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Banshōja Shikotsumyaku
Banshoja Shikotsumyaku Symbol
Kanji 万生者屍骨脈
Rōmaji Banshōja Shikotsumyaku
Literal English Ten Thousand Living Things Dead Bone Pulse
Appears in Anime, Manga
Known Wielders


Banshōja Shikotsumyaku (万生者屍骨脈, Literally Meaning:Ten Thousand Living Things Dead Bone Pulse) is a evolved kekkei genkai of Shikotsumyaku, a bloodline that has been awaken through many members of they're once feared Kaguya Clan. This power enables the user to manipulate and construct they're skeletal structure. By infusing their calcium with chakra, they could manipulate the growth and properties of their bones to a molecular or microscopic level. They're bones a characterized as dark red colored but in the manga it is burgundy red pulsating on them. This power is very rare among the clan that is barely existing from they're annihilation leaving very few to awaken this ability, the user can produce and manipulate the bones into much heighten levels than normal. Constructing they're bones via skeletal structure into different humanoid transformations or into various weapons even into


The kekkei Genkai allows the user to access various skeletal bone structures creating many powerful techniques. The appearance of this kekkei Genkai is similar to every user with same dark red coloring that makes the technique much different from the Shikotsumyaku but it still retains the user's original abilities. The Banshōja Shikotsumyaku puts great strain upon the user's body the more they use it, the drawbacks of this power can be catastrophic if not treated quickly which is by decapitation, Absorbing and assimilating the sacrifices organs and bone marrow entire gaining unnatural properties of the eaten sacrifice which would cause boths abilities to merge creating a entirely new abilities.



  • This kekkei Genkai wouldn't be here rn if it wasn't for User:ProReaperMain for he is the one to come up with the name and my help along with User:JouXIII who translated the name foe him.
  • I also credit him for the techniques made for this bloodline.
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