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  • Ayame the Wolf Goddess
  • The Masked Hunter
  • Tracker
  • Queen of Coin
Appears in Anime, Manga
Gender Gender Female Female
Age 20
Blood type B
Kekkei Genkai Ranmaru's Kekkei Genkai Ranmaru's Kekkei Genkai
  • Trader
  • Theif
Partner Tane Kemono
Clan Inuzuka Symbol Inuzuka Clan
Nature Type
Unique Traits
  • Immune to Poison
  • Heightened Senses
  • Inugami Chakra

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Ayame Inuzuka is a descendant of the Inuzuka Clan that was wiped out from the moon colliding with the earth 300 years ago. She resides in the dangerous forests that surround the reformed shinju tree, she does a great many things but her main purpose is to survive no matter what it takes. She is one the leaders of of a group of bandits, the other leader being her partner Tane Kemono.


Ayame has short brown hair and black eyes. On her face she bears the Inuzuka war paint, she also wears a blue headband and wear wears a necklace and earring made out of bone from animals she has killed. She also wears fur clothing. She also wears a ceremonial wolf mask that was given to her by her mother.


Ayame will do anything to survive, as a result she finds it hard to trust people due to how dangerous the world has become because of the extreme conditions due to the moon cataclysm. She is merciless when it comes to fighting foes and she will not leave a fight until she has killed all her foes. Ayame is calm in battle and is very keen on watching her opponents movements.


Ayame Inuzuka was born sometime many years after the moon hit earth. Her father was an Inuzuka and her mother was part Inuzuka and was also a descendant from Ranmaru's clan. Which is how she obtained her doujutsu. At an early age her parents were killed leaving her and her brother, Mugen Inuzuka to fend for themselves. From an early age Ayame had learned to strengthen her senses and how to survive in harsh environments having to live in the dangerous forest surrounding the new Shinju tree. One day a child Ayame was wondering through the forest to hunt when she stumbled upon Shiro as a pup, his mother and brothers and sisters were killed by a larger predator, leaving Shiro to by himself, when the predator came back a Ayame easily took it down and saved Shiro. From then on Shiro has become Ayame's canine companion. When her parents were alive they told Ayame that her and her brother were blessed with a powerful chakra that only shows up in Inuzuka members and that she would have to learn to control it. This was known as Inugami Chakra, and with it she learned the ancient ways of her Inuzka ancestors and how they survived in the wild. Because of the death of their parents Ayame and Mugen needed to survive on their own, as a result Ayame and her brother became thieves stealing from people when they got the chance. For a short while Ayame and Mugen joined a bandit group who became rather famous and it was there that Ayame obtained the moniker " The Masked Hunter", because she wore her ceremonial mask when she hunted and tracked other groups down to kill and steal their possessions. Ayame and Mugen thought that they should go on their own again but the bandit leader saw them as to valuable of assets so he told them that they weren't going anywhere. Ayame and Mugen told them that they no longer wanted to waste their time with a bunch of idiots, which infuriated the boss, as they kept insulting him. The bandit leader said fuck it and had the others bandits surround Ayame, Shiro, and Mugen they smirked and quickly took down the bandit group leaving the leader pissing himself Ayame then appeared right in front of him and he called her bitch and told her that she would pay for what she did and Ayame just smiled and thrust a spear into the chest of the bandit leader.

A few years later, Ayame and her brother left the forest in search of materials and old jutsu scrolls. Ayame discovered a ruined hospital and found several medical scrolls and books that would be helpful and also found a hidden room that possessed a scroll that described how to use a technique known as Creation Rebirth and Strength of One Hundred. She then found a dusty old sign that said Konoha on it, thinking it was the name of the ruins that they were wandering. Then Mugen shouted her name and Ayame ran out,"what is it", she replied then Mugen showed her an Inuzka Crest he found."Wow that's our clan's crest, I bet there's some scrolls or documents somewhere", she said. But then, they heard laughter, Ayame and Mugen sensed the presence 10 others, night was falling, the two of them had to be very careful because they did not know who these people were. They both shifted into their Wolf forms and Shiro followed Ayame and Mugen went the other way. With her night vision, Ayame could see them searching around for materials. She could also smell blood on them so she made a wolf call to Mugen to let him know that they were going to attack. Ayame, Mugen, and Shiro all got ready to strike, but the scavengers had a sensor with them and knew someone was there somewhere. All three of them ran out towards the scavengers at great speeds, Ayame jumped up and bit the sensor by the throat killing him. Shiro was able to kill 3 of them, and Mugen was able to kill one but he also got kicked into some debris and reverted back to his human form. Ayame howled and reverted back with her mask on and started attacking the other 5 with Shiro. Shiro took down another 2 and Ayame did also. All that was left was the leader who actually was quite a strong Lightning Release user and was able to paralyze Shiro and cause Ayame to go flying into another wall. The moon was out and it had been a full moon, those that are unable to control their Inugami Chakra completely turn into a Werewolf with way to control it if their mind becomes enraged or feral. Mugen had seen his sister got hurt and this infuriated him and he unintently looked at the moon. His blood began to boil his veins started to show his eyes became a crimson red and he started to convulse and twist around screaming hair started to appear all over his body and his arms and legs got longer and grew claws, and with one loud roar he had become a werewolf. The roars of the beast could be heard from miles away and Ayame noticed a huge influx in Mugen's Chakra. The bandit leader faced Mugen and began to attack with his lightning style but none of the techniques were hitting except one which did nothing, but seriously anger Mugen the beast glared into the now scared leader and he appeared right in front him and with one swift swing of his claws the leader was cut in two. Ayame slowly approached Mugen who was calling out to the moon, Shiro told her to be careful, "Mugen...Mugen are you alright", Mugen turned and swung his ginormous claws at her but she dodged. Then she looked into his eyes and began to cry because she had known that his feral mind had taken over his body which will make him unable to revert back or tell friend from foe and the only way to save him was to kill him. Unlike Mugen, Ayane had control over her Inugami powers so she did not turn. Mugen then roared loudly at Ayame and she told her brother that she was sorry. Mugen swung again and missed and this time Shiro ran at Mugen and violently bit his arm, "do it now" Shiro mumbled, crying Ayame quickly placed the Cursed Seal of the Frenzied in order to paralyze him and kill him. As he was dying he reverted back into his original form and told Ayame that it was ok as long as she was alive and could continue to live on and pass the Inuzuka name on one day. As Ayame was crying with her brother in her hands, she apologized for not be strong enough to protect him, laughed and said "then get stronger sis", then he passed. Ayame then wiped the tears from her face and a blank expression on her face appeared. Shiro asked, "Ayame"? Then a large amount of chakra was expelled from Ayame and it appeared as a blinding white light, Shiro looked astounded, when the light vanished a giant majestic wolf appeared and it spoke with Ayame voice to Shiro, Ayame had ascended to her Inugami Form, emanating large amounts of chakra. When she reverted her and Shiro buried her brother. Shiro noticed something different about Ayame's demeanor, she still had the blank look on her face. "Are you gonna be ok Ayame" Shiro said."Hmph, never better Shiro, now I know what I got to do" replied Ayame. Shiro stated,"And what is that"? "Its as Mugen said I will survive at any cost and kill without emotion when need be, and I will make sure the Inzuka name lives on forever, no matter the cost". Ayame returned to the forest to gather more of her things to set on a larger journey to find a way to reach immortality so that she can ensure her clan will live on and she can protect it.


Due to her life mostly taking place in the dangerous forest surrounding the new shinju tree and all the creatures that reside in it Ayame has developed an immunity to poison. She has also spent years honing her senses to extreme levels so that she is aware of her surroundings at all times.

Inugami Chakra

Ayame its blessed with a rare chakra that has a very small chance of manifesting in an Inuzuka newborn. The inugami chakra mixes with the hosts chakra granting them a large chakra pool. Ayame has also gained the ability to transform into various forms two of which are her wolf form and Inugami Mode. In her Inugami Mode, her appearance completely changes her hair becomes longer and snow white, the Inzuka markings on her face disappear, her skin becomes a bright white and she develops wolf ears, and her clothing becomes a white kimono with sapphire blue lining. She increases the power of the mode by fusing her Inugami Chakra and Sage Mode with it. This chakra also gave her the ability to control and communicate with wolves and inu telepathically. Using her Inugami Chakra she has learned Sage Mode as the Inugami Chakra allows her to easily absorb nature energy.


Ayame is skilled in the use of taijutsu and is able to take on a large group of jonin level shinobi on her own with just taijutsu.


Being an expert hunter and tracker she has trained in the use of bukijutsu for many years to make quick and clean kills. Most of her weapons she has created herself from materials in the forest or that she has found in the ruins of destroyed villages.


Ayame is skilled in battle tactics being able to use her heightened senses in order take down her prey. She can make quick and smart decisions in a short amount of time and can easily learn her enemies movements.


Ayame scavenges for materials and jutsu scrolls in the ruins of decimated villages.

Ayame's doujutsu appears a golden amber color rather than the common red color.