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Bo-staff are very tall and long staff weapons used throughout the shinobi world. Bō are typically around 1.8 meters long and used in many different martial art styles, in particular bōjutsu. These weapons are typically used in defensive measures and symbolize a strong ground. There many different variants of these weapons ranging from short to extremely long.

Seika's Variant

As Seika's secondary weapon, it is generally used it when defending against melee attacks. He also uses it to "bend" his Wind Release element. It sports his very own special Flying Thunder God transportation seal which allows it to instantly appear in his hand at any given moment.

Katoku's Variant

This version is completely made of silver or gold dust it usually depends on the area his is at during the time of creation. Like all his special made weapons, Katoku has the ability to change the shape or break it into smaller weapons.

Hōritsu's Version

Like many of Horitsu's weapons, Horitsu's bo-staff is made from dark chakra, assumed to be Kurama's. Horitsu's bo-staff is pure black and is lined with neon red cracks. Thanks to the demonic prowess of Horitsu, his demonic bo-staff only amplifies the damage dealt by unholy beings, but is weakened by holy weapons.

Song's Version=

This version of the Bo-staff has both it's ends encased in ice, creating spiked orbs of ice at each end to increase damage and hopefully make an opponent bleed.

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