Clear Release
Nature Icon Clear
Kanji 冴遁
Rōmaji Goton
Literal English Clear Style
Appears in Anime
Known Wielders


Clear Release (冴遁, Goton) is a nature transformation kekkei tōta, a combination of Wind, Water, and Fire, that creates a semi-transparent multicolored icy flames that has been awakened and mastered by noble member who inherited the Kekkei Tōta bloodline. This advanced branch allows the user to not only create icy flames but must also control the temperature to further conjunct ice and fire together in order to create a ultimate flame that can freeze anything but also burn it causing the flesh to rot away.

This Kekkei Tōta Clear Release is a renowned bloodline that can be utilized not only to freeze or burn the victim but also Spontaneously Combust anything within their vicinity burning down even the strongest metal except Hihīrokane.


  • This Bloodline appears to only awaken in selective members in the arctic foxes, with the only few members seen in Kirigakure it is commonly rare for anyone to master it within the next several years.
  • This power awakened in selective members of the Arctic Foxes, these members are only seen to be half-breed's consisting of human and fox relations; Amakaze, Kin, and Yaban a tribrid of three strong heritage's from very powerful individuals.
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