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Viz print media Heaven Colliding Earth
English anime Fall of Heaven
Appears in Anime, Manga, Game, Movie
Classification Ninjutsu
Rank S-rank
Class Offensive
Range All ranges
Hand seals Three special hand seals
Other jutsu
Parent jutsu

This is known as Otoshi Nagare's most powerful original technique. This technique was derived from Madara Uchiha's Tengai Shinsei, and created using Otoshi's great skill and focus. Many powerful shinobi can also utilize this technique.

After forming enough hand signals, the user collects a mass of stones and rubble around them and forms a gigantic, crude hemisphere of rock above them, between one hundred to three hundred meters in diameter. Then the user unleashes an intense blast of fire at the mass of rock, setting it ablaze as it falls. The intense winds from the flames superheats them that turns them a bright whitish-blue while creating hurricane-force gales that can shred buildings into rubble. Due to the heat of the flames and the slow decent of the fall, multiple firestorms erupt from the "comet" and race to the ground, creating flaming tornadoes that tear and burn everything in their wake. Finally; when the meteor hits the ground, a massive explosion twice or three times the size of the comet itself erupts and wipes out the surrounding area. In addition to this, the comet breaks into stones again that fly out in all directions as enourmous pieces of shrapnel, pulverizing anything remaining in their path.

Despite its power and abilities, this technique has great hinderances as well. One is the creation of the technique, in which creation time depends on the amount of loose stones and rubble around the user. Another is its slow descent from the winds beneath it. This fall takes about three minutes to complete, so most shinobi are able to get out of the landing area in time, or even block it altogether. Third is the size of the technique. This comet is so large, it can kill anything in its way, including the user. So, it is best used at a distance. The fourth is its nearly-impossible to conjure chakra demand and control. Kage-level shinobi, jinchūriki, and ninjutsu masters are usually only able to use this technique and not suffer from death.

Madara Uchiha has stated to use a version that was times larger than Otoshi's. This means that Otoshi's version is severely downplayed.

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