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Basic Information

Name: 地面隠れの里 (Chigakure)

Other Names: Hidden Village in the Ground

Information: Chigakure's first leader was corrupt and only desired power. He started wars to claim land as property of Chigakure, so he could rule it. He assaulted the Earth Country and the Tsuchikage got angry. He sent assassins to Chigakure to assassinate him. They were successful and he was removed from all history in Chigakure. The current generation barely knows of him and the few who does has no idea what his name was.

When the current leader was selected, he started a war with Hanagakure of unknown reasons. The war was hard and long. The leader of Hanagakure was critically injured as well as most of the citizens of both villages. Ōtomo was badly injure as well and ended the war by aplogizing to the Hana village and providing aid for them while they rebuilt their village.


Currently Ōtomo


Shinobies from the village are best in close battle, and rock/ground -techniques. This village is having too many Jonins and not enough Genins and Chunins so they sends a lot of their jonins to other countries to work as their shinobies.

Village's Primary Jutus

1. Earth Style: Earthquake Technique - Rank:B

2. Earth Style: Rock Shield Technique - Rank: D

3. Earth Style: Hole Trap Technique - Rank: E

4. Earth Style: Mountain Rise Technique - Rank: A


Iwagakure, Newly formed Hanagakure


Formely Hanagakure

Noteable People

Kuwa, Houkage

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