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Clairvoyance Burst Mode
Name Clairvoyance Burst Mode
Kanji 千里眼バーストモード
Romanisation Senrigan Basuto Modō
Literal English Clairvoyance Burst Mode
Classification Ninjutsu
Ryo Hyuga Mangkeyo Sharingan Kekkei Genkai
Fighting Style
Chakra Flow
Rank A
Class Supplementary
Other Jutsu
Parent Jutsu Clairvoyance Sage Mode
Debut Roleplay
Game Debut Naruto: Gunki Monogatari
Naruto: Gunki Monogatari 2
Naruto Fanon: Extreme Ninja Clash
Roleplay Debut The Weirdest Acquaintance
Users (in Alphabetical Order by clan name)
Ryo Hyuga
Teizen Uchiha
Nochi Hyuga
Kagami Ōtsutsuki
Fuyuki Haru

The heightened version of Clairvoyance Sage Mode. Once activated, the cloak disappears and red and cyan green energy arcs emanate from the eyes akin to Teiōgan Burst Mode.


Other than the abilities granted by normal Clairvoyance Sage Mode, the abilities of Clairvoyance Burst Mode are the same. The user will also be able to utilize the Dust Release.


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