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Blood cleansing technique
Kanji 血遁: 浄化技術
Appears in Anime, Manga, Movie, Novel, Game
Classification Kekkei Tōta, Medical Ninjutsu, Ryuketsu Symbol Hiden
Rank A-rank
Class Supplementary
Range Short-range
Derived jutsu

The Blood Cleansing Technique is a natural process that occurs within the bodies of the Ryuketsu Clan without the use of chakra. It acts, aids and enhances the functions and processes of the liver and kidney - hence, cleansing and purifying the blood. This continual movement speeds up and ensures the removal of all the pathogenic agents, poisons, chemicals, toxins and waste products that is present within the blood circulatory system effectively and completely – which actually discounts the need for a functioning liver and kidney. For this reason, the Ryuketsu are rarely afflicted with biological illnessess or diseases. It is an incredible asset to have for their working shinobi as they are technically impervious towards poisonous gases, liquids and other harmful ingestible substances.

However, it is also an endangerment as the process will still be active upon extractment and even death. Individuals whom infuse the blood of a Ryuketsu with theirs, assuming they do not die from its potency, will inherit this gift. This greatly displaces clan members into potentially dangerous scenarios when involving the fact that they are able to produce thrice as much blood naturally compared to a regular human being, even without manipulating chakra.


  • It is impossible for a Ryuketsu to be intoxicated with alcohol as their blood automatically filters it out.
  • This ability which acts as a double cleanser makes urination and defecation unecessary.
  • The nature of the Blood Cleansing Technique was among the reasons for the clan's cremation mandate.
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