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editDaiki Aburame
Daiki Aburame
(油女大樹, Aburame Daiki)
Appears in Anime, Manga
Voice Actors
English Crispin Freeman Icon - Search
Japanese Hidenori Takahashi Icon - Search
Birthdate Astrological Sign Aquarius January 28
Gender Gender Male Male
Age 27
Height 189.6cm
1.896 m
6.22 ft
74.646 in
Weight 86.3kg
190.259 lb
Blood type O
Occupation Leader of the Yōkōgakure ANBU
Team Team Isamu
Clan Aburame Symbol Aburame Clan
Ninja Rank ANBU

Daiki Aburame(油女大樹,Aburame Daiki) is a shinobi from Yōkōgakure and is the leader of the Yōkōgakure ANBU.


175px-Young Daiki

Daiki as a child.

During his days at the academy, Daiki was a prodigy having the highest grades in the class and being the best taijutsu user. Daki graduated from the academy at the age of six and became Chūnin at the age of seven. After becoming a known and skilled shinobi he joined the Yōkōgakure ANBU, before a year had passed he became the leader of the origination.


Daiki is a fair-skinned ninja and the tallest member of his graduating class. Like all other Aburame, his eyes are obscured by sunglasses. His attire consisted of a long sleeved light tea green jacket with a high, upturned collar. He also had a pouch fastened to the back of his outfit which he used to carry around a bag in which he carried additional kikaichū.


Daiki is a stoic and silent individual, he is very quite and odd. But most people like Taiki Suzu and Michi Hōzuki find him to be very kind and friendly.


Like many other ANBU daiki is very skilled in many techniques and moves.

Aburame Clan Techniques

As a member of the Aburame Clan, Daiki was infused at birth with the kikaichū. The insects are free to live inside the user's body, feeding on his chakra to survive, and in return, they attack and do other tasks as he commands, in a form of symbiosis which is Daiki's main fighting style: in battle, he relies heavily on boxing opponents in with his bugs and then consuming their chakra once they cannot escape.


Despite not being his favourite form of combat, Daiki is very skilled in the art of taijutsu. When he was in the academy he beat every single member of his class.


  • (To an opponent) "Your lucky I am in a good mood."
  • (To Nanami) "I don't like to show my eyes."
  • (To Rai) "Lady Nanami asked us to protected you... that is the job of an ANBU."
  • (To Michi) "Why are you so lazy."
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