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editDaiki Kaito
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(大樹海斗, Kaito Daiki)
Appears in Anime, Manga
Voice Actors
English Michael Sinterniklaas Icon - Search
Japanese Kenichi Suzumura Icon - Search
Birthdate Astrological Sign Aquarius January 21
Gender Gender Male Male
  • Part I: 15
  • Part II: 19
  • Part I: 150.8 cm
    1.508 m
    4.948 ft
    59.37 in
  • Part II: 189.6cm
    1.896 m
    6.22 ft
    74.646 in
  • Part I: 42.2 kg
    93.035 lb
  • Part II: 53.3kg
    117.506 lb
Blood type O
Classification ANBU
Ninja Rank
Nature Type

Daiki Kaito(大樹海斗,Kaito Daiki) is ANBU who lived in Kirigakure but left the village after the death of his older brother.


Daiki was born in Kirigakure to two unknown shinobi parents along with his brother. Daiki had always tried to surpass his brother hoping to one day beat him. However every time Daiki had gotten stronger Yamato was one step ahead of him. This however changed when the two brothers became Jōnin. After two years of going on missions and training the two became closer and gained a more brotherly love relationship.

Unfortunately Yamato was killed during the attack on the Kaguya Clan. After the death of his brother Daiki left the village. He later came to Yōkōgakure and joined the Yōkōgakure ANBU.


Daiki is a is a tall, thin young man with brown eyes and white hair that he kept in a ponytail . He wears a shrot, light blue kimono adorned with a small emblem of three bubbles on the back, and a pair of black pants underneath, with an orange sash. The kimono hangs loose, exposing his chest. In it, he carries a bamboo jug filled with a soap solution, and a pipe.


Daiki is described as a "charming" individual. He is complimented for his looks by many women of his village and from Hakkingakure. He is also very calm and level-headed, and caries out his missions with excellent strategies.


In the anime, he was shown to be agile and nimble in battle, effortlessly dodging and out-manoeuvring all of Ken's attacks.

Nature Transformation

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