Arikurin downloads information from the data unit of the crash blimp

Otogakure ANBU were assigned the task of investigating the wreckage of an airship crashed on the outskirts of the village. This team was lead by Arikurin and were the first to arrive at the crash. While the 2 Oto-ANBU stood guard outside, Arikurin ventured into the wreckage. Ao soon approached this team, to ask them about the whereabouts of the content of the box on the airship they encountered. Not receiving an answer, Ao summoned his Mirror Drones, which knocked out the Oto-ANBU with a sneak attack energy blast. During this time, while inspecting the container, he found a data unit. After downloading its information Arikurin returned outside. Immediately, he was surrounded Ao and countless autonomous puppets now guarding the blimp.

Arikurin summons shadow clones to help fight Ao

Ao asked him to hand over the information he found on the ship. Once he refused, Ao aimed his gun at Arikurin to stun him and attempting to steal his Byakugan as well. Ao then unleashed a barrage of Fire Release Bullets from his gun. Arikurin protected injured team with an Earth Style wall. Ao then unleashed a hidden weapon from his prosthetic shoulder, blasting through Arikurin's wall and knocking them a few meteres back. Arikurin then summons 3 shadow clones to help stall Ao as he escapes with the intel. Ao stops his pursuit of Arikurin when he finds Konohamaru tending Mugino's injuries while in a cave with his students and Katasuke Tōno.

Kawaki Arc

After Delta of Kara assaulted the village and failed to retrieve Kawaki from Naruto, Shikamaru voiced his concerns again about keeping the boy so close to the village. Despite his protests, he was outvoted on removing the boy. While accepting this vote, Shikamaru instead decided to put additional security on Kawaki, including having Arikurin regularly report to him in case of any new activity from Kawaki.

Arikurin uses his Byakugan to dodge Jigen's Rods

Arikurin detects and is shaken by a sinister chakra. Kawaki's Kāma releases a mass of chakra, turning into a portal through which Jigen appears. Naruto attacks, but is kicked aside by Jigen, who manifests rods to pin him down. Arikurin and Konohomaru attempt to aid Naruto, despite his warnings to stand back. Arikurin uses his Byakugan and Body Trill Technique to dodge Jigens Rods but Konohamaru is pined down.

Fearing for the Hokage's safety, with Jigen's power entirely above Delta's and capable of either killing or severely injuring Naruto, Kawaki stepped in and submitted, agreeing to back willingly with Jigen if he spared Naruto. While Jigen agreed to the terms, Naruto refused to comply. Jigen responded by teleporting himself and Naruto to another dimension with Arikurin, chasing after them. Jigen intends to leave them stranded in the other dimension, but Sasuke arrives, changing his plans to deal with Jigen there.

Arikurin, Sasuke, & Naruto stand off against Jigen's next Stage

Fighting at full power together, Arikurin, Sasuke, and Naruto struggled against Jigen's perplexing powers. Arikurin helped Sasuke eventually deduced that Jigen's abilities allow him to shrink matter to microscopic levels and return it to its original size instantaneously. Recognizing Arikurin's impressive analytical skills and prowess with his dōjutsu, Jigen noted that he must eliminate Arikurin first. Before Sasuke was able to inform Naruto about the full extent of Jigen's capabities, Jigen progressed his Kāma to the next stage, his appearance reminiscent of the newly discovered Ōtsutsuki-clan member. Jigen blocks and avoids their attacks, and knocks Arikurin in the side of a cliff with a massive right kick and again pins him with rods. He procedes to kick Sasuke out of Susanoo and he punches Naruto out of Kurama. He baits Jigen with a Rasengan, but Sasuke switches places, intending to behead Jigen, who protects himself by manifesting rods from his neck. Sasuke attempts to burn Jigen with Amaterasu, who merely absorbs them with Kāma. Sasuke is concerned he won't have enough chakra to leave the dimension with his space-time ninjutsu. Jigen notices a crack on his body, noting it's too much power for this body to contain, stressing his need for Kawaki. He decides to wrap things up. Jigen resolved to seal Naruto and moved to kill Arikurin and Sasuke, though was hindered by Naruto's shadow clones. Despite Sasuke's protests, Naruto convinced him to return to Konoha so that he can live to fight another day and gave Arikurin a chance to escape as Naruto is sealed into a Pot.

Vacuum Palm Spiraling Sphere

Boro arrives, who was tasked with guarding a pot with Naruto sealed inside. Boro notes the place is only accessible through space–time ninjutsu and asks how Arikurin plans on escaping. Boro challenges Arikurin to come at him. Arikurin attacks him with Vacuum Palm Spiraling Sphere-giving him a moment to hide and heal using his Body Trill Technique.

Sarada finds Arikurin

Not soon after, using the portal, Kawaki and Team 7 enter the dimension that Naruto Uzumaki's chakra is traced back to. While questioning their surroundings, Boro makes himself known, surprised to see Kawaki again. As they engaged him in battle, Boro endured Team 7 by quickly regenerating and exposing them to his Dark Cloud which sapped away their strength. While planning to take Boruto back to Kara along with Kawaki, the combined effort of Mitsuki and Sarada gave the team an opening to retreat. Sarada finds Arikurin resting his injuries and Team 7 & helps him heal. After Mitsuki had Sarada analyse Boro's mist with her Sharingan, which revealed its viral nature, Sarada was picked as team leader and led their counterattack. When she was able to create an opening, Boruto and Kawaki attacked together, having recovered from the virus, destroying Boro's head and much of his upper body.

Arikurin and clones attacking Boro

After regenerating, Boruto and Mitsuki battled off Boro to help Kawaki, only for the foe to repeatedly regenerate. As Kawaki joined in the assault, weathering Boro's counter assault against the tiring children, Arikurin used what chakra he had left and finally made his move. Arikurin used his Byakugan and deduced that his limitless regeneration required a special core in his body, he struck with his Orchestral Stab successfully removing the core. Arikurin collapsed as Boro's scientific ninja tools go haywire, and swells up, going on a rampage. As Boro can't fight anymore, they move to rescue Naruto.

While the kids checked on the Hokage, Boro composed himself enough to attack, striking down Arikurin from behind-further injuring his left left leg severily. As the others were quickly overwhelmed by Boro's massive form, Boruto's mark evolved further, manifesting Momoshiki's will and persona while exhibiting a massive boost in power to beat Boro about. Taking complete control of Boruto's body, Momoshiki obliterated Boro with a gigantic Rasengan. As the Kāma deactivated, Momoshiki warned Boruto that it was not yet time for him to lose everything, leaving Boruto unconscious and falling from the sky. He was caught by Mitsuki and checked on, and upon awakening remembered nothing of Momoshiki's manifestation.

Arikurin receives Shinobi-ware

After the team returned to Konoha, they were all taken to the hospital for treatment. Boruto comes to see Arikurin with Sumeria, Kawaki, and Katasuke Tono. Kawaki informed Boruto about his involuntary metamorphosis against Boro, noting that he too underwent a similar episode against Jiren. Kawaki also revealed that each member of Kara was modified with advanced Shinobi-Ware to perform remarkable abilities without ninjutsu. Arikurin's left shin is repaired shinobi-ware, Katasuke noted that it was powered by Arikurin's own chakra and Byakugan. Later, relays this intel to the Otogakure ANBU Scientific Ninja Tools Team. The tech implanted in him is studied by Otogakure.

Arikurin finds intel on the missing cultists

As a joint mission with Konoha, Arikurin was assigned a mission to investigate Boro's cult in an attempt to learn Kara's Ten-Tails' new whereabouts. Sai and Konohamaru claimed to want to join the cult, the two learned that some cultists would sometimes disappear. Arikurin placed a Genjutsu on one of the cultists and had him lead Arikurin to a secret facility. There he uncovered evidence the missing cultists had died in Kara's Vessel experiments. Despite exposing Boro's role in the plagues that caused many of the cultists to join, and in the death of the missing cultists, many remained loyal to him. Delta arrived to destroy the facility, which shocked Arikurin, Sai, and Konohamaru, who knew she had been destroyed by Naruto. They reported back to him in Konoha and Arikurin reported back to Otogakure.

Arikurin interrogates Amado

Amado was detained, where despite his claims of seeking asylum, was very bold while being interrogated. As Shikamaru made his anger for the man known, Amado began explaining all he knew. He revealed that how the Ōtsutsuki have since before recorded history been travelling from planet to planet, harvesting its chakra for the sake of evolving itself while destroying the planet in the process, using the Ten-Tails for the process. He also revealed that Jigen himself was turned into an Ōtsutsuki from being branded by his Kāma of Isshiki Ōtsutsuki. Amado also revealed to have sabotaged the blimp to free Kawaki and likewise ensure that Sasuke would get the intel of Isshiki. Amado's glasses then began beeping. His glasses were taken off, revealing a holographic projection of Jigen talking with Kashin. They learned that Kashin and Amado were working together and that Kashin intended to kill Jigen.

Arikurin removes his seal

While reviewing the terms of Amado's asylum agreement, he raised the likelihood of Isshiki coming to Konoha to apply a new Kāma to Kawaki, so ordered Sai to begin evacuation procedures for the civilians. As Isshiki attacked, Naruto led Arikurin, Sai, and Shikamaru in taking Kawaki to an underground facility protected from Isshiki's Byakugan, ordering Amado to join them. Danzō had built as a precaution against a Hyūga coup. Upon arriving to Root facility, Naruto attempted to unseal the door but still couldn't get in. Arikurin reveals he had placed a sound-based seal on in immediately upon returning to Konoha after Danzo's death, fearing the Hyuga would attempt to take back his Byakugan back with Danzo out of the picture.

Chūnin Re-Examination Arc

Arikurin investigates the sudden disappearance of Amado.

Code Arc

Following Isshiki's defeat, Otogakure learned that the last Kara Inner left, Code, was a fanatical followed of Isshiki's, who wanted revenge and was more powerful that Jigen without his limiters. The Five Great Shinobi Countries coordinated efforts to locate him before Code could abduct Amado to remove the limiters. Arikurin and his subordinates found Code's Claw Marks near the village's outer walls. Arikurin also reported that several Outers were captured, but their interrogations revealed nothing useful in finding Code. Code is added to the top of Arikurin's Bingo Book.


  • Arikurin's favorite meal on missions are roasted wild mushrooms
  • Infinite Tsukuyomi Arikruin was the original style of Arikurin before revisions
  • Arikurin's right arm tattoo varies in sizes in pictures due to laziness.
  • New Era style is based on Mugino
  • New Era Nohkan style is based on Koji Kashin


  • Anime-edited image source credits to:, Narutopedia Naruspot, & Animator Osamu Kobayashi