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"I am inevitable, found in your deepest and most terrible nightmares. I am timeless, born of flame and nurtured by the wrath of the cosmos. I am silence and chaos, calm and fury. I AM DEYA, GODDESS OF ALL ETERNITY!!!"

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editAsami Mihara
(Mihara Asami)

  • The Earth's Fury
Birthdate Astrological Sign Sagittarius.svg December 20
  • Part I: 20
  • Part II: 25 (Deceased)
Blood type AB
Kekkei Genkai Earthquake Release
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  • Ninja
  • Pirate
  • Bartender
Clan Mihara Clan
Ninja Rank
Academy Grad. Age 5
Chūnin Prom. Age 6
Nature Type

Asami Mihara, also known as The Earth's Fury was a legendary kunoichi belonging to the Mihara Clan. They were world-renowned for their mastery over Earthquake Release and Tornado Release. They was the founder and First Yorukage (Night Shadow) of Yorugakure and was considered to be the most powerful shinobi of their time and one of the most powerful shinobi to have ever been born. They was widely known for her unorthodox fighting style, temper and sense of justice. Their background as a rogue-nin, pirate and bartender helped them to understand the world better, as was evidenced by their tenure as Yorukage.



The most striking aspects of Asami's personality were their temper, their pragmatic nature and their sense of justice. They believed in equality for all, and fiercely supported the cause of various marginalised groups. They was compassionate and understanding and was willing to look at other people's opinions and perspectives before making a decision. However, in spite of their noble qualities, Asami's temper was legendary.

Powers and Abilities

Asami was a monstrously powerful shinobi who struck fear into the hearts of whoever they fought with.