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editCelestial Being
Celestial Seal 2
(天の存在, Ameno Seizon)
Appears in Anime, Manga
Species Celestial Being
Age Presumed Deceased

Celestial Beings were a race of people who inhabited the planet many eons ago. Not much is known of their history, and very little is left of what they once were. Ancient beings in touch with the stars themselves, they were capable of absorbing cosmic energy to give them power, a sort of predecessor to the chakra of today.


Many eons ago, long before Kaguya's life, there existed a group of people who were so in touch with the celestial energies above them, they managed to harness that energy. These were the people of the stars, beings who were perfectly in touch with the planet's cosmic energy. They were the only ones who had the power to absorb cosmic energy. Without a moon to light the way, the people used this cosmic energy to light up the world. Eventually, they found a group of seeds. By imbuing these seeds with cosmic energy, they would grow to be immense and larger than any other tree that ever existed. Thus, the birth of the Shinju began. These beings kept their power a secret from others who would out them as witches or other unholy beings. In secret, they tended to the tree, making sure their descendants did the same. This was to spread knowledge to those of the future, to show that their power is not unholy, but celestial. This went on for four hundred years. Then they just.... vanished. Nothing remained of their existence except the Shinju itself. The other seeds had long passed, no longer having access to the cosmic energy that gave life to the Shinju. All that is left is the God Tree.

Centuries after their disappearance, the world was at war; People were fighting over new lands or to take over lands that were already conquered. Choosing to end the war by the use of power, Kaguya Otsutsuki consumed the fruit that the Shinju bore. This caused the cosmic energy built up inside of it to grow unstable, as that fruit was the anchor that kept its cosmic energy stored within. Creating a corporeal form that became physical, the Shinju grew violent, rampaging against the world. During this rampage, the energy it released clashed with the cosmic energy that was within the planet, causing a massive disruption of the order the energy brung. This unstable energy manifested itself into every living thing, feeding off spiritual and physical energy, creating chakra in the process. The sealing of the beast that came forth from the Shinju weakened the tree substantially and it wilted away. This was one of the last, greatest things left behind by the celestial beings and it was now gone.

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