Banshōja Shikotsumyaku
Banshōja Shikotsumyaku Symbol
Kanji 万生者屍骨脈
Rōmanji Banshōja Shikotsumyaku
Ten Thousand Living Things Dead Bone Pulse
Appears in Naruto: Shippūden episode 272
Naruto chapter 684, page 16
Classification Ninjutsu
Kekkei Genkai
Clan Kaguya Symbol Kaguya Clan
Demonic Flame Chakra Mode

Banshōja Shikotsumyaku (万生者屍骨脈, Literally Meaning:Ten Thousand Living Things Dead Bone Pulse) is a evolved kekkei genkai of Shikotsumyaku, a bloodline that has been awaken by certain members who were exposed by the Kuryu's radioactive DNA which allowed them to genetically mutate and awaken a new bloodline the transcends from human and dragon bloodlines. This evolutionary ability transcends standard enhanced cells and Strength of a Hundred Seal altogether enabling members of this clan to manipulate their Progenitor Cells, Fertility, Unipotency, and Osteoblast even other unique unorthodox abilities that allows them to survive harsh environments or vacuumed environment.


This ability is unique, a rare bloodline that its been questioned and seen as a evolutionary break through in science and biological engineering. The only user of this bloodline is Kanashimi who possess mutated cells that can accelerate her body's Osteoblast (骨芽細胞, Kotsuga saibō) from growth, development and durability, her blood stream that is enriched with radioactive blood cells that acts as agents to protect and strengthen the body against diseases and blood clots this trait would be known as the hematopoietic stem cells (造血幹細胞, Zōkekkansaibō) that possess a regenerative trait to regenerate cells. Her Fertility (豊沃, Hōyoku) rate shown unholy rates of being to produce egglings and have offsprings has been scientifically believed came from the dragons trait to have many young dragons from their large fertility rate, many organization's and scientist across the world has asked if they could take a few eggs and experiment on them; the end resulted in successful offsprings clones but were instantly terminated by kana.

This power gives the users regenerate the length of their Telomere (テロメア, teromea). The Kaguya member would be an ageless wielder of Banshōja Shikotsumyaku extending their own lifespan indefinitely from nucleotide sequences being regrown and continuously divided without shortening. Although many has tried to achieve immortality through many means for example; Jashin Cult partake in sacrificing their victims to they're deity in hopes to attain immortality, their only successful subject was Hidan.

Kanashimi can manipulate her Immune system (免疫システム, Men'eki shisutemu) to defend and destroy pathogens and bacterial diseases even harmful substances that comes in contact with the body is quickly eradicated them at a alarming rate, she can also manipulate others immune system that'll cause them to get sick easily or strengthen it so they can't subcome to the illness (it has been rumored Kanashimi has Tuberculosis, hemoptysis and heart arrhythmia). Kanashimi's Progenitor cell (前駆細胞, Zenku saibō) is heightened and easily influence by barely adding chakra she can divide only a a substantial amount of Progenitor Cells above the limited number replenish special cells, but also maintain the blood, skin and intestinal tissues instantly healing her wounds down to the most sever conditions, her body isn't just able to heal but it can cause the opposite effect that leads to deterioration of cells and blood leaving her victims a husk.

The blood of the dragon or "Curse Draconic Blood" (呪われた竜血, Norowareta ryūketsu) lingers inside every cell and tissue. It lays dormant in the body until a kaguya awakens the Banshōja Shikotsumyaku then the blood with begin to change the wielder into something else, slowly eating away at the user causing severe headaches and pain through their body the more they use this power no matter how many times they heal the process takes up to six months to three or four years before it takes full effect. The user would convert into a undead dragon fueled by the power of radiation originating from Kuryu a being of chaos that plagues the land with his presence now lingers within the user now with their body becoming a host of devasting proportion making the most strongest ninja to afraid to approach, the organs in the body will change, their bone structure would take a dramatic metamorphic alteration and their DNA would allow them to adapt and become stronger from more experience.


  • All Things Muscle Tissue Pulse (全物事筋肉組織脈, Zen monogoto kin'niku soshiki myaku) is a ability that allows the user to adapt and have increase in muscle growth that allows them to become stronger
  • All-round production (総合生産, Sōgō seisan)
  • Universal living Veins (普遍的な生体静脈, Fuhentekina seitai jōmyaku)
  • Livelihood Nightshade Blood Pulse (生計夜叉血液脈, Seikei yasha ketsueki myaku)
  • Living immortal blood Pulse (住全不死血液脈, Jū zen fushi ketsueki myaku)


  • This kekkei Genkai wouldn't be here rn if it wasn't for User:ProReaperMain for he is the one to come up with the name and my help along with User:JouXIII who translated the name foe him.
  • I also credit him for the techniques made for this bloodline.
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