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The only member of Raikugakure . For info on his past, go to Raikugakure


Memory Hunters


9-Tails (he took part of Kyuubi's chakra from Naruto's DNA after taking a hair of of Itachi's Cloak), Raiku. Chakra Types: Fire, Water


Kyuubi Tails

Arutoa can do the 4-Tailed Kyuubi Chakra and have complete control

Fire Style: Rasendori A fusion of Rasengan and Chidori, but Fire Style

Water Style: Rasendori

See above, replacing the word "Fire" with "Water"


Normal fusion of Rasengan and Chidori


You better know this one!


See "Rasengan"

Memory Knights Summons all pure Memory Knights to battle

Ryugan Raiku Clan Bloodline Trait. Makes him appear to be a Vampire. In this state, he can use any Jutsu, even bloodline jutsu, at an enhanced state. This state only lasts 1/2 an hour, however, and Arutoa is knocked out when it ends. He has to have seen the Jutsu he is copying.