In order to bring peace to Raikugakure , Arutoa has started an association called The Memory Hunters . He is searching for members. Members can join at any time by putting a link to their page and their username in the Members Section (put it like {This}). Suddenly, a Memory appears. It is the 3rd Memory (The Dark Memory Knights in Arutoa's Training room are quite literally from his memories, no pun intended). Arutoa pulls out his MFD (Memory Fusion Device), standard eqiupment for a Memory Hunter, and fuses with Memory Knight One, Raiku (named Raiku because it brought hope to Arutoa that he could save Raikugakure. He starts fighting with Memory Three, who is easily captured, but his last words before being sent to the Purification Chamber (Which, as Arutoa recently learned, took enough energy from The Exlipse to purify instantly) were signals to contact the remaining 7 Memories (there are 10 in all). Memory 4 appears in front of Arutoa, and Arutoa sends out the Membership Signal before fighting. Join the Memory Hunters (We Have A Myspace Group) and fight the Memories, as well as getting your own Memory Knight (There may be more Memories coming if too many people join). The entire series will go up as a freeweb site, and the URL will be on the myspace group!


{Arutoa }