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Armored Salamanders
Armored Salamander
Armored Salamanders (装甲の火蜥蜴, Sōkō no Hitokage)
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  • Akio Kōjin
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Armored Salamanders (装甲の火蜥蜴, Sōkō no Hitokage) are a unique species of amphibians with the natural ability to secrete both toxins and flames of various temperatures. They are a rare sight within the shinobi world, appearing exclusively within a moist cavern within the Land of Air; whereas the summoned variety hail from Mount Kavali. They are the personal summoning of Akio Kōjin.


As a whole, Armored Salamanders are lizard-like amphibians characterized by the presence of thick, excessively durable plates running the length of their bodies. These plates, in addition to being strong enough to withstand trauma caused by both blades and blunt forces, are specifically designed to give each Armored Salamander additional protection against the high temperatures of Mount Kavali, and against their own flame emissions. On another note, each and every Armored Salamander is similar to the typical salamander in that they have skin that is typically moist from the secretion of various toxins.

In terms of overall size, most Armored Salamanders are extremely large compared to the average salamander. The smallest of their species has been shown to stand shoulder-length with an average child whereas the largest has been shown to rival Mount Kavali itself in size. On another note, some of the common traits found within all Armored Salamanders include the ability to produce flames and toxins that can be exhaled offensively. However, despite the versatility of the aforementioned traits, one of the greatest features that the Armored Salamanders possess is their tongues. The muscles within the maw of each Armored Salamander are exceptionally strong and have the power to launch the tongue at high speeds. The tongue itself is coated in an incredibly sticky form of saliva that can adhere to most materials with a strength rivaling that of cement. This allows for the Armored Salamanders to catch their prey with relative ease.

Unlike most summoned species, there is no established hierarchy nor community amongst the Armored Salamanders; save for a loose "bond" between a mother and her offspring. However, the vast majority of the Armored Salamanders have demonstrated the ability to verbally communicate with humans and are generally more than happy to engage in a lengthy conversation. Despite this eagerness of communication, obtaining a summoning contract with an Armored Salamander is no easy task; and those who achieve this are highly respected amongst the entirety of the species.

Known Armored Salamanders

Known Summoners


  • In addition to having the ability to exhale flames and toxins, many of the larger Armored Salamanders have demonstrated the capacity to burrow underground in a manner similar to that of Earth Release.
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