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Literal English Cloaking Jutsu
Viz print media Cloaking Jutsu
English anime Cloaking Jutsu
English games Cloaking Jutsu
Alternative names Cloak of Invisibility
Appears in Anime, Manga, Game, Movie
Classification Ninjutsu, General Skill
Rank E-rank
Class Supplementary
Range Short-range
Hand seals Ram

The Cloaking Technique is a simple, but effective Yin Release technique. It is among the few Yin Release techniques that is not a Genjutsu. To demons the technique is considered a General Skill while humans think of it as a D-ranked technique.


When using the Cloaking Technique the user cloaks themselves or a target in a shroud of spiritual energy. This allows the user to turn themselves or the target invisible. The user becomes invisible to everyone except Dōjutsu users. The spiritual energy also hides the users scent, but leaves them vulnerable to being heard. Demons often get around this by using this technique in conjunction with their Intangible Technique to seemingly erase themselves from existence. Becoming impossible to be heard, seen, smelled, or touched.

Skilled users of this technique can use it to make thier chakra "invisible" to make it nearly impossible to be sensed just like with the Chakra Suppression Technique.

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