• AtlantisUchiha

    English names

    September 18, 2019 by AtlantisUchiha

    Ok I know this.. could NOT be needed, and it's my being idiotic on Naruto, but I'm still gonna say it cause I trust the community and not my own research. Why can't we use English names? Naruto has shown us many characters with names of Japanese origins; Might Guy, Rock Lee, Asura and Indra origins being Sanskrit, the language of Ancient India and not Japan. So, with these evidence of names not of Japanese, why can't we use names like Cody, Zeus, Hades in-universe, seems kinda dumb to restrict us from doing so when it happned in-universe.

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  • Holly Winter19
    is, without a doubt, one of the most—if not the most—hated character in the Naruto series. He's an antagonist in every regard and betrays everyone who's ever worked with him. He's arrogant, totalitarian, and brutal in his methods, as well as deceptive, manipulative, and backstabbing. He's certainly not nice, and with regards to whether he's good or not, I think he falls in a more "morally-gray" area. I'm fairly certain the vast majority of Naruto fans will agree with me concerning this vague description of Danzo Shimura.

    This morally-gray area I just brought up, seems to be the spark of some controversy: Was Danzo actually a good-ish man? Or at least not as bad or evil as we think he was? In this blog, I will discuss my take on the debate and …

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  • Holly Winter19

    So, Naruto, Hashirama, and Ashura all have the same soul.

    Sasuke, Madara, and Indra all the share the same soul as well.

    Does this mean that Hinata, Mito Uzumaki, and Kanna (Who are/were the wives of the Naruto soul) were also reincarnated souls who couldn't really move on because of the curse of reincarnation between Ashura and Indra?

    I'd like to think they are... it's romantic (〃ω〃)

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  • Holly Winter19

    It's been established that Rock Lee has "No talent in ninjutsu or genjutsu." Some people seem to think that he can't use chakra or doesn't have any chakra, but that is false.

    Rock Lee does have chakra: he can enhance the strength of his offense and defense, he can walk on water, run up walls, etc. He just doesn't use ninjutsu or genjutsu cause he sucks in that area.

    So my question is, what is Rock Lee's Chakra Affinity? Kakashi's is lightning, Sasuke's is Fire, Naruto's is wind, Sakura's is probably Yin because she was stated to be resistant to genjutsu and could have been a genjutsu user.

    Even though a person doesn't use tons of elemental ninjutsu, doesn't mean they don't have a chakra affinity. Even if they suck at their affinity, it's stil…

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  • Holly Winter19

    Tenten Sucks?

    July 10, 2019 by Holly Winter19

    We all know that the Naruto girls are lacking; it's unfortunate, but true.

    We often say:

    "Sakura is trash."

    "Hinata is trash."

    "Tenten is trash."

    Ino gets left in the dust, but she's good at what she does.

    Temari is honestly pretty good, so are Konan, Tsunade, and maybe even Mei and Anko.

    But while I love every Naruto girl for everything they have to offer, it's obvious that Sakura had a LOT of wasted potential; same with Hinata. Of course, Kishimoto himself has commented on his errors, and I'm sure most of us can understand why things were the way they were...


    Tenten, my kunoichi Tenten…

    You are actually bad.

    I originally loved Tenten's concept, and still do for the most part. In part one, I thought she was cute, and that the idea of a "wea…

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  • Holly Winter19

    So I was just thinking for a bit...

    Can a shadow clone or elemental clone use the Summoning Technique?

    If the user of the clone technique has the skill and chakra, the clones can use things like ninjutsu. Itachi, Kisame, Hiruzen (Third Hokage) have demonstrated such:

    , creating shadow clones that use ninjutsu.]]

    Does this mean that a shadow clone or elemental clone can use the summoning jutsu? They'd have to shed some blood to perform the jutsu, but I don't think that would make them dissipate. It might also require a fair bit of chakra, but considering they have the reserves and chakra control skills (so they don't waste chakra) necessary, would it be possible?

    I can't recall if at any point a clone performs a summoning jutsu, but this is just…

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  • Holly Winter19

    So something I've noticed in Naruto is what I believe to be an strong imbalance of elemental natures, particularly with regards to lightning.

    • Lightning is indisputably the fastest of the elements.
    • Wind is supposed to be great at cutting, but lightning can literally do the same thing with its speed and penetrating power.
    • Fire never burns people in Naruto (plot armor?) and is much slower and more "visible" than lightning (big ball of flame is easy to see.)
    • Water just drowns people? That's so bad.
    • Earth is the worst (unfortunately). Literally nobody I've ever met thinks earth is cool. It's not flashy and its perceived to be pretty lame. It's supposed to be some "super defense", but lightning also does things to the body so a person can be super d…
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  • Holly Winter19

    So, most chakra natures have some sort of clone variation. Aside from the typical shadow clone, there is the water clone, lightning clone, earth clone, etc.

    But wait! With regards to earth clones, there are actually two: the Rock Clone Technique and the Mud Clone Technique.

    Apparently, the mud clone is a shadow clone made of mud that can put itself back together when "injured." Additionally it can grab and bind a target in mud. Very useful and underrated.

    The rock clone, on the other hand, is made of rocks and is stated to break apart rather than disappear. At first, I thought this jutsu sucked since a normal shadow clone disappears after one-ish hits. Wouldn't it just do the same, but also leave a pile of ruble behind? Then, I realized that …

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  • Garnet von Schweetz

    Hello my fellow Schweetz Army and friends it is I Garnet von Schweetz Queen of both Slaughter Race and Gems across the universe that brings you news from the cosmos (in my room eating oatmeal).

    It's been a wild two or three years in NF and I'm glad to have meet so many of you guys! I appreciate so much from you all and all the help I've been given from those I never thought would help me through my struggles as a author, so much has happened, so much has passed since then even now I'm shocked I'm still standing from the endless nights of writing, sacrificing my sleep hours for this only led me to become addicted to this site which is the reason why I am leaving temporarily for two months. I'll be focusing on myself and my life literally cau…

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  • Garnet von Schweetz

    Blog 2

    June 10, 2019 by Garnet von Schweetz

    Hello everyone! This is Kokoa the queen of Sweden here and I'm posting this blog to do a shout out to some of the writers on NF!.

    • Holly
    • Syndus
    • Achlus-Senpai
    • Kana-Sensei
    • AmyJay
    • SahaTo
    • Tigzy
    • Sparky
    • Outlandish
    • Yukino
    • Onoru
    • Steel

    Y'all have been on fire this past months on NF and I hope y'all have a great blessed day too and I'm shouting out to all the other users who is on NF! Y'all are unique in your own way so have fun and have a blessed day!
    Kokoa's Group chat

    --Queen Kristina (talk)

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