Bewitching Silk Forest
Forest Shinseina tanjō
Kanji 妖絹林
Rōmaji Yōkenrin
Literal English Enrapture Thread Woodland
Village Data
Leader Great Spider Heiress
Symbol Bewitching Silk Forest Symbol

Bewitching Silk Forest (妖絹林, Literally Meaning: Bewitching lustrous fiber Forest), aldo known as the "bewitching Forest of Silk" (狡猾な森, Kōkatsuna mori), is the several unexplored sage regions, a legendary place that was nearly destroyed during the fourth shinobi war. It's the Land of Jorōgumo (絡新婦,woman-spiders) and the place where all Jorōgumo's that others have summoned live. It is the home for huge and small Jorōgumo's alike. Forest Shinseina tanjō is a rich and dark land whose ultimate authority seems to be the Great Spider Heiress. Jintoku is the only known elder and sage, and she seem to have higher authority over others greater then heiwa.