editChi Chi
Chi Chi
(チー・チー, Chi Chi)

  • Chi Uchiha (うちうちは, Uchiha Chi)
Appears in Anime, Manga, Game, Movie
Birthdate Astrological Sign Aquarius February 4
Gender Gender Female Female
Species Bionic-Cyborg
Height 132 cm
1.32 m
4.331 ft
51.969 in
Weight 106.2 kg
234.131 lb
Kekkei Genkai Jūgo's Clan's Kekkei Genkai Jūgo's Clan's Kekkei Genkai
Classification Mercenary Ninja
Occupation Guardian of Takemi Yagami
Affiliation Shishigakure Symbol Shishigakure
Clan Yagami Symbol Yagami Family
Ninja Rank Jōnin

Chi Chi (チー・チー, Chī chī) is a female Cyborg, is a young woman, created from by her "mother" from a land far from the Great Shinobi Countries. she is a mysterious shinobi who serves the empress of Shishigakure as her bodyguard, she is also responsible for the Kaihou Project that is responsible for everything that has become what it is today.


Chi Chi is a beautiful mid height young woman with fair skin complexion and a very petite physic. She has long velvet red hair that pass her lower back and seafoam green eyes with a purple roman numeral "XVIII" under her left eye. She wears a long sleeve black chiffon Lolita blouse and black button down coat with detachable buttoned sleeves, the shirt barely conceals chi chi's large bust that shows her Kāma diamond shaped mark located at the base of her cleavage, harem pants with ankle straps, She wore black calf-length shinobi sandals with Shishigakure's forehead protector.

In Part II she now wears a red lip stick with red fingernails to match, wears a pair of two rings with green gems in each center, her body has exponentially grown into a much mature petite woman with lip and ear piercings, a green emerald gem on her forehead, her velvet red hair being cut short to her upper back. Changing her usual style of clothing now wears a japanese kimono robe lace dress with mesh armor that goes the waist to her ankles and wears a pair of black ankle-length, open-toed high-heeled sandals with wooden soles.


Chi Chi displays a deep connection to Takemi her mother displaying a great loyalty that dwells deep into telepathic connection to her master but this connection goes back to the moment chi chi was first created from such technology she developed a mother-daughter with takemi seeing and can act more childish when she wants permission to fight someone in particular but also enjoys reading to her master or gardening whenever they have the chance. Chi Chi can act very elegant and inadequate when in a royal family meeting. Chi Chi can be very sensitive to her emotions and her masters showing not only they have a tight parental relationship but also has linked minds, memories and emotions with each other which is shown whenever tekemi is angry chi chi gets angry as well showing how tight their connection is even when chi chi is feeling conflicted with how she suppose to feel knowing her master can sense her struggle with it. The two can also remember and share memories with one another being able to peer into ones psychic minds and see what they see or see what the other is seeing from a long distance.


Body Modifications

Chi Chi's body has been extensively crafted and modified by highly-advanced Shinobi-ware combined with super advanced alien technology melding with technological and biological components into a single entity, fused with nanite components at the cellular level making her the very first Bionic-Cyborg ever created in shinobi history. Chi Chi displays unique advancements that binds her cells to a cellular level making it capable of body transformations similar to Jūgo's Clan Kekkei Genkai which enables them to alter their body into weapons. Even more, her very consciousness can be uploaded to a safe house within the village or she can enter her own mind into other machines allowing her to infiltrate and spy on people who doesn't want to be found, her creator tekemi would keep a small computer in case she needs to escape safely whenever her body is destroyed. Chi Chi doesn't possess chakra in her body to create any known jutsu's making her undetected but takemi manage to modify the girls body so when she is in the need of chakra she could easily absorb nature energy or absorb chakra through physical contact from a person by sensual or non sensual tactics even from Ninken and Ninneko this ability even allows her to absorb Ninjutsu even more complex techniques but will damage her body if further usage from absorb more a techniques, her body is modified to alter and blend into her environmental surroundings making her a very deadly shinobi being able to stealthy attack her targets; her stealth ability rendered the Amakaze Tsuyayaka's keen instincts useless but Yaban managed to seek her out of invisibility through her seismic sense.

Chi Chi can modify her body to adapt for combat that could match Yaban's abilities making them both equally matched, she could transform her legs into organic Jet Booster legs similar to those who used Asura Path. She can literally modify her arms or her entire body into weaponized organic or non-organic weapon that can fire off plasma energy based energy or chakra based with ease while destroying a large area with destructive force that can easily knock a tailed beast off the they're grounds. Her weapons can materialize into other weapons that accommodate for her size even much heavier objects she can lift up with ease displaying immense super human strength and can fight against larger and stronger opponents adapting to her opponents strength and speed which enables chi chi to match them even outmatch them in combat but her body have limits to how far she could push before inevitably harming herself. Her body is durable against weapons and chakra based techniques making her a difficult foes to beat even under life or death situations which is seen when chi chi dove in and took a spear for a civilian which barely pierced her body.

Her anatomy and organs are mostly human fueled with the bodily enhancement of nanites in her blood stream that stays at work keeping her body at top shape healing any damage that is caused by herself or from another person trying to do harm will trigger the nanites to quickly heal her, the ability of these nanites go as far to repair and retrieve a missing limb, half of her body or her head showing unique regenerative properties developed by takemi herself who also installed a ability for hacking into any electrical tech being able to interface with computers allowing them to download and gather information from other AI or secretly hidden files hooked into other cyborgs at will by simply touching or plugging herself into others being able to extract files instantly made chi chi a very dangerous individual even when she infiltrated Amegakure and stole the secret files and documents of project's and blueprints. When she was held captive she showed a very complex code in her mind displaying and creating complex codes that it was impossible to crack through such defense that even the village head himself could not solve leaving only her creator and herself to decipher.

Bio-Tech Advancement

After Chi Chi was severally injured from stopping a meteor's from destroying her home village takemi began developing a new source of energy and technology that'll aid her in combat she spent three weeks to a whole month, her luck came through with her near imperfect development in genetic-engineering has made breakthrough in biological technology that can change the lives of thousands but with this type of tech takemi refused to let such evidence exist knowing people would come looking for it she installed it into chi Chi's body then burned the blueprints leaving only her creation as the sole wielder of engineered biomass. This type of technology that was founded by chi chi's master has also theorize such advancements can create better structures, transportation even ships but this was never continued after knowing what it can do.


Chi Chi is a very adequate person, very obsertive and very intelligent for a cyborg since she can has the highest score in the village even her own mother figure was astound with the speed the girl was learning and how much her brain evolved over the course of three months under the watchful eye of several anbu hand picked by the daimyō's of the country. Chi Chi began progressing from history to Ninjutsu and Fūinjutsu scoring higher than the scientist from Konohagakure's Scientific Ninja Weapons Team making her a intelligent woman; she thought very quickly and remained calm in a fight, enabling her to respond with maximum efficiency and with the smallest likelihood of misjudging circumstances. If an opponent exceeded her expectations, chi chi would freely admit it. Chi Chi seemed capable in understanding and patiently outsmarting and out timing her opponents who wield the Sharingan or the Byakugan but her marvel and fascination of the Rinnegan who shown quite a few times when she came across people who utilize it to use the Asura Path.



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