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BloodGeist DanceoftheDroseraRegia
Kanji 血霊:王モウセンゴケの舞
Rōmaji Chirei: Ōmōsengoke no Mai
Appears in Anime, Manga
Classification Ketsuryūgan Symbol Kekkei Genkai, Hiden, Dojutsu, Ninjutsu, Taijutsu
Other jutsu
Parent jutsu

A rather unique and hyper-lethal technique within the Blood Geist series, it was heavily inspired by Kimimaro's Dance of the Clematis: Vine technique.


Upon activation, four blood tentacles sprout from Yosoi's back as modified, titanium vertebra form along their entire length with stinger-like protrusions at the ends. Around each vertebra are large circles, which can release millions of millions of spores into the environment. The tentacles and vertebra are so dense that they are for all intentions and purposes indestructible.

The tentacles can be used to for a variety of purposes, including helping the user move or grab and attack targets and even ejecting blood from the ends. They can also shoot multitudes of unique Yasaka Magatama from the ends capable of warping away anything they come into contact with, destroying it in the process. The form itself can be used to flatout run through enemies, and even slice through high-density materials, such as rock, steel and in some cases, even objects as hard as diamond. By using more blood, Yosoi is able to lengthen the tentacles a great length and multiply their numbers, while gaining more control over them. By forming the ends into hands, Yosoi is able to perform techniques with extreme power and precision.

Upon getting within three meters of a target, the spores are swiftly pulled into the bloodstream of the target. Once it enters the bloodstream, a super-viral chain reaction occurs. The spores cause the body to absorb carbon dioxide into the blood while forbidding it from exchanging it with oxygen. The carbon then binds to the iron present in the blood, creating a steel molecule. This spreads through the body of the target within seconds, causing cellular-scale steel formations through the body of the target, locking their muscles and movement in place. Because their blood is unable to swap carbon dioxide for oxygen, and their lungs can't expand or contract, the target will rapidly suffocate, suffering an extremely horrific death.


  • This technique was named after Kimimaro's branch of Shikotsumyaku techniques.
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