[nil edit]Dark Release: Death Sphere 15px
Death Orb
Appears in Anime, Manga
Classification Ninjutsu
Rank A-rank
Class Offensive
Range Short or Long range
Hand seals Snake
Other jutsu
Parent jutsu

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Dark Release: Death Sphere is a technique used and created by Naka Kuroi that was made to kill the target. First he will make the snake hand sign and build Dark Release chakra in his hand and apply shape transformation and pure Killing Intent to create a solid black sphere. The sphere is also rather big but fits perfectly in the palm of Naka's hand. When fully created all Naka needs to do is toss the sphere at the target. The sphere is capable of moving at tremendous speeds through the air and can be manipulated with hand movements. Anything that touches the sphere is completely destroyed as seen when Naka was able to cause a shinobi's head to be completely destroyed destroyed after being hit. The sphere also has the ability to absorb chakra at a profound rate, causing the orb to get bigger. Naka can create up to two spheres at a time one for each hand. Naka created this technique after witnessing the Truth-Seeking Ball technique in action.

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