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"My ninja way? Hmm... Well, this is going to sound cliché, but I'll never give up are the words I've lived by for as long as I can recall."
— Daisuke to Rock Lee and Nakuka

Daisuke Takamine
Daisuke main
Name Daisuke Takamine
Kanji 高峰ダイスケ
Romaji Takamine Daisuke
Alias Wolverine Sage (クズリ仙人, Kuzuri Sennin, English TV: Third Wolverine Sage)
Personal Status
Age Part II: 28
Part III: 49 - 52
Gender Gender Male Male
Height 182.2 cm
Weight 68.1 kg
Blood Type A-
Affiliation Kumogakure Symbol Kumogakure
Snowy Valley Symbol Snowy Valley
Kyūkei to Heiwa Symbol Kyūkei to Heiwa
Occupation Mechanical Engineer
Partner Rimyō
Family Deceased Parents
Rieko Ōoka (Wife)
Ninja Rank
Rank S-rank
Classification Sage
Missing-nin (Pardoned)
Ninja Registration EP-2T2
Academy Prom. Age 9
Nature Type Nature Icon Yin Yin Release (Affinity)
Nature Icon Yang Yang Release
Nature Icon Yin–Yang Yin–Yang Release
Taijutsu Birth of the Midnight Sun
Chakra Enhanced Strength
Death of the Arctic Circle (Eventually)
Eight Gates
Eight Gates Released Formation (Eventually)
Human Hibernation
Polar Night Rain Shower
Splitting Iceberg
Jutsu Bladed Claw Technique
Body Flicker Technique
Chakra Transfer Technique
Clone Technique
Combination Transformation
Five Elements Seal
Five Elements Unseal
Manipulated Shuriken Technique
Sage Art: Yin Release Lightning Dispatch
Sage Mode
Shadow Gathering Technique
Shadow Imitation Technique
Shadow Sewing Technique
Shadow-Neck Binding Technique
Shuriken Shadow Clone Technique
Summoning Technique (Wolverines)
Yang Release: Never Ending Blade
Yin Healing Wound Destruction
Yin Release Chakra Arms
Yin Release: Blade of Nothingness
Yin-Yang Release: Water God's Entrance
Yin-Yang Sword Technique
Tools Blood Increasing Pills

"I once created only shadows, but the Midnight Sun showed me another way."
— Daisuke to Sasuke Uchiha

Daisuke Takamine (高峰ダイスケ, Takamine Daisuke) is the first person to have founded Snowy Valley and train under the wolverines to become a Sage. After a tragic accident, he loses a single leg, rendering him incapable to continuing as a ninja despite his objection. Angered by his village's refusal to allow his continuation, he abandons them and trains to prove to them he can be just as strong as them with his handicap.

He remained in Snowy Valley, where he believed he'd be safest. His senjutsu training continued, and just as he was beginning to settle in, Black Zetsu proposed war on the land Daisuke came to call home. Midway through the war, Daisuke displayed such trust and faith in his wolverine companions, that Tamotsu Ōtsutsuki grants him the title Wolverine Sage (クズリ仙人, Kuzuri Sennin, English TV: Third Wolverine Sage).


Early Life

Baby Daisuke

Baby Daisuke

Orphaned at birth, Daisuke grew up in an orphanage with soft-spoken but stern caretakers who taught him right from wrong. He followed their example to a 'T', willing to share selected toys and books, but when it came to his belongings he wouldn't dream of sharing. He let others know it was off limits with a sharp shove. One day, he pushed a kid a little too hard, mingling in his own chakra to the shove, inevitably breaking one of the kid's ribs. The incident was reported, and while the caretakers scolded him, they took him to see the Raikage. The caretakers explained how they believed Daisuke would be better suited as a shinobi then the civilian he would otherwise become. Daisuke was assigned to fight a kid his own age who held proper shinobi training. It lasted all of thirty seconds. The kid struck Daisuke, knocking him down, but Daisuke got up at a speed the boy could hardly keep up with. The boy blocked with Earth Release: Earth-Style Wall, but Daisuke unknowingly gathered a massive chunk of chakra in his fist and punched straight through the wall and knocked the kid out cold. He broke his hand in the process, but that was to be expected. What wasn't expected was everything else. It was all a blur as the Raikage spoke, allowing Daisuke to enter the Academy to train to become a shinobi that would rightfully protect the village. Being in the midst of the Third Shinobi World War, Daisuke found the idea fascinating. He could finally help take away what frightened his orphanage siblings so much.

Upon entering the Academy, both ninjutsu and genjutsu proved difficult, but with constant training, Daisuke proved himself worthy. He mostly ignored the other kids, finding the only friends he needed being in his orphanage. The only times his attention was on the others was during combat. However, there was a single kid who put in an effort to speak to Daisuke despite his annoyance. Sieki. Seiki was a prodigy who just entered the Academy, thirsting for both knowledge and friendship. One day, during lunch, Daisuke humored him. He hadn't expected Seiki to tell him about a secret, almost forbidden land called Snowy Valley. Seiki said his father's life goal was to discover the place, but it was cut short as those of Konohagakure killed him; Seiki promised to find it before his father perished, but what he said next was what gave Daisuke a goal beyond protection.

"But I'm ill, so I can't go out and find it. Will you?"
— Seiki

Daisuke wasn't sure why Seiki asked him of all folks, but he wasn't about to turn down an adventure. Seiki told him everything he learned from his father, left that day with a wave, and never returned to the Academy.

Daisuke's first mission

Daisuke's first mission: Success!

Shortly after, Daisuke graduated at the top of his taijutsu class. He was assigned to a team who had similar talents, though they were much older, a pre-existing team who lost a member in the war. They weren't amused by Daisuke's attempts at acting high and mighty, claiming he could stop the war. They also chopped his mentions of Snowy Valley up to being his childish fantasies. After all, he seemed to have a lot of them. Because of his sudden entrance, the team was often held back from the war, completing meaningless tasks around the village, but not even a week after Daisuke joined, the entire team was called into field. A small but powerful village attacked in attempts of assassinating the Raikage, but failed. It was up to Daisuke and his team to track the assassins down and destroy them. On their tail, Daisuke witnessed things no nine-year-old child should ever have to go through. He saw war, and war was ugly. It never seemed to end, and it was then he realized it might not be possible for him to end war. A surge of much-needed confidence racked through him as he stared at the backs of the assassins. Something — someone — decided for him, he'd never give up trying. If he wasn't the one to bring peace, he could at least say he tried. It was better than sitting on the back burning he decided. As he neared his opponents, he made his first kill. His teammates accepted him then, as he proved himself of use.

Seeing his display, the village granted missions within the battlefield despite Daisuke not being a chūnin or higher yet. There was no time for a test or promotion. All that could be done was throwing him out there and hope he had enough chakra to survive. One day, however, the other side knocked him out. He fell from a tree to a thick bush of thorns. Believing he'd died from the fall, his teammates left, and the opponents didn't bother searching for a useless boy who held no value. He could very much have perished then, had a smelly but warm coat of fur not leaned up against him. Teeth clamped on the collar of his shirt, and before he could scream or back away, a heavy cloud of smoke appeared and a chill ran up his spine. The fur kept him warm, though. Fangs unhooked from his shirt, but the wretched stench of the wolverine refused to vanish despite the hasty wind of the arctic night. Daisuke thought he was really dead then. He allowed the wolverine to drag him through what he soon discovered was snow. Dead and being dragged around by a Mustelidae. That's all that could run through his mind until the wolverine spoke to him through clamped teeth. The wolverine — a female kit named Rimyō as he'd later find out — told him to get up and walk himself to the cave. He stood, looked around, and just about fainted as he recalled a description once being told by Seiki before he disappeared. It was Snowy Valley in all its icy glory. Snow glistened, and the ridges were sharp, but not so much so that they corrupted the softness of the landscape. It was beautiful, and Daisuke could hardly believe what he was seeing. He couldn't contain his joy when Rimyō confirmed he was in Snowy Valley and he cheered himself on as they made their way to the caves where Daisuke passed out of exhaustion and the remaining pain of the poisoned thorns he'd landed on early. As he rested, he was healed by the most powerful of wolverines, Masayuki (正之).

Daisuke woke two days later, kits curled up against his side, keeping him warm. One kit being Rimyō, who dragged him through the land until they hit the largest cave in the valley. Upon arrival, Daisuke was greeted with a sickening stench greater than Rimyō and her siblings combined. They came up to dining room-type place, and raw bout fresh meat was sprawled out on the table. Rimyō guided him to the table and told him to eat up. Sitting across from him was a massive wolverine, shoulder height being at least five feet and its head was massive. Gray fur and yellow teeth were enough to intimidate Daisuke to pick up the first piece of meat and swallow it with little trouble. He ate what he could, though, and once he pushed himself away, the massive wolverine spoke.

"We hadn't expected company, but my daughter here decided you were too good to not bring back. Did you enjoy your meal? We're lucky to have willing seals to feast upon."
— Masayuki

Daisuke training

Daisuke learning senjutsu from the wolverines.

After getting ill, Daisuke was guided to a different cave. It sparkled as beams leaked in. He was in awe, there being no sun anywhere else, but he didn't question it. There, Masayuki explained Rimyō found him worthy of practicing senjutsu with them. Upon the first week of training, Daisuke was tired of staying at Snowy Valley and requested he be allowed to leave, but Masayuki told him he couldn't until he mastered senjutsu to a near-perfect level. Daisuke, worried for his comrades, trained as hard as possible, day and night until he knocked himself out. Polar nights came to an end soon, and the midnight sun rose before he could successfully gain Sage Mode, but Masayuki demanded he work further. Another round of polar nights and at the age twelve, Daisuke successfully entered Sage Mode with ease. His final day in Snowy Valley was a bittersweet one. Kits piled up on him, begging him not to leave, but the one who broke his heart the most was Rimyō, who refused to whine, but he saw the tears in her wide, dark eyes. With his last meeting at the time with Masayuki, Daisuke was granted a scroll and order. Within the scroll, Daisuke marked his name in blood and as the blood dried, Rimyō stepped over. Finally, she allowed a tear to slip. It mingled with the bloodied marks, stamping their bond. They explained how she'd be his summon, and if ever he needed her in battle, all that was required was a large amount of chakra and a blood offering. With his scroll slung over his shoulder, a wolverine reverse summoned Daisuke to the area Rimyō found him.

Upon returning to Kumogakure, Daisuke finds destruction and his people in the midst of a battle with those of Kirigakure. Before hopping into battle, Daisuke takes a few minutes to enter Sage Mode. He didn't care that his village had a large military force; he couldn't wait to test his true strength now that he could utilize senjutsu. He entered the moment russet marred his brow. He hadn't previously tested his strength whilst in Sage Mode, so he was shocked to find his speed and strength increased alongside his minor uses of ninjutsu, but he only used Yin Release Chakra Arms when need be. He moved through the crowds of opponents, ignoring the bodies he stepped over. All he wanted was to get to his team and fight alongside them. However, halfway through the crowd, and he witnessed his sensei's beheading. A gruesome, unexpected execution. Daisuke's world tilted on its axis. Even though he and his sensei weren't close, she was still his sensei. His teacher. In a sudden burst of rage, he summoned Rimyō. With her by his side, his Sage Mode reached its peak at the time in power. Her just being there took a toll on his appearance, forcing his fingernails to expand into claws nearly as long as his fingers and he went down to all fours. It was then Kirigakure shinobi saw him as a threat, and when they attempted attack, what Rimyō could hold off (she was still a kit after all), Daisuke could take care of with his taijutsu skills with the added strength then pushing him more forward. He stood on his legs though his shoulders and back hunched over as if he wasn't supposed to stand that way. Despite that, his kicks and punches were as precise as ever, perhaps even more so. While ninjutsu had little effect, taijutsu and bukijutsu struck a tougher than Daisuke recalled. What he hadn't thought about was his stamina and just how long he could last while using Sage Mode. Moments after the enemies retreated, accepting they couldn't win at the moment, not with a tired, weak team, Daisuke just about hit the ground. Rimyō caught him before it could happen, though. She took him to the Kumogakure who survived, and her summoning time was up for the time being, and she vanished in a gust of smoke.

When he awoke, he was almost instantly in tears as he recalled seeing his sensei's death. Everything fell apart. He stayed at Snowy Valley to learn how to better protect the people in his village, and while he did well, he was moments too late. He decided then that his speed, though greater than most, wasn't good enough. He had to strive further. There was no time outside missions to take a break aside from sleep. His life became training, and his new team leader encouraged it. During that time, Daisuke got the chance to join in the Chūnin Exams, but he decided he didn't need to prove his strength, so much as he just needed it. His two teammates took part with a different person and during the final round, Daisuke was there to watch and cheer them on. It went down without a hitch until Kirigakure struck once more. Daisuke remained unusually calm as he focused on entering Sage Mode, but before that could happen, he was struck with a dazing genjutsu he was unable to break away from. His sensei never taught him how to deal with genjutsu as they were so uncommon to be used in a sudden attack. After that, he wasn't aware, but he was kidnapped. It was considered lucky they stuck him in a genjutsu because those who took him away used him as their personal punching bag.

Daisuke's tears

Daisuke first finding out.

He woke once more in a hospital bed in indescribable pain. It was only when a nurse came in to change his bandages that he released he was missing his left leg. The nurse told him it needed to come off because it was infected beyond repair, but wouldn't say exactly what happened. No one did. As visitors came and went, every one of them refused to utter a word about what happened to him. He soon came to accept it was better left unsaid if it was so bad everyone turned their head at the mention.

His healing process went over much smoother than the doctors thought it would. When offered a wheelchair, Daisuke kindly refused, opting for crutches. He soon discovered what great practice could be done while on them, so he trained while using them. After a year of nothing more than phantom pains, the war slowly subsided, Konohagakure being the victors as they always seemed to be, and Daisuke thought, with the serious missions mostly gone, he could join what remained of his team again. Upon request, the Raikage instantly refused. With his injuries, the Raikage claimed, it'd be impossible for him to continue being a ninja. Daisuke didn't argue back, but he requested his sensei allow him to participate in the next round of Chūnin Exams. Not one to hold his team back, he nominated Daisuke into the exams, however, Daisuke was once more turned down. His injuries were far too great for him to continue. Daisuke couldn't take no for an answer, though, training as hard as possible once more. No matter his displays, he was denied his rights to go out on even the simplest of D-rank missions.

The Roaring Path

Daisuke became a missing-nin on his sixteenth birthday, three years after the incident and the day his orphanage demanded he find his own place out in the world. He decided he would, but his place wasn't in Kumogakure. He packed a bag of clothes, slung the scroll over his shoulder, and grabbed his crutches. The caretakers said goodbye to him, believing he was only heading to find his own place to live. He recalled the day he had to leave Snowy Valley; a bittersweet exit, more bitter on his part than anyone else. They believed they'd see him around, but he knew he'd probably never cross the village's path after he took his first step out.

Before reaching the gate, he entered Sage Mode, knowing he'd need the extra boost of speed. When the guards questioned him leaving, he for the first time showed his Sage Mode to others. The marks on his face were enough to shock the guards, and the menacing facade of a glare forced the guards into action. Daisuke wanted the village to know he would be gone for good, but also that he would be more than safe out there on his own despite his missing leg. After all, that injury was all the Raikage seemed to see him as at that point. He'd prove him wrong; his disability wouldn't contain him and he wouldn't take the easy route. The guards ran after him, striking him with the weakest Lightning Release ninjutsu they harbored, and Daisuke realized just how little the villagers thought of his strength. He quickened his speed beyond a level he would have ever imagined himself going, injured or otherwise. Five minutes later, his Sage Mode wore off and the guards' shouts could no longer be heard. Lost, exhausted, and without a plan outside the basics. He didn't scold himself for not thinking things through though. Planning wasn't his goal; it was to prove himself to Kumogakure, and if his display of speed wasn't the start he didn't know what could spark their attention.

Once he gained the chakra he needed, he summoned Rimyō, who said he could stay at Snowy Valley until he got himself a plan. As a bonus, it would be near impossible for anyone to discover where he was as the valley was hidden.

"Could we walk to Snowy Valley instead of being summoned. I need to make a few stops along the way."
"Now you're speakin' like a true wolverine!
— Daisuke and Rimyō

Daisuke learns outside food, wolverines love taking the tough route over any other. They also have a terrible western accent when they get excited. Thus, their adventure around the entire ninja world began. Snowy Valley was more secretive than any other summons' land and could take years to reach on foot, so Rimyō prepared to teach Daisuke before they even reached the valley.

The first week went without a hitch until they crossed the border and entered the Land of Frost. Daisuke took a liking in the land at first, the air cool despite the late spring air elsewhere. However, upon entering Shimogakure, they attacked Daisuke for no apparent reason. The attack was sudden, so he only reacted by running away while Rimyō attacked the shinobi so Daisuke could get away. They later found out the Raikage took precautions, letting all neighboring villages know they had someone who ran off without a word; anyone who caught sight of him was granted the permission to kill him. Despite his edging anger, the duo continued onward until they reached the location Daisuke planned reaching from the start.


They sneaked in through the rear of the village and finally stopped for a break outside sleep. Daisuke sat under a tree while Rimyō set her head in his lap, the light vibration of a growl in her chest. When asked why she was doing it, the growls ceased and she shut her eyes as if she was asleep. As Rimyō went through her false slumber, Daisuke entered Sage Mode, knowing he'd likely have to use it with such a massive military-oriented village. As he finished, the wind of a kunai rushed past him as the sound of a tiny voice cursed their aim. He opened his eyes and saw a child much younger than himself. She — the kid was a girl — had an Anbu mask on and strangest of all, she had blue hair. Before Rimyō stood up to attack, Daisuke held up a hand to halt her. He removed his scroll and held it out for the girl to take despite Rimyō's clear protest. He promised to leave the moment she took it, and so she did. Then he tells her to give it to the person she worked under, not realizing the slight threat she took from the statement until she flung another kunai at him. To keep Rimyō from attacking the girl, he decided it was time they made their leave. He thought himself lucky no one followed them. When asked why he'd hand the scroll off to Konohagakure of all places, he explained just how many hiden techniques there were in the village, and he wanted knowledge on them; having other summon wolverines was the simplest of ways he could think of to get intel.

The second location they had to cross was the Land of Water; the Land of Fire wasn't even a spot needed to cross to enter Snowy Valley. Despite the land being further west, Rimyō insisted on going the complete opposite way. Daisuke was truly confused on how wolverines thought at that moment, but he'd later come to understand why passing through seemingly meaningless lands was necessary. They avoided Kirigakure at all costs, but they reached a small island not far from the village. They swam there, as neither knew how to focus chakra toward their feet. At that point, however, it was entering the cold season, so Daisuke ended up getting a terrible cold they only realized once they arrived at the island. Rimyō summoned her elder brother, Akihiro (明彦, Bright Boy) to warm Daisuke up with his fur while she dried off herself. That's when Daisuke realized wolverines have a natural heating system in their fur, but anywhere else was like touching chilled skin. Akihiro explained it was so his fur was burning against him. They could focus their naturally chilly chakra to their skin, especially when using their Ice Release techniques.

As Daisuke slept, Rimyō left him with Akihiro so she could take a break and reverse summon herself back to Snowy Valley. It was needed after an entire year of being away. When he woke, feeling much better than before, he found himself only with Akihiro, who offered to teach him something new, something he witnessed whilst being summoned by Shin of Konoha. His summoner hadn't performed it, but rather a man who went by the name of Might Guy. It was the Eight Gates.

Akihiro opened the first, second and third Gates. A murky aura surrounded him, and Daisuke thought at first it was the usual stick of wolverines, only intensified, but rather than the usual skunk-like odor, the scent of sweat greeted Daisuke's nostrils. The smell alone made his eyes water, then he realized Akihiro's own eyes had gone pitch black as opposed to their usual light brown. When Akihiro finally came down from the exhausting technique, Daisuke went owl-eyed and begged his companion's brother to teach him the new technique. Akihiro happily obliged, though it wasn't as easy as Akihiro made it seem. Pain. Sweat; oh Daisuke soon found out what the true meaning of stench was. Before Daisuke could even partially open the first Gate, Rimyō returned, and Akihiro had to leave in case his summoner needed him again. Daisuke continued onward to the next needed location.


That was the place Daisuke was most worried about, having heard terrible things happened there, but then again, terrible things occurred in Kumogakure while he was there so he had no right to judge them yet. It hadn't come to mind to ask until Rimyō brought up the wolverine way and concept of entering Snowy Valley. When he asks why they had to first enter Kirigakure and then Sunagakure, Rimyō explained their master, Tamotsu Ōtsutsuki created a special technique for their entrance as they lived as far away from the ninja world as one could; the only way to reach Snowy Valley is through many forms of space-time ninjutsu, but wolverines overall preferred taking the hardest route necessary. This in mind, Tamotsu created and taught wolverines to form everlasting chakra strings and the proper hand seals to manipulate them to tie together to create a sort of void that landed them right in Snowy Valley. That way the likelihood of random humans finding the area was unlikely. Daisuke then asked why it had to be in Kirigakure and Sunagakure.

"It isn't just the Mist and Dunes. The Stone is the final area, as it's the closest land to Snowy Valley. The Water is needed since the folks there hold two nature transformations used by the wolverines: water and ice, while the Sand holds wind. The Stone is needed for another reason... but you'll have to ask Master himself."
— Rimyō

Daisuke asked more questions on why Tamotsu made the technique the way he did, but Rimyō only shook her head. Rimyō had to transform into a dog when they got near civilization hoping to keep suspension off of them, but that only added. A patrolling ninja of Sunagakure, found them wandering and accused them of being Konohagakure residents: the "clan with dogs" as the guard described. News hadn't reached to the Sand, but it was possible no one ever told them. After all, Suna got a bad name so Kumogakure might not have felt the need to tell them that Daisuke was a missing-nin. Daisuke found their lack of knowledge to be a good thing, but Rimyō didn't like being compared to Konoha residents. She struck at the man, letting her dog appearance go as she tore him apart, showing just how brutal a wolverine could be when angered. With the attack, she connected the chakra thread in time before other Suna guards came chasing them. With their mastery of speed, they outran them with ease, and they were off to their final location: Iwagakure, which wasn't too far from where they were at that moment as they hadn't gone too far into Sunagakure.

However, before Rimyō tied the final thread to the ground, she requested they train a little first. She found she enjoyed the natural heat over her fur's heating system and wanted to drag out her time away from Snowy Valley as much as possible. Daisuke allowed it as he wanted to practice opening the Eight Gates. He hadn't practiced since Akihiro first displayed it for him. Daisuke was originally told to not attempt it without Akihiro, but he figured Rimyō could handle him in case of an emergency. Daisuke opened the first Gate, feeling much lighter, as if he could move more freely, and then the second Gate, which he strained to reach. He stopped there, remembering the third Gate was difficult even for Akihiro to reach on raw power alone. He needed more training. Rimyō hadn't trained at all. She only laid sprawled out in the sun, and when Daisuke showed he was ready to get to Snowy Valley, she finally tied the final thread. Within seconds, a large void only visible to Rimyō's eyes appeared before them. Daisuke followed Rimyō, and after a flip of the stomach, a familiar chill ran up Daisuke's spine, telling him he was truly in Snowy Valley.

Wolverine Sage

And thus, he's home where he belongs. However, it isn't just Masayuki and his family in the central cave this time. A human. A man who, even as he sat down, reached head level with the massive set of wolverines by his side. This man introduced himself as Tamotsu Ōtsutsuki, the First Wolverine Sage.

Daisuke vs Tamotsu

Kenjutsu training

Training. Relentless training began from that day forward. Tamotsu didn't waste a moment getting to know Daisuke, claiming their training sessions would conclude all they needed to know. At first, the sessions were nothing but training, but as they entered their Eight Gates training, Tamotsu said he wished he knew about such a grand technique a century ago. With much training over the course of a year and a half, Daisuke not only perfects opening the first five Gates, but also had Tamotsu mostly figured out. However, Daisuke soon found "most" equaled next to nothing without knowing the source of Tamotsu's everlasting existence. In the midst of senjutsu training, the wolverines whined and growled, pulling both Daisuke and Tamotsu from their relaxed state. Tamotsu reacted right away by entering Sage Mode, while Daisuke prepared to open the first few Gates. Snowy Valley was under attack. How it came to be was a tale only Tamotsu could tell. When they exited the cave, massive wolverines and their allied spies, snowy owls, were attacking creatures of white substance. Tamotsu explained they were White Zetsu. There weren't many, and they were relatively easy to take down. They were only the start. A group Daisuke never heard about titled the Akatsuki arrived right behind the White Zetsu. Sasori, Orochimaru, Itachi Uchiha, and Jūzō Biwa were the members who arrived. Tamotsu claimed it was Daisuke's time to prove himself a worthy Sage to protect the next few generations of wolverine kits: to take the title Wolverine Sage (クズリ仙人, Kuzuri Sennin, English TV: Third Wolverine Sage). Tamotsu demanded Daisuke go back and enter Sage Mode, and only come back out once fully entered. It was necessary given the time of year, the time of the polar nights. His Sage Mode aided him in terms of sight. He was in no hurry despite the fight outside. He knew rushing never resulted in anything good when entering Sage Mode. Taking in the Natural Energy granted from the gaps in the cave ceiling, he enters Perfect Wolverine Sage Mode for the first time.

Daisuke stood up suddenly, without first grabbing his walking sticks and stumbled, but caught himself with a chakra-formed arm. He was quick to pull it back to since he felt it was unneeded. In a haste, he exited the cave and joined in the Civil War between Snowy Valley and Akatsuki.

Seeing Tamotsu handled Itachi and Jūzō well enough, Daisuke went to the other two, his first two Gates open. Neither could keep match Daisuke's speed or overall usage of taijutsu. On the other hand, Daisuke failed to produce ninjutsu to compare to theirs. Taunts beyond a human's level; the men Daisuke fought weren't human. He soon found himself face down in the snow, frostbitten already with his Sage Mode not longer activated. Even his Gates shut down sooner than he thought they would. Paws struck past him and Rimyō shielded them with ice and helped Daisuke stand as she heated what was cold. No amount of puppy-like behavior could express how happy she was that Daisuke was all right. It's her duty. Sasori ruins the moment when he strikes right through the ice. The poison warmed his stinger enough melt even Rimyō's strongest defense. But there was no time to hide. Snowy Valley and its kits were in danger. This time, Daisuke knew some of what was to expect, and he entered Sage Mode once more as Rimyō made her comical speech as she dodged every attack. Then he opened the fourth Gate. The snow melted under him. With further increased speed, Daisuke reached and knocked Orochimaru off his feet. Sasori's prediction skills rivaled Daisuke's speed, so he took a moment and thought on how to proceed. Rimyō handled Orochimaru well with her Ice Release. In that moment, an idea struck. It was probably the most dangerous thing he could've done at that moment. He allowed his natural energy to take full control of his body. His mind vanished and his body moved purely on instinct, sloppy but powerful.

That seemed to do it. Daisuke struck Sasori, pieces of the protection puppet scattering. That was all Daisuke recalled before he woke up, being healed by Tamotsu who explained his condition: battered but still there, obviously. They hadn't defeated Akatsuki. Instead, they ran off not long after Daisuke entered his newly created mode. Nothing made any sense until Tamotsu told Daisuke his origin story. Created by the first person have ever house chakra using her own sons' cells. From the creation of ninshū to the many witnessed worlds, and finally to the creation of Snowy Valley. Discovering Snowy Valley was difficult, but not impossible. In the land's history, many targeted it because the wolverines took out many species Tamotsu placed there, and they wielded the Ice Release kekkei genkai. That they were ruled by a celestial being that never aged only added. To stop this, Tamotsu created a formula to keep others out. All that was required was three chakra threads to be connected within three selected lands. Now that Black Zetsu found way in, Tamotsu needed to change the way of entrance. The chakra threads must contain Yin-Yang Release, wielded by few. Daisuke asked how he'd get in without a wolverine's aid, and Tamotsu held out his hand. Daisuke took it. A surge of power traveled through his chakra stream.

"I grant you the title: Wolverine Sage! Take it with great honor and know you are the future of this land and all its inhabitants."
— Tamotsu to Daisuke

Third Wolverine Sage

The Third Wolverine Sage

Daisuke thought the ceremony would be on hold until the war ceased, or it would at least be small. In the back of his mind, he recalled the Chūnin Exams, and what happened then. Even after Tamotsu dressed him up in the most expensive of silk, his hand shook. Tamotsu told Daisuke to stand up with the aid of his walking sticks or crutches. Daisuke stumbled, but Rimyō let him lean on her.

"I'll support you."
— Rimyō

Tears heavy in his eyes, he nodded and hopped out the cave entrance. What he saw forced the tears to slip down his face. Thousands. Wolverines and snowy owls, even the usually served seals were there. Never had he heard such happiness as each of his new companions cheered him on. To think he'd started as an orphan, and now he was the Wolverine Sage. The very land rested in his palm. How he'd protect every one of them, he had no clue, but he wouldn't stop to figure it out. It took all day, but he met, greeted and shook paws, flippers, and even talons with every animal there.

Daisuke vs

Daisuke against one of the many enemies

Before Tamotsu could find a way to link Snowy Valley with Yin-Yang Release threads, Akatsuki infiltrated once more. No members Daisuke recalled seeing, but a lot of new ones. Many were overly skilled, competing well with even the best of wolverine duos. The most notable member was Hidan, who Daisuke fought — start to finish. No matter how many hits Daisuke managed, Hidan managed to stand up afterward. The wolverines' Ice Release technique did nothing more than impress him, and even after the fifth Gates opened, Hidan still stood. Daisuke went through with his Sage Mode transfer and trust Rimyō with his life as his guardian. Rimyō did well — as Daisuke would later praise. Sixth Gate Sage Mode. His ultimate protection mode. Strike after strike, Daisuke knocked Hidan further and further back, forcing massive chunks of blood to spew from his mouth. Daisuke hit from a distance, sending waves of natural energy to Hidan. Though, in terms of direction control, Daisuke failed greatly. He pushed others out of the way when they got too close. Finally, he got a good hit on Hidan, sending him flying through layers upon layers of ice before he passed out.

Civil War was announced while Daisuke was out. When Daisuke later asked why Civil War when Akatsuki never lived in Snowy Valley, Tamotsu explained how Black Zetsu was the one to bring that up. Black Zetsu and him held the same creator, therefore Black Zetsu claimed whatever land belonged to Tamotsu belonged to it, deeming it a civil war. So early into the career as the Wolverine Sage, Tamotsu said Daisuke was the fight alongside the wolverines while he completed the new entry technique. To have that much responsibility on his shoulders worried Daisuke, but when every wolverine backed him up and called him their Master Sage, he knew he could do it.

Daisuke met Shin, as he held the summoning scroll at the time and told him, until further notice, to not summon Akihiro since a war was going on, and the land needed every last wolverine available. Even advanced kits joined the forces. With this war getting more and more tense the longer the wait, Daisuke requested supplies from Konoha, which Shin gladly gave, at least what he could. Among the selection was Blood Increasing Pills. Masayuki remained within Snowy Valley to work as a medic for those who got injured. It was only a matter of time at that point, and the time soon came. What came with the time was beyond anything Daisuke imagined.

As the creation of Kaguya Ōtsutsuki, Black Zetsu had access to all Paths. Through the Animal Path, it gained access to many creatures beyond the normal spectrum of those one could contract with. Everything started out tame, first using those other Akatsuki members could summon: crows, sharks, et cetera. The second round involved freaks of nature. The most powerful of them being packs of massive wolves, most containing body modifications from the Asura Path. It was up to the two Wolverine Sages to protect the land and the inhabitants' offspring. However, a wolf threw Akihiro back against a wall, many icicles pinning him to the ground. The thought of his death not only forced giant tears from the wolverines around, but also Daisuke and Tamotsu. Tamotsu especially, considering Akihiro was his companions youngest son. By pressing both lightning and Earth Release together, the kekkei genkai Explosion Release is created. Tamotsu was the first to wield such an advanced nature, but never abused it. This time, however, he had no choice but to use it, his mind mingling with emotions. He created a massive orb of nothing but explosive chakra and lifted it above all else to cover the bright of the sun to appear as an eclipse. Then, with only the flick of the mind, that energy shot down in small but compact bursts that explode the moment they make contact with something. Tamotsu got rid of every wolf in the area. However, given the size of the orb of energy, it wore him out, draining much away from him, making him appear more sickly. He passed out almost as soon as he completed the technique. This technique would later be known as Lunar's Assault.

A few wolverines took Tamotsu away for medical treatment, and the Akatsuki didn't hesitate to attack once more. Daisuke was left with the remaining wolverines. Faith not only in the wolverines, but also himself — that he wouldn't pass out this time — Daisuke entered Sage Mode. He survived Kirigakure, so he could take what faced him then. The first member Daisuke caught sight of was Sasori, so he let his natural energy take over his senses. It didn't take nearly as long as last time to break through Sasori's puppet. It happened so quick, in fact, he had time to also attack Deidara. Even in his natural energy-filled mind, Daisuke knew how to counter Explosion Release, and he did so well. Before Daisuke took out Deidara, however, Black Zetsu, connected to a Sharingan-user, came over and literally knocked Daisuke out of Sage Mode with unbelievable strength. Picking himself up through massive vision blurs and with heavy limbs, Daisuke opened the first four Gates. The sight of many kits fighting for their lives seemingly forced open the fifth Gate. He landed on all three limbs and bolted.

He slammed his fist into the ribs of the one Black Zetsu clung to. Then the face. Bones broke in sickening cracks and globs of blood turned the ice and snow below them red. Sixth Gate open. It was then Daisuke invented Polar Night Rain Shower, breaking every finger. Black Zetsu was thrown back, and it tore itself off Obito. Even when Black Zetsu called for everyone to retreat, Daisuke attempted opening the seventh Gate. Rimyō pulled him back to the situation before he could, though.

Obito was gone when Daisuke looked over. The first day was over. After a trip to Masayuki for some medical aid, Daisuke set out for first watch with Rimyō. When sleep was needed, the other wolverines kept watch. This pattern continued, and every battle with Akatsuki seemed to ease as Daisuke found himself getting more and more durable and familiar with the burn of opening the first five Gates, though the sixth never got easier. Black Zetsu and Obito never showed up to fight again. Death occurred on both sides, but it never got easier to handle.

The final battle came, and somehow both sides were aware it would be the finale of it all. Daisuke popped in a blood increasing pill when he sensed them coming and prepared to enter Sage Mode. Over the past few months of battle, he learned to enter quicker without needing to enter the cave for a natural energy source. He opened the first five Gates in advance and the other side knew it would be serious. Akatsuki — the worst of them — against the population of Snowy Valley. Even then, Daisuke worried, but he trusted, perhaps too much. Sixth Gate open. It was time. Daisuke and Rimyō opted for Hidan and his partner Kakuzu. Daisuke couldn't deny how much he enjoyed fighting someone immortal. He hadn't expected someone like Kakuzu by Hidan's side. Kakuzu relied on ninjutsu, which wasn't Daisuke's strongest suit. However, with his speed, Daisuke dodged most attacks, receiving limited damage. During one attack, Daisuke created a clone and with much speed, he sprinted around the Lightning Release-hearted creature. It didn't take long for Kakuzu to notice, but at that point, it was too late. Daisuke reached into the threaded-beast with chakra-enhanced strength and crushed its heart. Threads tangled in Daisuke's arms, but he yanked them out. The threads puddle to the ground. Despite being forced out of Sage Mode and having to let go of his Gates, Daisuke went through the same process. With those advantages lost, Daisuke reached into the creature less than a second after it made one last move. That move, Wind Release: Pressure Damage struck Yugi (ユギ), Rimyō's only surviving kit. The chain snapped between emotion and reality as Daisuke understood how Tamotsu felt when Akihiro almost died.

Seventh Gate: Open.

He opened it at once, increasing the after effects. His heart raced as the sickening need for revenge came. His intense Killing Intent towered over others'. All that stood between him and opening the final Gates was Rimyō. A Wolverine Sage's companion will only die when their master passes.

With the boost of chakra and a clouded mind to overpower the pain, Daisuke moved at his greatest speed yet. He formed a technique right then, tactically using both his unusual body heat and the wolverines' Ice Release to hide under the ice and snow. It matched no move he ever created so suddenly in the defense area. To ensure no one broke through the ice, the wolverines focused their Ice Release chakra to the ground, making it near-impossible to burrow through. Daisuke entered Sage Mode while under, though he found it to be a difficult task, as he had seven Gates open. He managed, granting him a new appearance. These markings were not limited to the face. They spread over his body, mostly focusing on the hands and especially the tips of his fingers. He used Birth of the Midnight Sun to break out. Many wolverines mistook him for Tamotsu, for his Sage Mode markings mimicked those of their original master.

They fought well, refusing to lose when victory had come close so many times. Daisuke proved himself truly worthy of being called Wolverine Sage. Death. Akatsuki seemed to have countless members ready to fight on command, while Snowy Valley's population noticeably decreased. Then, one particular morning, the natural energy from the cave glowed brighter and Rimyō was announced to be carrying another batch of kits. In a way, the latter appeared unfortunate, a sign of her depression and need for more kits. That was until the masked man came alone and removed his Black Zetsu disguise.

"You surpasses a level the Akatsuki could reach, but that hardly makes you stronger or better . . . All it says is you're hopeless and refuse to quit despite quitting being the blatantly correct choice. Seeing as we'll never reach pass such a mass of hyōton users, we've decided to forfeit, declaring you the winners."
"Wrong. You decided to forfeit — not the others. Of my time in combat with them, I've learned one thing: they won't allow my victory.
— Obito Uchiha and Daisuke

Regardless of Daisuke's words, war was over and the entry to Snowy Valley was at last finalized.

Kyūkei to Heiwa

Kyūkei to Heiwa is a land that practices the art of peace, but see it as a fight to gain. Wolves rule the land Tamotsu created for them after the wolverines took out most of the populations in Snowy Valley. Their relations were mostly strained despite Tamotsu creating a new dimension for them to live in peace within. Although they hold somewhat of an alliance, but it's on very thin ice.

As Wolverine Sage, Daisuke had to keep the alliance between the two dimensions intact. To do that, however, he must meet the rulers alone and convince them he'd be someone worthy of their time and effort. Meaning travel, battle, and the aftermath.

Daisuke used a technique unique to Wolverine Sages and their companions: he went through the gaps in the ceiling in the cave and landed in the center of Kyūkei to Heiwa. Right in the rat's habitat. Their noses twitched, but they hissed. They knew he was the Wolverine Sage, and they prepared to attack. If he couldn't get past them, he wasn't worthy of seeing their leader. Tamotsu had prepared him for such a situation. He pulled out one of his many scrolls and revealed many fruits and vegetables he brought specially for the rats. Instead of setting it on the ground and running, he hand fed every rat that came to him, even encouraging some of the shyer rats to come and eat, too. As the rats were about to let him pass, the rat leader came out. Since the food was gone, Daisuke offered a belly rub, which he'd gotten skilled at with so many needy wolverines practically falling in his lap. The rat leader agreed and ten minutes later, Daisuke was on his way. He passed the butterflies, and several species of birds, but he had specific scrolls for each one of them. By the time he reached the wooden bridge, his scrolls were gone, and he wondered why Tamotsu packed no weapons for the battle.

The moment he stepped off the bridge, a chill sent a familiar shiver up his spine, and he had to do a double-take to make sure he wasn't in Snowy Valley. No doubt; it wasn't the land he called home. There wasn't even snow, just strong winds. With the wind came Wood Shuriken thrown by one of the leaders. The Queen. Before he had the chance to bow down to her, she snarled and practically barked:

"Are you trying to start a war?! You act kind enough to make the others question our intentions to kill you. Just like Tamotsu and Shinako. Careful who you're nice to, otherwise they'll revolt against us. To remain peaceful, they must live under one rule."
— Queen of All Wolves.

Daisuke didn't understand, but when the King came out of the cave, he explained how the land worked. Everything was based on bringing world peace despite such a thing not existing. As past summons of the Senju Clan, the wolves believed heavily in the Will of Fire. Peace would come with love, but how would anyone know unless they had a leader to explain. The animals heard of such beliefs and joined, desire to be more than a tool. If there was no love in someone's heart, rather than aiding them, they had the right to kill them. Many things still didn't click, and as Daisuke continued asking, the Kind explained it was the wolverines who made Tamotsu create a new land for them to exist within. The wolves genuinely believed wolverines existed without love, but Daisuke knew otherwise. Many wolverines sacrifice themselves for each other, for him and Tamotsu despite them being the ones supposed to protect the land.

After they answered Daisuke's questions, they led him into the cave they called home. There he met a bunch of pups, who he couldn't help but pet, so used to doing so with the kits in Snowy Valley. The Queen ordered him to stop trying to get on their good side through meaningless action, but she didn't make him back away from them. Come dinner time, they served rotted deer they dug up. Daisuke entered Sage Mode, finding it so much quicker within Kyūkei to Heiwa. He ate, his Wolverine Sage Mode building somewhat of a better digestive system. He wasn't used to rotted meat, but it went down smooth at least. He noted to get his stomach pumped when he got back to Snowy Valley.

He came back a few more times, repeating the feeding and belly rubs for the rats, finding he enjoyed it. The day came where he'd fight the King and Queen duo to see if the alliance would keep up. However, the rat leader explained one of their younger members came down with an illness not even the wolves could do anything about. Daisuke takes a risk and summons Rimyō since he wasn't a medical-nin himself. The moment the scent of a wolverine wafted through the land, wolves were sent to kill it. It took a couple pleases to get Rimyō to agree to heal the rat, but in the end, the rat was safe and healthy. All she had to do was remove a tumor, which thankfully wasn't too far devolved, so she did it was ease.

Saved rat

Mission Save the Rat: Success

When a soldier wolf arrived, Rimyō's hair stuck up and she stepped in front of Daisuke. Before they could exchange taunts, the leader rat stepped between them, explaining to the wolf that the young wolverine had saved one of their members, that the wolves had been wrong about wolverines lacking love. The King and Queen weren't far behind the soldier, so when they heard, they were enraged. So enraged they declared war. Will of Fire be damned.

Rimyō responded by attacking, her size making the wolves appear pathetic. The moment the soldier went for her throat, Daisuke opened some of his Gates and forced the wolf away, making it yelp. He hadn't harmed it too much, knowing his own strength, but he refused to let his companion get hurt from an immaturely started war. Seeing as Daisuke didn't move for any further attacks, Rimyō remained, too, making sure there was distance between the wolves and her master. She told them they wouldn't be able to touch Daisuke until they killed her, that she wouldn't allow Daisuke to be hurt without her own death occurring first. The wolves admitted their doubt, refusing to acknowledge how Rimyō was protecting Daisuke; they only saw it as her excuse to fight and kill. Rimyō tells them if she wanted to kill them, she already would have, for her Ice Release would forever out power their Wood Release. That went without saying, for her ancestors held the kekkei genkai longer than wolves had been trained as shinobi tools, since the dawn of chakra. After much talking between the duos, the wolves are fully convinced that Daisuke only summoned Rimyō for the rats' sake and pardon them. They were stubborn, bitter, and despite their beliefs in the Will of Fire, had something similar to the Curse of Hatred, but truth at last spoke to them.

A week later, they deemed Daisuke determined enough fight alongside them when the time came. The soldier wolf even apologized to Rimyō for what he did. Daisuke found out more of the alliance with Kyūkei to Heiwa. The two lands split their income, which comes from taking illegal missions. Kyūkei to Heiwa has thousands of chakra corrupted and have an easier time completing missions. From assassinations to destroying entire villages, they took them so long as they split the income forty-sixty.


Though it would seem his duties would be eased after the war, war was all Daisuke knew, so it took much time for him to get used to playing with the kits and transferring his chakra to them. It became easier as Root members summoned wolverines in attempts to tame them. Only those worthy and patient enough to take their time in the taming process could fight alongside wolverines. Event the leader of Root, Danzō attempted summoning the massive beasts but failed to tame them, unlike Shin, who Daisuke felt was the next Wolverine Sage. However, a few others did tame the wolverines they summoned, and some even entered Snowy Valley via summoning technique despite not having formed contracts. Daisuke challenged those folks to a dual to test whether they were worthy of summoning wolverines.
Daisuke vs Asao

Daisuke vs. Asao

One particular boy, Asao (アサオ) transported himself into Snowy Valley five times and each time lost to Daisuke, however on the sixth time, Daisuke decided his way of selecting those worthy of summoning wolverines had to be fixed, because Asao was destined to summon a creature from Snowy Valley, but when Daisuke thought about it, that creature didn't have to be a wolverine. Snowy Valley also had seals and snowy owls at their disposal.

Instead of engaging in combat, Daisuke talked to Asao, who seemed up to conversation. In fact, Asao was the only one keeping everyone around them from dying of how socially awkward Daisuke was outside combat. Talking became easier and easier every day, and soon Daisuke even showed his duties as Wolverine Sage to the kid by playing with Rimyō's kits.

"I know most would say my duties mimic those of an animal guardian, but when I open my mind to compare what I do to something else, all I can call myself is the Wolverine Sage. That's who and what I am."
— Daisuke to Asao

There wasn't a doubt that Daisuke loved his companions and would live and die only for them. Coming to this realization, Asao questioned whether he could ever be that good of a companion to them. Daisuke fought those who requested contracting with the wolverines for a reason, and Asao couldn't beat him, so could he ever be as good a companion to them as Daisuke?


Asao could never protect them like Daisuke, but he would be good to them and not have them do all work. He could form a companionship with the wolverine he contracts with when the time came. When Asao told Daisuke this, Daisuke summoned the contract scroll. Asao's love could rival Daisuke's, without a doubt, and knowing Asao would treat the wolverines good shook hope in Daisuke more than even Shin did. Once they selected a wolverine to contract with, Asao they summoned back to where he belonged.

All seemed well, until Akihiro didn't come to breakfast one morning. When Daisuke checked on him, he found the giant beast laying on his side, face crystallized with frozen tears and whimpering in his sleep as he rested just outside the cave. The sight broke Daisuke in every way possible. There were no words as Daisuke pulled the heartbroken wolverine into his lap. Akihiro was freezing, unlike a wolverine should be. Daisuke saw wolverines grieve their companions before, but he never witnessed such a degree of absolute despair. Daisuke entered Sage Mode, in hopes of warming Akihiro up before it was too late. For a wolverine to die of a broken heart was rare and painful, most often the result of their pained hearts swelling until their chests can't hold in the pain any longer. Daisuke didn't dare bring up that Akihiro contracted with someone else, knowing it was already running through his mind. The guilt Akihiro felt, about to possibility of dying when the one who contracted him would surely attempt summoning him later; it drove his heart to swell further.

"It's okay. You can let go."

A part of Akihiro wanted to join Shin in the pure land, but another wanted to live. Both parts were equal; an animal's heart didn't love one thing more than another. Shin requested he live on, even after the former passed. Shin contracted and was even prepared to bind Akihiro and Nakuka through blood and tears. An entire twenty-four hours of mulling and nightmares, and Akihiro pushed himself up. He requested Daisuke summon the contracting scroll, which he did. Akihiro wasn't ready to go. He still had someone to protect and be the companion of. He shed a final tear of Shin, but this one in honor of him. And thus he bound himself to die with his summoner.

True tragedy, however, struck when Asao died in battle alongside his wolverine. The wolverine, so attached to Asao already, refused to leave for Snowy Valley to seek aid — an absolute, earth shattering bond. So few wolverines were privileged enough to gain such companions.

A wolverine's grief never comes to an end since they rarely forget. They cremate those they lost, spreading their ashes over the hill of snow only when the midnight sun rose. Unless the wolverine perished on a day the midnight sun was high, no one was to visit them when light still shown. However, the Wolverine Sage was to visit the area to pray every polar night, as there was no star near to keep them company. Rimyō, Tamotsu, and Masayuki often joined.

For a while, praying, playing, and chakra infusing became Daisuke’s life, as folks within Root, at last, gave up on their pursuit to tame the wolverines. Just as the peace within Snowy Valley grew on him, panic struck when Nakuka summoned Akihiro. The girl summoned him often, and at some point, she informed Akihiro that Orochimaru was still very much out there and searching for the Sharingan. One thing Daisuke learned specifically from Orochimaru, it was he had no interest in war if not for his own gain. It made sense that he wanted the Sharingan, figuring he ogled when he saw Tamotsu’s Byakugan-Mōgan hybrid. For as long as Sasuke had either the Sharingan or the Cursed Seal of Heaven, Daisuke deemed him an enemy seeing as Nakuka was on his team.

Their fears of an attack on the one keeping Akihiro alive comes true. Sasuke almost kills Nakuka with his chidori. And all because he sought power over the companionship of friends. Daisuke takes action and sends one of their young snowy owl spies to keep eye and word of the boy who almost killed Nakuka. This spy goes by the name of Kuchibashi.


Daisuke is a responsible and respectable individual and defined as having the perfect mind to hold the title Kage if ever he claimed a village as his own. Despite the military force behind him, he chose not to when his wolverine companions suggested they just take over the Land who drove him to run away, claiming it was the caretakers who molded him into the imperfect figure he'd shape himself out of.

Daisuke was mostly kind to others as a kid. He shared toys and books so long as they weren't his. If they were his and the other kids snatched it, he'd shove them away, earning himself a bit of a troublesome streak. Upon entering the Academy, he showed his skills, and kids left him alone as he rose to the top of his taijutsu class. He proved he wasn't some little kid who ran to an adult at the first sign of trouble; he stuck around and fought for himself. His attitude proved useful as other kids stayed away, as he wanted. He was no loner, but preferred having minimal friends. When required to interact with others, he was friendly. In taijutsu class, he'd greet his opponent with a smiled, turn serious, fight, and then help them up if they needed it. Every fight ended with another smile and handshake. His strongest weakness was teamwork. It wasn't that he didn't not want to work with others, but more often than not, they wished to use ninjutsu over taijutsu, and since Daisuke wasn't as talented at ninjutsu as a child, he was slow at it.

Even as a child, Daisuke took the battlefield deadly serious. He knew it wasn't a place to show off his skills, unlike most of his teammates and comrades. Most often they used their largest attacks first, while Daisuke first wore out his opponents out before striking hard. Despite what he did on the field, he came home to the orphanage every time with a smile. However, if any one of his orphan siblings asked what it was like to fight, Daisuke would react poorly, shouting and claiming it didn't matter what it was like out there, so long as he protected the village. He reacted this way because of the way the younger crowd gained interest in the war. To protect. That was his duty, and if his siblings took more and more interest and went out onto the field, he wouldn't be able to protect them. It killed him that kids younger than him fought and lost; he didn't want his siblings to become the war's next victim.

Daisuke never knew how much he loved animals before he appeared in Snowy Valley. The effects of Snowy Valley not only made him more wise and skillful, but also brought out more than the smile he always had. His wolverine companion, Rimyō, heard one of his first out-right laughs. She and her kit brother Akihiro were the first for him to cry in front of with much willingness. The great thing about animals is they don't judge. He realized this quick during his stay and let everything spill about himself soon enough. He learned to laugh and cry more freely, and upon meeting back up with siblings, he found way to do both at once. This changed when he lost his leg. While he understood perhaps what Kirigakure did was extreme enough for the Raikage to forbid anyone of speaking about it, his trust dropped when even his caretakers gave him the look of pity everyone else did. He laughed less often, cried more privately, and soon he couldn't handle a life hidden any longer.

His determination and adventurous side were often seen as childish in his past, but later proved useful. Whether it be the wolverines' influence or his sheer hope of proving Kumogakure wrong, Daisuke opted to do things the hard way. Walking to Snowy Valley, rarely using a wheelchair, and choosing to never replace his leg — he never took an "easy" route.

Continued time with his companions helped him open up again, though other things changed. He growls and snarls at enemies most often and even lets out high pitched vocalizations when in distress. While he pictures it strange, Rimyō responds more urgently when he made these sounds. Now it's second nature. He gained an even more protective manner of thought when Rimyō had her first batch of kits, with the addition of a playful side. He took great pride in knowing the kits looked up to him as a grandfather, more than happy to kit-sit even when handling his duties as the Wolverine Sage.

One of the laws of becoming the Wolverine Sage was to practice ninshū and spread it amongst the next generations of kits. This formed many bonds between him and those he watched grow into the strongest of their cave. To know he was a source of their strength only furthered the pride in his great series of companions.

Over the years, Daisuke followed the Chinese philosophy on how opposing forces compliment one another known as Yin and Yang. He also believes in something similar to the Will of Fire; that animals and their love can spread peace through their undying bonds.

As the leader of a massive dimension of course Daisuke is meant to be taken seriously, as well as take his job serious. In broad terms, that stands true. However, there's a sight most rarely caught. His sense of humor is subtle, almost not there. Living with a bunch of wild animals will do that to a person. When playing with the kits, he playfully growls and nips at their ears and noses to build up their instinct timing; at least, that's the excuse he uses. He's forgetful in terms of the names of his techniques. He creates unique names, often forgetting them the moment he enters the battlefield. In fact, he once forgot how many Gates he'd opened, and stopped a fight to figure it out so he'd know which Gate number to say next. Daisuke often teases Rock Lee about the latter's crush on Sakura.

It's also expected that Daisuke would make many enemies, but what isn't expected is the respect he has for those enemies. The two he respects are Hidan and Orochimaru. Daisuke would be lying if he said he didn't enjoy fighting Hidan. He was one of the few who put everything he believed in what he did, and his technique was admittedly cool. Hate only ruptured when Hidan's partner killed Rimyō's kit. As Rimyō's most favored opponent, Daisuke also has high respect for Orochimaru's combat abilities. He gives this respect to few others.

Daisuke is one of the few Sage men to display no signs of being a pervert. He's mannered and never allows his eyes to wander, even to his wife, which at times makes her feel desperate for attention. He doesn't mean for it to be that way; he was just raised by respectable people who would smack him if he did such risqué things. Because of this, he's uncomfortable around those who exhibits their perverted nature.

Daisuke has an odd way of speaking, even compared to his western-sounding wolverine companions. As opposed to saying techniques as they're written on scrolls, in Japanese, he uses variants, those in English. He says 'Ninjutsu' as 'Ninja Art', 'Ninshū' as 'Shinobi Sect', and so on. He claims the pronunciations were too complicated for his already lacking vocabulary. As a child, Daisuke used honorifics, but as he spent in Snowy Valley, he used them less. As the Wolverine Sage, he sees few above him, so he calls the Kage: "Kage-han" (影はん). For those of lower political power, he uses "-Kit" (キット, -Kitto). That's if he even uses them. However for his companion, Rimyō, he uses the special honorifics "-Tan" (たん) for her, and it stuck through adulthood.

In battle, Daisuke gives into his Evil Intent, displaying a sinister part he otherwise hides. Its intensity grows at night and during polar nights as the light become less and less. The most skilled hunt when the world is dark. His Evil Intent comes in the form of genjutsu-like visions designed to shake his opponents to the point of them making mistakes and hesitating so Daisuke can get hold of them with his shadows. He does his best to keep away from Killing Intent, finding it far more demanding in taking control of his body. His desire to kill those he fights is low outside war. This spikes when someone harms Rimyō or any wolverines, and especially if they're killed in battle. They're family. And as they're so close to him, he won't hesitate to get emotional around them, as stated before. This unfolds further when one of his closest wolverines, specifically Rimyō's kits and mates, are killed. He will cry the moment they're killed. When his Killing Intent mingles with his tears, it becomes an entirely different when feeling and need to kill mix bitterly.

Daisuke treats his comrades within Kyūkei to Heiwa with respect. He formed an alliance between the two dimensions, something not even Tamotsu could create. When one of Kyūkei to Heiwa's residents are ill to a point medics there can't cure, Tamotsu and the wolverines heals them instead, being the best medical-nins. There are incidents where they don't get along, but both sides respect one another and aid each other in war. When fighting with both wolverines and wolves by his side, Daisuke is compatible. They know how to mix their powers to make battle possible without getting sloppy with their movements.

As Lee's sensei, Daisuke took great pride, finding he enjoyed being more than what he found himself to be, the Wolverine Sage. He cherished the idea that he was bringing the best future possible for Snowy Valley by teaching Lee Sage Mode and promoting him to Wolverine Sage. Teaching the land's ideals, making sure Lee could hold up the alliance with Kyūkei to Heiwa, watching every moment of improvement; Daisuke felt the ultimate pride.


"Never give up!" (「ネバーギブアップ!」, "Nebāgibuappu!")"
— Said by many; followed by few.

Daisuke got such advice first from his orphanage caretakers when he entered the Academy since most teased him for entering later in life. That advice was tested during times of war and hardship and time after time, he proved to follow it to a 'T' as his caretakers taught him. After the Civil War against the Akatsuki, Daisuke momentarily let go of the nindō (忍道, Ninja Way) to tell Akihiro that the wolverine had the right to pass onto the next world with his perished summoner. Akihiro reminds Daisuke it isn't just him who follows such a nindō.

Not long after the Fourth Shinobi World War, his nindō changed as he realized most other's nindō's started with the word 'never'. He kept the meaning to his previous way, changing the wording to "stand my ground (立私の地, Tachishi noji)".


Daisuke was nothing special as a child; neither cute or adorable. Warm, brown skin and dark hair left unkept. His eyes were large and a shade lighter than maroon. He was slim and tall, towering over his peers. He wore whatever was available, mostly plain shirts and pants, but when he got into the Academy, the caretakers gathered up what money they could and bought him a nice outfit for his first day: a collared white shirt, a brown coat to go over it, and matching pants. They also got him a tie, but he tore that off before he arrived at school. Once graduated, he received a forehead protector. He replaced the fabric right away, choosing black over any other color, and wrapping it around his neck. His clothing style went back to casual comfort which he found helped him release more power was the itchy material of the expensive stuff wasn't always distracting him. He wielded a tantō shortly afterward, hooking it on his back for easy access.

Daisuke 2

Upon returning from Snowy Valley, Daisuke went back to wearing a coat, but it was much thicker than his last one. He grew out his hair, shags often covering his forehead and eyes to mask when he entered Sage Mode. In Sage Mode, he gained a reddish-brown mask just above his brow bone and his fingernails grew to massive claws. He replaced the tantō with the summoning scroll given by the wolverines, a mistake on his part.

When he lost his left leg, that was his only change alongside a pair of crutches. He refused a wheelchair at first, but once he left Kumogakure he got himself one as he found travels were far too rough without one.

Daisuke the wolverine sage

As an adult.

As an adult, Daisuke clips his hair back to a length folks could inevitably notice his Sage Mode markings, and his eyes lighted another shade away from maroon, a dark, murky brown instead. He grew further, gaining muscle in all the right places; even though he uses a wheelchair at times, he refuses to stop training himself harder and harder every day. He has a strong jaw and sharp, defined cheek bones. His nose is prominent and pointed. His clothing style once more alters. With his scroll gone, he has his tantō again. He dresses in a kimono or yukata, depending on how chilly the day is with a pair of pants on. His Sage Mode changed over the years. Both his hands and singular foot have massive claws, and he stands on all three limbs. The markings on his face are greater, scoping around the entirety of his eyes as he grows to become a much better Sage. Even when he has the choice to receive a new leg, he refuses, wishing to continue his pursuit at proving he could be powerful without it.

In the civil war with Akatsuki, Daisuke has a one-time appearance of the True Wolverine Sage Mode worn by his master, Tamotsu Ōtsutsuki. The markings, though similar, were thin and didn't limit themselves to his face. As if understanding his next moves, the markings focused greatly on his hands and fingers, where impact was made. Many wolverines compared him to Tamotsu, and some even confused the two.

During the Fourth Shinobi World War, Daisuke attire changes completely, to a sleeved shirt and baggy pants, both which rolled up. He styles his hair into a halfhearted, messy mohawk, a few strands which fall over his new forehead protector. The forehead protector belonged to Tamotsu; green fabric that hung to the knees, a thick metal plate that comes down to almost a widow's peak. Rimyō has noted it resembles a bird's beak and face, with the two lines on either side appearing as the eyes. When he appears later in Snowy Valley, he's wearing his hair as he usually would and a thin coat that would eventually tear as he entered Sage Mode and open some of his Eight Gates.

Daisuke Part III

As depicted in Part III

Years later, Daisuke uses his chakra to appear youthful similar to the way Tsunade used hers. His eyes are the same crimson if not brighter. He grows his hair out well past his shoulders but often ties it back when in combat to ensure it doesn't interfere. Over the years, he's bulked up on more food from the Shinobi World making him more sturdy, and his shoulders are wide. With his hair so long, when he enters Sage Mode, it can't be controlled. Even when tied back, the elastic band is no match for his hair's strength; it snaps even when opening the first few Gates. Though his attire changes from day to day, he's most often seen in yukata or, when he's outside Snowy Valley, he wears a plain button-up shirt with a thick coat. He wields his invention of the Chakra Gloves (チャクラ手袋, Chakura Tefukuro, English TV: Chakra Mittens), which allows him to easier focus his chakra to his hands.


Daisuke is a highly skilled shinobi who holds a powerful will, granted to him from his orphanage caretakers, who told him to never give up. From that day forward, he followed those words to the greatest extent. As a practitioner of both ninjutsu and ninshū, Daisuke's chakra is more compact, granting him more room within his chakra banks for further creation.

His genjutsu skills lack despite his high capabilities with utilizing yin. At most, he can create a single clone and dispel genjutsu he or others get caught in. Even that comes to a limit depending on how strong the genjutsu is and the caster. Despite him not being a medical-nin, Daisuke can use Yin Healing Wound Destruction.

While his chakra is strong, it hardly compares to an Uchiha or Uzumaki, but he's found it's how he uses it that makes him capable of beating an Uchiha. He bettered his chakra control through climbing, though he focused his chakra to his hands to glue himself to tree trunks and rocks since he had a rough time sending it to the soles of his feet. According to Sasuke, Daisuke's chakra is many shades of brown, ranging from a deeper golden tinge to a muddy shade of red when in combat. Karin claims his chakra gives off a welcoming, yet strict feel; as if he'd scold her for one wrong move, but while getting a pat on the head for trying.

Daisuke wielded enough power as a child to be considered the next Wolverine Sage with the proper training and guidance. The wolverines looked not at his rank in the shinobi world, but at his goodness, intelligence, and overall will to learn and travel around the world for their sake. A Wolverine Sage's job doesn't end at representing and protecting the land of Snowy Valley, but also to select the next to protect the upcoming generations, to entrust another's judgment into the lives of his wolverine companions. His displays of loyalty and trust in his companions during the Civil War between Akatsuki and those of Snowy Valley granted him the title; his strength and power only gave him bragging rights.

Akatsuki was one of his most well-known enemies, and he's became quite the aggravating guy for them to fight, simply because they couldn't beat him. He exhausted and damaged Hidan to the point of him passing out despite Hidan thinking it was impossible. Daisuke destroyed three of Kakuzu's hearts. He even injured Obito Uchiha enough to where he never fought again during the Civil War.

During his time with the wolverines, Daisuke mastered the art of survival in the wilderness. He knows how to hunt, fish, and can identify plants and herbs that are safe to eat and even remove poison from certain plants to make them edible. Daisuke is also knowledgeable when it comes to tracking, his enhanced senses aiding him well. He can navigate his way around the Shinobi World, using the position of the sun, water flow, and the direction the wind blows.

Physical Prowess

Daisuke is most known for his taijutsu skills. He proved to be the second most powerful taijutsu user — second to Might Guy — in battle. His style comprises many aspects he picked up over his years of travel. During his time in Kumogakure, he watched Killer B sparring with many folks and noted his fast, unpredictable movements. That was about all that stuck from his time in Kumogakure. The 'unpredictable'-part is especially true when he enters Sage Mode. With his sudden stocky appearance, no one could imagine such speed from him. When he masters the wolverines' taijutsu style involving four-legged (in Daisuke's case, three-legged) movements, he mixed it with the unpredictable nature he learned beforehand.

Durability: Judging from his past beatings, it's safe to say Daisuke is durable. When fighting the wolverines in sparring matches, Daisuke learned to utilize taking hits to gain further hold on the battle, though it's hardly perfect. The pain caused by opening the sixth Gate renders him nearly immobile afterward, and after opening the seventh, he goes into shock from the pain. When entering Sage Mode and opening some of the Eight Gates, the increased heat from both is enough to burn holes through his body. To prevent himself from losing blood to the point of exhaustion before he even has the chance to fight, he takes a Blood Increasing Pill beforehand.

Speed: Daisuke's most noticeable talent is speed, and his parents were to thank. They perished at the hands of Minato Namikaze. Though Daisuke isn't aware, he is the son of two of the fastest shinobi in Kumogakure history — a legacy Daisuke surpassed. His speed was rarely brought on by chakra alone. He used raw speed or natural energy that powered him. He surpasses all others in his village and those outside and adding Sage Mode is almost dangerous on his part.

Strength: Daisuke isn't the strongest, but he is somewhere up at the top regardless. His speed aids him, as with a boost of speed, he hits his target more suddenly. He proved himself strong as a kid before gaining shinobi training when he busted through a wall. When in Sage Mode, his strength becomes monstrous, nearly matching the extreme nature of his speed. He learned to use Chakra Enhanced Strength without noticing. He later mastered it, though with his current strength alone, he rarely needs the extra boost. He's known to break bones with single strikes if need be. His leg being the strongest part of him makes it the most lethal if he kicks his opponent, and that's normal. He's never kicked anyone when in Sage Mode, fearing what he might do to them.

Stamina: Though his stamina isn't perfect, it isn't bad either. He can last about thirty minutes in a nice sparring match without need to slow down, but after that, he needs a few minutes break. In an actual battle, however, he lasts twenty minutes at most, as he uses techniques that often use up a lot of chakra. His Sage Mode doesn't help, only making him feel more sluggish afterward. No matter the time he spent battling previously, he can open the Eight Gates as it requires far less chakra than any other technique he knows.

Agility: After losing his leg, he focused on restoring his balance and coordination. He took part in hundreds of agility drills created for the wolverine kits, and after thousands of times going face-first into solid ice, he surpassed his previous agility skills. Through rough training — from crutches, to a wheelchair, back again, and then to walking sticks — Daisuke stands up without chakra for the first time since the incident. To keep his strength as secret as possible, he often uses his wheelchair, but otherwise walks normal. His skills only progressed from there, allowing him to hop with such ease and speed, it could rival most top speeds of the normal shinobi. He's nimble on his foot and hands, able to evade. He can balance on the slickest of cliffs without chakra, and his reflexes are as fast as he is, but lack rightful movements, seeing as he lives with wolverines — a creature running rampant with pure instinctual mind and body.

Eight Gates

"Of course I'm not going to open the eighth Gate! I care about my past village, but I won't die like that for them. This is the only thing I'll open the eighth Gate for."
— Takamine while petting Rimyō

Daisuke eight gates

Gate of Life, Pain, Limit, and View

Daisuke wasn't originally aware what the Eight Gates were, but by handing over the scroll to Konohagakure's Root foundation, he got the scoop on many hidden and forbidden techniques. The Eight Gates being amongst the massive selection. At first, he struggled greatly with the technique, but by the time he arrived at Snowy Valley. He could open the first and second Gate at that point. When he mastered senjutsu, he found himself much more capable of opening the Gates all the way up to the fifth. As if the Eight Gates wasn't powerful enough as it was. When mixed with Sage Mode, next to no one can match his power.
Daisuke's eight gates2

Gate of Wonder — Open

During the Fourth Shinobi World War, when Daisuke joins in on the fighting, he opens the sixth and seventh Gate. He aids Might Guy and Rock Lee many times during their battle, but he leaves Guy be when he decides to finally open all eight Gates himself. That's when Daisuke realizes what absolute love was. When asked if he would open the final Gate, he looked at the random shinobi as if they were insane.

Polar Night Rain Shower: After opening the sixth Gate, Daisuke focuses all his strength to his fingers and strikes his opponent in the chest with only the tips of his fingers. Even the lightest of taps can send certain opponents flying backward, and with force, it could kill. Daisuke often strikes multiple times, capable of keeping up with the opponent flying backward with his tremendous speed.

Birth of the Midnight Sun: By combining the sixth Gate with Sage Mode strikes down waves of natural energy with his punches, enhancing his hits in distance. It's often compared to the Frog Kata but is not all the same. Yes, it's a senjutsu aura, but Daisuke has found a way of focusing the aura to one particular area of his body (most often his arms) and then extends that aura out to strike up to a mid-range opponent. Seeing as it's the same concept, it has similar results to the Frog Kata, but when mixed with the open six Gates, it's a definite kill tactic.

Splitting Iceberg: Also known as Splitting Ice Mountain. Daisuke first kicks his opponent into the air. With the seventh Gate open, he lands a certain-kill strike in the center of his opponent's chest with his elbow. It starts out feeling like the opponent lost their breath, but that's only with the sudden numbness of the breaking bones. The opponent will soon find themself unable to breathe, and unless they're Madara Uchiha, they will have perished by the time they strike the ground once more.

Death of the Arctic Circle: This is strictly theory thus far. It's how Daisuke wants to go out. Though he now knows it won't be only for Rimyō, as the moment a Sage Master dies, the one deemed their companion passes along with them. By opening the eighth and final Gate while in Sage Mode, Daisuke will release enormous chakra and his red aura will spread within great lengths around him. With no limits but his own let downs to the pain, he will rush to his opponent and slam both palms against their chest, sending yin, yang, and the eventual mingle of Yin-Yang Release through the person's chakra system and flow in such enormous waves that it stops the flow. The strength of the slam would be bone-crushing enough as it was. The added pain of no chakra flow would surely kill the opponent in a few agonizing seconds as they struggled to get down so much as their own blood without it entering their lungs.

Wolverine Fang

Wolverine Fang (クズリ牙, Kuzuri Kiba) is a form of taijutsu used through opening at least the fourth Gate while in Sage Mode . . .


Daisuke entering sage mode

Daisuke entering Sage Mode.

After nearly dying for the sake of his team, a wolverine name Rimyō found Daisuke and deemed him worthy of learning their form of senjutsu. The wolverines trained him. Even kits and pups enter Sage Mode and explain to him other summons often have it wrong on needing large chakra reserves. While it aids, those with minimal chakra banks are better suited for learning their form of senjutsu but required more practice; hence why they trained kits. Like many others, Daisuke failed to perfectly balance his chakra with natural energy at first. When he first enters Sage Mode, dark brown marks form on his brow bone and his fingernails grow to sharp daggers much like a wolverine's. His teeth also expand if he rushes into Sage Mode with little thought, or waiting time. During his second round of training in Snowy Valley, he grasps the concept of perfectly balancing natural energy with his chakra as he's improved greatly in chakra control and overall intelligence.

While entering Sage Mode, his chakra levels expand, strengthening his techniques and it aids his taijutsu. His hits become more fierce and he can open seven of the eight Gates at that point, though he only does so when necessary. He performs Yin-Yang Release with ease at this point. As time goes on, Daisuke learns to enter Sage Mode faster and the time he can use it stretches further. Most notably, though, is his strength. When in Sage Mode, he surpasses any past Raikage's strength with flying colors.

His digestive system is overall more capable of taking in raw meat and bones without harming him; that doesn't make it anymore tasty though. Alongside his resistance to Ice Release techniques, he easily adapts to cold or even freezing weather so long as he has the slightest thing to cover his torso. His durability matches that of a wolverine and he alone is more than willing to take on nearly any opponent even with his heavy rounds of intelligence. He's fought countless men and animals to protect Snowy Valley from invasion, at times coming back with little to no harm done to him. If it reaches such a point, Daisuke can let his natural energy just about take him over, gaining the instinct level of a wolverine. This becomes deadly, as he's literally giving up his common sense to make the most powerfully unpredictable movements seen outside a madman. Rock Lee compares it to the Drunken Fist, but rather than the need to sober up, Daisuke must wait for his Sage Mode to deactivate before his mind reaches his senses.

By gathering information from the Konoha ninjas associated with Naruto, Daisuke formed a method of making his Sage Mode last longer than usual. It's an imperfect method unlike Naruto's, but Daisuke can't make shadow clones and has no interest in learning as he feels he has all the techniques needed. All he needs is to advance and develop them further. During the war, he displays his new style of constant regeneration. Daisuke summons one of the many wolverine kits who are already in Sage Mode, waiting to be summoned, and he absorbs most of their natural energy until they're sent back to Snowy Valley. His appearance varies between each wolverine kit he takes energy from, and the variation is almost always imperfect unless the kit has a large chakra supply. He attempted summoning a larger wolverine, but can't, as the wolverine has to stay on or with him while the absorbing happens. Larger beasts are difficult to lug around when Daisuke's still trying to fend off others, and to stay only by the Daisuke's side means even more imperfection, potentially resulting in a wolverine transformation to then be met with the fate of turning to ice. That's why Daisuke opted to use the younger or smaller wolverines; and they're all more than willing to help so long as he doesn't drain them fully.

Acute Eyesight: The average human has a vision field of 150 degrees, but in Sage Mode, Daisuke reaches about 300 degrees. This leaves many blind spots for opponents to catch him off guard with, though it's difficult for someone to find those blind spots without keen observation or much trial and error. There is, however, a flaw which greatly hindered him at the start. When in Sage Mode, he loses the ability to distinguish the colors he otherwise could. Though not color blind, wolverines can only pinpoint certain colors and mostly dull one at that. Through years of entering and exiting Sage Mode, Daisuke came to understand what even the dullest of colors where if he were to see them outside Sage Mode.

Enhanced Hearing: Though not as great as some of his other enhancements, Daisuke's hearing reaches a level few can counter. His hearing is less magnified and more so concentrating on only the small movements coming up on him, like a wolverine's ears would.

Keen Sense of Smell: Daisuke's sense of smell matches the height of a wolverine's. While this may act as a great sensory tool, he finds personal flaws in such a power. He smells everything. Not just what he needs, but everything. If he smells something he likes, his nose gets distracted and likely forgets the scent he was following before; even a second of distraction is enough to lose it. And he hates naturally sweetened things so when he leaves Snowy Valley, he finds every fruit in his path to be sickeningly sweet. Despite this, he uses his nose for tracking, hunting, and reading emotions.

Enhanced Taste: His least used sense. In fact, he focuses chakra to his mouth to dull the enhanced taste buds given by Sage Mode. Even then, he eats bland meals when he's forced in such a state because he doesn't want every item that went in the meal to be intensified. This sense especially hinders him when he's eating rotted meat with the wolverines.

Searing Touch: Daisuke's nervous system is enhanced greatly when entering Sage Mode, magnifying pain. Through years of practice, he has learned to avoid or ignore the pain as best he could. Having also used the Eight Gates, Daisuke has learned to deal with pain when in combat.

Sixth Sense: He gains the sixth sense of chakra sight; he doesn't class himself a sensor type since as it only activates when in Sage Mode. He can easily sense chakra around him and mesmerize every person's chakra so he knows when a threat comes his way. Karin compared several aspects of his sensory skills to her own: Daisuke can determine the real person from their Shadow Clones or elemental clones, he can sight changes in chakra for either an upcoming technique he's seen before or if someone is in a genjutsu, and even sense when people are lying. Though it should be noted that he can't see if he himself is in a genjutsu or not since these sensory skills are essentially just for sensing danger around the wolverines or other comrades.

Human Hibernation

The disturbing effects of Human Hibernation.

Human Hibernation: This is more of a style of fighting than a technique. Similar to the Drunken Fist, this can only be performed under specific circumstances. Daisuke must by in his perfect Sage Mode and let his natural energy take full hold of him as he shuts his eyes to nod off to sleep. With his natural energy in control, his body runs on instinct unlike anything seen before. His sleep makes his movements unpredictably sloppy, and he can unconsciously open the fourth Gate, making other moves within the fourth Gate seem small, even when combined with Sage Mode.

Sage Art: Yin Release Lightning Dispatch: The moment he witnessed Madara use this powerful technique, Daisuke knew he had to learn it. Through actively gathering his Yin Release and natural energy in the palm of his hand, Daisuke forms a technique that would appear to be using Lightning Release, but it's merely the nothingness mending together with the natural energy perfectly enough to receive such results. He finds this technique, while more of a process, is more trustworthy than his shadows for capturing his opponent. Daisuke takes much pride in this technique because he feels he's getting back at those who made fun of him for not having one of the five nature transformations.


While his lacked response to the basic Academy techniques was never looked down upon since his taijutsu skills were beyond most other students, some kids teased him for not harboring any notable nature transformations. While they could use Lightning Release or even Earth Release, Daisuke seemed to possess no such ninjutsu. But upon one particular round in taijutsu class, Daisuke was about to be knocked out by his opponent using Air Burst. He reached out, hoping his palm-focused chakra would be enough to stop the blow, but instead of just chakra surfacing, it pushed outward. A blur of chakra made its way and clamped down on his opponent's fist before he could complete his technique. He later discovered this was Yin Release. Yin Release is based on spiritual energy by the user to create form out of nothingness. Yin Release is most often associated with genjutsu, however, Daisuke fails at such an art. Instead, Daisuke uses it to create shadows and drain others' chakra through many forms. Upon receiving senjutsu training from the wolverines, he discovered he also held Yang Release. Yang Release is based of physical energy to breath life into form. Daisuke's Yang Release does just this. Tamotsu Ōtsutsuki gives him some of his own chakra as a gift for earning his title as Wolverine Sage, Yin-Yang Release was also granted, a quality Tamotsu received from those he was created from. By mixing the Yin and Yang Release, he breathes life into in yin-made forms.

Daisuke was never keen on learning basic techniques taught at the Academy. He never learned the Clone Technique until a few years out as a genin, and even then he can only spawn one outside Sage Mode. He performed the Body Replacement Technique with ease and to a point other kids envied. His speed proved him well in this department. His favored and most used basic technique is the Transformation Technique, which he often ups a few steps by combining with his wolverine companion. They then perform a technique similar to the Inuzuka Clan's Human Beast Combination Transformation: Double-Headed Wolf. While in the Academy, the main technique he used that they didn't teach was the Shadow Shuriken Technique. He discovered it one day from watching the already graduated kids practicing the ninjutsu and that happened to be the one to catch his eye. He applied the shadowing concept to other weapons such as kunai and senbon. It was less to show off and more to show his skills, so he could get out of the Academy soon and protect the village.

Though not as talented as his wolverine companion, Daisuke can perform fūinjutsu. His original knowledge came from his time in Kumogakure, where it was necessary for him to learn to seal weapons into scrolls. During one mission, Kumogakure demanded he a shadow clone of a Konohagakure shinobi. After fighting many, he tested a chakra durability fūinjutsu he read much about. By signing the necessary hand seals and holding out his palm to the selected shadow clone, he sealed in his own chakra, resulting in the shadow clone bordering the strength of an actual human. To ensure the fūinjutsu didn't get out, Kumogakure never destroyed the clone; it vanished when the original somebody perished. After abandoning his village, Daisuke learned about the Three Location Entry Seal to enter Snowy Valley. Though originally performed by a single wolverine, Daisuke suggested lowering travel times when need be, by him going to one location and other wolverines to the other two. The differing chakra interlacing reacted poorly, only allowing the void to open for a few seconds. Daisuke didn't enter at first, but the second time around he had it. It's viewed as an improvement so long as the summoner knows where the void is and can enter it fast enough. It stops unwanted guests from entering. Through much time and study on Konohagakure's many fūinjutsu, Daisuke learned to also perform the Five Elements Seal, as well as unseal it.

Yin-Yang Release: Water God's Entrance: Despite not being a water-user, Daisuke titled this technique what it is because of the display of ripples the technique causes. Daisuke focuses chakra into both palms — yin and yang — then spreads a pulse of chakra over the surface he wishes to move through or within. Though he's fairly talented at performing such a complex technique, he doesn't gloat about it. At least, not anymore, as the first time he showed off the newly created technique, he got about halfway through the door he was bending before he cut off his heavy chakra flow and got stuck. Rimyō went to get another yin-yang-user since Daisuke panicked unknowing on how to undo what he did. Master Sage Tamotsu Ōtsutsuki released Daisuke.


Daisuke was first introduced to the concept of summoning when he was reverse summoned to Snowy Valley. There, he met the wolverine he was bound to from the start, even before he signed his name in a newly created scroll. He learned the hand seals quick enough to where he could almost immediately summon Rimyō upon leaving Snowy Valley. In addition, he can summon his Wolverine Contract Scroll if ever he needs it, then sends it back.


Fūinjutsu: Summoning

Daisuke has a unique form of weapon summoning which utilizes fūinjutsu. He first seals weapons within ink consisting of much Yin-Yang Release chakra — one weapon per pallet of ink. In battle, when his wolverine companions need select weapons, he summons the ink-sealed weapons. He can open as many ink seals as he needs, so long as he has the right amount of chakra. It takes a lot out of him when he has to summon more than a few at a time, but it's possible. Another flaw: he can't control where the weapon lands once the fūinjutsu is released, so the wolverines have to race to grab them, and others must dodge, as wolverine weapons are massive and come out at great speed.


Daisuke is shown to be tactical when wielding weapons. Aside from his first weapon, a tantō, he uses weapons created by the wolverines in Snowy Valley. Because of this, they're big and bulky, made for the kits to use since the one adult wolverine wield are beyond even his strength. Despite this, they're just as powerful and strong. When in his wheelchair, he uses a baldric tightened over the back of his wheelchair to hold it; for when he uses his crutches, he simply places a large, brass scabbard on his belt to hold it normally. He keeps sword handles on hand.

Yin Release: Blade of Nothingness: Daisuke holds only a sword handle and swings it toward the opponent as if there were a blade. He can either create the blade from yin then or wait for it to perfectly align with vital chakra points. Since it's made only of yin, it can only strike at the chakra points and stream, affecting his opponents greatly.

Yang Release: Never Ending Blade: Again, Daisuke holds a sword handle, and this time extracts much physical energy to create a sword to reach opponents within all ranges. The speed in which it reaches is immediate.

Yin-Yang Release: Blade Technique: The sword exists of spiritual energy and operates the same manner of a normal sword, but upon adding physical energy Daisuke formulates a way of winning without slaughtering. The purpose of the yang is to eat away and absorb the opponent's chakra. While the technique's name is actually Yin-Yang Sword Technique, Daisuke claims others misheard him the first time he used it. Truth is, he forgot what his previous two techniques' names were. It also happens to be the least creatively named techniques of his.

He is also proven to be well-versed in shurikenjutsu. He can throw shuriken and kunai with near-perfect accuracy. In addition, he combines the Shuriken Shadow Clone Technique with Manipulated Shuriken Technique to hit targets or enemies that are spread far apart from one another.


As a Yin-user, Daisuke was fascinated upon hearing about the Nara Clan's Hiden techniques involving only Yin Release and wasn't a form of genjutsu. His wolverine companion only caught glimpse of this technique being used, so details were minimal. She only knew the shadow was made of Yin and it could capture unsuspecting victims. Daisuke went off of that. However, he failed to create shadows from his foot, as he never learned to focus his chakra to his soles. Instead, he uses shadows from his hands. When fighting with his tantō, the moment his weapon meets his opponents', he forms a one-handed hand seal and the shadow leaks from the palm of his hand. If fast enough the shadow slithers up his weapons, then his opponents, and the moment it touches the enemy's hand, Daisuke caught them. So long as he keeps his hand on his weapon, the shadow holds up. When in Sage Mode, he can take a few steps back, and the shadow stretches between the weapons, however, one step too many and the shadow snaps.

Shadow Sewing Technique: Daisuke uses this technique a bit different than the Nara clan. Since he's only capable of using Yin Release in one hand, he focuses it to the tips of his fingers, only capable of releasing five strings of shadows. He can create shadows that stray from the main five, but they're not nearly as strong as the original five.

Sage Art: Yang Release White Shadows: Instead of using Yin Release, Daisuke uses his yang, which acts as a more firm hold. Rather than needing light for this technique to work, darkness is needed. When the "shadow" reaches its limit, a new light source can fuel it further. It was required Daisuke learn this technique as he mostly lives in Snowy Valley, where it's dark form one-half of the year.

Shadow Gathering Technique: Daisuke applies his shadows when manipulating his shuriken and kunai for perfect strikes, making him appear more masterful than he really is. He can also make his shadows thin and light enough to appear as if it were wire strings. By thinning out his shadows, he stretches them further.


Main article: Ninshū Daisuke believes in many things, but the concept of ninshū is the only religion he has dedicated himself to. Him being one of the few following the way of Shinobi Sect places great pressure on him to spread his knowledge further, but knowing he does what the Sage of Six Paths did brings him great honor. As the Wolverine Sage, it is up to him to grant kits with his own chakra, using the Chakra Transfer Technique. This is his main form of utilizing ninshū. This connects their souls, ensuring their loyalty and overall spiritual connection. It allows understanding at its finest between the differing species, so whatever Daisuke feels, those he spread his chakra to will as well.

During the Fourth Shinobi World War, he spread his ways of ninshū to all who survived the war. Though not all followed it afterward, right then they all spread their chakra to one another. However, some took it to heart. Those in Shingakure share their chakra through casual handshakes and teach ninshū in Lifted Mass.


Daisuke holds basic and advanced education. He went to pre-school and has two years in primary school. Though the Academy didn't focus so much on things outside shinobi training, they taught more of the basics of words and numbers. He read from his orphanage siblings' books since the caretakers expressed that a good education was a must, so they could get at least a job. With Tamotsu's teachings, Daisuke furthered his education.

Daisuke didn't take top of his class, but his sensei deemed him capable. His preferred studies were those revolving around the history and science of chakra and chakra control. The many chakra types were something he quickly came to understand over most others who could perform one or more nature transformations. Because of his early entrance to the battlefield, he was forced to gain knowledge on how to either fight or escape from powerful enemies. He excelled at escaping. His knowledge of techniques, their strengths, and weaknesses was vast even from a young age. He studied intently from the moment the Raikage allowed him into the Academy, his first test having already inspired him; he wanted to know how his opponent had literally lifted the earth from its rightful place. While he could already counter it with chakra-enhanced strength, he found out much more from his research, amazed how many weaknesses Earth Release-users had. Because of where he lived, it was also required he learn much about lighting. Working with the wolverines meant educating himself on water, wind, and Ice Release.

His smarts in combat grew with age and as he trained with wolverines, one of the most unpredictable summons to fight alongside shinobi. He pays attention to the tiny things — flicks of the eyes, a slight stutter of movement, et cetera — he minds each and every one of them as he gathers the basis of his opponents' fighting style. Instead of finding ways of overpowering their strongest moves, he finds the tiny weaknesses that, though very much there, rarely warrant loss.

By handing over his summons' scroll to Konohagakure, Daisuke gained much access to the largest of the five shinobi nations, their clans, kekkei genkai, and hidden techniques. Intel his wolverines gained proved to be most useful every time Daisuke exited Snowy Valley as he always found himself face-to-face to many shinobi from that select village. Wolverines, being swift and agile on their feet fooled many of their Root member masters into believing they'd gone back to where they belong, but really they released a smoke bomb and ran off to gather further research to aid their rightful Sage Master. The Sharingan and Byakugan are the two main dōjutsu Daisuke is knowledgeable about. With knowledge of the Sharingan came knowledge on Fire Release and how to repel it without need of Water Release.

Given his job as a mechanical engineer, it's implied Daisuke also has high skills in mathematics and later took interest in the new world of ninja technology. His most popular item, though simple, is the chakra glove, that makes it easier to strike an enemy with chakra-enhanced strength, though he's created thousands of forbidden devices to advance his and his allies' fighting experience.


These were taken before Daisuke became a missing-nin:

Databook Ninjutsu Taijutsu Genjutsu Intelligence Strength Speed Stamina Hand Seals Total
Zero 2 4 0.5 3 4 5 3 1.5 23

When he returns, these are his stats:

Databook Ninjutsu Taijutsu Genjutsu Intelligence Strength Speed Stamina Hand Seals Total
Third 3 5 1 5 5 5 4 2 30


  • Chakra Gloves (チャクラ手袋, Chakura Tefukuro, English TV: Chakra Mittens) is Daisuke's most popular and most used invention. It allows the user to focus their chakra to their hands for either climbing or to enhance their hit's impact. It even proves will to aid in chakra transferring. Additionally, Daisuke has created Chakra Shoes (チャクラ土足, Chakura Dosoku) and Chakra Bootees (チャクラブーテ, Chakura Būte), the latter being for the kits he watches over and trains. Though not as popular as Chakra Gloves, some have gotten good use out of them in the past. It "speeds up" the process of learning to walk on water and climb trees.
    Creating Chakra Gloves is simple, surprisingly so that Daisuke wonders how nobody has invented them yet. He creates thread-thin wires out of the special metal used in Chakra Blades and infuses them with previously made gloves. Same goes for the Chakra Bootees. Chakra Shoes, however, took much longer to create since chakra was most often focused to the soles of the shoes, where there was no fabric to place the chakra absorbing wires . . .

Part II

Rock Lee Arc

In the midst of furthering the alliance with Kyūkei to Heiwa in preparation for the clear upcoming war, Akihiro interrupts Daisuke with the planned new addition. Rock Lee. They have planned on bringing him to Snowy Valley for years at this point, from the moment Akihiro discovered the boy's taijutsu skills and use of the Eight Gates. First things first though. He has to meet the current Wolverine Sages. Dinner is prepared specially for Lee. Raw seal meat, blubber, and owl legs. Daisuke offers wing bones to use as chopsticks, but Lee graciously declines. It is hilarious watching Lee force the food down, but Daisuke has to admit Lee acts better than he did when he first found out he ate the fat of a seal. Apparently being told what the meal is again drove Lee's stomach up his throat, because he gets sick. It will only continue happening until he practices senjutsu because his human digestive system cannot handle the food they serve.

Training starts and it is a chore. Lee is open to any form of training and takes whatever beating was necessary when it comes to keeping him from transforming into a wolverine. But because of the massive chakra banks Lee has, Daisuke is constantly beating the natural energy out of him. And Lee doesn't lose focus with any hit on the back of the head. Already Daisuke envies him.

Days melt into weeks and soon the polar night begin. The night of the first polar lights, Daisuke gets one kit from Rimyō's litter, Emiko (えみこ). As Lee watches the light show in awe, Daisuke lays the oversized "runt" beside Lee. When Emiko crawls into Lee's lap and Lee responds by petting her, Daisuke smiles. He leaves not long after to visit the hill where the wolverines' ashes were all spread out and around to inform them that the next generations will be well and taken care of. About half an hour later, Lee shows up, Emiko guiding him. Emiko told Lee about them soon naming him the next Wolverine Sage, and he questions whether that is the best idea or not. Over the past few weeks, more logic has been knocked into him than ever before and a part of him truly questions whether he'll be able to protect an entire dimension and its inhabitants.

"Not with an attitude like that, you won't. You'll hate this position more than anything. You'll want to give up and just it slip below you. There will be times when even Emiko here will hate you. You'll make mistakes, lives will be lost, and you'll be the one bearing it on your shoulders. But without the times of mistakes, you'll never learn; without the losses, life goes unappreciated; and without bearing the worst times on your shoulders, you'd have right to bear the best times either."
— Daisuke to Lee

These words must speak well to Lee, because once he finishes thinking, he suggests they continue training. They do, but now it's more than awkward beatings. They talk to each other between sessions, and Daisuke finds out some vital information about Konoha and their hiden techniques. While Lee progressed with Sage Mode, Daisuke improved his Eight Gates and shadows. Though Lee knows little about the shadow techniques the Nara Clan used, he spills what he does.

A month after Lee arrives, he asks when he may leave. Daisuke informs him after he masters Sage Mode at the very least. They argue, Lee claiming his village needs him, while Daisuke thinks logical and questions what he'd do with a partially mastered technique and what if he were to practice without someone there to stop the transformation. Daisuke knows well enough Lee isn't one to stop training, even when ordered. Lee swears he'll only practice when he has someone there to hit him if he starts transforming. Daisuke hesitates but allows Lee to bring the person to Snowy Valley, to ensure they can manage and know just what they risk by not doing their job. Lee brings Sakura Haruno, who is more than up to smacking Lee, perhaps a little too hard. Even Daisuke cringes at the beating she gives. He makes sure Sakura knows the difference between entering Sage Mode and the transformation is. He even enters Imperfect Sage Mode, just in case that's how Lee's turns out. Once Sakura is well informed, they go on their way, and Daisuke hopes he made the right choice by allowing Lee to go.

With Lee gone, Daisuke visits Kyūkei to Heiwa, where they share a meal of rotted deer and discuss what would come up next. Upcoming war is undeniable, but the wolves feel the Shinobi World can handle it like before. They desire peace but are not above watching shinobi fighting their own useless battles. It doesn't take Daisuke long to convince them otherwise, that their aid would speed up the war. As someone who experienced countless wars as a child, Daisuke wants other kids to live in peace. Though he also cannot deny his ache to join in the war for old times' sake. Once they decide on a plan, Daisuke informs Tamotsu, making sure it is half-decent, but when he asks, Tamotsu only tells him it is up to him and Lee to protect the land their companions walk on, and their own plans to execute. Daisuke understands the meaning and almost breaks down, but pulls himself together. Not a lick of doubt; Tamotsu believes in him. Rather than training himself in combat, Daisuke studies the powers each land possesses, seeing where difficulties could form. However, the way Daisuke sees it, the opposing nations can just as easily aid one another in pursuit of peace.

Emiko summons Lee back, and the latter shows his improvement, having reached his Perfect Sage Mode without first encountering his Imperfect form, which is more than Daisuke could brag about. Despite the envy, Daisuke prides himself as Lee's teacher; that he is the one who taught Lee to reach such a powerful state. Apparently "Pain" destroyed Konohagakure, but otherwise no one died, which is the ultimate shocker. Daisuke aids Lee in further senjutsu training, but when Lee refuses to learn any form of ninjutsu, Daisuke explains the advanced state of Perfect Wolverine Sage Mode helps perform all ninja arts. Still, Lee wants nothing to do with ninjutsu, so Daisuke opts for taking Lee's taijutsu to the next level by teaching him how to open Gates while in Sage Mode without permanently harming himself.

War Arc



Blank Period

Hiden Arc

The Last Arc

Boruto Arc

Part III

Reaching Peace Arc

Final Battle Arc

Concept and Creation

The concept of Daisuke started with a simple enough thought: a disabled shinobi who relied on taijutsu. Initially, my plans were to have him paralyzed from the waist down, but inspiration struck when my mom came up with Daisuke standing on a single leg, and I knew I had to do it. He was also supposed to be a villain, but I scraped this, as it did not paint the picture I wanted. Daisuke is meant to be an inspiration while remaining as human as one could while living with a family of wolverines. Speaking of wolverines, I never planned on Daisuke summoning any creature, but as I developed him, he became the perfect link to how Root received the scroll that belonged to the wolverines.

Daisuke relates to me even though I wasn't looking to recreate myself in the Naruto-verse. A love for animals, a cut off from the rest of the world because of conditions, the preference of cold weather and darkness. All qualities Daisuke and I share. His love for science represents what my favored subject was many years ago, while his implied mathematical skills show my least favorite.

Wolverines inspired his design once I chose him to be a Wolverine Sage. The brown hair and reddish-brown eyes matched the many shades of brown hidden within a wolverine's coat. His clothing style mimics my own, as I prefer comfort over style.

In terms of powers, I wanted Daisuke to be original. This is why I didn't give him any of the five basic chakra natures. I feared creating a carbon copy of someone else's usage of the element. His greatest strength, however, is his power to love and trust animals with everything he has.


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  • "Daisuke" means 'big help' (大輔). "Takamine" means 'high peak' (高峰).
  • According to the databook(s):
    • Daisuke's hobbies are training, helping others, and petting Rimyō.
    • Daisuke doesn't wish to fight anyone but is willing to do so if it means protecting those he cares for.
    • Daisuke's favorite food is doughnuts. His least favorites are fruit and naturally sweetened foods. His favorite drinks are warm milk or slushes made from the wolverines' Ice Release, while he hates the taste of any tea.
    • Daisuke's favorite colors are red and brown, while his least favorite is orange.
    • Daisuke has completed 45 official missions in total: 5 D-rank, 27 C-rank, 12 B-rank, 1 A-rank.
    • Daisuke's favorite phrase is "Love is without meaning." (「恋は思案の外。」, "Koihashian no soto."), and his favorite words are Loyalty (尽忠, Jinchū) and Worthy (足る, Ashiru).
  • Once a missing-nin, Daisuke had a page in the Bingo Book and according to said Bingo Book:
    • He was a B-rank (C-rank in Amegakure) criminal.
    • His only known nature transformation was Yin Release.
    • His taijutsu was jōnin-level and his ninjutsu skills were that of a chūnin. However, his ranking stood most true when looking at his senjutsu abilities.
    • He was wanted alive.
  • Daisuke is cross-dominant. As a kid, he wrote and held weapons with his right hand and as he trained, he had to use his left hand, as it held his Yin Release.
  • The only animal Daisuke shows fear for is turtles, but he secretly fears foxes and cats, too. This is because he recalls the Three-Tails attacking Kumogakure once before; foxes because he worked out in his mind that the Nine-Tails was the strongest of Tailed Beasts; and cats because he's come face-to-face with the Two-Tails.
    • If he were to be completely honest, he fears all the Tailed Beasts, but hasn't encountered the others to say whether he fears their species or not.

"The light helps cast shadows, but without the shadows, would we know what light is? I prefer the dark over light, but without both, I'd have no clue what either were. So, light up the world if that's what you wish. But remember, more light casts longer shadows."
— Daisuke to Naruto

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