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PKH BloodGoddess RedRadianceOfTheBloodMoon
Kanji 血女神:朱燦然血月
Rōmaji Chimegami: Akesanzen Chitsuki
Appears in Anime, Manga
Classification Kekkei Genkai, Hiden, Dojutsu, Ninjutsu
Class Defensive, Supplementary
Range All ranges
Hand seals Dragon → Boar → Tiger
Other jutsu
Parent jutsu

The Blood Goddess: Red Radiance of the Blood Moon is a unique technique usable by those who possess an exceptionally powerful Ketsuryūgan and have mastered the Blood Goddess state.


Upon looking at the moon and performing the required hand seals, the moon turns a crimson blood red while covering the world in an ominous, penetrating red light. Through the radiance of this unique, red light, the user is able to bath and mark targets within an immense range with it. While it is normally used with the moon itself, if the celestial body is absence, Yosoi can amass a large sphere of blood from which the technique can be used from.

The light provided by this technique not only grants the user three-hundred-sixty degree vision across the range of the light itself, but also makes the user insensible and enables the user to see through sense-evading techniques. This includes techniques such as the Dustless Bewildering Cover, and the Hiding With Camouflage Technique. It also distinguishes clones from the original, even allowing the user to see limbo shadows and Parasite Clones, when while recalled or hidden.

Due to further investment in training concerning the Red Radiance of the Blood Moon, Yosoi can use it to further effect in battle. Using the technique in a defensive manner, Yosoi is able to use her own blood as a conduit in which she can reflect any attack within the range of its light. This allows her to actively guard herself from attacks on the fly while redirecting them back to the source.

When needed, Yosoi is able to use the red light of the moon or the orb to analyze the blood of the opponents around her within a timeframe. After enough time is taken, Yosoi is able to inflict harm directly on her targets by harming herself, irrespective of their location or distance through use of the Blood Goddess: Death Controlling Possessed Blood technique. With the deadliness of being able to convert any part of her body into blood in an instant, she can end the lives all of her targets, or specific ones at will.

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