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Birusu Uchiha, A.K.A the Battlefield Annihilator. Birusu is a shinobi born from a Hyuga and an Uchiha who took residence in Kumo (whose parents are civilians), and managed to manifest both the famed Byakugan and Sharingan at birth. Being offered an opportunity to develop the kid Birusu to his utmost potential, Birusu's parents obliged, and he was made to live and play alongside Shikizaki Hyuga, becoming his childhood friend. Offered the same kind of training, Birusu developed at a pace which exceeded Shikizaki, courtesy of the improved memory afforded by the Sharingan. For a long time Birusu refined his skills, developing his own style while learning from Shikizaki as well. Despite being younger than Shikizaki, he still remains a match for Shikizaki.

At Age 15, Birusu began pursuing a different path from his brother, aiming to find different sources of chakra to fuel himself, and also improve his skills. Instead of becoming the leader of the black market and hardly doing much missions, Birusu took up all the S-Ranked missions sent to the village, in particular missions of assassination, as that is his forte.

With all the money he earns, he supports his civilian family members, giving them a good life in Kumo. With his relations to Shikizaki, he made sure that no harm would come to them.

Golden Darkness

In the land invaded by Zetsu, Kumogakure's forces split due to the chaos. Amidst these chaos arose several platoons, one of which was led by both Birusu and Shikizaki, who hoped to last long enough to regain Kumogakure from the forces of Zetsu, relying on their strength and reserves to aid their own platoon in pushing through against the seemingly endless number of Zetsu. Currently, they have amassed a sizeable number of shinobi and are attempting to find other notable leaders such as Kei Yotsuki.


Birusu, unlike Shikizaki, appears stoic and serious, a trait possessed by most Uchiha. However, he is known to lighten up as well, and that is what happens most of the time. Though he often radiates a presence that is extremely imposing, he can quell it if he need be, to the extent where nobody can detect his presence. Birusu, unlike Shikizaki, is also much leaner by comparison, having no need for Shikizaki's level of muscles.


Birusu is very serious about work, but at other times he is both childish and playful. More often than not, however, he is extremely lazy, being incapable of mustering the strength to do anything of importance. For this reason, he only raises his finger in situations of grave importance. For this reason, he is extremely passive.

In combat, he goes all out. Some people even regard it as more insane than Shikizaki Hyuga. Fighting from an extremely long range, he literally destroys entire battlefields with his method of combat.


From young, Birusu was given the parental care desired by his parents, while being subject to another one of Kumo's new experiments. Unlike Shikizaki, Kumo applied a different brand of seals on him, seeking to imitate the "vessel-like" nature of objects which absorb and contain chakra. This expanded Birusu's maximum capacity of chakra to be far greater than that of Shikizaki, though with a weaker chakra generating capacity. This brought Birusu's max capacity for chakra to be at Hashirama's levels when he was 4 years old, despite his chakra producing only at rates reminiscent of Jounin. This is unlike Shikizaki, who was balanced with both Jounin level chakra generation and chakra reserves.

This chakra transferring was done by forcing unconverted chakra into Birusu's system, instead of converting it to Birusu's own chakra. This made his body adapt otherwise, learning to contain vast stores of unconverted chakra from any source. Slowly, they changed the kind of chakra they gave to Birusu, ranging from demonic chakra to Tailed Beast chakra from the Jinchuuriki. This experiment was much easier to conduct than Shikizaki's, where they had to consistently increase and maintain the chakra flow in Shikizaki's system, unlike Birusu.

At the age of 3, they taught Birusu the necessary skills needed for him to play with Shikizaki, and gave him the same type of clothing as Shikizaki so they would undergo the same type of training. At this point, they were still like kids without any official training. At this point of time, Birusu's Sharingan was still at the first tomoe.

At the age of 6, Birusu would gain the capacity to store Jinchuuriki levels of chakra, matching Naruto when he was a teenager. Undergoing training like Shikizaki, Birusu wondered why Shikizaki was capable of going for so long during spars, despite he himself having more reserves at the start of any battle. Still, as he managed to learn jutsu much faster via the Sharingan, he did not really complain much. With both his Byakugan and Sharingan, he managed to learn how to copy the Chakra Flow in the target's body, and this allowed him to use almost all kinds of jutsu with the same degree of control of the user whom he had copied. This gave him a strong foundation in his Elemental Chakra training, accelerating his learning curve. Unlike Shikizaki, however, his chakra was not perpetually full, and he had to take breaks. This allowed Shikizaki to train to a much greater extent than Birusu, which put them on roughly the same level, despite the advantage afforded to Birusu by the Sharingan.

During this point of time, Birusu also carried out a different form of training - learning to use the chakra of others when they were inside his body, and to develop chakra absorption techniques which did not convert the opponent's chakra. This aided in his chakra control immensely, as he gained experience in controlling the chakra of others as the others attempted to disrupt his control. This helped Birusu learn how to multitask, and use multiple jutsu at once, allowing him to match Shikizaki. He was also taught how to segment his reserves, between his own chakra and chakra from others, and also learnt how to absorb the enemy's chakra directly.

At the Age of 8, after the development of the Chakra Foundation, Birusu's max capacity increased drastically to Kisame levels, bordering on Tailed Beast levels, and his control improved as well. Forced to work with the opposing chakras from practically everyone in the village flowing inside him, he had slowly developed greater control over it by using his Byakugan to observe his chakra flow as he used said chakra. Gradually, he realized that these sources of chakra all had different elemental affinities associated with different elements, and that with sufficient control he can segment and mimic the flow of these people's chakra, using chakra of similar natures to fuel techniques of that nature. This naturally increased the potency of his Elemental Techniques, which he was learning to master alongside Shikizaki Hyuga. Working alongside Shikizaki, who was 9, he began to learn the Gentle Fist Art as well. With 1 Byakugan only, it was much harder than normal, even with the extreme mental capacity afforded by the Sharingan, hence it took a long time for Birusu to master. Even as he learned all these new things, he did not neglect his Taijutsu and Ninjutsu training, which improved proportionately with Birusu's consistent training. At this point of time, he managed to successfully develop his own Chakra Absorption Technique, allowing him to absorb the enemy's chakra directly from them without conversion, thus Birusu's chakra absorption was 100% efficient and much faster than most other users. Increased development over his own chakra control also allowed him to resist other's attempts to absorb his chakra, and his ability to freely alter his body's chakra composition also made it extremely hard for anyone to effectively convert his chakra for their own use. In this year, Birusu managed to master 2 Elements, Fire Release and Lightning Release.

At age 10, he had reached Tailed Beast levels of Chakra casually, and his capacity to create clones, and the fact that he had unlocked his 3rd Sharingan Tomoe had increased his training capacity to levels never before seen. It was in this period of time where he begun developing the Eight Gates Elemental Ninjutsu and Chakra Threads Combat alongside Shikizaki, due to his rapid advancements in Chakra Control. With the many different forms of Chakra Natures present within him, he learnt to alter his chakra composition and flow to match any shinobi's chakra which he has absorbed before. This also gave him an incredible understanding over how each Elemental Chakra Nature is formed, allowing him to master the remaining 3 Elements, Water, Earth and Wind. At this point of time, he had also begun creating his own form of ranged combat, using many powerful Ninjutsu and techniques from range to achieve his desired effect. In the next few years he would vastly increase his repertoire of Ninjutsu and Chakra's potency so as to suit his form of combat.

At Age 14, his max chakra capacity reached a new high, said to be several times that of even Shikizaki, the chakra monster, despite his chakra production rate being only at Kage level. As Kumo began feeding him the chakra of Bijuu, he not only managed to adapt to it, but even convert its potency to his own advantage. At this point, his ability to perfectly attune himself into any kind of chakra and absorb it was seemingly on the level of a Chakra Storage Seal, beginning to approach even the Chakra Foundation's capacity to contain chakra. At this point, Birusu had mastered the ability to match the properties of any chakra type he wishes, allowing him to unleash Elemental Techniques of the greatest potency with the lowest of chakra costs. He had also developed a Chakra Absorption ability which allowed him to store all kinds of chakra within himself, draining chakra from targets at incredible speeds. Through the medium of Chakra Threads, he is even able to literally pull the elemental chakra into the threads itself, and similar to his own body, segment the chakra into a different section. This segmenting ability devised by Birusu allows him to absorb even the most toxic and deadly of chakra into himself without ever suffering from any drawbacks. For example, if for example he absorbed chakra from a Kaguya user, which threatens to create mutations in his bones, that chakra would not even begin to affect his body, as it literally "seals" the chakra in a segregated section within his own chakra coils, inside a coating of Birusu's chakra. This prevents almost any chakra from ever affecting Birusu's body negatively. This ability, developed by Birusu, makes him an undeniably tough person to face in battle.

At Age 16, his maximum capacity was monstrous, and made many wonder whether Birusu was actually human when he was fully empowered. Though the chakra generation by his body was still at a rate lower than Shikizaki's, the fact remains that his coils had a much greater capacity to contain and store chakra. Reputed as one of the strongest elite jounin in the village, his increasing capacity was now supported by Shikizaki Hyuga as well, allowing his reserves to reach new heights. With such an enormous capacity, his chakra coils were outright bigger than most users, allowing him to channel unbelievable power into his techniques in an instant. Ironically, his style of fighting, which is long-range assassination, is surprisingly minimalist, relying on the weakest of techniques to win the battle. This is not to say that he doesn't possess the capacity to use sheer brute force - it just means that he prefers not to, as his chakra generation would mean that it takes quite a bit of time to regenerate his unbelievable reserves. According to Shikizaki Hyuga, it is so huge that his chakra coils can support the use of Eight Gates Elemental Ninjutsu, reputed for its ludicrous chakra cost, without opening a single Gate (Chakra Limiter) at all.

Being old enough, he was sent out on many extraordinarily difficult Assassination missions, earning much money for his family, though as a result of his disappearance a few times a week, he was unable to continue expanding his reserves as per his liking. Desiring to find a permanent solution, he took a holiday and headed towards the remnants of Moryo's tomb in the Land of Demons. Using his power, he attached himself to the remnants of Moryo's chakra in the area and used a Summoning Technique, bringing Moryo back to the realm of humans.

The first thing Moryo did was to ask Birusu why on earth he decided to bring Moryo back, to which Birusu simply replied that he wanted to sign a Summoning Contract with Moryo, which would give Moryo opportunities to shed the blood of beings and enjoy crushing his opponents. In return, Birusu would be willing to become a "vessel" for Moryo to have contact with this realm. Moryo, deciding he had nothing to lose and could possess the capacity to re-establish his influence within this world, decided to send his chakra manifestation into Birusu. Entering Birusu's body, he was completely astonished as to Birusu's seemingly impossible chakra capacity, and agreed to joining Birusu.

However, since Moryo's true essence was in another dimension, unlike originally where a part of it was in this dimension, Moryo's summoned chakra manifestation (residing within Birusu) would slowly leak from Birusu over time and would be "desummoned" (the process being slowed by Birusu). The Moryo within Birusu would thus hardly be able to regenerate its reserves, though most of the time it is not necessary. The actual Moryo, however, can be summoned separately at will by Birusu himself, courtesy of the Summoning Contract. This summoned Moryo is capable of regenerating its reserves and function as a fully capable Moryo.

With this, Birusu slowly became a full-fledged terrifying force of nature in combat, complementing Shikizaki extremely well. Relying on his powerful Sharingan and Byakugan working in tandem, Shikizaki Hyuga and Birusu Uchiha became known as the Brothers of Annihilation.

Currently, Birusu is 22 years old and, like Shikizaki, became a Mercenary as well while serving the village. With his chakra capacity having been crazily augmented by Moryo over time, he possesses, by far, the largest chakra capacity ever known to most. His Chakra Regeneration rate is said to still be much lower than his maximum chakra capacity, but to Birusu, it does not really matter, as few can really push him that far (such as Shikizaki Hyuga).


In Dreamscape, Birusu is currently working as a Mercenary. He knows that his brother in all but blood has joined Zenith, and is currently focusing on training and taking care of his civilian parents.

Naruto Arashi

In Naruto Arashi, Birusu assists Shikizaki for duties, being known as one of Shikizaki's most trusted people within Kumogakure. Alongside Shikizaki, Birusu also contributes to developing Kumo's Chakra Foundation, though he does so more sparingly, considering the fact that his chakra regeneration rate is slower than that of Shikizaki.

Abilities and Techniques

Unparalleled Chakra Capacity

Birusu possesses an Unparalleled Chakra Capacity, said to be capable of holding entire Tailed Beasts within his chakra system without the use of any seals whatsoever. His incredible chakra capacity, making Shikizaki Hyuga's pale by comparison, comes from the experiments done on him, channelling foreign chakra into his body and having Birusu's body slowly adapt, learn to contain the external chakra, to utilize it, and as a side effect expand his reserves. Unlike Shikizaki, in which excess amounts of his own chakra were thrust into his own system, Birusu's required himself to purposefully find a way to contain the chakra of others without expelling it. This stress on his own chakra system expanded Birusu's Chakra Capacity to expand to a much greater extent than Shikizaki's, however, his own chakra production did not increase equally proportionately. As a result, his chakra regeneration rate is incredibly disproportionate as compared to the amount of chakra he stores.

Even with these unbelievable capacity and reserves of chakra, Birusu's capacity does not stop there. Using the same system which he uses to contain any external chakra, he can forcefully expand his chakra capacity severalfold, containing much more chakra than his normal "max capacity" would suggest. This causes stress on his chakra systems, forcing it to continue growing. However, chakra control is required to retain this, as the excess chakra would naturally flow out of Birusu. The regular state where chakra is not flowing out of Birusu is known as Birusu's "max capacity".

At Age 16, when he discovered the remnants of Moryo's tomb in the Land of Demons, he managed to detect remnants of Moryo's chakra. This allowed him to summon Moryo, and sign a contract with him. Granting Moryo's chakra manifestation refuge inside of his body, Birusu's chakra capacity expanded much more daily, becoming greater every passing day. This also led to Birusu's chakra becoming much more potent over time, as Birusu is capable of replicating the quality of another's chakra unto his own, increasing the potency of his own chakra. For the next 6 years, with Moryo inside of him, Birusu's reserves continued expanding unendingly, via both the Chakra Foundation and Moryo himself.

Though, despite spending so many years increasing his chakra capacity, he found that, nonetheless, his chakra regenerating rate did not keep up, and is reminiscent of Shikizaki when he was 15. Even so, Birusu remains incredibly hard to battle, capable of lasting for a massive amount of time in battle.

With Moryo's manifestation kept inside him at all times, Birusu's capabilities can also be brought to another level as well, when he begins to tap into Moryo's chakra. This grants him the traits of regular Moryo containers, such as extreme speed, the ability to control extremely durable stone soldiers, flight, telekinesis, accelerated healing, and an exponential increase in raw power (chakra potency). This increases Birusu's capabilities to an extreme extent if he ever decides to enter his Moryo Chakra Mode.

As Birusu is only containing a Chakra Manifestation of Moryo, he does not face the same problems as regular Moryo hosts. Like in the movie, this Chakra Manifestation cannot exist outside Birusu as well.

Chakra Potency

Birusu's chakra is incredibly potent, as he is capable of mimicking the properties of other peoples' chakra. Often, he mimics the potency of the chakra from the strongest people, and even that of Bijuu, allowing him to use extremely powerful attacks with relatively less chakra.

With Moryo's chakra, the potency of his techniques shoot through the roof, and he can begin to use high chakra density techniques and even Eight Gates Elemental Ninjutsu

Chakra Regeneration

Unlike Shikizaki, Birusu's chakra regeneration is much lower than what most would expect from his incredible chakra capacity. To address this, Birusu often relies on Military Rations Pill, Moryo's chakra, or even his own Chakra Water to replenish his reserves if he knows that he is going to fight another battle soon.

Massive Chakra Control

While incapable of having control at as refined a level as Shikizaki Hyuga, courtesy of both his mind boggling max chakra capacity and the fact that many different forms of chakra flows through his body, Birusu still possesses an extremely notable degree of chakra control, being capable of moulding his chakra to take on the characteristics of different people at a whim, and utilizing other people's chakra within himself. This minimizes chakra loss and increases Birusu's efficiency in battle.

Part of what contributes to this is Birusu's training with Shikizaki, where he strived to mimic his level of control.

Incredible Durability

Being refined through massive amounts of chakra use throughout the years, Birusu's body has become extremely strong, being enhanced via the chakra flow within Birusu's body. Using Chakra Enhancements, Birusu's strength and durability reach levels reminiscent of powerful armours.

With Moryo's chakra, his durability is increased further, and he is augmented with increased power as well.


A key ability of Birusu's is Regeneration, which he gains when he uses Moryo's chakra. This makes him capable of regenerating wounds on his body to a certain extent in battle.


Something Birusu had unlocked within himself when he was young. Despite only having one Byakugan, he was still capable of seeing the regular things which Byakugan could take note of, for example, Tenketsu points on an opponent. However, it is not as clear as compared to regular Hyuga like Shikizaki Hyuga, hence his effectiveness and skill with the Byakugan is not as high as what one would expect it to be.

However, having trained his mastery of the Byakugan, Birusu has gained a large spatial awareness of several hundred metres around himself whenever his Byakugan is activated. This is to aid his response time and awareness of techniques being directed at him. Alongside the Sharingan, he can literally predict where the attacks will strike and use the minimum movements to avoid all anything thrown at him.

While his Byakugan is considered less efficient than users of 2 Byakugan, he is able to channel more chakra into his eyes to make up for the shortfall. This helps him see opponents several kilometers away and strike them with ease.


Birusu possesses a 3-Tomoe Sharingan. This allowed Birusu to be as adaptive as he is, allowing him to keep up with Shikizaki's absurd pace while spending time with his parents. Birusu's Sharingan also possesses powerful predictive abilities, copying capabilities as well as the power to enhance Birusu's mental acuity. For this reason, Birusu was able to learn jutsu at an extreme pace as well, and support his aim in long-ranged combat when used in conjunction with the Byakugan.

These extreme advantages have helped Birusu adapt his own style to combat while mimicking others, enhancing his capabilities as a whole. When used alongside clones, he is capable of perfectly coordinating techniques to create established release techniques, such as scorch or boil release, when attacking his opponents. He also uses the Sharingan's predictive capacity to vastly enhance his power in combat, expanding his capacity to literally overwhelm his opponents by cutting off all means of escape.

With the Sharingan, Birusu is also capable of using Genjutsu, though that is not his favoured means of combat.

All-Seeing Susanoo

A technique developed from his battle with Densetsu. Using the Sharingan's ability to copy, Birusu intimately understood how the construct of the Perfect Susanoo came about, and strove to mimic it. After several years of training, Birusu understood how he could have the Perfect Susanoo originate from his body using his Doujutsu, and strove to create a variant combining both the Byakugan and the Sharingan. The result was the All-Seeing Susanoo.

Like the Perfect Susanoo, this variant strains the body to its utmost extent, a characteristic designed to maximize the defensive capabilities of the Susanoo to absurd levels. For Birusu, someone who has a degree of chakra flow never before seen in an Uchiha, the Susanoo generated is therefore to a much greater degree of power, as if a Tailed Beast was using Susanoo itself. Combined further with Birusu's capacity to sustain the Susanoo via both his chakra capacity and Moryo, his Susanoo is said to be on a whole other level of durability.

Then, Birusu, desiring to be combat efficient, condensed this Susanoo to the surface of his body, as if his body itself was the Susanoo. This gave rise to a whole new kind of Susanoo, dubbed by Birusu to be the "All-Feeling Susanoo". By altering the very chakra composition of the Susanoo itself, the full original size of the Perfect Susanoo becomes something of a "sensory layer", while the actual Susanoo resides solely on the surface of Birusu's skin. This creates the illusion that Birusu's Susanoo is only on the surface of Birusu's body, when its actual range of effect is no less than a Perfect Susanoo. With this, Birusu can strike at anything that is normally within range of the Perfect Susanoo with "invisible strikes" coming from his Susanoo, as well as feel anything within the vicinity. For this reason alone Birusu calls his variant of the Perfect Susanoo the "All-Feeling Susanoo", as he is perfectly capable of sensing everything within it.

However, as this variant of the Susanoo is Birusu's attempted reconstruction of the actual Susanoo itself, it is not an actual eye technique, and can therefore be replicated by anyone who knows how to use this technique. Still, as this technique requires a ridiculous degree of chakra control and chakra flow, only very few can replicate it. If people actually do replicate it, all they get is the conventional Susanoo used by regular Mangekyo Sharingan users.

Long Range Combat

Birusu is an incredible master of Long Range Combat, using many combinations of clones and techniques to achieve his desired effect.

8 Trigrams 128 Senbon

editBirusu Uchiha

  • Battlefield Destroyer
Appears in Anime, Manga, Game, Movie
Gender Gender Male Male
  • Part I: 19
  • Part II: 22
  • Part I: 160
    16,000 cm
    160 m
    524.934 ft
    6,299.213 in
  • Part II: 168
    16,800 cm
    168 m
    551.181 ft
    6,614.173 in
  • Part I: 60
    60 kg
    132.277 lb
  • Part II: 68
    68 kg
    149.914 lb
Kekkei Genkai
Classification Sensor
  • Assassin
  • Mercenary
Affiliation Kumogakure Symbol Kumogakure
Ninja Rank Jōnin
Nature Type
Unique Traits
  • Mercenary
  • Massive Chakra Capacity
  • Slow Chakra Regeneration

"You are within range of my divination"
— Birusu, 9 kilometres away

Using Senbon, he is capable of throwing it with perfect accuracy from 9 kilometres away to strike the opponent precisely at all of their tenketsu points, using the Sharingan to account for all minor errors and the Byakugan to give him a sight range that far. At this range, he applies wind chakra to his senbon to completely nullify all wind effects on the senbon, and unleashes the Senbon at an incredible rate. Since the senbon are so small, they practically produce no sound.

Using several clones, he can also release Senbon at several different predicted positions away from the detected position. This allows him to strike any opponent not using defensive ninjutsu without fail, as long as they are not behind obstructions.

A variant of this uses Chakra Threads in combination as well. With this, the senbon can be freely manipulated mid flight and be channelled Elemental Chakra to pierce through any and all obstacles. When any of these senbon hit they cause paralysis, allowing the rest of the senbon to come in and finish the job. With enough chakra they can even pierce through the person and appear on the other side, effectively making it impossible for them to move any further or risk death, especially when Gentle Fist Blade Threads are used.

Normally, Birusu uses the regular chakra threads and shoots many senbon, imbuing them with chakra to rapidly increase their speed. The senbon are fired at an angle as well such that when the target dodges, it is likely that the target gets caught up in the chakra threads. The senbon then gets embedded deep into the ground, effectively locking the target in place with the target bounded by chakra threads. Birusu can then either absorb the target's chakra and increase the strength of his chakra threads, and/or fire more senbon to seal all his Tenketsu.

If Birusu wants to go for the kill, he can even add ninja wires as well alongside the chakra threads, preventing chakra absorbing people from

This is most often used by Birusu in his assassination missions.

Multi-Clone Combat

Birusu fights from a several kilometre range using Chakra Threads Combat, using all his clones and all his tenketsu to manipulate Chakra Threads. Using this, Birusu can manipulate a seemingly endless stream of weapons against the opponent, each enhanced with varying degrees of elemental chakra to literally rip the opponent to shreds.

These threads are also used to drastically increase the range of movement that clones have when they are sent into combat, as they can easily be pulled back, upward, downward or accelerated forward. This increases Birusu's clones taijutsu capacity immensely, allowing him to unleash extremely powerful blows, especially when more threads are used.

Also, these clones can also use Clone Great Explosion, making Birusu's tactics incrediby devastating in combat.

This is used when Birusu's target notices his presence but is skilled enough to not get restrained by his previous techniques. This leads to Birusu relying on close range combat instead.

Ninjutsu Annihilation Combat

When Birusu forms clones in combat, he also has these clones form more clones, and has them act autonomously while being pulled into position by chakra threads. This allows multiple elemental ninjutsu to be overlapped simultaneously without hindering any technique. This is possible because of the incredible processing capacity introduced by the Sharingan, allowing Birusu to literally create an elemental combination for every potential position his opponent might move into.

With this he is known to level entire battlefields, generating impossible protrusions from the ground and literally striking where the opponent could ever be in the area. With both the Sharingan and Byakugan, it is nigh impossible to escape his barrage of attacks.

With the Giant Shadow Clone Technique, this power is brought to a whole other level, allowing to Birusu to unleash the Elemental Combination: Meteor Dragon of Doom technique alongside all his previous attacks.

This is normally used when his opponent is a veritable monster, such as Kages or Jinchuuriki, though he does use the previous techniques mixed in as well, in particular the chakra threads and senbon combination.

Short-Range Combat

In the short range, where Birusu is within the vicinity, Birusu may engage in Taijutsu as well.

Steamrolling Melee Combat

Relying on creating an extreme, chakra-dense layer of armour around himself, Birusu uses his incredible chakra mastery to rapidly flow Chakra within his body, vastly enhancing its capabilities and increasing its durability and strength to casually possess Chakra Enhanced Strength. Similarly, he does this with any chakra released outside, forcing it to circulate his body with incredible speed, thereby keeping a large bulk of his own chakra near him. With this, he is able to charge enemies and use the bulky chakra around himself to repel enemy attacks and create shockwaves. He is known to use elemental techniques as well, to enhance his defences.

To add onto his capabilities in close combat, he also makes use of his clones as well, using them to utilize chakra threads to move his body around, as well as any other clones he is using to engage in close combat. With this, he also summons Giant Clones to aid his skill in combat. He normally uses regular shadow clones to use Chakra Threads to help the giant clone move much faster than expected.

Elemental Ninjutsu

Birusu possesses an absurd degree of mastery over the various Elemental Ninjutsu, said to be on par with Shikizaki Hyuga. His control is such that he does not require any handseals to unleash elemental techniques, though he may use them to increase the potency of his chakra drastically.

Unlike Shikizaki, he is unable to unleash Elemental Ninjutsu from any part of his body, but he is capable of unleashing Elemental Chakra from all his tenketsu.

Gentle Fist

While not as proficient as Shikizaki, he is capable of using most of the Hyuga techniques, however he does not have access to the dangerous Destruction Fist Taijutsu that is reminiscent of Shikizaki. However, he is still capable of using both the Elemental Armour and the Elemental Rotation.

Still, as his Byakugan is not as proficient, he still has to rely on his Sharingan to strike the tenketsu of his enemies.

Stimulating Gentle Fist

Birusu has designed a Gentle Fist Art of his own, meant to be much more "gentle" in nature than his friend's Destruction Fist. The Stimulating Gentle Fist relies on the premise of stimulating the tenketsu rather than blocking it, vastly increasing Chakra Flow in the body.

When used on the self, it can increase the flow of chakra without the need of opening the Eight Gates, vastly increasing the power that can be accessed by the user. The downside, however, is that the chakra released can be hard to control, and wasted as it is released to the environment, especially if the user doesn't come from a background of training in Chakra Control. This is especially true when stimulating especially strong tenketsu, such as the Pressure Points of Harm and Death. With sufficient skill and power in Chakra Control, the user may intentionally stimulate many tenketsu in his/her own body, vastly increasing the chakra flow in the user's body for use in extremely powerful attacks, such as the Eight Gates Elemental Ninjutsu, without fear of the body destroying drawbacks that are created by the regular Eight Gates. However, an issue with releasing the constraints of chakra flow from so many tenketsu is that of Chakra Exhaustion, however in the case of Birusu, this is not really much of a problem.

Birusu uses this often to target the enemy, enhancing as many tenketsu as he can to vastly increase chakra flow in the target's body. This not only affects their chakra flow (which increases by a large amount), but affects their control over techniques as well, as they now have to exert control over their chakra lest it be wasted on the environment. Chakra Control subsequently deteriorates, though they are capable of using much more powerful jutsu when these tenketsu are released without problems.

The main reason why this technique is used on enemies is so that their reserves would be exhausted far faster than one might expect, and increase the amount of chakra available for absorption by any chakra absorption user.

Eight Trigrams Stimulation Revolving Heaven

A variant of the Eight Trigrams Palms Revolving Heaven, after open several tenketsu in the user's own body, the user releases a far more powerful variant than the original, which creates sporadic chakra shockwaves as the user spins, blowing techniques back and surprising enemies.

Eight Trigrams Chakra Climax

A variant of the Eight Trigrams Sixty-Four Palms, designed to literally force the enemy to exhaust their reserves extremely quickly. However, considering the fact that the enemy gets more chakra with every additional hit, the user has to be careful to be able to dodge the enemy's attacks as he executes this technique. Also, the user has to worry about the opponent's incredible power the moment this technique is fully unleashed.

When used on the self, it opens 128 of the regular tenketsu, increasing chakra flow by an incredibly huge amount. If the user's chakra is barely unleashed with this number of Tenketsu released, it is a testament to the user's immense control. With this amount of chakra, it is tantamount to having the sufficient energy to use the Eight Gates Elemental Ninjutsu with ease.

Eight Trigrams Unparalleled Stimulation

By releasing all the user's tenketsu, the user can enter the state of unimaginable bliss as literally all the chakra in one's body is made available to the user. In this form, the user's chakra becomes extremely erratic, requiring extreme amounts of chakra control to maintain. Due to the mind boggling levels of chakra unleashed in this state, it casually releases shockwaves around the user as the user attempts to contain the sheer power unleashed by the technique, to little avail. In this form, while all the user's chakra flows in his/her body, the user has to be careful with how much chakra he/she puts into any attack, as the user may move from a state of full power to complete and utter chakra exhaustion in an instant, as there are no restrictions as to the amount of power they can place into an attack. This makes them extremely deadly as they can at any moment unleash techniques using their full reserves in one blow, albeit without the physical strength afforded by the Eight Gates.

A side effect of this technique is that sporadically, the user may unleash massive shockwaves of chakra to repel the landscape. This is due to the chakra flow build up within the user's body, creating an increased "Chakra Pressure" within the user's body. When the pressure gets too huge, the user can release it in a massive explosion which repels most Taijutsu users and attacks. If the user is strong enough to contain the Chakra Flow, they may even channel it to their physical strikes or wait for opportune moments to use the chakra shockwave. The Chakra Shockwave comes primarily from the Chakra Pressure, hence little chakra is required to fuel the shockwave despite its incredible force, making it extremely potent in nature.

Furthermore, the incredible amount of focus required to maintain the technique limits the user's strength considerably, as less focus can be spared for considerable plans, and that chakra has to be continually contained within the body, else it will be rapidly released from the user's body, and may result in Chakra Exhaustion extremely quickly.

When used on the enemy, it increases their chakra flow to absurd levels. The main aim of using it on the enemy is to force them to expend their chakra extremely quickly, reducing the enemy's chances in a battle of attrition.

Eight Gates

Like Shikizaki, Birusu has also learned the Eight Gates. This allows him to access the Eight Gates Elemental Ninjutsu. Though he sparingly uses the Eight Gates, as few are capable of pushing him that far, he is capable of using most of the Ninjutsu associated with the Eight Gates.

Thus far, he has managed to unlock 6 Gates.

Eight Gates Elemental Ninjutsu

Techniques developed by Birusu and Shikizaki working together. Birusu is extremely well versed in this area, though he often does not require the Eight Gates to use the ninjutsu in this area, courtesy of the monstrous chakra coils he possesses.

The Eight Gates Elemental Ninjutsu, in the case of Birusu, is known to enhance every single ninjutsu known to Birusu by an extreme amount, allowing him to devastate entire battlefields with but the smallest jutsu. The degree of chakra he can channel with several Gates activated is said to be enough to summon meteors in front of his own face instantly.

Naturally, all techniques used in conjunction with the Eight Gates are much stronger than any natural counterpart.

Eight Gates: Body Flicker

Chakra Augmentation: Draconic Power

Elemental Combination: Disaster's Manifestation

Scorch Release: Flurry of Incinerating Shuriken

Boil Release: Evaporating Tiger

Lava Release: Swamp of the Hell Realm

Yang Release: Predictive Enhancement

Yin Release: Shape Transformation/Manifestation

Chakra Exertion: Area of Death

Birusu, releasing chakra into the area, can conjure anything in the area around him at a whim. With it, he may form shadow clones out of nowhere or drop gigantic boulders on targets casually, or even conjure Chakra Threads from nothing, using them as ropes and literally strangling targets.

He can combine this with his Chakra Absorption technique to literally absorb people's chakra in the vicinity, allowing him to absorb chakra from opponents. This does not work on Ninjutsu, however Birusu can convert the chakra he has in the air to repel the opponent's techniques.

A side effect of this technique is that the chakra in the area gives him an awareness of everything within it.

Chakra Absorption Technique

Birusu's chakra absorption technique is unique to him alone, as it relies on absorbing the pure, undiluted chakra of anything, including even elemental chakra. However, he is unable to contain elemental chakra within his own body.

With this he can absorb asinine amounts of chakra, at a rate reminiscent of monsters like Samehada, which can literally swipe several tails worth of tailed beast cloaks of targets, though Birusu requires a longer period of contact than that. Containing the target's chakra using the Chakra Containment Technique, he is capable of storing far more chakra than his max capacity suggests.

Chakra Containment Technique

The Chakra Containment Technique is a method devised by Birusu to effectively contain all kinds of Foreign Chakra flowing in his body. Being subject to foreign chakra in his chakra system since he was young, he had slowly adapted to the influx of Foreign Chakra. However, simply adapting to it was not a sufficient long term solution, as this chakra was harder to contain as compared to his own chakra. Also, there was the fact that he has to train himself to get used to chakra from different people. Therefore, it was apparent that Birusu had to discover a way to contain the influx of Foreign Chakra safely.

Hence, Birusu devised this technique to achieve that effect. By containing any and all absorbed chakra segmented within his own chakra (i.e at the centre of his own chakra). This prevents any foreign chakra from interfering with his body, or coming into contact with anything important, as his rapidly adapting body gradually becomes capable of manipulating the chakra and converting it into his own chakra. This ability has the side effect of allowing Birusu to suppress any enemy chakra within his own body in the form of Genjutsu, rendering him relatively immune to its effects.

This containment technique also helps him contain a vast excess of chakra, as compared to his "max capacity" when he knows that a battle is coming up. It is said that this containment technique is the way in which Chakra Water is made.

This technique can also be used on his Chakra Threads, allowing him to use a vast amount of chakra threads to absorb and contain the enemy's chakra within it, draining the enemy via the chakra threads.

Chakra Mastery

An effect arising from his adaptiveness to foreign chakra, likely never seen before by other shinobi. With it, he is capable of altering the properties of his own chakra at will, changing its potency and altering its affiliated natures. It is for this reason that he is capable of taking control of his enemy's chakra once it is in his body.

Clone Techniques

When Birusu uses clone techniques, it functions strangely in that Birusu is able to decide how much of the foreign chakra in his body that he wants to put into the clone, as long as the required amount of chakra is distributed among the clones.

This allows Birusu to literally create a Chakra Manifestation of Moryo, bringing him out into the world, or create a miniature body for Moryo to move around in.

Summoning Technique: Moryo

After signing a Summoning Contract with Moryo, Birusu can summon Moryo at will. Moryo is a gigantic, multi-headed dragon as seen in the movie, with a tremendous amount of dark chakra which is extremely potent. His multiple heads and access to the 5 elements give Birusu many avenues to unleash collaboration techniques with Moryo, laying waste to the battlefield.

Moryo also possesses a massive amount of chakra, far more than even Birusu reserves-wise, and rapidly regenerates these reserves due to the nature of Moryo's existence. With Moryo in battle, Birusu may rapidly absorb Moryo's chakra to become far more powerful than he originally is, also giving him access to a seemingly infinite source of chakra.

As Moryo is truly summoned by this technique, Moryo's dark chakra is contained within his body.

Moryo Chakra Mode

Releasing the Chakra Compression Technique which he has active on Moryo's Chakra, Birusu can enter the Moryo Chakra Mode, pushing his reserves to a new high and granting him traits reminiscent of Moryo containers. These range from massive speed, enhanced strength, telekinesis, accelerated healing and incredible additional reserves. Similarly, it also grants Birusu incredible durability, drawing upon the potent chakra to act as a shield against most techniques. This increases his power in combat to a whole new level and grants him the capability to use Tailed Beast Chakra Arms and even the Tailed Beast Ball, a testament to the amount of chakra gained in this state. In this form, his reserves increase drastically, as Moryo begins absorbing chakra from the environment to "regenerate" itself. This causes Birusu to enter Version One, as elaborated on below.

Like the Tailed Beast Chakra Mode, Moryo Chakra Mode grants many similar abilities, namely the ability to use the Tailed Beast Bomb, and other similar abilities. Vastly increasing Birusu's physical prowess, the sentient cloak may help Birusu unleash many secondary attacks which prevent even the Sharingan Eyes from predicting Birusu's next move, and unleash much larger versions of conventional abilities. In this state, Birusu gains the capacity to use the Eight Gates Elemental Ninjutsu even without entering the Eight Gates state, due to his reserves being so high that his natural chakra flow meets the requirements for the techniques stated above. This is in the Version One variant of the Chakra Mode.

When the Chakra Manifestation of Moryo gathers sufficient energy, Birusu can enter the Version 2 Variant of this transformation, giving him much more defined draconic features, with a complete cloak covering his body. In this state, his relation with Moryo and his control over Chakra allows him to remain clear-minded, thereby increasing his deadliness to another level. In this form, all the traits inherent in the regular Moryo Chakra Mode are enhanced, and this gives him a much greater amount of chakra to access, allowing him to unleash bizarre techniques rapidly while still growing in power. In this form, instead of having tails, Birusu has several dragon-like heads, similar to the form of Moryo, manifest behind him, similar to how tailed beasts have tails behind them in battle. These appendages can be extended by a massive amount, giving Birusu extreme range in his attacks. Birusu grows up to 5 'tails' before he enters the next phase. These heads can unleash any elemental chakra of Birusu's choice from their mouths, unleashing massive techniques.

In the next phase, Moryo's chakra condenses around Birusu, beginning to grow into his full form. This is the technical "Full Beast Transformation" for the Moryo Chakra Mode, with Birusu being inside one of the heads, similar to Naruto being inside Kurama's head. In this form, Moryo possesses an incredible amount of chakra, continuing to grow by rapidly drawing in chakra from the surroundings (though there is a limit). In this form, Birusu can continually unleash techniques without fear of failure, and summon several Chakra Manifestations of Moryo via the clone technique. Also, the amount of chakra afforded by this state is said to be far beyond Birusu's maximum max chakra capacity.

Similarly, Birusu can compress this final transformation into a cloak around his body, though the heads still remain present and emerge from the back of Birusu's body. These heads can either act autonomously or through Birusu's will, giving Birusu several more appendages to work with in battle.

Moryo Head Appendages

Instead of unleashing hands like in the Tailed Beast Chakra Appendages, Birusu unleashes heads instead. These heads can grasp onto the opponent and unleash chakra techniques, and are also capable of growing in size at will.

Chakra Manifestation: Moryo

Manifesting Moryo's chakra in the form of a Giant Shadow Clone, Moryo is capable of fighting alongside Birusu and also begin regenerating chakra, as it can assume the properties of its original body in a shadow clone manifestation. This allows Moryo to rapidly gain power over the course of battle, negating the need for Birusu to summon the real Moryo into battle and have Moryo risk damage. As this Manifestation of Moryo possesses extreme regenerative powers, and an absurd control over its own chakra and body, it is almost impossible to dispel and very powerful. This manifestation of Moryo, however, is vulnerable to Chakra Absorption Techniques.

As Moryo does not possess a chakra system, Moryo seemingly functions like a Tailed Beast, capable of unleashing jutsus of any strength without any seeming limit.

Moryo Ghost Army

With Moryo's chakra, Birusu/Moryo is capable of summoning massive numbers of the Terracotta army, which is made out of stone. This army is incredibly durable and resistant to damage, and can be used as a form of defense against an opponent's techniques.

This army can also be converted into their constituent Earth materials at will, allowing the user to unleash extremely powerful variants of Earth techniques using these materials for both offensive, defensive and supplementary techniques.

Combined Transformation: Demon God

6 arm asura

Birusu's Demon God mode

This technique is a variant of the Combination Transformation technique.

Executing a combined transformation with Moryo, Birusu is capable of creating the perfect, demonic body which he and Moryo believe to be apt for almost any situation. Creating immensely huge chakra coils and infusing an extremely large potential chakra capacity into the body, the combined transformation forms the medium of an extremely powerful body, one capable of seemingly storing an endless amount of chakra. This transformation allows the user to transform two beings into one, effectively fusing them for the duration this technique is active. Using this, Birusu is capable of expanding his reserves and capacity to absurd levels, said to be able to match a tailed beast in raw power, strength and endurance, with the durability to boot. The chakra capacity possessed by this body is so great that even with Moryo constantly regenerating his chakra, it has yet to reach the maximum which the body can handle.

In this form, Moryo's passive but powerful abilities, such as chakra regeneration and regeneration, are added onto Birusu's and become available for Birusu's use. The body, being made to be capable of handling immense amounts of chakra, allow Birusu to use the Eight Gates Elemental Ninjutsu with ease, courtesy of his chakra flow expanding considerably due to the transformation. The massive power boost affords Birusu the capability to use all the abilities in the Moryo Chakra Mode to a greater extent. Since this technique fuses both users, it is said to increase Birusu's strength to an extent much greater than the Moryo Chakra Mode.

As the user continually regenerates chakra, at a rate likely higher than it is depleted, Birusu grows stronger with every passing moment in battle, awaiting the moment where the battle can finally be ended. When the transformation ends, all the excess chakra gained from the transformation are transferred into a Chakra Storage Seal on Birusu's body for future use (most likely for this transformation).

Despite the advantages this form affords, it looks extremely inhuman and thus Birusu refrains from using it. Furthermore, as the body is a transformation, this renders it nigh impossible for Birusu to suppress his chakra, as chakra is constantly emitted courtesy of the shape transformation afforded by the technique. Hence, Birusu doesn't use it as often as one might expect.

Demon God Chakra Fists

With immense chakra flow from the far larger tenketsu afforded by this transformation, Birusu is capable of unleashing literal Chakra Fists from his hands by simply punching. This gives his physical strength a medium to travel through as it transfers the force via chakra, allowing him to unleash literal ranged melee attacks casually. The Chakra Fist can have however much chakra Birusu desires, increasing both its range and potency if Birusu wishes.

Chakra Impact

Due to the massive chakra available for Birusu to unleash in this state, Birusu can then make use of Chakra Impact, a much more powerful variant of Chakra Enhanced Strength. Using this, he can concentrate far more chakra into his fist than regular Chakra Enhanced Strength users, allowing him to create shockwaves that are seemingly impossible, and also allow him to literally change direction in mid-air by kicking the air itself. By kicking off the water, he may create massive shockwaves which generate massive tidal waves, propelling him across massive distances. By kicking off land with enough chakra, he may even jump across islands to different continents through sheer power alone, and simultaneously jump several kilometers into the air, creating massive shockwaves where he kicks off. This ability works solely due to Birusu's massive chakra capacity which he can use at will.

Normally, he uses this to execute bursts of pure speed which for the most part are invisible to most people, literally striking the enemy with powerful impacts (which his highly durable chakra-conducive body can withstand). This relatively simple technique can make a world of difference in a Taijutsu battle.


Chakra Water


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