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editAzusa Hayashi
(林梓, Hayashi Azusa)
Gender Gender Male Male
Age 18
Height 179.8 cm
1.798 m
5.899 ft
70.787 in
Weight 63.2 kg
139.332 lb
Blood type B
Occupation Architect
Affiliation Land of Shade

Azusa Hayashi (林梓, Hayashi Azusa) is an architect for Kagegakure and the former lover of Miyuki Murakami.


Azusa was born in the Land of Shade to Arashi and Kasumi Hayashi. When he was four years old, his parents received a request from Kage to work as architects for the village, as it was working on expanding its infrastructure to be better prepared in case of an all-out assault on the village defenses. Arashi and Kasumi gladly accepted, as they needed the money, and set out for Kage.